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Paul Somerville
April 17, 2022
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In our Kaabo Mantis V2 Review, we reveal why the updated Mantis sets a *new standard for the electric scooter industry,* with a base model that actually beats the performance of more expensive pro-grade e-scooters of the past with its long-range, fast acceleration, and smooth ride.
Sinewave Motor Controllers
Excellent Price for Performance Ratio
Hydraulic Braking System
Throttle Ergonomics
Display Brightness

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
37.3 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb**
65 lb**
Tested Range:
27.2 mi**
2.2 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Kaabo Mantis V2 is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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Our take: The Kaabo Mantis V2 is an outstanding dual-motor electric scooter that delivers flagship performance at an affordable price.

Since its debut, the Kaabo Mantis has been a standard-setter for e-scooters, and the Mantis V2 is our favorite iteration to date. It's a solid all-around rideable with a beefy dual-motor setup, generous battery capacity, and a high weight limit. But is the Kaabo Mantis V2 right for you? Find out in our hands-on review!

At a Glance: What is the Kaabo Mantis V2?

Hailing from Kaabo, the Mantis V2 is the second major iteration in the ultra-popular Mantis line, which had both 8 in tire and 10 in tire versions. It features a powerful 1000 watt motor in each wheel, which definitely skews on the more powerful end for scooters. That's paired with a whopping 1092wh battery, making for 27.2 mi of range to get you plenty far between charges. Clocking in at 66.4 lbs. The Mantis V2 isn't light per se, but it's reasonably manageable to tote around and with this weight, you will not be sacrificing speed, range, or weight capacity. Supporting a maximum 265 lb weight rider capacity, the Mantis V2 should work well for most folks.

Mantis V2 Electric Scooter Performance Review

Are you looking for a flagship e-scooter without breaking the bank? Consider the Kaabo Mantis V2. In our range test, we rode for 27.2 mi on a single charge. We appreciated its blisteringly fast 2.2 second 0-15 mph acceleration that's speedy yet smooth—the Mantis V2 absolutely shreds tires without snapping your head back. 

Its base model comes outfitted with sinewave, rather than square-wave, motor controllers, which lend buttery smooth throttle control. Packing plenty of power, the Mantis V2 handles hills with ease. Better yet, the Mantis doesn't sacrifice comfort, balancing ride quality with raw performance.

Scooter safety is critical, and one of the Mantis V2's standout improvements is a Zoom hydraulic braking system. We found the V2's stopping power slightly better than the 2020 Mantis Pro.

Additionally, build quality is exceptional. You'll find enhanced brakes, a bright headlight, front and rear turn signals, plus IPX5 water resistance. However, the front fender isn't great, and the onboard display isn't as bright as we'd like. Furthermore, the new Zoom brake and throttle ergonomics leave a bit to be desired. Nevertheless, the Kaabo Mantis V2 boasts professional-level performance with a superb feature set without costing an arm-and-a-leg.


In comparing the Mantis V2 with the 2020 Mantis Pro, the V2 bested the Pro with a top speed of 37.3 mph! Don’t forget that this is comparing the new base model with the old upgraded model, evidencing the “new standard for the industry” nature that we consider the Mantis to be.

Top speed: 37.3 mph


Although speed is essential, range is critical too. On our range circuit, the Mantis V2 tackled 27.2 mi, 1.9 mi less than we achieved with the 2020 Mantis. However, that's on par with other scooters in this class. Plus, the V2's ultra-quiet motors and smooth-shifting throttle more than compensate for an ever-so-slight range reduction. 

Range: 27.2 mi


Our acceleration benchmark clocked an impressive 2.2 second 0-15 mph. While the Mantis V2 is a speed demon, its silky ramp-up doesn't snap your head back when you clamp down on the throttle. Its seamless motor control comes thanks to sinewave motor controllers, which we like better than square-wave controllers.

Acceleration: 2.2 second 0-15 mph


While going fast is fun, slowing down is vital for safety. Thankfully, the Mantis V2 sports spectacular stopping power with best-in-class braking. In our hands-on assessment, stopping from 15 mph took just 9.7 ft. Its improved braking is due to Zoom hydraulic brakes, a feature previously absent on most base scooter models. The Mantis V2 brakes better than the 2020 Mantis Pro despite both utilizing the same Zoom hydraulic braking system, thanks to its improved suspension that keeps it from diving forward.

Braking: 9.7 ft. from 15 mph

Hill Climb

Accelerating on flat ground isn't terribly taxing, but riders in hilly areas will love the Mantis V2's excellent hill ascent. The V2 outpaced its predecessor while sliding in just shy of the 2020 Mantis Pro.

Ride Quality

Accelerating on flat ground isn't terribly taxing, but riders in hilly areas will love the Mantis V2's excellent hill ascent. The V2 outpaced its predecessor while sliding in just shy of the 2020 Mantis Pro.

Design and Build Quality

From a cursory glance, the Mantis V2 seems virtually unchanged. However, looking closer reveals a slew of improvements. There's a new high-mounted headlight alongside front and rear turn signals. Indicators let you know which lights are active and the current riding mode.

IPX5 water resistance is a welcome update, as many scooter manufacturers seem to skip this step. An upgraded stem feels locked down with less spin than the previous foam grips.

There's an enhanced rear fender, but the middling front fender could do with an eventual refresh. The onboard display is fine, though somewhat dim for our taste.


At around [esg_unit 66 lbs], the Mantis V2 isn't feather-light, but considering its big battery and beefy motor, that's a manageable weight. Its compact, folding form factor passes the trunk test—though just barely. We'd suggest taking the elevator with your Mantis V2 if you've got to traverse more than one flight of stairs, although if you hit the weights more (or less) than us, your experience may vary.


With its Zoom hydraulic brakes, bright lights, plus front and rear turn signals, the Mantis V2 is the safest Mantis to date.

Kaabo Mantis V2 vs Competition

Now that we've reviewed what we love about the Mantis V2 and potential improvements let's see how it stacks up against the competition.
Learn More About The Kaabo Mantis V2


The Mantis V2 improves over its base-model predecessor, evolving into a Mantis Pro challenger. It's faster, easier to ride, and better at braking than the Pro model, with the Pro version barely edging out the V2 on hill climb and range tests. With a host of upgrades, including hydraulic brakes, faster acceleration, and a longer range, the Mantis V2 closes the gap between base and flagship scooters. The Pro still offers benefits like somewhat better range and slightly speedier hill ascent, but the price-to-performance ratio makes the Mantis V2 more appealing.

Winner: Mantis V2

Other E-Scooters to Consider

Outside of the Mantis Pro, we've curated a few other dual-motor scooters that you might consider. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X delivers terrific speed, range, comfort, and handling. Its rider capacity limit comes up short to the Mantis V2 (220 lbs vs. 265 lbs), but overall we liked the Outside of the Mantis Pro, we've curated a few other dual-motor scooters that you might consider. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X delivers terrific speed, range, comfort, and handling. Its rider capacity limit comes up short to the Mantis V2 ([esg_unit 220 lbs] vs. [esg_unit 265 lbs]), but overall we liked the versatility of the Warrior X.
The Apollo Phantom V2 boasts similar specs to the Mantis V2 with a 39.7 mph top speed, 31.4 mi range, and 300 lbs max rider weight limit. However, it's 10 lbs heavier than the Mantis V2 while lacking front turn signals. If you value the range and top speed gains, the Phantom V2 is a great option. It’s more expensive too, but you’ll also gain some good ergonomics.
The Apollo Ghost gets you up to 38.4 mph speeds, a 22.3 mi range, and 300 lbs weight limit with an affordable price tag. We found its grip tape lacking and were underwhelmed by its underdamped dual suspension, though the value-priced Ghost is nevertheless a solid pick. The Mantis V2 is our suggestion between the two, but it's a close call.
The Emove Cruiser affords a whopping 47 mi range, 30.5 mph top speed, 350 lbs rider capacity limit, and IPX6 water resistance. Considering its comparatively light 59 lbs weight, comfortable ride, and exceptional range, the Emove Cruiser is arguably the best long-range commuter scooter on the market. Despite the Mantis V2's faster speed, we think the Cruiser will be a better choice for a number of folks. 

Ultimately, the Kaabo Mantis V2 holds its own amongst other electronic scooters in its class—and even compared with pro-grade e-scooters.

Other E-Scooters to Consider

Even the folding mechanism is thoughtfully designed | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Overall, the Kaabo Mantis V2 provides a smorgasbord of upgrades, transforming the base-model Mantis into a flagship contender. It's an incredible value with amenities such as hydraulic brakes typically found only on higher-priced scooters. Its smooth throttle, long-range, fast top speeds, and agile handling make it a fun ride. With impeccable balance, the Mantis V2 is a worthy commuter or speed demon scooter, and it's hands-down the best Mantis we've tested yet. 


Who makes Kaabo scooters?

Kaabo Scooters debuted in 2013, and its scooters are made in China. 

What is the fastest electric scooter?

The fastest electric scooter is the Rion RE90 which tops out at 75 mph, however this scooter shouldn’t really be considered “in production.” See instead the Kaabo Wolf King GT which has an ESG verified top speed of 61 mph.

How much is the Mantis V2?

The Mantis V2 retails for a reasonable $1,699 USD. 

How much is the Mantis Pro?

The Mantis Pro costs around $2,299 USD.

How much is a Mantis electric scooter?

Mantis scooters range in price from $1,299 for the Mantis 8 to $2,299 for the high-end Mantis Pro.
Learn More About The Kaabo Mantis V2

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Technical Specs Comparison
Kaabo Mantis V2
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Apollo Phantom (52V)
Apollo Ghost
EMOVE Cruiser (2021)
Top Speed**
37.3 mph
44.1 mph
39.7 mph
38.4 mph
30.5 mph
27.2 mi
32 mi
31.4 mi
22.3 mi
47.0 mi
65 lb
75 lb
77 lb
64 lb
52 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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