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Paul Somerville
October 1, 2021
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In this review of the Kaabo Wolf King GT, we cover why the Kaabo Wolf King GT's ten upgrades go beyond updating their flagship Wolf King and will affect the future of all-electric scooters. Far from a boring "BNG update" ("bold new graphics"), The GT's ten upgrades are the sort that leaves us drowning in superlatives like:

• Fastest production scooter in the World

• 2nd longest range ever tested

• Best high-speed stability of any electric scooter

• World's best flat-proof pneumatic tires (you've never seen tires like these before)

• Best color display ever

And that's only half of the list.

This flagship scooter doesn't come with a flagship price, though. 

So when you encounter high-end scooters which cost >[esg_currency $1,000] more than your Wolf King GT, you can enjoy offering them a choice of how to eat your less-expensive-scooter's dust: Would they like to be dusted on range, acceleration, or top speed
Fastest production scooter you can buy
Range record-holder
Best high-speed stability
Excellent brakes
World's best lighting package
It's heavy
It's big
Sidestand is still an ankle hazard
Seriously -- it's really heavy

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
61.0 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb**
115 lb**
Tested Range:
55.0 mi**
1.8 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Kaabo Wolf King GT is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Our Take: A Whole New Scooter, Disguised As An Update

The Kaabo Wolf King GT is a whole new scooter | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The first generation of this scooter, the 60V Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, made a huge splash when introduced. Riders voted it as the best Beast Scooter in the World.

Having ridden all of the Wolf scooters back to back, the 11 still holds up as a world-class scooter.

Then came the 72V Wolf King, basically a Gold Wolf Warrior with more power, bigger brakes, and a much, much higher top speed.

When the new 72V Wolf King GT arrived, we expected a slightly faster Wolf King, but we were wrong.

The GT is a very different (and better) beast!

What's so different?

World record speed of 61.0 mph?

True, but meh! That didn't even make our top 5 in terms of high-impact upgrades.
Burning rubber on the Wolf King GT | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
On the other hand, the Kaabo Wolf King GT's sinewave controller is an absolute game-changer, giving you ten times as much precision when applying throttle at low speed.

Acceleration is exceptionally smooth. A scooter this powerful would be virtually unrideable with a typical, abrupt, squarewave motor controller.

Is there such a thing as too much range? It turns out that the GT can cover more urban miles on one charge than I can.

At the 50 mi mark on our urban range test, I was sure I'd had enough. The GT's battery still had miles remaining and set a new record for longest-range at 55.0 mi.
The Wolf King GT's handlebars are [esg_unit 2.25 in] taller than previous Wolfs | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Taller handlebars may not seem like a huge innovation, but for big riders, they may be the highest-impact change of all.

Even average-height riders like Chuck and I tend to prefer 40 in high handlebars, so the big Wolf scooters' 37.75 in tall bars have always been a confounding feature.

We (especially 6' 3" / 75 in tall Ramier) are thrilled to see Kaabo finally "raise the bar," so to speak, to a comfortable 40 in deck-to-handlebar height for the GT.
We had to test the King GT's self-healing tires | Credit: Paul S. / ESG
Another where-have-you-been-all-my-scooter-life feature is "puncture-proof" tires. Which, of course, we put to the test!

Exactly how Kaabo made them puncture-proof is a little complicated, and we'll cover that.

But what you need to know is this: they really work. And in a completely different way than normal tire sealant.

Is the new IPX5 water resistance rating (resists water jets) also more important than eye-watering top speed?

We think so.

Flag-ship scooters like the Wolf King GT set the standard for Kaabo's future product line, and to some extent, the whole scooter industry.

We're happy to see Kaabo leading the way on waterproof displays, motors, and controllers by testing the prototype GT's hardware underwater for 10 days straight!

Scooters have got to be reliable all-weather transportation to be true car replacements.
The Wolf King GT's controllers are encased in a water-resistant housing and mounted to the stem | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The GT is better (and bigger) than expected in almost every way.

We hope it's a sign of things to come from Kaabo and other manufacturers.

Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders? -Yes. 

The Kaabo Wolf King GT is Big Dawg Approved! | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
As much as Chuck and I love the Wolf King GT, the upgrades are an even bigger deal for Big Dawgs like Ramier.

The Wolf King already had enough top speed for riders of any size.
We love the signature tubular frame of the King GT | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
But, more acceleration, more hill crushing power, and more range make the GT possibly the best Big Dawg scooter ever, performance-wise.

The 40 in handlebar height, means finally a Wolf scooter 6' 3" (75 in) tall Ramier can ride without feeling or looking hunched over while zooming by.

The bars are also a surprising 4.5 in wider -- right on target for the big riders.

I prefer the original width, but they're easy to swap out or cut off if you have a hack saw.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Review

The Kaabo Wolf King GT | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Top Speed

The King GT is the fastest production scooter we've ever tested | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Upgrade #1 (not in order of importance): top speed and acceleration.
With an ESG certified top speed of 61.0 mph, the GT breaks the Wolf King's record for fastest production scooter

Except for racing scooters like the Rion and the S1-X, you just can't go faster standing up. And you certainly can't go faster than this for $3600.


While top speed is only 1.6 mph higher than the Wolf King, the GT's acceleration is a massive step up due to new sinewave motor controllers pushing 50 amps each.

The GT reaches 30 mi per hour in 3.8 seconds, 29% faster than the spectacularly quick Wolf King.

Hill Climb

The Wolf King GT has ample hill crushing power and logged our 2nd fastest hill climb time ever (6.5 seconds). The fastest is the NAMI Burn-E (6.3 seconds).


Upgrade #2: range
The GT has 55.0 mi of ESG certified range and is a range record-holder.

This is 59% further than the King due to its 2520 wh LG battery and efficient sinewave controllers. 

Because it comes with two chargers, Kaabo claims that the King GT can be ready to do it all again 7 hours later. 

Perfect for long commutes!

As with other scooters, don't rely on battery percentage to calculate the remaining miles. At 50 mi, my display still indicated 29% battery remaining, but less than Error: Value not specified. later was at 0%.


The King GT has serious stopping power | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The Zoom hydraulic brakes bring the King GT to a stop from 15 mph in an impressive 10.0 ft, edging out all three of the comparison scooters.

The Wolf King and King GT are the only scooters we know of to use 3 mm thick rotors, making them more resistant to bending and warping.

Ride Quality

Upgrade #3: progressive throttle control.
The Wolf King GT’s thumb throttle controls the sinewave ESC | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
While slower scooters allow you to treat the throttle like an on/off switch, 72V scooters like the Wolf King usually require a steady hand and total concentration to ride smoothly and safely.

The Wolf King GT’s thumb throttle and sinedrive controllers do an impressive job of taming 8400 watts of peak power. So you can relax a little and enjoy its performance without gritting your teeth.

It works even better if you apply the ESG anchor-and-rock, thumb technique. Stabilize your thumb on the throttle assembly and rock the base of your thumb forward. This eliminates the dead space at the beginning of travel and doubles your precision.

The controllers also make the ride exceptionally quiet.

We bench tested the King GT against the King and found that the GT is 10 decibels quieter at full throttle. To the human ear, that’s half as loud.
Upgrade #4: stability.
The Wolf King GT feels more comfortable at 60 mph than most scooters do at 40 mph.

Dual stem scooters are inherently more stable because the wide weight distribution gives the front end a larger moment of inertia than single stems. 

The additional mass of the now-fork-mounted motor controllers takes it to another level. It's the most stable scooter we've ever ridden. Adding a steering stabilizer to the GT would be pointless.

P-settings For The Wolf King GT

The best sinewave controllers give you such good throttle control that they essentially eliminate the need to tweak P-settings for different riding styles. 

Keeping the GT's default settings and riding in "gear 5" with dual motors enabled should be all you ever need if you're an experienced rider.

One interesting note: If you dig deep into the advanced menu, you'll find an option to bump the maximum current from 50 A to 60 A.

When I finished testing, I decided to risk breaking stuff by cranking it up to 60 A and taking a (possibly final) top speed run. 

My new top speed results? 

61.0 mph, exactly the same as when it was set to 50 A. 

So, the 50 A controllers wisely only deliver 50 A, even if you tell them 60 A is ok.



Folding the Wolf King GT | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
While the Wolf King GT is the World's best in many categories, it's the worst in portability.

Like the Wolf Warrior 11+ and the Wolf King, the GT gets even longer when folded.

The GT's uniquely wide 29.5 in non-folding handlebars also help make the GT the widest and least portable scooter we've ever tested.

It's not just big. It's challenging to fold like the other big Wolf scooters. It's also heavier than you think.

We were surprised to find that the GT tipped our scales at 115 lb: 10 lbs heavier than its specified weight and over 13 lbs heavier than the measured weight of the Wolf King.

We were so surprised by the weight that we brought in two other scales. They all agree.

The Wolf King GT is the heaviest scooter we've ever tested.

The good news is that Chuck's-person Wolf Warrior loading technique still works. The wider handlebars mean it's just going to need a bit more space.


Upgrade #5: the best display we've ever seen.
The King GT’s TFT display is large, bright, and super easy to use | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The cockpit of the GT is a huge step forward from the Wolf King, and the centerpiece is the display: 

We've covered the ergonomic benefits of upgrade #6 (handlebar height) already. However, having the display 2 in higher and centered also makes it easier to see. 

This 4.2 in TFT display is bright, easy to read, and gives a whole new level of detail, including riding mode, top speed, average speed, and the temperature of both motor controllers.  

The display lets you pre-program the 5 "gears" to match your riding preferences and change or eliminate the scooter's password. 

Unlike the Wolf King, it doesn't leave you guessing whether you're in single or dual motor mode.
Easy-to-reach turn signal and headlight switches | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Another welcome cockpit upgrade: turn signal and headlight switches with LEDs above each button to let you know when they're active.

Brake lever ergonomics are greatly improved. Aside from being more precise, the thumb throttle doesn't interfere with the brake master cylinder the way trigger throttles do. So you can set the right-side brake lever at any height you desire.


The Wolf King has ridiculously bright LED headlights | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Upgrade #7: the Word's best headlights and turn signals.
Kaabo took the scooter with the World's best headlights and completed the package by adding the World's best front turn signals.

The high-mounted turn signals are huge, bright, and you can see them from almost any angle. The tinted rear signals and brake light also look cool, but the dark lens makes them a little too dim for daylight operation.

The GT also has all the deck lighting you need to be seen.

Unless you have your heart set on swag lights that look like a rolling disco, this is the best overall lighting package ever.


The Wolf King GT's tires are incredibly flat-resistant | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Upgrade #8: puncture proof tires (an absolute game-changer)! 
Of course, we couldn't let a claim like this go unchallenged, so we literally poked holes in it. 

While technically we were able to puncture the old and new pneumatic tubeless tire with the same 55 lbs of pressure, the standard tire was flat within an hour, yet 24 hours later, the puncture-proof tire had lost absolutely no air at all.


Kaabo Wolf King GT deck | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The GT's deck is unchanged from the Kaabo Wolf King. 

It's rubber, and enormous, measuring 20.3 in long by 9.0 in wide, allowing room to move around during long rides.

Being rubber, it has the  least wet/dry traction of the decks we have measured but still enough traction to make you feel surefooted. The simple pattern and material make this type of deck the easiest deck to clean. 

The Kaabo Wolf King has a very high ground clearance of 6.3 in, which means you're riding taller in traffic and are more visible to other drivers.

The tall deck does mean that you do more of a "hop-up" than a "kick forward" to get on board when the light turns green.

Build Quality

Upgrade #9: water resistance.
Wolf-Warrior scooters have legendary build quality, and the GT is clearly the best Wolf yet.

When we first saw photos of Kaabo's component testing, we couldn't believe our eyes. The dash, motor, and controllers were submerged for ten days and were still operating.  

The Wolf King GT's water resistance has leveled up from IPX4 to IPX5. 

Part of the upgrade included moving the motor controllers inside of a box attached to the forks, which also helps keep the controllers cool.

Despite the high water resistance rating, Kaabo still recommends staying out of heavy downpours. 

And, if you do ride in the rain, you're still going to need to extend your fenders, or you're going to get sprayed. 

Fenders are one area of the GT which has not been upgraded. 

Upgrade #10: forged end-caps.
The forged aluminum end caps are stronger than ever | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
In response to a small number of Wolf Warrior and Wolf King scooters suffering failures where the front axle connects to the forks, all Kaabo Wolf scooters now come with forged aluminum end caps, which are lighter and stronger. 

Even with all of these upgrades, there are still a couple of build quality improvements we'd like to see. 

The charging port covers are always in the way, and the chain for the security pin should probably be deleted altogether since it always breaks.
The Kaabo Wolf King GT's build quality is excellent -- minus the safety pin chain | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
We'd also love to see the GT get self-canceling turn signals.

Overall, the build quality is excellent. 

You can see it in every detail of the scooter and feel it in the solid smooth ride.


The King GT sets a new standard for performance per dollar | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
We hope many of the GT's upgrades will appear in the rest of the Kaabo product line and that they'll influence the designs of other company's scooters as well, especially in the area of throttle control, displays, water resistance, and flat tire prevention.

The Wolf King GT is a much bigger upgrade than we expected and is everything a flagship scooter should be: fast, solid, and absolutely state-of-the-art. Kaabo has set a new standard for build quality and performance per dollar.

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Technical Specs Comparison
Kaabo Wolf King GT
Nami Burn-E
Kaabo Wolf King
Minimotors Dualtron Storm
Top Speed**
61.0 mph
58.8 mph
59.4 mph
51.6 mph
55.0 mi
53.3 mi
33.4 mi
43.6 mi
115 lb
103 lb
105 lb
101 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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