Kaabo Wolf King GTR- $3995
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Paul Somerville
August 18, 2023

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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The New Wolf King GTR electric scooter is Kaabo’s reclamation of the throne for fastest and quickest production scooter, with a few other record-breaking stats under its sleeve. It’s the racing scooter you want at the start of the line.

Kaabo is one of the most exciting brands of electric scooters, and we’ve tested and reviewed all four of their largest Wolf scooters now. What’s interesting is each time a new one came out, it was the fastest electric scooter we had tested to date, with the best overall performance per dollar. And that’s not even an opinion. It’s straight from the data of all of the scooters we’ve ever tested–and we’re currently edging on 150 electric scooters tested the same way.

So, did they do it again with the Wolf King GTR? Well, we’ve been testing the fourth generation of Kaabo’s biggest, baddest electric scooter for two weeks. In this review, we’ve got the Wolf King GTR’s true top speed and reveal whether it beats the fastest electric scooters we’ve ever tested. But maybe more importantly, we’ll show you how dialing in the right settings makes it really easy to ride fast and also what it’s like to ride if you turn the biggest safety feature

pros icon of thumbs up
Highest Top Speed and Quickest acceleration
Impeccable Hill Climbing
Amazing Ride Quality From the Dual Adjustable Suspension and Large Tires
Legendary High-Speed Stability
Industry-leading Lighting
Removable Battery
cons icon of thumbs down
No App
The Scooter is Incredibly Heavy

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
65.8 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
137.6 lb
Tested Range:
43.2 mi
1.6 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The KaaboWolf King GTR is not available in United States.
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Kaabo Wolf King GTR Alternatives & Competitors

For those of you who are comparison shopping, here are the three closest Kaabo Wolf King GTR competitors Rider Guide has tested.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX (or BURN-E 3, which we haven't tested yet) is still an amazing machine, one of the most exotic that you can ride every day and only brand using hand-welded tubular frames. The BURN-E e-scooter has an even smoother throttle, slightly better hill climbing, and a very different look with its single carbon fiber stem. The NAMI also comes with a steering damper, which it really needs, and a top speed significantly slower than the King GTR.
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InMotion  RS
Inmotion Logo
We love the long, low-slung look of the Inmotion RS electric scooter. There is no scooter that can match the RS's aggressive stance, and we love the twist throttle too. The adjustable handlebar height is also handy for adapting to different riding styles. Right out of the box, this is the best-handling electric scooter of the group, and for one glorious week, it was the fastest scooter we've ever tested.
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Kaabo Wolf King GT
kaabo Logo
Wolf King GT
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Here's a curveball for you. The Wolf King GT Pro is still available from Voro and costs a fair amount less than the GTR. That's a tempting one because it's still a hugely capable electric scooter, with a top speed of just 4.8 mph, slower than the GTR, and has more range. For us, the thing that puts the Wolf King GTR over the top, though, are 12-inch tires, suspension, and traction control.
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Wolf King GTR Review Summary

So, to get it out of the way, yes, this is the fastest production electric scooter Rider Guide has ever tested. However, not only does the Wolf King GTR scooter boast impressive max speed, but it also offers exceptional acceleration—even setting a new record. In addition, its powerful 4000 W motors with a 13440 W peak power output deliver unrivaled performance on flat ground and on hills while also making the Wolf King GTR the ultimate off-road companion.

The new Wolf King scooter has the same 2419 Wh battery we saw on the Wolf King GT Pro. However, this one is removable, which makes charging the Wolf King GTR easier and introduces an element of safety. The range is lower, but that’s expected as the Kaabo Wolf King GTR rode significantly faster on our range test course.

The Wolf King GTR electric scooter has large tires that are both comfortable and stable. They come in a hybrid off-road pattern that is not only excellent at rolling over obstacles but is also surprisingly quiet for a scooter that rides this fast. The electric scooter also has traction control, making riding fast so much fun and safer.

Lighting is Kaabo standard, as is braking. We also get the famous dual stem stability we’ve come to love on a bunch of Kaabo’s Wolves. The display is unchanged but remains high on our list of favorites. The new Wolf King comes in the choice of Black or the classic Black+Gold. The former feels fresh with a hint of menace (the good kind).

The electric scooter is heavy and better suited for riders with SUVs and ground-level parking–but the trade-off IS performance, which is Wolf King GTR’s entire Job Description. The performance per dollar is unmatched in its class, and the scooter is already winning awards on our Editor’s Choice–with its debut on our Best e-scooters of 2023.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves–let the numbers speak for themselves.

Our Take:Kaabo Reclaims the Throne as the Fastest and Quickest Scooter with the New GTR.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Picture of Man With Thumbs up and Banner overhead that reads "Big Dawg Approved"

All Kaabo Wolf Scooters are essentially big dawg approved, including the Kaabo Wolf King GTR.

The Wolf King GTR scooter has a high max rider weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for heavy adult riders of all sizes. Its powerful 4000 W dual motors and a single efficient 110 A sinewave controller provide impressive top speed and acceleration, ensuring a thrilling ride for experienced scooter enthusiasts. The 2419 Wh battery, which riders can get with either Samsung or LG cells, is also large enough to cover the higher power requirements of bigger riders.

 The Kaabo Wolf King GTR scooter delivers a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the scooter’s preload adjustable front hydraulic shocks and rear shocks with adjustable damping. They allow the bigger rider to fine-tune the suspension according to their preferences and riding conditions, ensuring a more personalized and optimized riding experience, whether on rough terrains or city streets. 

Additionally, the new Wolf King scooter’s long and wide 21.5-inch by 9.3 inches deck and 29.5 inches-wide ergonomic handlebars provide added stability and control. Our one complaint concerns the shorter handlebar height of 38.5 inches, which may not be suitable for taller riders. However, this can be easily addressed by installing handlebar risers or swapping them out for taller ones to accommodate their height.

See the Wolf King GTR

Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

65.8 mph


43.2 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

11.5 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

1.6 s

0 to 20 mph

2.1 s

0 to 25 mph

2.7 s

0 to 30 mph

3.3 s

0 to 35 mph

4.0 s

0 to 40 mph

4.9 s


What’s the quickest electric scooter? The record-breaking Kaabo Wolf King GTR not only holds the new top speed record but is also the quickest electric scooter we’ve tested from 0 to 30 mph.

The Wolf King GTR e-scooter sprints from 0 to 30 mph in a record 3.3 seconds.​​ For 2 years, the NAMI BURN-E held first place for quickest acceleration, tied with the BURN-E 2 Max accelerating to 30 mph in 3.7 seconds. But in just two weeks, the scooters have been bumped to third place, first by the ultra-quick Inmotion RS electric scooter with a 3.5 second time, and now, by the new Wolf King scooter.

Top Speed

Which is the fastest electric scooter in the world? Rider Guide has tested close to 150 electric scooters for adults from top brands, and nothing goes faster than the Kaabo Wolf King GTR.

From our tests, the Wolf King GTR electric scooter clocked 65.8 mph, making it the FASTEST SCOOTER we’ve ever tested by 3.7 mph. Interestingly, it went faster than the manufacturer’s spec of 65 mph. The very able runner-up is our recently reviewed Inmotion RS with a 61.2 tested max speed.

That said, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR won’t do 65.8 mph right out of the box. For that to happen, there are four tricks you need to know to get top speed:

  1. Go into the P-settings and Enable S mode.
  2. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you’re in dual motor mode, then click up to 5th gear, and then one more click and you’ll see the S. But (surprisingly) that still won’t get you past 60mph.
  3. Here’s the next trick you’ll need, and it’s one that we haven’t seen anyone mention yet. Every time Paul hit 60 mph, the GTR would limit out, which can be seen in red on the display. One more click, and it unleashes even more power to boost you up to top speed, and that’s the blue curve.
  4. And the final trick, which we really don’t recommend, is that you have to tuck down and make yourself as small as possible relative to the wind.

Here’s a brief from Paul on how other people test their scooters for top speed versus how Rider Guide tests them.

I should point out that almost all top-speed runs on YouTube are complete bullshit, and here’s why: They’re all single-direction speed runs. A slight tailwind or elevation change can make a difference of 5 mph or more. You may as well throw the electric scooter off a cliff and point a radar gun at it as it falls.

All of the world’s top speed records use an average of two runs in opposite directions, canceling out the effect of headwinds, tailwinds, and elevation changes. For example, with the wind at my back, I saw 76 mph on the speedometer of the GTR, which was really 69.3 mph on the data logger. But when we average together the real data from both directions, we get the Wolf King GTR’s true top speed

Special Warning!

Is it safe to ride a scooter at 60mph? Answer: How good are your riding skills?

Here’s a special warning label from Rider Guide’s expert rider, Paul Somerville:

Mainly, just don’t do 66 mph, top-speed runs. I’ve [Paul] been testing electric scooters for 5 years, I’m a motorcycle road racing champion, and I wear more than $3000 worth of safety gear while testing, and (STILL) I probably shouldn’t be doing these runs either, BUT it’s the only way to find out (for sure).

It’s important to remember that S-mode automatically turns off traction control. During the top-speed run, it’s off, and (watch our video) you can hear the front wheel spinning all the way up to 40mph. Paul actually refers to S mode as Sketch mode because he’s definitely going to do sketchy things. It’s fun in its own way but so sketchy that it’s really only useful for drag racing.

That said, and we say this with a hint of sadness unless you’re drag racing, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR is just better and more fun with traction control on. Whether you’re launching in a straight line or trying to feed in a little throttle mid-corner, the Wolf King GTR’s traction control makes it way easier to ride fast.

Hill Climb

What’s the fastest electric scooter for hill climbing? The NAMI BURN-E AND BURN-E Max are still clutching at that title. But the Wolf King GTR electric scooter is a close second, missing the crown by 1/10 of a second.

The Wolf King GTR scooter scaled our 200 ft 10% hill in just 6.4 seconds, behind the NAMI’s 6.3-second lead and ahead of the new Inmotion RS and the old Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro that tied at 6.5 seconds.

There’s still a chance the Kaabo King GTR will take home the crown–and here’s why. Paul:

[During the hill climb test] The front wheel was literally spinning all the way to the top of the hill. You probably can’t hear me grunting on our video review since it was physically difficult to do this hill climb. I was standing on my toes, jamming myself all the way forward into the handlebars trying to get as much weight as possible onto the front wheel for more traction, as the throttle and the hill itself kept shoving me backward.

To remedy this, we would like to redo the hill test with road tires installed rather than the hybrid off-road tires the Wolf King GTR comes with. So, should we get the chance, we’d like to mount up the PMTs that Wyred Rydes sent us and see if the King GTR scooter edges past the NAMIs.


What is the range of the Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter? The manufacturer cites a range of 112 miles in ideal conditions. However, we took the Wolf King GTR out on our hilly range test course, rode it in max performance mode by our 165 lbs rider, and got close to a third of that range– 43.2 miles.

The Wolf King GTR scooter has a 2419 Wh battery with energy-dense 21700 cells that you can get in either LG or Samsung variety. What surprised us is the relatively significant range disparity between the new Wolf King and the King GTR Pro, whose 2520 Wh battery gave us a good 55 miles of range, albeit having a 1.3 mph slower average speed than the Wolf King GTR during range testing.

That said, ridden more conservatively, the average adult rider should get much more range out of the Wolf King GTR. And even better is the provision for dual and fast charging. Our King GTR arrived with a 5 amps charger. After the range test, we charged it for 3 hours, and it was already back at 70%, which is faster than the 5A spec would predict. Therefore, if you pick up a second charger, you can probably fully recharge in just 3 hours!

Additionally, the battery is removable. We don’t really see anyone purchasing a spare to extend the range, but it does make charging extremely convenient.


Does the Wolf King GTR scooter have good brakes? Yes. The Wolf King GTR is outfitted with quality Zoom hydraulic front and rear brakes, with 160 mm large rotors that are 50% thicker than standard rotors.

From a speed of 15 mph, this Kaabo Wolf King Scooter has a stopping distance of 11.5 feet, which is great, especially for a scooter this size. Stop after stop, the braking feel from the Wolf King GTR is better than almost all other electric scooters, which we can credit to the 50% thicker rotors.

The significance of such thick rotors is that they’re less likely to warp, bend, or overheat, which is great for longevity. The only other scooters we’ve seen with thick rotors such as these are the Segway GT1, GT2, and (again) the Inmotion RS. Our version of Christmas year-round would be to have all scooters come with rotors of this size.

Ride Quality

What does riding the Wolf King GTR feel like? Paul:

…the Wolf King GTR has so much power it feels a little bit like riding around with your finger on the trigger of a gun. It just feels bottomless. Fortunately, they also give you some really nice tools to tame it a little without taking the fun out of it. 

As is customary, Paul tested the Kaabo Wolf King GTR with performance turned all the way up and with traction control off. The feeling, as he reports, is unmatched, that is until he came out of a corner and grabbed some throttle. He’d get so much front wheel spin, so much so that there was concern that everyday riders attempting to race this way would crash. However, turn on the Wolf King GTR’s traction control, and that’s very unlikely to happen, which is one of our favorite improvements on the new Wolf King scooter. 

Even with traction control on, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR is still insanely fast, and it doesn’t kill the fun. In fact, it straight up makes the Wolf King GTR better to ride and actually easier to ride fast. You get a satisfying level of wheel spin when you take off, but now you don’t have to finesse the throttle to keep it from turning electricity into tire smoke.

So, is the Wolf King GTR beginner friendly, or just suited for expert riders? To answer that question, we have to point out the high level of customization you get with the different riding modes. Yes, you can ride the Kaabo Wolf  King GTR without necessarily having expert-level riding skills. This electric scooter gives you 7 different riding modes without even counting running single and dual motors. The Wolf King GTR has modes 1 – 5, S-mode, and the electric scooter also gets a Walk mode which lets you ride at about 4 mph and flashes the lights. 

Does the Wolf King GTR electric scooter have a smooth ride? Well, the Kaabo GTR scooter gets some of the best suspension you’ll see on an electric scooter and certainly the best we’ve seen on a Kaabo Wolf scooter. The new Wolf King GTR scooter now has adjustable suspension front and rear, which help you tune the suspension to match your weight and riding style. In addition, knobs just look cool, and they’re fun to turn. However, something’s a miss with the suspension, and here’s what.

The fork adjusters are a little confusing. They say “Compression,” which should mean they add more hydraulic shock when you push down. But our testing says these are preload adjusters. This could be useful for heavier riders, but for Paul, at 165 pounds, the front end already felt too stiff when set all the way soft. In our opinion, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR could probably use damping adjusters over the ability to add more preload.

At the back, however, we do have adjustable damping. We’re getting used to seeing rear shocks like this on high-end scooters with a little red knob that adjusts rebound damping to help it bounce back more slowly. But almost all of them, this one included, could use even more damping. With that little caveat out of the way, the suspension on the Wolf King GTR is by far one of the better ones we’ve experienced.

Is the Wolf King GTR a tall scooter? If you’ve seen the teasers making rounds on the internet, you’re probably wondering. The deck definitely sits a tall step up from the ground. The suspension on the Wolf King GTR is by far the tallest we have ever seen. The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is actually 3 inches higher than the original Wolf Warrior or Wolf King. The plus side is you can just roll it downstairs and ride over big things. The downside is it’s a big step up onto the deck every time you start and stop. That, and it’s not the best at carving corners, but that’s never been the forte of the big Kaabo Wolf scooters.

Is the Wolf King GTR a good electric scooter to take off-road? Together with the big tires and traction control, this could be absolutely amazing off-road. Mitchell has been testing that and so far gives it a big thumbs up. We have a video in the works for the best scooters for riding off-road, so watch out for that. From what we already know, we can hint that this could be the new king of potholes, and jumping curbs is an absolute pleasure as it just never bottoms out.

The first two generations of the Wolf King scooters featured trigger throttles. Then, with the introduction of the Wolf King GT Pro, an upgrade to a thumb throttle was made. While it isn’t flawless, it will certainly be an appreciated change for many riders.

Opinions on the change? They’re split. Mitchell leans toward the trigger throttle, feeling it’s more in tune with his ride. Paul, however, points out a little hiccup on his side. With the Zoom brakes, there’s this somewhat awkward gap between the brake and throttle. But then again, like many design elements, this largely comes down to personal preference.

However an interesting note on the throttle setup: for those who have a preference for the thumb throttle, our team tried plugging in the Wolf King GT Pro thumb throttle on the Wolf King GTR, and to our delight, it worked seamlessly. It’s plug-and-play, so those wanting to make a swap can consider ordering a GT Pro throttle from Voro.

Mitchell also likes the incredibly wide 29.5″ handlebars, which feel too wide for Paul. Though from constant feedback on our YouTube channel, we know most riders will also love them. What both our expert riders agree on is that the new handlebar height is too low at 38.5″, which is 1.5 inches lower than the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro. That said, the cables are long enough that you could add a one-inch bar riser or just get taller bars.

Finally, the thing that stays consistent across all Wolf scooters is they all have excellent high-speed stability, and that’s due to the dual stem advantage. It’s a very stable design because spreading the mass of the front end out wide gives it a larger moment of inertia (the same way an ice skater with arms spread out spins more slowly), so you get almost no front-end wobble at speed, even without a damper, unlike the NAMI BURN-E scooters which really need them. The big 12″ diameter tires of the Wolf King GTR really help here too.

Overall, the ride quality of the GTR is especially well suited to big riders, aggressive riders, and sustained high top speeds, and it sounds like it might be amazing off-road.

Check Out The Wolf King GTR

Wolf King GTR Features


Can I carry the Kaabo Wolf King GTR up a flight of stairs?

Like many other performance electric scooters, the King GTR electric scooter is not very portable. For starters, the scooter weighs 137.6 lbs, making it quite heavy to carry up a flight of stairs. Additionally, its size and dimensions may also pose a challenge when maneuvering through narrow spaces or tight corners. For perspective, the Wolf King GTR’s folded length is 64.8 inches long and 29.5 inches wide. That’s 4.5 inches wider than the first Wolf King. In fact, the four longest scooters we have ever measured when folded happen to be the Big Wolf electric scooters, as they all get longer when folded.

But the new Wolf King GTR scooter has a removable battery. The battery weighs 32.2 lbs. and can be easily detached from the electric scooter for more convenient charging. This feature also allows users to lighten the overall weight of the scooter when necessary, making it slightly more manageable for transportation purposes and bringing the electric scooter’s weight down to about the same as the relatively more portable NAMI BURN-E. So you can still load it into an SUV on your own, but it’s not something you want to carry upstairs.

Is the Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter foldable? Yes, but the GTR e-scooter, like the other Wolf King scooter, has the world’s most complicated stem latch. It’s hard to use and difficult to understand, but these qualities are also responsible for the stem’s stability and stiffness when in a riding position. However, one thing that has changed is that they’ve added a stem to the deck latch, which is rare on an electric scooter of this size. You’re still not going to be able to pick it up by the stem, but it helps keep things from moving around when loading the electric scooter.


The cockpit is as well-laid out as the other Wolf King scooters. In the middle is a full-color 4.2-inch TFT display with more information than you’ll probably ever need to know about your electric scooter. However, the most important thing for a display is to be easily read in sunlight, and the Wolf King GTR does that. Even though it’s two years old now, it looks really good and remains one of the most modern displays out there, as well as the most waterproof, though there is no USB port to charge your phone. 

Does the Wolf King GTR scooter have an app? We would typically expect an app for this price, but there isn’t one. Here’s our take on apps: we love it when an app makes the P-settings easier to understand and use on one screen. That said, the Wolf King GTR scooter’s P-setting interface gives us most of what we’d want to see on an app, so maybe we’ll let it pass.


Can you ride the Kaabo Wolf King GTR scooter at night? Yes. In fact, Kaabo has been an industry leader in the headlight department. The dual headlights installed on the Wolf King scooters have remained relatively unchanged and for good reason. The powerful LED headlights provide exceptional visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience even during nighttime adventures.  

Additionally, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR scooter includes a fender-mounted rear light and now comes with wrap-around brake lights. The icing on the cake is the massively improved turn signals that light up the entire side of the scooter. The Wolf  King GTR has indicator lights on the turn signal buttons and indicators in the dash as well. 



The Kaabo Wolf  King GTR electric scooter has an awesome pair of all-terrain tires. They are bigger, at 12 inches by 4 inches, delivering a smooth and stable ride. They are also tubeless, and, like before, they come with a sticky sealant bonded to the inside of the tire. The sealant quickly seals any punctures or leaks. Additionally, the larger size of the Wolf King GTR tubeless tires allows for better traction and improved handling, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. The hybrid offroad tread pattern is also surprisingly quiet.


The Wolf King GTR has quite the show-stealing deck. The scooter’s deck measures a whopping 21.5 inches by 9.3 inches and is covered in a quality rubber mat that provides excellent grip for riders. But what really takes the deck to the next level is the unusually high ground clearance. There are 9.3 inches of clearance, which is the highest in our database. And to understand just how ‘big’ that is, our first runner-up is the Dualtron Storm Limited with 8.3 inches, followed by three scooters tying for third position with a clearance of 7.25 inches.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, there are a few questions we ask to determine our ranking, as follows:


Is the Kaabo Wolf King GTR a reliable scooter? Yes. The build quality of the King GT Pro was already very good, but the GTR has several improvements.

When it comes to scooter tires, bigger is better if you want a smooth, quiet, and stable ride, and the GTR’s tubeless tires are now bigger than ever at 12″ x 4″. The hybrid off-road tread pattern is surprisingly quiet; in fact, the whole scooter is quiet, which is not what you’d expect from the world’s fastest production scooter. There were no detectable squeaks, rattles, or shakes.

The Wolf King GTR doesn’t have split rims, but it has the next best thing: rims that can be removed from the motor. So, you could get a spare set of rims and swap between road tires and dirt tires without even taking the air out of the tires. The motors don’t have quick disconnects, but since the rims slide off of the motors on the opposite side from the cables, you don’t have to worry about wrestling with motor cables during tire changes.

Output power from the 2 x 2000 W motors, with a peak output of 13440 w, is way up. In addition, now all of that power comes from a single sinewave motor controller mounted between the forks that can push 160 amps of peak current. 

Another very welcome change on the Wolf King GTR is a side stand that no longer sticks out or bites your ankle. Additionally, the headlight design hasn’t changed in ages, but these are the best scooter lights out there, other than the 9000-lumen lights on the Dualtron X Limited. The turn signals and brake lights have massively improved. Also, the motorcycle-grade horn is loud as ever, which is great in traffic, but it feels a bit too rude to use around bikes and pedestrians, but you could always add a bell. 

We’ve been complaining about the short rear fender on the Wolf scooters for years, and that’s essentially unchanged. In addition, 4 generations later, Kaabo is still using the world’s most complicated stem latch. It’s hard to use, difficult to understand, and sometimes pinches your fingers. But we still love it because when you’re riding, it feels rock solid. 


The Wolf King GTR is a safe high speed e-scooter thanks to its dual stem stability, grippy deck and bars, and wide, durable wheels. The dual stem stability ensures a sturdy and balanced ride, while the grippy deck and bars provide excellent traction for added control. Additionally, the wide and durable wheels, coupled with the scooter’s suspension, offer enhanced stability and comfort, making it a reliable choice for riders of all skill levels. This is without even considering the scooter’s world-class braking and industry-leading lighting system.

That aside, the scooter is also designed with anti-theft and anti-damage features. One is the combo lock on the battery latch, which allows you to leave the scooter locked up outside with that added layer of security. The electric scooter is also rated IPX5, allowing you to get caught up in light rain without worry of electrical damage—that and the waterproof display and controller encasing. Finally, the electric scooter has an in-built anti-theft alarm system, providing an extra level of protection against theft.


The Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may occur within the first year of purchase. Purchasing your Wolf King GTR from authorized dealers like Voro Motors also guarantees you timely repairs or replacements for any faulty parts or components and outstanding customer service.

Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review Conclusion


Anyone (not really) can make a super-fast electric scooter, but it takes skill to make a race-worthy scooter that’s still very rideable, and that’s what the Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter is. Everyone’s been beaming with excitement at the potential exhilarating speed and performance this scooter offers. 

However, after finally taking it out on the road, you also begin to appreciate the effort Kaabo went through to add finishing touches that make the Wolf King GTR easier to live with. Any experienced rider will enjoy this electric scooter, especially heavy adult riders, off-road riders, those who want to go fast, or maybe those who just want to say that they own the world’s fastest production scooter.

To make your journey to owning the Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter easier (read cheaper), you can use our coupon code, “RIDERGUIDE,” for the best price at Voro Motors. Also, look out for our World’s Fastest Electric Scooter and the Best Electric Scooters For Offroad Riding reviews coming soon to see how the Wolf King GTR holds up against other beasts.

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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Kaabo Wolf King GTR: Manufacterer Specifications

ModelWolf King GTR
Weight138 lbs
Folded Dimensions64.75 by 29.5 by 19.5 In
Motor power, continuous4,000W
Top Speed63 mph
Range100 mi
Battery capacity2419 Wh
Battery recharge time7 hrs
Max rider weight330 lbs
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic)+Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless)+Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX5
Wolf King GTR Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Kaabo Wolf King GTR
Inmotion RS
Wolf King GT Pro
acceleration icon of stop watch
Top Speed**
65.8 mph
54.9 mph
62.1 mph
61.0 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
43.2 mi
48.0 mi
44.7 mi
55.0 mi
137.6 lb
105.6 lb
122.4 lb
125.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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Unagi Model One Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsWolf Warrior X GT Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsUnagi Model One Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsWolf Warrior X GT Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsEMOVE Roadrunner E-Bike Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsGotrax G3+ Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsEMOVE Roadrunner E-Bike Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsGotrax G3+ Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsDualtron X Limited Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsApollo City Pro Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsDualtron X Limited Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured StatsApollo City Pro Electric Scooter Rider Guide Comparison Tool Card Featuring Scooter Highlights and Measured Stats