Best Electric Scooters 2023: We hands-on tested 100+

Picture of Paul Somerville Rider Guide's Editor and Chief
Paul Somerville
July 8, 2023

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

It’s that electrifying time of the year again when we, the crew at Rider Guide, set the stage for our much-awaited Best Electric Scooters 2023 awards – and this time, it’s not just bigger–it’s phenomenally better.

Recognizing diversity in rider preferences is key for us. Some yearn for a long-range, others crave high top speed, while lightweight scooters steal the show for others. At Rider Guide, we test electric scooters in exactly the same way, and we can tell you, for a fact, what each one does best.

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Best Electric Scooters 2023: Summary

Best Starter Scooters

Best Performance on a Budget
Segway E2 Plus
Best for Students
NIU KQi2 Pro
Best Scooter Under $600
Most Comfortable Under 600
NIU KQi3 Max
Best High-Performance Commuter (Single Motor)
Unagi Model One Voyager and
Monthly Lease
Best Lightweight Commuter & Best Scooter Subscription
Turboant X7 Max,Anyhill UM-2,EMOVE RoadRunner,GOTRAX Flex
Best Intermediate Scooters
Apollo Air 2023
Best Premium Entry-Level Scooter
Apollo City Pro 2022
Best Dual-Motor Commuter
EMOVE Cruiser S
Best Long-Range Electric Scooter
Segway Ninebot Max G2
Best Single Motor Commuter
Best Expert Electric Scooters
Apollo Pro 2023
Best Overall Design/Best Luxury Scooter
Kaabo Mantis V2
Best High-Performance Value
NAMI Klima
Best Light-Heavyweight Performance Scooter
Segway GT2
Best Scooter to Replace Your Car
Wolf King GT Pro
Best High-Performance Value
EMOVE RoadRunner Pro
Best Seated Scooter under $3K
Dualtron X-Limited
World's Biggest, Baddest Production Scooter
Vsett V10+,Kaabo Mantis King GT
Best Electric Scooter