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Apollo Pro 2023 - $3499
Picture of Paul Somerville Rider Guide's Editor and Chief
Paul Somerville
July 12, 2023

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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Apollo Pro 2023 Summary

The Apollo Pro electric scooter is Rider Guide’s 2023’s Best Overall Design and Best Luxury Scooter Winner–a top choice for riders who value style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology.

Has Apollo Scooters just invented a whole new category of electric scooter? We think they have: the Luxury-Sports scooter (they call it the “Hyper Scooter”).

The prototype knocked our socks off, but the final version of the Pro far exceeded all expectations. This ultimate version of Apollo Pro has undergone extensive improvements and enhancements based on valuable feedback from prototype users, and now, 100 beta testers get to experience what the production has to offer alongside us, as everyone else awaits shipping in December.

This groundbreaking model is already revolutionizing how people perceive scooters, but it isn’t the first scooter called the Apollo Pro. The original Apollo Pro was one of our favorite dual-motor electric scooters in 2019. In 2021, it was replaced by the game-changing Apollo Phantom–Apollo’s first in-house design, and up until now, the biggest, fastest Apollo scooter ever made. Now, late in 2023, comes the new Apollo Pro (or, more formally, the Apollo Pro V6 electric scooter), featuring some really cool tech, including cellular tracking abilities—this luxurious scooter can basically phone home.

Even if you read through our electric scooter review of the prototype, you’ll still be amazed by the final version of the Apollo Pro. We can finally walk you through the dot matrix dash, the new app, and we’ve got the new performance numbers. Spoiler alert, this one went further and faster.

pros icon of thumbs up
Modern, Clean, and Appealing Aesthetic
Best ever Build and Ride Quality
Customization, Software, and App Features
IP66 Rated
Smart BMS
cons icon of thumbs down
Lower Speed Per Dollar
$4k Is A Big Investment But Could Pay Off In Longevity

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
44.3 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
95.6 lb
Tested Range:
36.0 mi
2.2 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Apollo Pro 2023 is available in the United States from Apollo
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The new Apollo Pro boasts a sleek and stylish design that sets it apart from other electric scooters on the market. Its cutting-edge technology, clean aesthetic, and innovative features win the Apollo Pro the award for Best Overall Design and Best Luxury Scooter in our Best Scooters of 2023.

A closer look at the specs–the Apollo Pro has Dual motors with a total of 6,0 00 Watts of peak power, allowing for a top speed of 44.3 mph . Moreover, this impressive power enables the scooter to effortlessly tackle steep inclines and provide an exhilarating riding experience , as we’ll cover in the performance section.

The Apollo Pro has 12-inch tubless self-sealing tires. These tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride while offering added maintenance ease with their self-sealing nature . Additionally, the large size ensures excellent stability and maneuverability at speed and on various terrains.

The Apollo Pro is not as heavy as other scooters in its class. It weighs only 95.6 lbs, exactly 20 lbs less than the Segway GT2 and about 30 lbs less than when we weighed the Wolf King GT Pro. This makes it easier to live with than the competitor scooters–but you still need a bit of muscle to get it off the ground.

Riders also get to enjoy one-of-a-kind scooter tech, like the innovative phone-as-a-display and auxiliary DOT display , the built-in SIM, the efficient MACH 2 controller, the center stand, Apollo’s leading app, and dedicated regen braking throttle , to mention a few.

Apollo Pro 2023 Beta in cement room

Where to Order

That said, starting July 12th, there is only one place you can pre-order a Pro, and that’s Indiegogo (link below). Shipments for North America will begin in December 2023. However, if you happen to live elsewhere, the same link will let you sign-up for e-mail updates so you can be first to know when the Pro becomes available where you live. We’ve also just heard that the UK and Australia will be getting units, too–so reserve your Pro so you’re not missing out on the fun.

Read on for our Apollo Pro review.

Preorder the Apollo Pro 2023

Our Take: Ride In Style And Efficiency Thanks To The Apollo Pro's Cutting-Edge Technology And Sleek Design-A Truly Revolutionary Experience

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Cartoon of Ramier Jones

Yes, the Apollo Pro is a certified big-dawg performance scooter.

It is designed with a sturdy frame and robust components to withstand the weight and demands of heavier riders. Its powerful 3536 w motors with the efficient MACH 2 controller running 34 amps peak power per motor and high-capacity 1560 wh LG battery ensure a smooth and reliable performance even under increased load. 

 The Apollo Pro is rated for a max rider weight capacity of 330 lbs. It also has an advanced suspension system comprising adjustable front hydraulic shocks and an efficient rear rubber suspension that provides a comfortable and stable ride for heavier individuals without compromising speed or agility. Best of all, riders can adjust the spring preload and hydraulic damping on the front shocks to their weight.

The electric scooter is also spacious enough for the bigger rider. Its 18.5 inches by 8.0 inches  deck accords riders generous foot space allowing for a comfortable riding position for even larger foot sizes. In addition, the handlebars sit high at 40.5 inches above the deck to accommodate taller riders, ensuring that they can maintain a comfortable and upright posture while riding. 

These features combined make the Apollo Pro a practical choice for bigger individuals who prioritize both functionality and appearance. 

Apollo Pro 2023 Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

44.3 mph


36.0 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

12.8 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

2.2 s

0 to 20 mph

3.3 s

0 to 25 mph

4.7 s

0 to 30 mph

6.6 s

0 to 35 mph

9.5 s

0 to 40 mph

14.8 s


The acceleration on our Beta unit is significantly better than the 7.9 seconds to 30 mph we got on the pre-production unit. The new 6.6 seconds acceleration to 30 mph puts the Pro squarely ahead of the Phantom V3’s earlier 7.3 seconds lead. 

Now, this number is not as dramatic as the GT2’s show-worthy 4.1 seconds to 30 mph or the Wolf King GT’s 3.8 seconds to the same speed. However, the tradeoff is that the Pro’s lower acceleration rate makes it easier to ride than the Segway GT2 and Wolf King GT.

Top Speed

No, the new production unit did not get to 60 mph. Why? Because that was simply never the intention. While most people get excited at the prospect of riding to and past 60 mph, the average guy rarely gets to race to speeds beyond 40 mph. Segway and Apollo know that, which advised the decision to instead optimize their flagship scooters for speeds most commonly used by people, and that’s 15 to 40 mph.

That said, the production unit goes fast. The scooter launches with just a touch of front wheel spin and steadily gains acceleration to a top speed of 44.3 mph, surpassing the manufacturer’s claimed 43 mph max speed. It is faster than the test unit that only reached 42.8 mph, the GT’s 41.8 mph, and certainly faster than the Phantom V3’s 40.7 mph top speed.

Hill Climb

We mentioned this with the test unit earlier and’ll say it again. Larger wheels are great for ride quality. However, due to fewer point-to-point rotations, they affect acceleration numbers and hill climbing. 

Regardless, the new unit has a larger 3536 w motor and efficient Mach 2 motor controllers that deliver a peak current of 34 amps per motor, which probably explains the newfound speed on hills. The scooter reached the top of our 200 ft, 10% hill in just 8.2 seconds. 

The prototype only managed 9.3 seconds on the same hill. Now, the new unit surpasses the Phantom V3’s 8.8-second climb. That said, it still comes nowhere close to the Segway GT2’s 6.6-second climb.


The range on the prototype was a smidge worrisome for the price, but we have good news! The production version of the Apollo Pro gets about 10% more range off its 1560 wh battery.

 The battery is fitted with energy-dense 21700 LG cells, which are LG’s best cells and what we see on most high-end scooters. There’s also a smart-BMS or battery management system that costs more than many of the scooters on Amazon and helps the battery have the longest and safest possible life.

Paul rode the new Apollo Pro in Ludo mode on our hilly range test course and covered 36 miles. This new range is longer than the Segway GT2’s 32.9 miles, the prototype Apollo Pro’s 32.2 miles, and much more than Apollo’s next best, the Phantom V3’s 28.4 miles.


When we first saw it on the prototype, we called the choice to use drum brakes the ‘unconventional move.’ But here’s what Paul, resident physicist, and long-time rider has to say about this unusual move by Apollo

if you’re going to ride every day and you have disc brakes, you might wear out your brake pads as quickly as every 1,200 miles.


And he goes on to talk about the benefits of using drum brakes as the following:

  • Drum brakes as not grabby, so they don’t lock up or skid
  • There’s no chance of getting bent rotors
  • You don’t need to adjust drum brakes, and when you do, you don’t need tools
  • Finally, the pads last longer than those on disc brakes

With that logic in mind, and since the Apollo Pro can use 100% regen brake most of the time, we think the drum brakes on the Pro will last about ten times as long as conventional disc brakes.

The braking distance is longer than we’d typically see with disc brakes, with the Apollo Pro stopping from 15 mph in 12.8 ft. It’s not the best, but it is sufficient.

Ride Quality

The ride feels incredible, whether you’re riding in Eco or in Ludo mode. Apollo went through 8 or 9 iterations of the throttle to make it feel as exquisite as they’d envisioned, and it shows. Moreover, that seems to be a recurrent theme, as the same goes for the dedicated regen braking. You may think dedicated regen brakes are common since most scooters have the function, but that’s not the case. Only Apollo and a handful of other brands have this provision.

The Regenerative Braking System is the only brake you need for normal riding. For quick stops, you have dual drum brakes, and the levers automatically add a regen brake at both wheels, even when you just pull one lever. The buttons and levers are all easy to use, whether or not you have riding gloves on, and the grips feel equally good and grippy.

It’s generally very easy to ride this scooter thanks to a combination of factors, like the no-lag throttle that ensures optimal functionality. There’s also the scooter’s big, flat-resistant 12″ tubeless tires that really smooth out the ride, along with the adjustable hydraulic suspension up front and polyurethane bushing suspension out back.

People have questioned Apollo’s decision to use different types of suspension–but here’s a thought. Up front, you have a spring, which has a linear response, and that’s good because it can move a lot when you hit a really big bump. In the back, the rubber bushing is non-linear, so the more you squish it, the stiffer it gets. So that one automatically ends up at just the right stiffness no matter what the rider’s weight, all the way up to the 330 lb weight limit.

The Apollo Pro is a scooter that lets you keep full attention on the road because you’re not worried about bumpy roads or finessing the throttle to keep it smooth. And being easy to ride is really part of what it takes to be a vehicle replacement. Ultimately, the ride quality is truly exceptional.

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Apollo Pro 2023 Features


Most scooters in the Apollo Pro’s performance class weigh well above 100 lbs, which makes the Pro’s 95.6 lbs lean in comparison. It folds down for storage convenience, but the stem doesn’t latch to the deck, and we’re okay with that since this is not the type of scooter you typically want to lift and carry by the stem. 

As with the Segway GT2, Wolf Kings, and the NAMIs, lifting these scooters two-handed is easier by holding the rear grab handle in one hand and the scooter’s neck in the other. That said, if you really had to, you could easily carry the Apollo Pro up a flight of stairs daily, unlike its peers.


Apollo Pro 2023 Beta cockpit view

We go into great detail about the scooter’s display options in the Build Quality section of this article, but the highlight of the cockpit is the quad lock mount that allows you to mount your phone as the principal display and use the integrated DOT display alternative.

Other than that, the scooter arrives ready to go–push the power button and scoot awayA short click of the power button with the scooter turned on powers the headlight. You can subsequently double-click the on/off button to select your ride mode. Clicking the button three times also briefly shows you the state of charge right on the stem–which is both ideal and pretty darn cool.

The DOT display shows you your speed, state of charge and even tells you if your turn signals are on. That is, in case you don’t see the big blinky lights by your hand or hear the sound. You also get a horn, which is really loud and can be toggled to three different sounds. If the horn’s not for you, Apollo’s all about alternatives, so you get a mechanical bell, which is awesome on bike trails.

Apollo Pro 2023 Beta throttle controls

We have the classic Apollo dedicated regen brake on the left handlebar and a matching throttle on the right. Lastly, we have the usual brake levers on either side of the bars, the M button for the horn, and indicator buttons on either side of the bars.


Apollo Pro 2023 Beta headlight

The Apollo Pro comes with complete lighting, from the high-mounted headlight and a stem light that light up the riding track. You also get the aesthetically pleasing turn signals high-mounted on the handle cap ends. Apollo seems to be adopting this style for all their new scooters, which really aids in visibility for other road users. 


Finally, the wrap-around deck light makes the Apollo Pro electric scooter instantly recognizable. You can customize the color, and more importantly, this deck light mimics braking and turning side and back.


The Apollo Pro adopts the same tires we had on the Apollo City Pro–self-sealing tubeless pneumatic road tires. The tires are large at 12 inches (diameter) and 3 inches (width) and perfect for stability at speed, cornering, and going over potholes. 

We performed a puncture test to see how efficient the puncture-resistant claims were, and here’s Pauls report:

During our test on the Apollo City Pro’s tires, we discovered that in cases where the puncture goes less than an inch deep, the seal is 100%. It’s like it never happened. If the puncture goes deeper and penetrates the sticky coating, the hole will self-seal. However, in this case, sometimes, the self-sealing isn’t perfect, and you need to add pressure once a week. But that still beats going flat in an hour or less and getting stranded.


At 18.5 inches, the deck is not as long as the Apollo City Pro’s or the Apollo Phantom scooters. However, it stands out with an 8-inch width. This is roomy enough, even for riders with larger feet. It is covered in a quality, grippy, textured mat for a more stable stance.

The footrest is solidly constructed and quite comfortable to use. It’s also rounded off on the bottom to offer a comfortable grip when lifting. You also get a high 6.5-inch clearance that allows easy deployment of the center stand, as well as a more effortless curb-hop

Build Quality

Apollo Pro 2023 Beta frame shot

We got the production unit Apollo Pro in the Chrome version, and boy, isn’t she a stunner. However, before you fall in love with this chrome, as we did, the Pro won’t actually be available in this finish. It turned out to be too expensive to produce, and it added a couple of pounds of weight!

Still, if you’ve watched our Best electric scooters of 2023 video, you see just how different, fresh, and modern the Pro (even the prototype we tested earlier) looks from the rest of the fold. Even the box the scooter comes with is cool. But let’s first get into the nitty gritty.

We mentioned the unique way the Apollo Pro did its display when we did the review of the prototype, but let’s recap:

  • The Apollo Pro is the first electric scooter that uses your phone as the primary display, and why not? In fact, name a better tiny display than your phone.
  • Apollo also gives you a way to mount it via the quadlock case. Now, you’ll need to purchase your own case since phones come in different sizes, making it impossible to customize a one-fits-all design.
  • The Apollo Pro charges your phone wirelessly while you ride, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery.
  • Finally, if you try the phone-as-a-display and feel it’s not working for you for whatever reason, you can just use the scooter’s integrated DOT display, which is easy to read and does everything a display is meant to do. 
Apollo Pro 2023 Beta display closeup

For a quick grab-and-go, you’ll find yourself defaulting to the DOT display. However, using the phone-as-a-display unlocks a world of capability. We’ll run you through the app’s full feature set.

  • On the first screen, the app displays your speed, percent charge remaining, and remaining range. Here, you also have the ability to select your riding mode, turn on the headlight, or activate cruise control.
  • Next, we have the settings. You can fine-tune your riding preferences. Our favorite is customizing the speed limit for each of the scooter’s modes. However, note that you cannot do this for Ludo, which is automatically set to the scooter’s max speed.
  • You can also run simple diagnostics on your scooter, like checking your battery’s health.
  • One you’ve not seen much is the ability to change sounds or turn some of them entirely off. You’ll remember the cool horn sound if you watched our unboxing video of the prototype Pro. Well, you can choose yours from the list of pre-installed tunes on the app.
  • How about customizing the color of the scooter’s cool and frosty-looking lights?
  • Toggle the Apollo Pro’s Cruise control.
  • Set the scooter to kick-to-start or zero-start.
  • The app also gives you an array of advanced settings, including a provision to dial in the intensity of the Pro’s acceleration and braking and also setting how soon after a sustained speed cruise control kicks in. Another one that comes in handy for us when we’re filming: you can set how long the scooter will stay powered on before automatically shutting down . 
  • The wireless charging means you can use the onboard navigation, or Google Maps, without worrying about running your phone out of charge. And, with Google Maps, you get turn-by-turn directions right through on the speaker.
  • You could also just blast some tunes through the scooter’s speaker 🎶
  • Finally, if you opt out of using your phone as the display, you can play around with the scooter’s settings, set aside the phone, and the scooter will remember them from the app–e.g., tweak the top speeds for Eco, Comfort and Sport Mode, and they’ll remain that way until you change them again via the app.
Apollo Pro 2023 Beta turn signals

The dash technology certainly steals the show, but we’re just as excited about the rest of the scooter’s features. The Apollo Pro carries highly-mounted bar-end turn signals on which we ran the old ESG-drop test, (now RG-drop test) when reviewing the prototype. Fortunately, even though the cover broke, the signal still works, and you can replace a cover in less than a minute without using tools. Starting in December, Apollo will include spare signal covers right in the tool kit, so that’s something. We’re also seeing Apollo include this style of turn signals on the 2023 Apollo Air and the 2023 Apollo City.

Speaking of Apollo’s tool kits, they are known to be a little extra, and this one has something we’ve never seen. The Pro’s tool kit comes with a pump, a valve-stem extender, which you probably don’t need because the pump just fits, and some nice wrenches. But here’s the cool part–If you ever lose a screw, the tool kit includes one extra copy of every screw used on the scooter. Plus, the owner’s manual has a map of where each screw goes and exact specs if you want to buy spares at the local hardware store. This is something that they’re adding to all of the Apollo tool kits in the near future.

Apollo Pro 2023 Beta stem latch

The stem feels strong and wobble-free and uses an awesome feeling latch. The unibody frame comes with a 10,000 km warranty and looks somewhere between a stealth fighter and a MacBook Pro because it’s made from two castings and sealed in the middle with an O-Ring.

 It’s rated at IP66, one of the most water-resistant scooters we’ve seen, which is what you need if it’s going to replace your car. Not to forget the exemplary fender protection.

Then comes the most advanced feature–the Apollo Pro has a built-in SIM card. The world of capability this introduces is enormous. First, you can track your scooter’s location and state of charge from anywhere in the world. With that, follows a bunch of security features. For instance, you can set off the alarm from anywhere, power the scooter down, provided it’s not moving, or even completely disable it remotely if someone runs off with it. 

Of course, SIM cards cost money to operate, so the SIM-card-based features will be included for three months for free, and then if you like having that peace of mind, there’s an optional service plan called Apollo Care that will cost between $5 and $10 per month. The exact details haven’t been released yet, but you’ll be able to learn more on the Apollo site. The cost of the subscription package, for the peace of mind you get with your investment, feels like a no-brainer. 

Lastly, the Apollo Pro is our second scooter with a center stand–the former, of course, being the ANYHILL UM-2. They made it to be basically bomb-proof, and it’s even easier to use than the one on our prototype. We’ve grown to love center stands as they won’t bang you in the shins, the scooter stands up straight, so it takes up less space when parked, and finally, it just looks better because the stand disappears when you’re not using it.


The Apollo Pro scooter’s power allows riders to experience an exhilarating ride, while its advanced safety features provide peace of mind for riders. Some of these features are the usual ones, like the scooter’s strong set of brakes, 360-degree lighting including high-mounted turn signals, and grippy handles and deck. You also get an IP66 rating and large fenders that protect the scooter in the event of sudden showers. And, when parked, the scooter’s beefy center stand is handy for keeping it from tipping over.

 There are additional stand-out safety features like the scooter’s built-in SIM that allows remote tracking and immobilization in the event of robbery. The over-the-top smart battery management system that protects the scooter from electrical faults. And the robust build and big wheels that allow for better stability at speed, which is overall safer.


Apollo issues a one-year warranty for all their scooters. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and malfunctions that may occur within the first year of ownership. It is important to familiarize yourself with the warranty terms to understand what is covered and how to make a claim if needed. Visit the Apollo website and comb through the text on the warranty specifications.

 Apollo also has the provision for Apollo Care with the Pro scooter. Apollo Care provides peace of mind and convenience, as you can rely on expert assistance whenever you need it. Whether it’s troubleshooting, maintenance tips, or technical support, the Apollo Care subscription (that only sets you back about $5-$10 a month) ensures you access reliable help throughout your ownership experience. 

Apollo Pro 2023: Review Conclusion

With its sleek design and modern aesthetic, Apollo’s new flagship is one of the best-looking scooters we’ve ever tested. Its attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the chrome accents to the ergonomic handlebars. It is also among the most advanced, featuring cutting-edge technology such as a phone-as-a-display and a built-in SIM card. The scooter’s performance is equally impressive, with a powerful motor that provides smooth acceleration and a long-lasting battery that allows for extended rides without needing to recharge.

Yes, it’s a little on the expensive side, and it’s not a fire-breathing monster. But it is really easy to ride at car-like speeds of 40mph or so. Therefore, when you add up that its easy to ride fast, has manageable weight, and has water resistance that lets you ride rain or shine, it really starts to feel like something that could replace a car for a lot of trips, especially when you consider the added security of being able to track it and completely disable it remotely.

Now that the beta-tester program is underway, we’re really looking forward to hearing other people’s opinions bout the Pro, so if you’ve got one already, let us know how you like it in the comments section on our YT video.

Check out the link below for a direct link to where to buy the Pro and get it at the best price.

The Apollo Pro 2023 Beta is available in United States from Apollo.
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Apollo Pro 2023: Manufacterer Specifications

ModelPro 2023
Weight95.6 lbs
Folded Dimensions55 by 27.5 by 26 in
Motor power, continuous3536W
Top Speed43 mph
Range63 mi
Battery capacity1560 Wh
Battery recharge time7.5 hrs
Max rider weight330 lbs
Brake typeDrum+Drum
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless)+Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront+Rear
Water resistanceIP66

Apollo Pro 2023 Alternatives and Competitors

In the Apollo Pro Prototype review, we compared the Apollo Pro to the Segway GT2, plus the Wolf King GT Pro and Phantom V3. But this time, we will only compare the Production version of the Apollo Pro and the Segway GT2. These are the world’s two most advanced electric scooters–the GT2 because it has traction control, the Apollo Pro with its SIM card, and both just in general having next-level build quality and features.

  • Segway Logo
    A ‘Superscooter’ that will Change the Landscape
    ec best Logo
  • apollo Logo
    Phantom V3
    The Scooter That Changed Everything.
  • kaabo Logo
    Wolf King GT
    ec best Logo

Segway GT2 Vs. Apollo Pro

Paul says he’d enjoy riding either one for hours, but there are some striking differences in how they ride. The Production version of the Apollo Pro has a higher top speed, longer range, and a smoother ride due to larger 12″ diameter tires. On the other hand, the GT2 has a quicker zero-to-30 time and a shorter stopping distance. Despite that, the Pro has smoother acceleration, and the Pro’s brakes will never put you over the handlebars. 

Then, the big one for us is that the Apollo Pro’s tested weight is exactly 20 lbs lighter than the tested weight of the GT2, making the Pro much easier to live with for everything from loading it to just rolling it up over a curb. In general, the GT2 is sportier while the Apollo Pro has more of a luxury feel to it, except that the Pro corners better than the GT2, so in that way, the Pro is sportier. 

Confused? Good. The overall take is that the Apollo Pro feels lighter, nimble, and refined, while the GT2 has more of a lead-sled power cruiser feel like the Wolf King GT. That said, there are things to love about both approaches. 

Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Apollo Pro 2023 Beta
Segway GT2
Apollo Phantom V3
Kaabo Wolf King GT
Top Speed**
44.3 mph
41.8 mph
40.7 mph
61.0 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
36.0 mi
32.9 mi
28.4 mi
55.0 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
95.6 lb
115.6 lb
75.8 lb
125.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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