Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury - $2999
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June 27, 2022

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Dualtron Victor Luxury Pro Summary

In this review, we take a look at the Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury electric scooter – a perfect blend of big motors, a large battery, exquisite suspension, and large tires all tucked away in a tiny (well, not too tiny) scooter frame. Let’s see what it does well, how it stands out from the crowd, and areas where it might need some improvements.

This is one of the best Dualtrons ever made, and that’s saying something as Minimotors are relentless in releasing high-quality, performance scooters. After testing and comparing these scooters to others we’ve had before, the Victor Luxury breaks the records for range, speed, and ride quality in its class.

We’re excited to let you know how this scooter performs against the Victor and other comparable scooters, about how Minimotors fit a large battery in a tiny frame (and it worked), and exactly why the ride quality of Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury Electric scooter is among the best there is. So, stick around for the review.

pros icon of thumbs up
Faster and Longer Range Than Scooters in its Class
Exquisite Handling
Great Aesthetics
The Dualtron Heritage
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Deck Feels a Little Short
Throttle Ergonomics Aren't the Best

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
46.2 mph**
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb**
weight icon of kettlebell
76.8 lb**
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
42.0 mi**
acceleration icon of stop watch
2.3 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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Minimotors are an old industry name with a history in manufacturing and distributing PEVs dating back to 1999. They are also technically the first premium electric scooter brand and pretty much invented the dual-motor scooter. Their quality has been unquestionable, and their scooters continue to stand the test of time.

The Victor and the Victor Luxury electric scooter are predecessors to the best-selling Dualtron III. The scooter was such a huge success that Minimotors decided to build on what made it so right while fixing the things that made it slightly imperfect. And as the name implies, ‘Dualtron Victor Luxury’ is the elevated version of the original blueprint (the Victor), and it’s quite the treat for experienced riders and beginners who are not afraid to test their limits.

The Luxury is the longest range scooter in its weight class, going as far as 42.0 miles. It’s also the fastest, reaching top speeds of 46.2 mph, though it doesn’t break records for acceleration. The Zoom Hydraulic brakes are efficient, but the original Victor has a better braking distance, and you’ll see why as we move along. The scooter’s folded dimensions are also so impressive that we actually compared it to commuter scooters rather than scooters in its class.

And normally, a smallish and very powerful scooter is a formula for instability. Not the Luxury. This scooter combines the efficiency of the 12-degree rake angle that increases handling, the adjustable rubber suspension that smoothes out road imperfections, and the ultra-wide pneumatic tires that soak up vibrations and improve traction on your trails. The throttle is also instant but not abrupt, so the ride is not jerky.

Pair the performance with build and ride quality and add knick-knacks like the rubberized deck, the deck spotlights, the hazard lights with a dedicated control, etc., and you’ll have a scooter that delivers real value for money.

What Makes the Dualtron Victor Luxury Different From the Dualtron Victor?

The Victor made an awesome base scooter for the development of the Victor Luxury. If you’re on the market for a Dualtron and torn between these two models, here’s a quick overview of the major differences:

  • The Victor is obviously cheaper than the Luxury. The Victor Retails at $2,699 while the Victory Luxury goes for $2,999
  • The Victor had dual charging ports, but the Luxury only comes with one but with fast charging option.
  • The Victor Luxury comes with a larger battery that powers the scooter through 42.0 miles of range over the Victor’s 39.3 miles.
  • The Victor Luxury rides to a higher top speed of 46.2 mph, while the Victor reaches 45.5 mph.
  • The Luxury also delivers better acceleration from start to peak and is a better hill climber.
  • The Luxury weighs more, 76.8 lbs against the Victor’s 74.2 lbs.
  • And despite being overshadowed in almost every category, the Victor has better braking with a stopping distance of 9.7 ft from 15.0 mph vs. the Luxury’s 11.4 ft.

Our Take: Speed, Style, Comfort, and Finesse: The Perfect Combination for a Luxurious Ride



Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Dualtron Victor Luxury being ridden quickly

Dualtron might one day release a scooter that’s not good for heavier riders. But today’s not that day, and the Victor Luxury is not that scooter.

The Victor Luxury is a small scooter capable of handling a big loadThe 4000W peak power produces enough torque to carry a max load of 265.0 lbs. Working in tandem with the larger, energy-dense battery, riders of all weights can hammer the throttle mercilessly and experience the uncompromised power that comes with the Dualtron name.

The suspensions feel perfectly sprung for riders between 140.0 lbs to 220.0 lbs. Beyond that, it’s still good, but if you’re between 220.0 lbs and the max weight of 265.0 lbs, you might want to go up to the next suspension stiffness. You can also adjust the swing arm angle to suit your weight for better ride comfort.

Also, in typical Dualtron style, the handlebars are not very tall at 37.5 inches from the deck, which some riders prefer because of the sporty feel, but this is not very ideal for taller riders. However, this can be easily remedied by using an aftermarket riser kit. Riders with larger feet can also eliminate the kickplate to get extra deck space. 

But, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a scooter this small that’s as accommodative for the big dawgs.


Dualtron Victor Luxury Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

46.2 mph


42.0 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

11.4 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

2.3 s

0 to 20 mph

3.2 s

0 to 25 mph

4.4 s

0 to 30 mph

6.0 s

0 to 35 mph

8.2 s

0 to 40 mph

12.5 s


The Victor Luxury electric scooter might be the fastest light heavyweight scooter, but it doesn’t break the record for the fastest from zero to 15.0 mph. The Vsett 10 retains that title, reaching 30.0 mph in 1.9 seconds against the Luxury’s 2.3 seconds.

The throttle response is immediate, but the scooter remains fairly easy to handle. The pickup is not brutal even on P-settings maxed, which makes it easy to ride for anyone with some experience.

Here are a few tweaks to the P settings to gain better control over your acceleration:

  • To make the ride smoother, completely back off P7 settings, i.e., set to zero.
  • For most riding, P7 to 1 offered the best blend of performance and smoothness.
  • For a little more kick, others might prefer the default setting of P7 = 2

Top Speed

And the new champion for fastest light heavyweight we’ve ever tested goes to the Dualton Victor Luxury electric scooter.

Monimotors indicate a top speed of 51.0 mph, but our tests saw the Luxury reach a max speed of 46.2 mph. Our speedometer did occasionally read the stated 51.0 mph, but scooter speedometers, like car speedometers, can be slightly off on the actual speed.

Regardless, the 46.2 mph speed is faster than the closest competing scooters: the BURN E-2 at 43.8 mph, Segway GT 2 at 41.8 mph, Vsett 10+ at 43.3 mph, and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X at 44.1 mph.

Riders can regulate their speed by riding in either Eco or Turbo. The mode button now comes with an indicator that lights up when the different modes are activated.

Hill Climb

We expect a high-performance electric scooter like the Victor Luxury to excel at hill climbing, and the scooter doesn’t disappoint. The Luxury is among the best in its class when it comes to hill climbing, thanks to the dual 2000W motors, with a peak output of 4000W.

During our usual 200.0 ft long 10% grade test hill, the Victor Luxury averaged at 16.9 mph, starting from a dead stop to the top of the hill. Even more impressive was the fact that the Luxury maintained speeds above 30.0 mph during the steepest stretch of our range test, even when the battery dropped to 1%

The Victor only outperforms the single motor GT1 among its competitors, which averaged at 15.5 mph during our hill test. It is outdone by the NAMI BURN E-2 at 19.9 mph, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X at 17.5 mph, and Vsett 10+ at 18.1 mph.

Range and Battery

Nobody wants a powerful scooter that can barely circle the block. You want plenty of juice to test your scooter’s limits, and the Victor Luxury electric scooter gives you the best range in its class. This electric scooter is powered by either a CN 60V24Ah (LITE) or an LG21700 60V30Ah (PRO) battery. The PRO battery is composed of LG 21700 cells, which is 20% more energy-dense than regular cells.

We got 42.0 miles of range during our range testWe used the 21700 version battery, so you should expect a lower range from scooters powered by the LITE version. As always, we test our scooters on the highest performance settings, i.e., Gear mode 3, Turbo, and P settings set to max. Therefore, you can still extend the range by riding conservatively. In fact, the juice on this battery means that you can go days without recharging, especially if you’re not hitting your throttle hard.

Despite the Victor Luxury’s small size, its battery is bigger than any comparable scooter we’ve tested, even larger than the range-famous EMOVE Cruiser. But you still get more range from the single motor EMOVE Cruiser, which travels a max distance of 47.0 miles. Scooters in the Luxury’s class like the Segway GT1 reach 21.9 miles, while the Vsett 10+ travels to 33.6 miles, and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X goes to 44.1 miles.

With such a large battery, of course, it’s going to take its sweet time to reach full charge. The scooter fully charges in 21.4 hours, but you can purchase a fast charger and reduce that time to 4.6 hours–they took out the second charging port. The Luxury also no longer has a range extender port since no one really used it.

The battery gauge is a little optimistic at the beginning, letting 8.0 miles roll by before dropping below 100%. So, watch out when you’re charging because if you unplug as soon as the display hits 100%, you may only be 82% charged and short-changing yourself 8.0 miles! At the other end, the battery gauge is pleasantly pessimistic.

Towards the end of the range test, the Victor Luxury maintained 90% of its speed and power right up until cutting off at the very end of the range test. When the gauge displayed 0% remaining, the scooter still had another 1.6 miles to go before shutting down. But that also means it doesn’t warn you by slowing down. You need to treat 6% like 0 %, but luckily you’ll still always have 1.6 miles to spare.


Dualtron Victor Luxury backwheel disk brake

The Victor Luxury has adequate braking but not the best in class. In fact, the predecessor, the original Victor, gave us a better braking distance.

To slow down this beast, you have at your disposal dual Zoom hydraulics with 160 mm braking discs. The Luxury also comes with electronic regenerative brakes fitted with ABS that prevent tire lock, enabling more secure braking. You also have the option of turning the ABS on or off.

From 15.0 mph to 0, the Luxury has a stopping distance of 11.4 ft, while the Victor gave us 9.7 ft. The reason for this is not in the quality of the Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, since those are quite good; the Luxury’s footrest doesn’t let the rider get quite as low or as far back when braking, which affects how hard you can tug at your levers with the scooter in motion. Removing the footrest could bring the Luxury’s stopping power to par with the Victor.

The Regen brakes are adjustable from 0-5. Below is just a description of how the different braking feel like:
0-Electronic brake off
1-3- Moderate intensity
3-5-Maximum intensity

Ride Quality

The Dualtron Victor Luxury scooter is a delight to take out on the open roads, especially if you have some experience with riding electric scooters and, even moreso, performance electric scooters. With the performance settings lowered, it can be used by beginners, but it is the experts that will draw the most fun out of riding this beast. But what mostly makes this an exquisite ride is the incredible suspension, responsive controls, and the slightly tight-feeling cockpit.

The combination of elastomeric suspension and 10.0 inch x 3.0 inch tires is first in line in making the Luxury a must- ride experience. The Victor Luxury e-scooter is outfitted with the softest suspension cartridges Dualtron makes. The elastomeric suspension is light, compact, and, more importantly, really works when it matches your weight. They feel perfect for weights from 140.0 lbs all the way up to the 220.0 lbs, though you can also change the swing arm angle to suit your weight and riding style.

You can also swap the suspension cartridges out if you want to go stiffer. The scooter comes with 5 kinds of rubber cartridges. The replaceable design by Minimotors is the world’s largest 45-step adjustable (3x3x5) rubber suspension system. It allows you to adjust the suspension strength with motor shaft distance (3 steps), arm angle (3 steps), and rubber cartridge replacement (5 steps).

Dualtron gave the Victor and Victor Luxury a 12-degree stem angle for increased high-speed stability, though the handling still feels more like a fighter jet than a cruiser and requires a steady hand at high speed. Unfortunately, the stem angle also means the handlebars extend further into the riding zone than other Dualtrons. Compounded with the shorter deck and the impractical kickplate, your riding stance might take a bit of trial and error to get just right. But, you can always remove the kickplate to extend the deck or fit a custom kickplate to make for better ride ergonomics.

The grips are great, but they need clamps to stay in place. Alternatively, use a bit of grip glue to keep them from rotating. We also have an issue with the stem noise, which, again, we have an easy solution for.

Dualtron Victor Luxury suspension

Loosen these two bolts, spray some Lithium grease and tighten them back down. Yet another solvable issue we found was that the EY3’s trigger is a long stretch from the brake lever, especially when paired with Zoom hydraulic brakes, and this strains the hand a little after riding over a distance. Our favorite accessory in this situation is using a 90-degree adapter that adjusts your hand position during riding.


Dualtron Victor Luxury Features


Dualtron Victor Luxury folding features

Good things come in small packages is quite true for the Victor Luxury. It packs super performance in a tiny frame–the tiniest among its peers.

It feels unfair to compare it to scooters in its class, so let’s start with a scooter in the commuter category. It has folded dimensions of 45.2 inches x 9.8 inches x 22.0 inches, which fits seamlessly in most trunks.

Dualtron Victor Luxury folding handlebars

This small footprint makes the Victor Luxury shorter than the Ninebot Max and about half as wideThe reduced width comes courtesy of the folding handlebars. It is also only 1.5 inches longer than the ultra-popular commuter, the Xiaomi M365.

In its class, the Victor is 5.0 inches shorter than the Vsett 10+. However, it does weigh 76.8 lbs, making it difficult to carry up more than one flight of stairs. Still, it is lighter than competitors like the GT1 at 104.8 lbs, the Vsett 10+ at 80 lbs, and the Wolf Warrior X at 79.8 lbs. The new footrest also has a much-improved and much-appreciated stem to deck latch.


Something we’ll commend Minimotors for is the bright and readable EY3 Display we’ve come to love on Dualtron scooters. It sounds like all we say is how much better manufacturers need to be with their displays, and to have one that can be read under direct sunlight, makes us (translation, you) feel heard.

Dualtron Victor Luxury throttle and speedometer

That said, with all of the large color displays coming out lately, like the brilliant one on Segway’s GT2, this style is starting to feel dated. All we can hope is that the next Dualtron that comes out will have something fresh–though we’re getting tired of holding our breaths for that to happen.

The Display shows Speed,Speed unit,Speed Mode,Driving time, Battery balance, Current and accumulated mileage, Error messages and Various braking settings.

The trigger throttle also comes attached and features the power button and a dedicated mode button. On the other hand, the left handlebar houses the Eco/Turbo mode button and a dedicated button for the hazard lights.


What’s a Duatron without its swag lights? Not a Dualtron, maybe. 

Well, the Victor Luxury scooter is a Dualtron in all essence of the word and is even more swagged up than the original Victor. You can spot the running ambient lights on the stem, on the front and rear swing arms, and down on the sides of the decks. The scooter comes with a remote control that allows for endless customization of the swag lights. These lights ensure that the scooter can be seen from afar, which is a great safety measure. 

However, the headlights are low-mounted, which is crazy given the speed of the Victor Luxury. For night riding, we recommend picking up an aftermarket 1000-lumen headlight to mount on the handlebars. This will allow you to light up your path better in low-light conditions. The rear kick plate also has a light bar attached that serves as a brake light.

Dualtron Victor Luxury mode settings

It also comes with hazard lights that are controlled by an independent button where the dual-motor switch used to be.


Dualtron Victor Luxury back tire

One of the big things for the Victor Luxury is the impeccable ride comfort, which is partly facilitated by the ultra-wide 10.0 inch x 3.0 inch tires (CST). These stock tires feel really good. The larger tire width provides a bigger contact patch with the track, which leads to improved handling.

But for those that are really keen on tubeless tires, you can switch them out with the ones from Dualtron III at $95 per end. The Dultron branded tubed tires also come with split rims for easy tire change or replacement.. And if you choose to stick to your tubed tires, ensure to keep them inflated to avoid getting pinch flats when you hit potholes. You might also need to use an extender for inflating your tires since the valve stems are a bit short.

The Victor had adopted much-loved TUOVTT tires like the Vsett 10+ and the Phantom, but the Luxury’s are Dualtron branded pneumatics that look similar but also seem exceptionally round.
The Luxury’s tires also have an awesome profile for cornering. And for these couple of reasons, we think the Victor Luxury’s tires should stay as is.


While the narrow width works for portability and storage, it is counterproductive for the ride ergonomics of a power scooter like the Victor Luxury. Performance scooters like the Victor Luxury call for riders to adopt a wide stance to keep the rider stable. With 19.0 inch x 9.8 inch of usable space, the Victor Luxury’s deck is pretty tight, so you might need to try out a few positions to find a stance that maximizes the available space.

Dualtron Victor Luxury extra grip and foot rest

The footrest is a little too steep to angle your rear-placed foot against while riding. It is also quite tall for practical normal riding. However, it does come in handy for hard braking. It can also be switched for something more custom to create extra deck space and make for a more comfortable ride. 

The silicone padding on the Luxury feels great. It is easier to clean, but it does feel less grippy–you might want to install some extra grip tape. And lastly, the Luxury gives you that famed large Dualtron clearance at 6.3 inches, which makes it a delight when rolling over curbs or riding on light off-road tracks.

Build Quality

Dualtrons are known for their robust build, regardless of the class, and that still holds true. The Victor Luxury is made of a tough aluminum alloy frame that is great for durability. The entire scooter feels sturdy with a premium finish. It’s definitely a mass appeal scooter.

The all-black ensemble with iconic Dualtron branding in as many spots as possible is a standout. The cockpit is not too cluttered, but does come with many individual controls for different functions rather than the multi-functional buttons on cheaper scooters. The stem is solid, and the Dualtron swag lights elevate its feel. These lights are controlled on/off by a rocker switch under the deck.

Speaking of the deck, it is a little narrow, but it is also silicone coated and easy to keep clean. On its rear is a kickplate like the one on Thunder II–it looks great and is quite handy when lifting the scooter. The kickplate is also embedded with a light bar that functions as the taillight/ brake light. It also hooks the handlebars better when folded.

The scooter’s controls are conspicuously missing one button–the dual motors button, which we love. Through our testing, we’ve discovered there’s no efficiency advantage to running a dual-motor scooter in single-motor mode. In fact, it just puts needless stress on one motor controller. However, the Turbo and ECO switch is still here, and it now lights up to indicate when the modes are engaged.

Dualtron Victor Luxury handle grip

And as sure as the sun will rise, each subsequent Dualtron release comes without an IP rating. Therefore, it is good practice to ensure that you’re not riding this scooter in the rain or any form of wet condition.


There are scooters you’d let your older kids ride around after hours; then there’s the Dualtron.

And not to be unfair, the Dualtron is a great scooter to ride during the day, with immense attention to safety. However, when the sun goes down, the low-mounted headlights aren’t the best. People will see you coming, and you might illuminate a bit of the track ahead, but an aftermarket, high-mounted headlight is the only way to really be safe in low-light conditions.

The scooter also comes with no bell or horn. The motors make a hum as they spin, but an audible warning for unaware road users is a necessity. The scooter also has no turn signals, which are becoming increasingly necessary for road users’ vigilance due to the number of motorized and non-motorized vehicles on the roads.

But…they do have hazard lights, with a dedicated control where the dual-motor button used to be, and we like that.


We are pretty adamant that the show of a well-built scooter is in the warranty. A long warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. However, we’ll bend the rules a little for Minimotors. The quality of their electric scooters, the Dualtron Victor Luxury included, is state-of-the-art, but their warranties are only valid for 6 months. This may come as a shock for most people, which is why you need to always read the fine print. 

Good news, though, below is a link to one of the sellers that gives a full year of warranty for their Dualtrons.

Dualtron Victor Luxury: Review Conclusions.

It’s quite simple: the Dualtron Victor Luxury electric scooter is the scooter for you if you’re in search of a high-quality, high-performance, high-range, super comfortable, and ultra-fun scooter primarily designed for the city.

Minimotors put some big motors and a big battery in a tiny scooter frame and gave us the most unprecedented scooter they or anyone else has released. The scooter is a record-breaker in its class for range and speed. What’s even better is that the performance doesn’t come at the cost of ride quality, which is impressive, to say the least.

It is not beginner-friendly, per-se, because of its price, weight, and intense braking power. However, with the settings turned down, most people could ride the scooter if I’m being liberal with my estimation. But take a skilled rider and throw one of these their way; it will be a reward in and of itself for them to ride the Victor Luxury. 

The Victor Luxury demands your full attention on the road, so it’s not as good for long-leisurely rides as something like the Dualtron Thunder. And despite its posh name, the Dualtron Victor Luxury is more fighter jet than a limousine.

We love the Victor Luxury and can confidently state that this is one of the best scooters to come out of Minimotors.

The Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Dualtron Victor Luxury: Technical Specifications

Make Minimotors
Model Dualtron Victor Luxury
Weight 72 lb
Folded dimensions 45 by 10 by 22 in
Motor power, continuous 4000 W
Top speed 43 mph
Range 56 mi
Battery capacity 1800 Wh
Battery recharge time 4 to 20 hrs
Max rider weight 270 lb
Brake type Disc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire type 10.0 in Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
Built-in lights Front + Rear
Water resistance None
Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Dualtron Victor Luxury
VSett 10+
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Top Speed**
46.2 mph
43.3 mph
44.1 mph
43.8 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
42.0 mi
33.6 mi
32.0 mi
49.1 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
76.8 lb
79.6 lb
79.8 lb
101.3 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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