Minimotors Dualtron X Limited - $6995
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January 18, 2023

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You probably know that Minimotors basically invented the dual motor electric scooter. Well this is the Biggest, Baddest electric scooter they’ve made, and it just broke two RG records.

This is the Minimotors Dualtron X Limited, an 84V scooter with the biggest battery we’ve ever tested, and the most peak power with 13,440W. 

The list goes on, but we can sum it up by saying the specs are so impressive, they honestly start to get a little intimidating, even for a bunch of people that have ridden almost everything.

In this review, we find out exactly how fast and how far the X-Limited can go, but maybe more importantly answer the question: Is it hard to ride a scooter this big? And what’s it like to live with such an extreme beast! 

Along the way, find out why we think this is the best scooter to ride for really really long distances, and also a couple details you should know before buying one that we haven’t seen anyone really talk about. Stay with us, there is just so much new stuff to check out.
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Longest Range We’ve Ever Tested
Highest Top Speed We’ve Tested
Best Ride Quality For Long Range Riding - By Far
The Best Headlights For Riding At Night
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Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
62.5 mph
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
weight icon of kettlebell
182.6 lb
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
86.4 mi
acceleration icon of stop watch
1.8 s
Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron X Limited is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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Dualtron X Limited Alternatives & Competitors

We’ll switch up this section a little bit–in honor of the biggest and baddest scooter we interacted with. Normally, at this point, we would be comparing the X-Limited to the closest competitors we’ve tested. But if we're being honest, there isn’t anything we’ve tested that directly compares to the Dualtron X Limited.

However, if we were to speculate, just for a moment, there are two scooters of similar size and weight that probably come close.

The first is this monster pictured below that costs more than the X-Limited(at $11340),  claims to go 62 mph +/-10%, but comes from a company that for three years has never been willing to submit a single scooter for us to test, and also produces at a very small scale compared to Minimotors.
Dualtron X Limited Rainbow LEDS
The second is this other beast, which is from an even smaller manufacturer, costs almost twice as much as the X Limited, and also claims to go about 62 mph.
Dualtron X Limited Measured and graphed
But reeling it closer to home, there are three scooters that are probably comparable to some extent that we’ve actually tested.
Dualtron Logo
Dualtron Storm
The Dualtron Storm Limited is lighter and less expensive than the X-Limited, is almost as fast and has the second longest range we’ve ever tested at [rg_unit value = "66.8 miles"], but it is definitely not as comfortable as the X-Limited for multi-hour rides
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kaabo Logo
Wolf King GT
ec best Logo
The Kaabo Wolf King Gt, as always, is just amazing in terms of both top speed and range per dollar and has great high-speed stability, but again the X-Limited is on another level for comfort and goes 57% further. 
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Segway Logo
ec best Logo
Segway’s GT2 makes the list, because, like the X-Limited, it’s one of the most relaxing scooters to ride at high speed, but the GT2’s tested top speed is much lower, as is the range.
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Dualtron X Limited Review Summary

Gun to our heads, “Why should anyone pay $7000 for an electric scooter?”

Well, in short, here are a few reasons why;
  • The biggest battery on an electric scooter we’ve tested, at 5040 wh. Sounds like a lot, and it is, but here are some quick comparisons to put it into perspective. Its battery is equal to 18 Xiaomi m365 batteries, or 9 Ninebot Max’s, or 5 Segway GT1’s, or 2 Kaabo Wolf King GT’s
  • By sheer weight, we’re pretty sure this is the world’s biggest electric scooter. So, if you’re into the biggest, baddest one–there’s no bigger.
  • It set our new speed record–61.7 mph
  • It rocks a set of ultra-wide, 5 inch tires that just feel great the instant they hit gravel
  • The BEST suspension ever, with the longest travel
Dualtron X Limited Featuring back shocks control dial
  • The EY4 display + the all-new companion app
  • The Build quality is second to none--it’s beefy and has a robust bolt-together design
  • During our range test, in max performance, Paul was riding for 4 hours. We can’t imagine the potential in more conservative riding modes (but who wants that?)
  • They’ll definitely be talking about the guy, or gal, with the [esg_currency $7000] scooter.

And it’s a Dualtron–they have a reputation that precedes them, and we strongly feel like the X Limited is a whole other ball game for them and for performance scooters.

Our Take: Like the Eiffel Tower, Beethoven’s Symphony No.9, or Shakespeare’s Hamlet-It’s a Beautiful Work of Art.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Dualtron X Limited riding through the streets of San Francisco
The Dualtron X Limited is the gold standard for scooters designed with bigger, heavier riders in mind.

It is everything about this scooter. From the 330 lbs max rider weight capacity, to the massive deck, to the plush suspension and large tires contributing to a pretty comfortable ride, to the solid build of the scooter–it’s just everything! And with the largest battery (5040 wh), there’s no worrying about the higher requirements by bigger riders. The  X Limited’s handlebars are also the first from Dualtron to stand at an optimum height for most taller riders at 39.75 inches height.
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Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

62.5 mph


86.4 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

10.7 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

1.8 s

0 to 20 mph

2.4 s

0 to 25 mph

3.1 s

0 to 30 mph

4.0 s

0 to 35 mph

5.1 s

0 to 40 mph

6.4 s


The acceleration was surprisingly good, considering the X Limited weighs twice as much as a Dualtron Thunder–186.2 lbs vs 92.4 lbs on the Thunder, for comparison. Its big, wide tires help it beat the Storm Limited from 0 to 30 mph, clocking 4.1 seconds against the Storm's 4.2 seconds time. 

In fact, the X-Limited beat almost everything to 30 mph, except Wolf King GT’s 3.8 seconds run,  and the NAMI E and E2 Max that tie for best at 3.7 seconds. And while the NAMI’s might hold the records for swift acceleration, 0- 30 mph (or 15 mph, or 40 mph)  this is not what the Dualtron X Limited is about.

Top Speed

After a long reign as the speed king, the Wolf King GT gets dethroned. The Storm Limited came close, but not quite. 

For us, this felt like a speed battle between the Flash and Superman, if you’re into that sort of thing. Both are very capable, but we had to be sure. So, we did 6 back-to-back speed runs, then averaged the fastest two opposite direction runs together to cancel out the effect of headwind or tailwind. 

On the speedometer, Paul saw speeds as high as 66 mph, but our Pro-Grade data-logging tools told a different story.
Dualtron X Limited display on bright sunny day
Yes, the X-Limited is the fastest scooter we’ve ever tested, but not quite as quick as we’d hoped, clocking  61.7 mph on flat ground with a 165 lb rider. It only beat the King GT by so much, which held the record at 61 mph, while the Storm Limited gets a soft third-place landing at 59.9 mph.

Hill Climb

For such a hefty e-scooter, no one’s surprised that it didn’t get to the top of our test hill first. However, for the same reason, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed at the scooter bagging 6th place among the 111 scooters we’ve tested. The NAMI BURN E and E-2 Max hold this record with a spectacular 6.3 seconds climb up our 200 ft, 10% hill grade. They are followed by the King GT at 6.5 secs, Segway’s GT2 at 6.6 seconds, the Dualtron Thunder II at 6.7 seconds, and the NAMI BURN E-2 at 6.8 seconds; all paving way for the Dualtron X Limited at 6.9 seconds. Generally speaking, each of these scooters, by their own rights, owns the hills.


The Dualtron X Limited may have broken the speed record, but when it comes to range, it completely shattered it. The X-Limited is the new range champion(86.4 miles)–and with no room for close competition.

It’s only fitting to record this record in Paul’s exact words;

“Starting with a full charge, I rode for 3 hours and 57 minutes straight on the RG range test course, only stopping for red lights or stop signs. I covered 86.4 miles before it finally cut off. Honestly, I thought riding a super powerful 83 lbs scooter for four hours straight was going to suck, but it didn’t, because it turns out the X-Limited is the world's most comfortable stand-up scooter for long distances. I’ve done Error: Invalid unit "mile". rides on other scooters that were harder than the 86.4 miles I did on the X Limited.”

The remaining range feature on the dash is also surprisingly accurate. At the start of the range test, it said the scooter had “83 miles remaining”. During the ride, Paul tells us he periodically added up the miles he’d covered and the miles remaining. The highest estimate was a total of 89 miles, and the lowest was 83 miles. So, the estimate was never off by more than 3.5%. But, as the saying goes… Your mileage may vary.

We do have to give one caveat about having this much range to burn: if you go out and ride 4 hours at a time on a regular basis…your significant other may become jealous of your X.


It rides hard, and stops just as hard.

For a scooter this size, everything comes with a give and take. For braking, we appreciate that Minimotors upgraded to the 4-piston Nutt brakes. This ‘big’ upgrade helped the Dualtron X Limited come to a stop with a surprisingly short braking distance of 10.7 ft from a speed of 15 mph, keeping pace with top shelf scooters of less than half its weight.
Dualtron X Limited Back wheel featuring size and disk brakes
The X-Limited took a little more finesse than usual to get the best stopping distance right at the limits. However, for normal braking, it remains as easy as any. 

“This is the first Dualtron I can remember, where I turned regen braking up, rather than turning it down from the standard setting to get more stopping power.” Paul RG

Ride Quality

Now, we bet you’re probably wondering, “How hard is it to ride a scooter that makes as much peak power as 19.2 Ninebot Max’s?” 

That was the first big surprise. It wasn’t hard to ride at all. In fact, the hardest thing, when we first got going, was trying to nudge all of the safety features out of the way. It arrived with safe mode on (as you’d expect), so you have to grab the brakes before the throttle will engage. Then, it was in kick-to-start mode, which we switched to Zero start. And the P-settings were set to strangely-mild, which you know we immediately maxed out and were ready to go!
The X Limited’s ride quality is like no other electric scooter any of us at ESG have ridden, and it’s easy to see why. Start by taking a look at the X’s shocks next to your typical, top-of the line adjustable hydraulic shocks. The dial-adjustable hydraulic suspension’s travel feels endless, and there is more than enough damping. Minimotors rates it at 950 lbs/in (16.96 Kg/mm) spring rate. Our favorite setting was all the way to the right, and then three clicks back out.
Then, there are the huge tires that are 2 inches taller than the tires on a normal beast scooter like the Wolf King GT. They do a great job of rolling smoothly over bumps, and these ones are even wider than the front tire of a regular motorcycle. 

Another thing is when you’re going fast, it’s nice to have something solid to hold on to, and the X Limited’s single stem is as stiff as any dual stem scooter we’ve tried. There’s Zero wobble, no funny sounds, and the solid build makes the cockpit of this scooter feel like a safe place to be. What we also love is that unlike some ultra-stiff stems, it doesn’t slowly beat your thumbs to death because the smooth suspension keeps the stem from hammering your hands.  

They made an improvement that had us fingers-crossed from the minute we caught wind of news about the X Limited. Dualtron handlebars are usually a little too short. However, the X-Limited’s handlebar height is 2 inches higher than all of the other Dualtrons we’ve tested, bringing the bars to a perfect height for long rides (39.75 inches).
The other huge surprise about the X-Limited’s ride quality was that this beast can really carve corners. Nimble’s not the word–but in big sweeping corners, the stability and grip are impressive and let you really carry speed. 

Finally, the power delivery is linear and just feels endless. Even with 25% of the battery remaining, the scooter just shoves you forward if you ask it to. One difference, though, between the X-Limited and previous version of the Dualtron X2, is you no longer need to double click the throttle to get full power. We tested it, and all of the power comes on in one pull.
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Dualtron X Limited Features


It would really defeat the purpose if this scooter were in any way portable. In fact, it is the least portable scooter we have and here’s why.

One, it weighs 183 lbs, which is nowhere near the ballpark of ‘liftable weight.’ We’re not sure one person can safely load it into an SUV, even using our favorite one-wheel-at-a-time loading technique. But with two people it should be relatively easier. So, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to park it up stairs unless your building has an elevator. And, it’s best to use the ramp if you need to push it up onto the sidewalk.

The other reason that this is not in any way a portable scooter is because the Dualtron X is the only electric scooter we know of that requires tools if you want to fold it. This is one of those “things you should know” that we’d mentioned earlier. You’d need to carry a 6mm allen wrench with you, just in case.


Dualtron X Limited full controls shot
If you read our teaser on the X Limited a couple of months ago, we mentioned that it was good riddance to the EY3 display.
Dualtron X limited led display and speedometer
The EY4 makes one of the updates we were most excited to see. Yes, the previous EY3 display was easy to read, but it was also really starting to look dated. The new display is fantastic–it gives you 5 “gears” plus you can switch into ECO mode for longer range and softer throttle response. It also shows the temperatures of your motor controllers, percentage battery, battery voltage, plus remaining miles range, and of course lets you adjust P-settings which I’ll touch on later.
Dualtron K Limited Brake controls on handle
In addition, we love the new, low-profile trigger throttle. It’s way more comfortable on long rides because it can be set closer to the brake lever. Then there’s an app, the first we’ve seen from Dualtron, and it’s one of the better apps we’ve seen too. It lets you turn on and off ECO Mode, Cruise Control, ABS, Zero Start, Turn on Lights, set Screen Brightness and Lock or unlock your scooter, and gives you a graphical user interface for all of your P-settings. 


Dualtron X Limited demonstrating bright headlights
It’s the Lights Festival–X Edition.

There are a total of 5 headlights and by our calculations, the 5 headlights combined throw about 8000 lumens down the road. That’s the equivalent of about 6 car headlights, or 8 really good scooter headlights. The deck lights also come with running day lights to ensure round-the-clock riding visibility.
Dualtron X Limited closeup of brake lights
The rear end of the deck comes with two tail light fixtures in an X style on either end, each incorporating turn signals and braking lights. And It wouldn’t be a Dualtron without some over-the-top swag lights, lighting up the X-emblem and logos.
Dualtron X Limited handles and logo
To power all of those lights, the X Limited has a whole separate 12V 192 Watt hour battery. Yes, the battery just for the lighting system is bigger than the battery that powers the famous Segway ES2. The extra battery also powers the two charging ports as they, too, light up.


The scooter makes use of 13.0 inch large pneumatic tires that are ultra-wide at 5 inches. With a scooter that rides this fast, it is comforting to know that the large tires will greatly improve its handling to let you feel more in control of your riding. They also ultimately feel more comfortable due to their larger capacity to absorb vibrations.


The Dualtron X Limited comes with a new deck that is 5 inches longer than the deck of the X2. By our standard measurement, the X-Limited comes out the same length as a Vsett 10+, but because of the shape of the deck, it feels much larger than that and there are a ton of riding positions you can use that come in handy on long rides.
Dualtron X Limited shocks cover and logo
We also appreciate the new cover Minimotors added to protect the shock, which comes off if you install the optional seat. And we love the silicone padding on the deck that not only ups the aesthetics, but also greatly improves riding stability.

Build Quality

This is the most X-treme Dualtron ever, so it makes sense that its feature set is extreme too.

The EY4 is a neat medium for interface with your scooter. It has way more functionality than the EY3 models, and the accompanying app elevates interaction with your scooter. If you have a phone mount, you can take advantage of the app's dashboard too.
Dualtron X limited light controls and horn
The switches for the lights feel a little more complicated than they need to be–there are four of them, and we’ll let the manual explain how they all work, but one of them used to be the ECO button, and we miss it. You still get ECO mode, but it’s up on the dash now and accessed by holding the center button down for a few seconds.
Dualtron X LImited Headlights
There’s one accessory bar up top you can mount things to and one down below that comes fully loaded with a pair of lights in beefy metal housings. And further down the stem, is a high quality steering damper. It bolts on cleanly with just two bolts and no added brackets.
Dualtron X limited heat sinks
We love the red heatsinks on the sides of the deck, with little air scoops on them. There is another scoop that channels air through the base of the deck and it looks great despite the fact that no one’s ever going to look under there. The heat sinks really work too. After 6 hours back-to-back top speed runs, the motor controllers were still cool. 
Dualtron X Limited Backwheel featuring thick shocks
At the front edge of the deck are two charge ports on the left and another one on the right side. So, with the one 5A charger it comes with, you can fully charge in 12 hours. Or, in theory, cut that down to 4 hours if you’ve got 3 of them. But it’s typically going to take a lot less time than this, since you’re very unlikely to ever fully drain such a big battery.

We don’t usually critique the packing materials as part of the build quality, but in this case Minimotors deserves a shout out. The X-Limited is shipped on a pallet, in a box wrapped in plastic, and strapped into a metal cage. So, it comes out of the crate looking pristine–A1 packaging!


Dualtron X Limited infront of cement wall
You should receive your scooter set to safe mode–to keep you from breaking a leg, literally, on your first ride. You also have an option for kick start and zero start to ease into the scooter's acceleration. You can also customize your p-settings to a softer ride experience, or set the scooter to Eco mode.
Besides that, you get excellent braking and a stellar lighting profile for your daily riding safety needs.


Minimotors give a standard one-year warranty for the Dualtron X limited. However, for such an expensive scooter, we’d prefer you go with a dealer that extends that warranty, and our top choice for Dualtron dealership is Voro Motors. You can get up to four years of warranty  by choosing to purchase your X Limited from Voro

Dualtron X Limited: Review Conclusion

So who is the X-Limited for? Some people just have to have the biggest baddest thing there is, and this scooter will definitely scratch that itch, especially because it’s made by maybe the most famous brand in the world, for dual motor electric scooters. 

But on a more practical side, the X-Limited has a very clear use case… and it’s not about the top speed. If you love taking really long rides, or maybe you’re a delivery rider, this is hands down the best long range scooter there is. And again, that’s not because it has the longest range, but because it’s just so comfortable and easy to pile on the miles.

Paul says, “I’ll confess, I did not expect to like this scooter as much as I do. BUT it won me over partly because it made my 4 hour-long range test so easy, but also, because it surprised me by being so good at carving corners.”

Owning an X Limited is a lot like having a motorcycle, but without the bother of getting a motorcycle license, or having to work a 6-speed transmission. But if you do get an X-Limited we’d still recommend wearing full motorcycle gear. 

A special shout out to Melvin and Trina at Voro for hooking us up with the X-Limited and answering all of our questions during the week we spent testing it.
Dualtron X Limited Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Minimotors Dualtron X Limited
Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited
Segway GT2
Kaabo Wolf King GT
top speed icon of speedometer
Top Speed**
62.5 mph
59.9 mph
41.8 mph
61.0 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
86.4 mi
66.8 mi
32.9 mi
55.0 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
182.6 lb
115.4 lb
115.6 lb
125.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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