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July 7, 2022

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Riders love it; let’s see if the new NAMI BURN-E2 MAX electric scooter can hold up against the original BURN-E’s success.

As we look back, it’s hard to believe it was just a year ago when NAMI came out of nowhere and was suddenly one of the most talked-about scooters on the planet. So, let’s see how the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter faired when tested against other performance beasts, including its predecessors.

Sometimes we do things so well that we’re tempted to see if we can do it again–just for kicks.

NAMI shook the electric scooter space a while back by giving us the most record-breaking scooter, and they’re here with a sequel. It’s thrilling to think about what the new upgrades will do for the scooter’s performance, ride quality, and general appeal.

An interesting fact: When you ask owners why they bought a NAMI, many will say it wasn’t range, top speed, or ride quality, but rather Rock Star scooter designer Michael Sha who’s on social media daily, testing new prototypes and soliciting feedback directly from riders.

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Excellent Ride Quality Thanks to the Adjustable Shocks
Record-Setting Acceleration
It's one of the Coolest Scooters You Can Buy
Excellent IP rating
Great Lighting Profile
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Dead Space in Throttle
Stability at High Speeds is Still not the Best
Potential Finger Pinch Point

BURN E 2 Max Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
54.9 mph**
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb**
weight icon of kettlebell
105.6 lb**
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
48.0 mi**
acceleration icon of stop watch
1.7 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX Alternatives & Competitors

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Differences Between the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max and the NAMI BURN-E 2

Although the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max and NAMI Burn-E 2 share most features and a similar body design, there are some key differences in their performance and specifications:

  • Motor Rating: The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max has a total motor rating of 3,000W (1,500W x 2), which surpasses the 2,000W (1,000W x 2) of the NAMI Burn-E 2. This translates into a higher top speed and better acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities for the Max model, achieving 54.9 mph compared to the Burn E 2’s top speed of 43.8 mph.
  • Battery: The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max is equipped with a larger 2,304Wh LG battery, while the NAMI Burn E 2 uses a 2,016Wh generic battery. This difference, surprisingly, might not significantly affect the scooters’ range as you might expect—we’ll discuss this further shortly.
  • Weight: The NAMI BURN E 2 Max is slightly heavier, weighing in at 105.6 lbs as compared to the 101.3 lbs of the NAMI Burn E 2.
  • Braking System: The braking system on these scooters also differs. The BURN-E 2 Max utilizes LOGAN 4-piston hydraulics, while the Burn E 2 relies on LOGAN 2-piston hydraulics. This gives the BURN-E 2 Max a slight edge in terms of braking response.

NAMI BURN E 2 Max Summary

It’s not that they needed a new release to stay relevant; they already were with the overwhelming success of the base mode NAMI BURN E 2 and the original NAMI BURN-E. But we think NAMI discovered that this was something they did well and decided to keep running with it. Which brings us to our scooter highlight–the NAMI URN-E 2 MAX, the newest release by NAMI.

Like Ferrari, NAMI only makes one kind of scooters–the exotic kind. The NAMI scooters are 100 lbs beasts, built to excel in performance and with uncompromised ride quality. If you’re after a cheap or portable scooter, then this might not be the brand for you.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter builds on the NAMI BURN-E 2 base model while retracting in some ways to the original NAMI BURN-E. The base model was the “affordable” option. It came with a smaller battery made from generic cells, it came with a lower top speed, and it tried TUOVTT tires.

The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX scooter adopts name-brand batteries, has a much higher power output from the motors, comes with 4-piston Logan brakes, and returns to the same tires as the ones used on the NAMI BURN E electric scooter . These tweaks make the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX one of the highest-performance scooters in the world. And it does this without compromising on ride quality or aesthetics.

As we look back, it’s hard to believe it was just a year ago when NAMI came out of nowhere and was suddenly one of the most talked-about scooters on the planet. So, let’s see how the NAMI BURN E-2 MAX electric scooter faired when tested against other performance beasts, including its predecessors.

Our Take: Stop the Presses! We May Have Found the Best Performing Scooter in the World.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

NAMI BURN-E MAX speedometer display setting

If ever a scooter was meant for heavier riders, we think this would be it.

From its sheer bold look, you can tell that this one will be fun for the big dawgs. The deck is among the biggest and the widest; therefore, your feet will never feel crowded, and you won’t be limited in foot positioning, regardless of foot size.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter also has a nice sitting tall handlebar that makes the scooter ultra-comfortable for taller riders. The bars are also wider now at 27 inches, allowing big riders to lean more ergonomically.

There’s more. The hydraulic shocks are some of the best and are adjustable to suit different riders’ weights and riding styles. We’d advise larger riders to add more spring pre-load to keep their scooters from bottoming out over jumps.

Finally, the motors are quite torquey with an 8400 w peak power and can carry a max rider weight of 330 lbs, which is usually among the highest–only the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter carries heavier. 



Performance Summary

Top Speed

54.9 mph


48.0 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

9.7 ft

Hill Climb



0 to 15 mph

1.7 s

0 to 20 mph

2.2 s

0 to 25 mph

2.9 s

0 to 30 mph

3.7 s

0 to 35 mph

4.6 s

0 to 40 mph

5.8 s


Any day is race day for the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter.

This is not the fastest scooter in the world. No. We have faster built-to-order scooters that will set you back a couple of tens of thousands of dollars and a waiting period so long you can grow out your beard as you wait.

But the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX electric scooter is the second quickest production scooter from 0-30 mph. The scooter ties in first place with the original NAMI BURN E that set that record about a year ago.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX will hit the 30 mph mark in 3.7 seconds. In second position for quickest to 30 mph is the Kaabo Wolf King GT at 3.8 seconds, and the Apollo Pro Ludicrous in the third position at 4 seconds.

We’ve not had the pleasure of testing out any of those built-to-order scooters, and if that ever changes, we’ll be sure to give them their due recognition. But the NAMI BURN E-2 MAX electric scooter stands as our reigning speed monster.

Some additional tips for you…

If you want maximum performance from your  NAMI BURN E MAX, there’s one setting you need to change. Put it in X mode, then enable turbo mode by changing P1.7 from 0 to 5. Turbo will show up in the top right corner of your dash, but you’re still not in turbo mode. Hold the plus button for a couple of seconds while your wheels turn, and you’ll finally be in the absolute highest performance mode. Next time you want turbo, just repeat the very last step, and you’re good to go. 

The scooter comes with  two 12 Mosfet 50 A max current controllers. These sinewave motor controllers give the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX so much throttle control that you’ll most likely end up leaving it in X-mode with turbo on, even when riding slowly. 

The Wolf King GT’s sinewave controllers are similar but definitely more abrupt. Unfortunately, the NAMI’s, the King GT’s, and every other scooter that uses this throttle have a dead zone at the beginning of travel. Our solution for this is to anchor your thumb on the housing and rock into the throttle so that you have a reference point for where the dead-zone ends.

Top Speed

NAMI BURN-E MAX speedometer display setting

It’s a NAMI BURN, so of course, it’s going to give us top speeds that can keep up with other vehicles in traffic.

We hammered the throttle on the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX, and it rocketed to a top speed of 54.9 mph, which puts it squarely in the top 5 fastest scooters we’ve tested, behind resident champs like the Wolf King GT that reaches 61.0 mph, followed by the Wolf King at 59.4 mph, the NAMI BURN-E 2 at 58.8 mph, and Minimotor’s Dualtron Thunder at 58.3 mph.

During our tests, the dash did read 59.6 mph at some point, but we’re not too keen on the accuracy of scooter speedometers. Nonetheless, anything at or past the 50 mph speed mark is pretty incredible on a scooter, especially given that there’s no shield between you and the elements as you speed along at such eye-watering speed.

Hill Climb

The way I think of NAMI is that family where everyone’s made it in life. They don’t need to compete, and they’re happy sharing the secrets to success. On top of that, none of them ever falls too far behind the flock.

Enough analogies. The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter is the new undisputed king of the hills, giving us a 6.3-second record climb and cresting the hill at a terrifying  40 mph. And you know who set and ties for that record? The original BURN-E, of course.

We were so impressed with this hill-crushing power that like the original NAMI BURN E, we took it out to the steepest hill in San Fransisco just to confirm that it was indeed the supreme champ. And it was. The NAMIs are in a class of their own, and we don’t feel the need to make any more comparison.

Range and Battery

Again, another case of keeping it in the family. The NAMIs again dominate the top 5 longest-range scooters. The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX electric scooter went as far as 48 miles. Though interestingly, the base model, the BURN-E 2, with lower peak power, went 1.1 miles further despite a 12.5% smaller battery.

Something you need to be aware of when riding NAMI BURN E electric scooters is that they are programmed to drop into ECO mode at an annoyingly high 25% battery. It’s brilliant for keeping riders from unexpectedly running out of battery mid-ride since this is not one of those scooters you can lift and carry onto a bus or train to reach your destination.

But we always conduct our range tests at peak performance, so here’s what we did. It’s easy to set the energy-saving function to whatever battery percentage you want, and we set our P13 to 0% in order to stay in X-mode with Turbo engaged through the whole test.

The BURN-E 2 MAX stayed in peak performance till the last 1.7 miles, where we saw the first drop in speed to about 25.0 mph. In the last quarter mile, we saw a further rapid decline that held till we maxed out the battery.

The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX scooter comes with a 72 V, 32 ah 18650 wh battery that uses name-brand battery cells from Panasonic, LG, or Samsung, which may have a slight edge in longevity over the generic cells used in the NAMI BURN E 2 base model. It charges in 7-8 hours and comes with a standard 5 amp fast charger. Opting for two charges reduces charge time by half. The sound of the fan lets you know it’s charging but can get tiresome if you have to be in the same room with it. It uses a two-pin connector, which is different from NAMI BURN-E, and BURN-E 2 electric scooters. And the backside of the ports also has improved protection from water.


We could write a nice rhyme about how the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX is always in the top 5 because, again, it’s in the top 5 for the best braking power we’ve tested. 

The BURN E 2 MAX electric scooter is equipped with 4-piston Logan brakes, with 160 mm discs that also come with bigger brake pads than the NAMI BURN E  electric scooter and the NAMI BURN E 2. They are hands down the best feeling brakes we’ve ever tested. 

The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX stops from 15.0 mph in just 9.7 ft. On this front, the BURN E 2 MAX beats the Original  NAMI BURN-E electric scooter, whose Nutt brakes deliver a stopping distance of 10.2 ft. We are happy, though, to see new entrants pushing the needle on what is possible with better braking power, as was showcased by Segway’s GT1 and GT2 at 9.5 ft and 9.4 ft, respectively.

Regen braking is adjustable from 0 to 5, with 5 being the strongest. Even set to “1”, we felt that the brakes were a little too abrupt for our liking, so we preferred keeping ours at “0.”

Ride Quality

Cross performance and ride comfort, and you have the recipe for the top scooter in any category by our books. The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter tries very hard to excel in both principles, which we recognize and appreciate.

Out of the box, you will appreciate the feel of the ride. The hydraulic shocks are arguably some of the best we’ve experienced. And given their adjustable nature, you can dial in the resistance to suit your weight, terrain, and riding style. NAMI has been kind enough to include the tool you need to adjust the suspension, and we’ve been diligent enough to make a video that shows you how to do it.

The NAMI BURN E-2 MAX arrived with noticeably less compression damping than the Original NAMI BURN E. What we advise heavier riders is to add more spring pre-load to keep the scooter from bottoming out over jumps or entirely change the spring on the suspension to a stiffer one.

NAMI BURN-E MAX handlebars and display

The ride also feels incredibly stable. NAMI has made significant improvements towards achieving this. The handlebars are now 27.0 inches wide, which is 2.5 inches wider than the original NAMI BURN-E electric scooter.

NAMI BURN-E MAX steering dampener control

The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX electric scooter also comes with a steering damper. The steering damper also completely eliminates wobbles. But even so, you need a steady hand at top speed to remain in full control of the scooter’s power–the Wolf King GT and Segway GT2 do a better job here.

During high-speed testing, the steering damper felt best set to its lowest resistance. This also reduces stress on the damper and makes it less likely to leak. For just riding around, the NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX feels better with no damper at all.

The ride quality is further enhanced by the hand-welded cross-braced tubular frame that feels absolutely solid around corners. While instrumental in reducing the overall weight and giving the scooter impeccable aesthetics, the carbon fiber stem also helps keep road vibrations from reaching your hands, preventing hand fatigue on long rides. You can also activate cruise control and take your hands off the throttle to give your knuckles a crack. The deck is also among the biggest and widest there is, which is handy since a wide stance makes it easier to keep your balance while you annihilate other scooters. 

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NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX Features


The NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX electric scooter is a performance scooter; as such, portability is not really an expectation from anyone (realistically). It is going to be heavy, and it is not the kind of scooter you carry into your Uber–Note, we’re not even going into public transportation because that’s just ridiculous.

The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX weighs a whole 104.8 lbs, which just misses the top 5 heaviest scooters, though remains well represented by the original NAMI BURN-E electric scooter in 5th position at 105.8 lbs. You don’t want to carry this scooter, because why would you?

However, if you want to throw it in the back of an SUV, the stem folds, making it less bulky in the space it occupies. It comes with a patent-designed thread lock taper folding system and 304 stainless steel folding parts. A stainless steel latch is fitted on the carbon fiber stem, which locks the scooter firmly when unfolded.

Folding is not as fast as we expect of commuter scooters, but this is not a scooter that you’ll fold that often. Folding is even slower because we caution riders to be wary of the short brake line that’s at risk of getting tugged when folding. NAMI should really do something about it. The handlebars don’t fold because that would be insignificant given the machine’s heft.

When folded, you’ll also notice that the dash comes dangerously close to the deck, so take caution. And finally, watch where you place your hands when lifting the scooter. 


NAMI BURN-E MAX cockpit closeup view

The dash resembles that of the predecessors, and we still wish they’d do something about the brightness. As with the other two models, there’s a USB port for charging your phone. The large dash displays more than you need. There are the usual things like the speedometer, battery level, riding mode, etc. And NAMI also has extras on the display, like the motor temperature and an output current gauge. Most people, myself included, would gladly give this up for a larger battery display or larger turn signal indicators, which are the stats that really matter when you’re cruising at top speed.

The dash also has some cool customization features. You can also access 5 riding modes (E, D, S, C, X) presets that let you change the intensity of the NAMI’s acceleration power, output current, and regen braking on the fly without digging into the P-settings. The presets can be edited and let you set acceleration for the front and rear wheels independently. For example, you could program one mode to send less power to the front wheel, preventing wheel spin when riding in dirt or rain. You can also activate Turbo settings for higher top speed.


NAMI BURN-E MAX front light

Beast scooters don’t get to play fast and loose with the rules, especially when it comes to the safety of the rider and other road users. NAMI is quite conscious of road safety, as evidenced by the comprehensive lighting profile, including a 2000-lumen headlight, bright rear light, lateral LED deck strips, and ultra-visible turn signals that are visible in daylight. The headlight angle is also adjustable up and down to change the illumination angle. It is not a match for the Kaabos,’ but it is well above industry standards and delivers well in function.


NAMI BURN-E MAX front wheel suspension

The NAMI BURN E-2 MAX electric scooter is an all-terrain beast. For that purpose, it comes with 11.0 inch (90/65-6.5) tubeless CST tires like the ones on the original NAMI BURN-E, and they feel great on the road. The TUOVTT on the NAMI BURN E 2 were good when cornering but felt slightly less stable in a straight line.

These CSTs are not flat proof (we checked) like the ones on the Wolf King GT. And while ours have been perfectly okay for riding, a large number of the riding community seems to have swapped theirs out for PMT tires for improved traction and smoothness at high speed. We think this is highly based on personal preference, but either option works.


NAMI BURN-E MAX deck featuring grip

NAMI kept the deck we fell in love with, and why wouldn’t they? It absolutely works. The deck is large, and it is wide, measuring 22.0 inches x 11.0 inches. It feels like this should be standard, but we also understand the need for portability in some of the other scooters. Nevertheless, it offers more than enough leg room for all foot sizes. 

What’s more, the tapered ends give even more room for your preferred riding stance, which is necessary if you’re milking the entire 48.0 miles of range. We’ve also established that the hole in the rear kickplate is not a problem for the foot size of most (if not all) adult riders, and its positioning is also too high up to be a problem.

NAMI retains the two runs of grip tape along the length of the deck. They enhance stability by volumes, even if they seem insufficient. The NAMI branding is also great for aesthetics and really the first thing most people see when they look closely at your parked scooter. The scooter also comes with one of the most robust kickstands attached, and it does a good job at holding the weight of the scooter when stationary.

For offroading, the deck comes with a 5.0 inch clearance, which is not the best but keeps the scooter’s bottom from getting scraped as you ride in rough terrain.

Build Quality

If quality is what you’re after, there are certain brands that always get it right, and NAMI is one of them. NAMI scooters are a cut above the rest, and the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX  scooter is right up there.

The first issue that NAMI fixed was the packaging. NAMI learned a quick lesson from the weak boxes they used to package and ship out the original NAMI BURN-E, and they’ve adopted double-boxing for the subsequent scooters. This better quality packaging ensures that you get your scooter in mint condition, which was not the case for their NAMI BURN E.

The open skeleton chassis is different from what other scooter manufacturers are doing. It has an industrial look, with a charcoal black aesthetic that feels like a chalkboard. The scooter construction is premium, from the hand-welded cross-braced tubular frame to the carbon fiber stem.


The fenders are amazing in form and function. In addition, the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX comes with increased water protection, with IP55 protection for the body and IP67 for the more sensitive parts like the controllers, the dash, and the quick disconnects.

The motor cable now has a quick disconnect, which comes in handy for tire changes, but you’ll need to warm it up with a hair dryer to get it unplugged.


The NAMI BURN E 2 MAX is as safe as a beast scooter can be. The scooter comes with enhanced safety features, including the smooth throttle, excellent Logan hydraulic brakes, a high-mounted 2000 lumen headlight, and ultra-visible turn signals. The scooter also comes equipped with a motorcycle horn to warn unwary road users of your presence. Though, its location under the deck makes it more susceptible to water damage and breakage during offroading. The ride is also very customizable, so you can reduce the settings to what you feel provides the safest ride.

NAMI BURN-E 2 Max Price

The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max is priced at $4,899.For those looking at a more budget-conscious option within the NAMI BURN-E scooter line, the Base NAMI BURN-E2 is a noteworthy consideration, retailing at $3,499.

NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX Review Conclusion

They might not be very old in the game, but they certainly have themselves a cult-like following. With the release of the NAMI BURN E 2 MAX , the choice is suddenly not what scooter to get but what NAMI scooter to get. 

This is not an electric scooter for beginners, simply because of the power, weight, and price. For experienced riders with the money to spend, you cannot get a more exotic, good-looking scooter without forking up five-figure amounts. This is also the most customizable scooter in the market, from changing power, acceleration, braking, suspension, and the list goes on.

Both the NAMI BURN E 2 or  NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX are excellent scooters, with one saving you several hundred dollars and the giving you speed for days. As for which one to get, we almost always boil it down to personal preference, but a Facebook NAMI BURN E2 MAX owner recently posted on the NAMI Facebook group and said, “Getting the MAX means you never have to wonder what life would have been like if you had just bought the fast one.” It feels like that is the most solid advice anyone could give.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX : Technical Specifications

Model BURN-E 2 MAX
Weight 103 lb
Folded dimensions 53 by 27 by 26 in
Motor power, continuous 3000 W
Top speed 60 mph
Range 90 mi
Battery capacity 2304 Wh
Battery recharge time 7 to 8 hrs
Max rider weight 330 lb
Brake type Disc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire type 11.0 in Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lights Front + Rear
Water resistance IP55
Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Kaabo Wolf King GT
Segway GT2
Top Speed**
54.9 mph
43.8 mph
61.0 mph
41.8 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
48.0 mi
49.1 mi
55.0 mi
32.9 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
105.6 lb
101.3 lb
125.4 lb
115.6 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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