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August 14, 2023

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The InMotion RS electric scooter is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling models Rider Guide has ever tested. It is a lightning-quick, sporty, 60+ mph electric scooter, but is it worth the $4600 price tag?

This scooter, the RS, from Inmotion, a company best known for its extensive line of electric unicycles, is one of the biggest and most welcome surprises of the year. When a manufacturer known for designing $1000, commuters announces their foray into the performance class of scooters–our interest is piqued. We tip our hats to them when they release a spectacular $4600, 60 mph monster. 

Inmotion’s new RS electric scooter is feature-packed and comes with new design elements, making it one of the most unique scooters on the market. That said, knowing that we had you at 60 mph, we’ll just get straight into it.

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Record-Breaking Top Speed and Acceleration
Excellent High-Speed Stability
Extremely Powerful Scooter
Good Ride Quality
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Few Issues with the Quality of the Finishing
Connectivity Issues with the App

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
62.1 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
122.4 lb
Tested Range:
44.7 mi
1.6 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

InMotion RS Review Summary

The RS is Inmotion’s first performance electric scooter–and a game-changer in the world of personal transportation. It joins the Wolf King GT Pro and Dualtron X Limited in the ranks of 60 mph scooters–with one of the quickest acceleration times to 30 mph

The powerful motors are great for hill climbing, too, keeping up with the NAMIs and the Wolf Kings. In fact, throw any form of challenging terrain at the InMotion RS scooter, and it will eat it up like day-old pasta thanks to the robust dual swing arm suspension and large wheels, which you can additionally swap out for off-road tires.

The scooter is also visibly large and heavy on the scales, with its 130 lbs weight. It has a dual stem for high-speed stability, with an extendable handlebar height of up to 43.3 inches: the tallest on our database. The scooter also claims 5th position for the longest deck at 22.5 inches, without compromising width at 9.8 inches.

The battery with energy-dense 21700 cells will give you a sufficient range for your excursions. At the same time, the massive torque from the motor will adequately support riders within the 330 lbs weight capacity through whatever terrain they embark on. 

We also love the little touch-ups, like handlebar turn signals complementing the low-mounted dual front and rear deck ones, the high-quality headlight, the app support, the scooter’s IPX6 water resistance rating, and the year-long warranty

See the InMotion RS

Our Take:Addictingly Fast and Fun on One of the Best Performance Scooters Ever.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Picture of Man With Thumbs up and Banner overhead that reads "Big Dawg Approved"

The InMotion RS electric scooter might be the best for bigger, taller, and heavier riders we’ve had the pleasure of testing. 

 The electric scooter has a sturdy build and powerful motors with a peak output of 8400 W, allowing the InMotion RS to effortlessly accommodate riders of all sizes. Its exceptional 330 lbs rider weight capacity and spacious 22.5-inch by 9.8-inch deck provide a comfortable and secure riding experience. It also has the tallest max handlebar height on our database at 43.3 inches, making it super-ideal for taller riders. 

On the other hand, the large 2880 wh battery ensures a long-lasting ride, with a range of up to 44.7 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the InMotion RS electric scooter features advanced suspension and shock absorption from the tubeless tires, providing a smooth and stable ride for the rider. Though Mitchell (215 lbs) points out that despite the suspension being adequate for normal travel, having a touch more suspension travel would especially help with larger bumps. 

InMotion RS Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

62.1 mph


44.7 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

10.3 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

1.6 s

0 to 20 mph

2.1 s

0 to 25 mph

2.8 s

0 to 30 mph

3.5 s

0 to 35 mph

4.5 s

0 to 40 mph

5.6 s


The InMotion RS is a 72V electric scooter that runs on dual 50 A Raptor P Controllers. Combined, they act on the dual 2000 W motors for a combined peak output of 8400 W. With its powerful motor configuration, the InMotion RS offers impressive acceleration, precise control, and responsiveness, enhancing the overall riding experience

So, how quickly does the RS accelerate to 30 mph?

The answer is a neck-snapping 3.5 seconds, making it the fastest scooter to 30 mph we have ever tested. Even more wild is that we got a legit 0-60 time, like a car, which very few scooters can claim. The Inmotion dethrones former acceleration champs, the NAMI BURN-E and BURN-E 2 MAX, which have 0 to 30 times of 3.7 seconds, and the Wolf King GT with 3.8 seconds.

Top Speed

What is the fastest electric scooter? Well, after hands-on testing of close to 150 electric scooters from some of the biggest brands, we’re thrilled to announce a new speed champ–the InMotion RS!

In our two-way speed test that considers things like wind and elevation change, we clocked a mind-numbing 62.1 mph sustained top speed, with single-direction speeds as high as 65 mph.

The speedometer on the InMotion RS was also accurate–a match for a match with the readings we got off our pro-grade equipment–unlike most speedometers on electric scooters that are usually overly optimistic. This is important as it ensures that riders can rely on the InMotion RS scooter for precise speed measurements, which is safety-enhancing on a 60+ mph scooter.

Our speed hall-of-fame currently hosts three 60 mph scooters: the InMotion RS, Dualtron X Limited (61.7 mph), and the Wolf King GT Pro (61.0 mph).

Hill Climb

So, yes, the InMotion RS lives up to its ‘natural born racer’ slogan. Question is, does the RS electric scooter also ‘climb hills with ease?’.

Yes, it does. The scooter raced (yes, raced) to the top of our 10% grade, 200 ft hill climb test in 6.5 seconds.

To put this in perspective, the fastest scooters to the top of our grade test have been the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max and the BURN E, which clocked 6.3 seconds, seconded by the Wolf King GT, tied with the InMotion RS at 6.5 seconds. 

Paul rode the NAMI and crushed it on San Francisco’s steepest hill–so there’s not a hill on earth that the NAMIs or the InMotion RS electric scooters can’t climb.


The InMotion RS electric scooter is fitted with a 72 V, 40 Wh, 2880 Wh battery with energy efficient 21700 cells. And if you’re wondering how much range the InMotion RS delivered…

We took the scooter out on our usual hilly range test course. Ridden in max performance mode, we got 44.7 miles of real-world range against the manufacturer-cited 100 miles, which is typically what we usually expect.

The battery on the Inmotion scooter is protected by a battery management system (BMS) that helps monitor and regulate its performance. This system provides protection against short circuits and voltage fluctuations, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply and safeguarding battery life.

Additionally, thanks to the dual charging ports, your scooter can be juiced up from 0 to full in just 4.5 hours.


It rides fast, but does the InMotion RS scooter have good braking? 

Yes. The RS has a full range of top-tier performance numbers with impressive braking distances as well. It’s equipped with ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes, which are not typically the best-performing brakes when compared to NUTT and Logan brand brakes. However, the super thick, 160mm rotors and long, low-to-the-ground build of the Inmotion RS help it stop at just over 10 ft from 15 mph.

The stopping time is really good, but brake levers have an overly mushy feel to them out of the box, with a bit of dead space before the brakes properly engage. The levers also have an excess of vertical play, contributing to that loose, mushy initial brake feel.

If all you care about is stopping quickly, then these brakes get the job done, but an upgrade to Logan or Magura brakes is something to seriously consider for those pickier about their braking feel.

Ride Quality

The ride quality on the InMotion RS scooter is great. It offers a smooth and comfortable experience, even on rough terrains, from a combination of its sturdy construction and advanced suspension system. The scooter’s robust frame absorbs most of the shocks and vibrations, ensuring a stable and enjoyable ride. 

On the other hand, the hydraulic spring suspension feels pretty decent. And while nothing we’ve tested as of yet compares to the Nami Burn-E Models in terms of suspension travel and overall suspension feel, the adjustable preload and rebound on the InMotion RS is great to see. The suspension provides 11-stage adjustable damping with 26 mm of travel.

Mitchell had this to say about the suspension feel:

even with my 215-pound weight plus the weight of the scooter, the slowest rebound setting is not quite where I want it, springing back a bit quicker than I would like. Having a touch more suspension travel would also help with the larger bumps. Overall though, the suspension plus the larger 11-inch by 4-inch wheels is sufficient for almost all situations you might be riding in.

That said, the Inmotion RS electric scooter scores an A+ in terms of riding ergonomics, especially thanks to the scooter’s adjustable ride height. You can raise the height by moving the bottom of the suspension and slotting it into one of the 3 other holes in the swing arm. This theoretically has some great potential for giving you more ground clearance for off-roading–though you’d need to purchase off-road tires as the electric scooter comes default in street tires. But the lowest suspension setting works best for city riding and still has plenty of clearance. 

Riders can choose between 4-speed modes on the InMotion RS scooter, with X being the highest mode. Safe to assume that most people will not purchase the Inmotion RS scooter to ride in eco mode–but it’s good to know the option exists, should you need to. There is also a park mode, similar to Segway models, that turns on when the scooter is stopped for a period of time. How long it needs to be stopped before park mode engages can be adjusted in the app, so you can set it so that it doesn’t constantly switch into park mode at every stop sign or traffic light.

Using the cruise control button while the scooter is stopped, you can switch between dual motor mode and single motor mode with either the front or back motor as the motor receiving power. However, having a front motor-only mode is kind of funny since there’s no fathomable scenario where you would want only the front motor running. 

That said, it does make for some cool burnout shots. And, if you do choose to ride in single motor mode to save some battery or make the acceleration more manageable, just use the rear motor since that’s where your weight will naturally shift when accelerating.

Check Out The RS

InMotion RS Features


The InMotion RS electric scooter is not portable, as expected of a vehicle of this build and going by performance. 

How much does the InMotion RS weigh? It weighs 130 lbs, which makes it quite heavy for a scooter. This weight may limit its ease of transportation, especially if you will ever have to carry it up or down stairs.


It is long and tall, but Mitchell managed to fit it in his sedan along the backseat, so it’s doable. However, you should probably have an SUV if you need to haul this around regularly.

There is no lock to keep the handlebars down, so carrying or loading up when folded can be a bit awkward, as is the case with all other electric scooters in its class. The display also hits against the deck when folded down, so it has to be rotated out of the way and back every time you fold and unfold the scooter.

The stem lock is quite unique, with a horseshoe-shaped collar that locks in place with a screw. It seems quite secure, and there is little risk of it coming undone while riding. It also keeps the stem nice and rigid, with essentially no play.



The cockpit on the Inmotion electric scooter is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and control. It is also fresh and modern with a large, crisp color display panel that provides essential information such as speed, battery life, and riding mode. Additionally, the cockpit includes conveniently placed buttons and switches for easy access to features like turn signals, a cruise control button, a very loud horn, and a headlight switch.


The handlebar grips on the InMotion RS electric scooter are smooth and will get a bit slick from hand oils and sweat if you ride gloveless. To enhance the grip and prevent slippage, you can consider using handlebar tape or using riding gloves. Additionally, regularly cleaning the grips with a mild soap solution can help reduce the buildup of oils and sweat. And you can also always swap them out for a grippier brand.

The InMotion RS electric scooter has a twist throttle like the Segway GT2, and the sinewave controllers mean that acceleration is smooth without sacrificing power and speed. The twist throttle on the InMotion RS will grow on you with continued use. There’s an unmatchable, hard-core feeling of cranking a twist throttle and feeling the electric scooter shoot off.


 Any electric scooter that rides as fast as the InMotion RS deserves a good lighting setup. So, does the InMotion RS have good lights? The answer is yes. 

The InMotion RS is equipped with a high-quality lighting system that ensures excellent visibility during nighttime rides. It has a tail-mounted rear light that enhances safety by making the electric scooter more visible to other vehicles on the road. The tail light also flashes when braking to communicate intent.  

Additionally, the InMotion RS also features integrated 4 low-mounted turn signals back and front and two high-mounted turn signals on the handlebars that face forward. The turn signals on the handlebars are a great addition and something that a lot of electric scooters are lacking. However, they do get in the way of the brake levers a bit if you adjust the levers down at more of an angle like I do, and you might need to move the turn signal lights around to properly set up your cockpit.

The InMotion RS electric scooter has a really decent headlight mounted about halfway up the stem. And in addition, all the low-mounted lights stay on when the headlight is on for good nighttime visibility. 



The InMotion RS electric scooter comes with 11-inch by 3.5-inch street tires that provide a smooth and stable ride on various terrains. These tires are tubeless and designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable ride experience for the rider. The tread pattern enhances traction. Additionally, the larger size of the tires enhances stability and maneuverability, allowing for confident navigation through city streets or off-road adventures. 

That said, if you plan on going off-road frequently, it may be worth considering upgrading to off-road tires specifically designed for rugged terrains. These specialized tires offer deeper treads and reinforced sidewalls to provide better traction and durability on uneven surfaces. By opting for off-road tires and with the InMotion RS scooter’s excellent suspension, you can further enhance your riding experience and ensure optimal performance when tackling challenging off-road trails. 



Is the deck on the RS suitable for riders with larger feet? Yes. 

In fact, it has one of the longest deck’s on our database, only falling behind the Dualtron Storm Limited, the EMOVE Cruisers and Touring, and the Wolf Warrior X GT

The 22.5-inch long and 9.8-inch wide foot platform provides ample space for riders, especially those with larger feet, to comfortably position themselves. It’s covered in rubber, so you’ll find it easy to clean, though it has a little less traction than grip-tape decks.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, there are a few questions we ask to determine our ranking, as follows:

Is the InMotion RS a reliable scooter?


The InMotion RS electric scooter is a durably built piece of machinery. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Thanks to its robust frame, the InMotion RS electric scooter can withstand the kind of aggressive riding it was built for, as well as being a top choice for daily commuting or leisurely rides. 

For us, the most surprising element of the InMotion RS scooter is that despite its weight, size, and beefy construction, it maintains a nimble, agile feel. Cornering and carving is way easier than it should be for such a large scooter. Usually, that’s something you have to sacrifice on these monster scooters, but the combo of smooth, responsive steering and its low-to-the-ground height make it a dream to handle.

Normally, you have to worry about the stability of high-performance electric scooters at speed. The InMotion RS scores an A for stability thanks to a couple of features, including the dual column stem like the one on the Wolf King and Wolf Warrior scooters, the slack rake angle almost similar to that of the Segway GT2, the adjustable handlebar height, an adjustable damper like the NAMIs and Dualtrons, the solid stem lock, beefy swingarms, wide, long riding platform, and large, flat deck tail. The dedicated features all help to wrangle in that speed by keeping you properly positioned and by keeping the InMotion RS scooter stable.

Speaking of the steering damper, the built-in, adjustable damper on the InMotion RS electric scooter is awesome. It facilitates a quick switch from loose, responsive steering that’s perfect for a commute or casual cruise to stiffer, more stable steering to help prevent speed wobble at higher speeds. This flexibility does come at a cost, though–the squeaking sound. The damper squeaks incessantly at the stiffer settings, making moving the scooter around or steering at lower speeds an extremely grating experience. Once you’re at speed, though, it mostly goes away, or maybe it’s just drowned out by the sound of wind. Luckily, loosening the damper gets rid of the noise, so you don’t have to hear the squeak every time you move the InMotion RS around.

You can set the handlebar just where you want it, which is great, especially for taller riders. Between the first and third lines, you get a handlebar height of 41.3 inches to 43.3 inches. If you’re 6 ft taller like Mitchell, you can go ahead and set it to the tallest height. Adjusting the height also allows you to line up the throttle for a comfortable range of motion. In addition, the handlebars curve back towards the riding platform a bit, so you don’t have to lean forward at all to reach them. We also like that they don’t encroach into the standing space like swept handlebars sometimes do on other scooters.

Is the InMotion RS Electric Scooter Waterproof?

Close. The scooter is rated for an IPX6 water resistance rating, meaning that all-weather riding, including heavy rain, is possible(though not advisable). This also means cleaning the scooter is a simple matter of hosing it down, as long as you don’t use a pressure washer or any form of high-pressure water on it. Be sure to dry your scooter off properly after riding in the rain or washing it off, though.

Does the Inmotion Scooter Come Have an App?

As every scooter seems to have now, the InMotion RS electric scooter has an app that allows users to track their rides, monitor battery life, and adjust settings like motor and braking power. Mitchell had a few issues with the app, with it struggling to connect to the scooter and disconnecting while he was out riding. But in the InMotion RS’s defense, he says he’s honestly never had a problem-free experience with a scooter app–so, typical, maybe.

Issues We experienced with the InMotion RS Scooter

Full disclaimer, we tested the prototype (pre-production) unit, and after reporting some of the issues back to Inmotion, they assured us that they had resolved the issues for the Beta/ production units meant to reach the market. That said, here are the three main issues we encountered:

First, the main rear fender cracked and snapped off after less than 10 miles of use. A couple of the larger bumps were just too much for it, and it snapped on one end and cracked on the other. Fenders breaking on scooters is not uncommon, but you would hope that the fender on such a high-performance scooter would be capable of withstanding more. That said, Inmotion assures us that the Fender issue has since been resolved, and you can expect much better quality on the market-ready units.

Mitchell explained the main issue with the fender breaking as…

…. it’s not the lack of splash protection because the RS comes with an additional bolt-on fender. The main issue is that the fender is supposed to hold the motor line out of the way against the swing arm so the line doesn’t rub on the wheel. The sight of the motor line sitting a quarter inch away from a wheel spinning at a bajillion RPM isn’t the most comforting sight, but it IS a pretty easy fix with a zip tie. I shouldn’t have to do this, though, on such an expensive scooter.

The second issue we encountered with our pre-production unit is that the clamps to the display have a flimsy, cheap feel to them, and even when fully tightened, they don’t properly lock the display in place. As a result, we constantly had to readjust the display when riding since it was rotating forward every time the scooter accelerated. When trying to tighten it down, one of the screws broke through the thin, flimsy plastic of the clamp. The classic solution to a clamp problem like this is a bit of old innertube between the clamp and handlebars to help lock it in place, but again, you shouldn’t have to do this on such an expensive scooter. That said, Inmotion also assures us that the final production units carry an entirely different display screen that is more securely held and guaranteed not to have such an occurrence.


The final issue we encountered was with the kickstand, another area that Inmotion assures us will be different in the final production units. Kickstands often feel overlooked on many of the expensive scooters we test. Companies seem to write off the thing that keeps the scooter from tipping over and just slap a cheap piece of metal on the side, almost as an afterthought. The kickstand is the last thing that the rider interacts with before walking away from their $4000 piece of equipment. You want to know that it’s not going to fall over, and the kickstand on our prototype did not instill us with that confidence. Inmotion says the new one will be beefier and adjustable for better efficiency.



The InMotion RS electric scooter is a pretty safe vehicle, from the Zoom hydraulic brakes with a good stopping distance to the ergonomic setup of the cockpit and riding platform. Then you get the stability at speed secured by the dual stem, the all-weather riding capability facilitated by the IPX6 rating

The electric scooter also comes with an app to customize the ride to your most preferred settings, so you have an easier time maneuvering the streets. Finally, and what we love best, is the issues we called out on the InMotion RS Prototype’s build quality; the scooter makers say they’ve resolved them in the final unit, so overall, a very safe and reliable scooter.


The InMotion RS electric scooter is covered by a 12-month warranty. During this period, any defects or malfunctions in the scooter will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Additionally, the warranty ensures that customers can have peace of mind and confidence in their purchase, knowing that they are protected against any unforeseen issues that may arise. 

InMotion RS Review Conclusion


We’ll be honest; our prototype did have a few issues, which Inmotion says they’ve since resolved on the ready-for-market units. But even with those issues, there is honestly next to no electric scooter on the market that can deliver the performance and adrenaline-pumping thrills this scooter delivers at the price. 

It is the quickest and fastest electric scooter in our database, dethroning the Dualtron X Limited, which was previously the top performer. 

The acceleration on the Inmotion scooter is mind-blowing, reaching top speeds in a matter of seconds, which is exciting news for racers as the market gets more variety and even higher top speeds. Mitchell calls it an addicting scooter to ride and easily one of the most fun, most insane scooters he’s ever ridden.

We’ll leave a link below with our exclusive Rider Guide Coupon and any available sale information.

The InMotion RS is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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InMotion RS  : Manufacterer Specifications

InMotion RS Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
InMotion RS
Nami Burn-E 2 Max
Segway GT2
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
top speed icon of speedometer
Top Speed**
62.1 mph
54.9 mph
41.8 mph
61.0 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
44.7 mi
48.0 mi
32.9 mi
55.0 mi
122.4 lb
105.6 lb
115.6 lb
125.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
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