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Paul Somerville
September 12, 2021

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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Purple EMOVE Cruiser 2021 front wheel
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EMOVE Cruiser Summary

This review is an in-depth look at the upgraded 2021 EMOVE Cruiser — the Honda Accord of electric scooters.

Beefed-up with a new 1000 watt motor, the Cruiser is faster than ever and conquers even steeper hills while still retaining everything we love about it.

Altogether, it is the most well-rounded, commuter-friendly electric scooter that we have ever reviewed.

Not only that, but the EMOVE Cruiser held the record for longest range of any electric scooter, until the recent arrival of the NAMI Burn-E.
pros icon of thumbs up
Legendary range
Comfortable for long rides
Exceptional build quality and feature set
cons icon of thumbs down
Acceleration at Times May Feel Sluggish
We’d Love To See A Version With Vsett-Style Pull-Back Handlebars
It’s Heaviest Single Motor Scooter We’ve Tested

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
30.5 mph**
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
352 lb**
weight icon of kettlebell
59.4 lb**
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
47.0 mi**
acceleration icon of stop watch
3.8 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The EMOVE Cruiser is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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EMOVE Cruiser S Alternatives & Competitors

Our Take: The Last Scooter You'll Ever Need

The 2021 Cruiser is practical but still nimble | Credit: Ramier J. / ESG
The EMOVE Cruiser is a high quality ultra long-range scooter that is comfortable for long rides and safe for daily commuting. The recent addition of a 1000 watt motor has also made it surprisingly fast.

It's the scooter that YouTuber Airrack chose to ride across the state of Florida for a reason. The EMOVE Cruiser is big enough, powerful enough, and comfortable enough to satisfy the needs of most riders. It has an ultra-long 47.0 mi range in a water-resistant, durable build for around $1499.
Dual semi-hydraulic Xtech brakes stop the Cruiser quickly | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The Cruiser has an exceptional feature-set, including semi-hydraulic disc brakes, 10.0 in tubeless pneumatic tires, keyed ignition with voltmeter, and a 1560 wh battery made of LG 21700 cells.

Unlike most other electric scooters, the EMOVE Cruiser comes with turn signals, a headlight, and a brake light.

With its IPX6 water resistance rating, the Cruiser can brave wetter roads with less worry, landing second in our top 7 best electric scooters for riding in the rain. Whether you're landlocked in a dry climate or live seaside where storms frequently pound the pavement, the EMOVE Cruiser stands the tests of time and environment better than most.
While not light, the Cruiser folds for storage or transportation | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Even though it's not ultra-portable given its 59.4 lb weight, the Cruiser has strong portability features, including a solid stem folding mechanism, telescoping stem, and folding handlebars. Able to carry riders up to 352 lb, the Cruiser fits a wider range of people than most, and its balanced suspension provides excellent stability and ride quality.

The EMOVE Cruiser is the consummate long-range, long-term performer, and is very, very difficult to beat at its price.

Is It Good For Bigger, Heavier Riders? - Yes

Ramier cruising on the our purple 2021 Cruiser | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Legendary range, rock solid suspension and good speed

The EMOVE Cruiser is a favorite of ESG's resident big dawg, Ramier, and landed on our list of best scooters for heavier riders.

It works well for larger riders because the suspension is rock solid and it has a respectable top speed of around 30 mph. The pneumatic tires feel amazing. Best of all its range is legendary even for heavier riders.

Earlier generations struggled with an annoying fender-rubbing issue that has since been resolved, making the 2021 EMOVE Cruiser one of the best available scooters for anyone. 

The EMOVE Cruiser is wholeheartedly big dawg approved.

EMOVE Cruiser Review


The 2021 Cruiser's new 1000-watt motor is surprisingly quick | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The 2021 Cruiser has a more powerful 1000 watt motor, but is tuned to provide ample range. Its 0 to 20 mph (6.0 seconds) is slower than the old Cruiser, but it’s significantly quicker to 25 mph — perfect for those who like to cruise at 25 mph to 30 mph.

During our tests, the EMOVE Cruiser hit 15 mph in a brisk 3.8 seconds. This is much faster than what you’d experience on a shared scooter like the Segway Ninebot Max.

The Cruiser hit 20 mph in a respectable 6.0 seconds, and 25 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Hill Climb

The EMOVE Cruiser has always been a good hill climber, but the 2021 upgrade has made it exceptional.

You are unlikely to encounter a hill that will stop this scooter, even in San Francisco.

We put the EMOVE through our standardized (200 ft, 10% grade, 165 lb rider) hill climb test, and it reached the peak in 12.2 seconds with an average speed of 11.1 mph.

For comparison, the Xiaomi Mi M365 takes 20.8 seconds to climb the same hill at an average speed of 6.6 mph.

You can compare this performance with that of other scooters we've tested on our performance page.

Top Speed

The scooter hit a top speed of Error: Value not specified. on the flat (GPS-tracked) with a 165 lb rider — twice as fast a typical shared scooter and faster than most other single-motor scooters.


The EMOVE Cruiser has one of longest ranges of any scooter we've ever tested — second only to the $4499 NAMI Burn-E.

The updated Cruiser went 47.0 mi in our real-world test — slightly less than the old Cruiser.

Like a well-designed economy car, the EMOVE Cruiser is very efficient. It packs a large 1560 wh LG battery, giving this scooter its herculean range. The controller is also tuned to be energy conserving, making the Cruiser like a giant, rideable Duracell that keeps going, and going, and going.

We test all electric scooters on the same urban test loop with an 165 lb rider in the scooter's highest performance setting. The range test is designed to simulate a rigorous urban commute (max acceleration, fast riding, rough terrain, many hills). More conservative riding will likely extend the Cruiser's already remarkable range.


140 mm Xtech brakes keep the Cruiser under control | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
We give the EMOVE Cruiser high marks for providing an excellent, redundant braking system in the form of dual Xtech 140 mm semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The rear wheel also provides electronic braking.

The semi-hydraulic brakes are a bit easier to operate than cable-actuated disc brakes. They work well, but you can easily lock up both wheels when emergency stopping. Like many scooters, the brakes may need adjustment out of the box to get them dialed into your preferred stopping power.

The EMOVE Cruiser has outstanding 15 mph to 0 mph braking distance of just 10.4 ft. Its long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and great feeling semi-hydraulic brakes beat most comparable scooters.

For context, the shortest recorded braking distance (for any scooter) in our performance tests is around 8 ft.

Ride Quality

The Cruiser's ride quality matches its ridiculous range | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
On a scooter that can go 47.0 mi on a single charge, you need to be comfortable.

Fortunately the Cruiser is one of the most comfortable. It has a 23.1 in deck — the longest of any scooter we've tested.

Its dual spring suspension and large tubeless pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride. The Cruiser's weight gives it some heft, providing added damping against vibrations over rough roads.

With a thoughtful feature-packed build, the Cruiser allows you to cruise for impressive distances without getting too fatigued, even if road conditions are poor.

The Cruiser feels planted during hard braking yet stable at speed. It's also got enough suspension travel for rough pavement and even dirt roads, though we don't recommend taking it on rocky trails.

It's no surprise that YouTuber Airrack selected the Cruiser for his 286 mi ride across the state of Florida.

Watch the episode of Scooter Hunters where ESG helped Airrack pick the right scooter for his trip.



The Cruiser folds down, but is still a bit heavy for frequent carrying | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The EMOVE Cruiser has strong portability features, including folding handlebars, a telescoping and folding stem, but is a bit heavy at 59.4 lb for frequent loading/unloading or lifting. 

It has a compact folded footprint of 50 in long by 10 in wide by 16 in tall. For comparison, a typical 27 lb budget scooter is roughly 42 in long by 17 in wide by 19 in tall when folded — just a bit shorter in length, but wider due to lack of folding handlebars.
The pin-style folding mechanism is one of the best and easiest to use | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The pin-style stem folding mechanism is one of the best we've seen, and is unique to the EMOVE models. It uses a single pin to lock the stem upright, and also locks when folded down for easier carrying. 

To disengage the pin, sit or stand on the deck while applying forward pressure against the stem. When you rotate the stem into the folded position, the pin will lock it into place. Also, the frame of the folding mechanism provides many locations to secure a lock and store this scooter outside, when you can do so safely.


The cockpit is packed, but functional | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The cockpit of the EMOVE Cruiser has so many features, the handlebars could be considered a little crowded (though not without purpose). 

The Cruiser has fairly wide 10 in handlebars with flat-palm rubber hand grips that provide good support for long rides. The width of the handlebars allow for a natural shoulder position, which reduces fatigue and gives optimum control of the scooter. 

At the center of the handlebars are the pull-release mechanisms, allowing you to fold them down. This style is very sturdy when the handlebars are locked into the correct place, but can fail if not seated correctly before riding.
The Cruiser's buttons give you control over lights, electronic horn, and turn signals | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
On the left handlebar, you have a brake lever and the button console controlling the electronic horn (green button), headlight (red button), and turn signals (black slider). 

On the right handlebar, there's a key-start ignition with voltmeter, waterproof display with finger trigger throttle (much like a QS-S4), and brake lever. On the back of the display is a USB port, which Chuck was able to use for low-voltage charging of his smartphone (not advised). This port is intended for flashing updates to the firmware, but can be used for charging in a pinch.
Plug-and-play cables make swapping components easy | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
One awesome usability feature is the use of plug-and-play cabling with a standard 6-pin connector for electrical components, including the throttle display, lights, horn, and so on. With this type of cabling, riders can more easily replace or swap electronics. 


The Cruiser has an ultra-bright (though low-mounted) front LED headlight | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The Cruiser features deck button lights, two on either side of the deck at the front (white lights) and two at the rear (red lights) for a total of four lights, which act as the turn signals.

When engaged, the turn signals are coupled with an audible beeping, so you don't forget to turn them off (just like in a car!). The deck lights wrap around the sides of the deck, which helps to maximize visibility from all angles. 

To activate these lights, you have to power them on (button on the side of the deck next to the kickstand), then move the slider left or right to turn on the signals. All controls are fairly easy to operate, though it takes a bit of practice knowing where the turn signal slider is positioned without looking down.
The Cruiser has both turn signals and LED fender lights | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
In most other scooters, the deck button lights serve the purpose of both head/tail lights and turn signals, and are not independent from the brake lights (meaning others cannot tell if you're signaling to turn or stopping). Also, these light configurations do not include an audible indicator, so you have to look down at the deck to tell if they're blinking or not. This isn't an issue with the EMOVE Cruiser.  

The headlight is mounted a bit lower than we recommend for night riding, but is bright and effective at helping you see, especially with the help of the front deck button lights. Like the other electrical components, you can replace the light given it is connected via plug-and-play cabling. The tail light responds to braking, blinking brighter when you apply the brakes. 

For extra safety, we always recommend using additional lights. Check out our guide for staying visible while riding at night.


The EMOVE Cruiser has 10.0 in  by 3 in dual pneumatic air-filled tires. The tires are largely hidden by huge front and rear fenders that prevent road debris from being thrown onto you.

Tubeless tires, like those of an automobile, seal against the rim of the scooter and provide solid performance and safer handling. They tend to be stronger, thicker, and more flat resistant. If you do end up getting a flat, it should be fairly easy to repair with tire slime.


The Cruiser's tubeless pneumatic tires are exceptionally flat-resistant | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The Cruiser has a very generous 23.1 in by 7.7 in of deck space. Most riders — even those with large feet — will find the deck supremely comfortable.

The deck is also rounded, which helps with damage of walls, your own legs, or any object you might bump this thing into. Every edge has a protective hard plastic that acts as a bumper.

Build Quality

Even the EMOVE logo on our purple Cruiser was pretty sharp | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The EMOVE Cruiser has excellent build quality for its price and a thoughtful, commuter-friendly design.

Given its long range, heavier than average weight capacity, and stacked features, it makes sense that the Cruiser is one of the most popular e-scooters, ever.

The EMOVE Cruiser was built with acute attention to detail, exemplified by things like the front cables, which are protected in a nylon sheath. As mentioned, all cables are plug-and-play, making the Cruiser that much easier to mod, and all electronic components are sealed well, giving the Cruiser significant water resistance

In fact, when opening up the deck of our Cruiser, we found that the battery is enclosed in its own protected, center channel, separated from the controller (which is at the very front of the deck). Along either side of the center channel are internal cavities for the cables that run the length of the deck.
The Cruiser's gigantic battery has its own compartment within the deck | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The Cruiser has a higher than average IP rating of IPX6 — which is the best in the business.

It should be noted that despite the IP rating, many scooter warranties will not cover water-related damage. If you plan to push the IP rating, make sure you know your retailer’s warranty policy.


Credit: Richard S. / ESG
The EMOVE Cruiser is the long-range commuter we measure other electric scooters against, as no other model packs in rider-focused features with such ridiculous performance (namely range and braking).

What would be considered upgrades on other performance scooters are built-in amenities of the Cruiser, like semi-hydraulic brakes, front and rear suspension, folding handlebars, and smart turn signals. 

It's a scooter we highly recommend,-- being an exceptionally well-rounded and complete for daily use. The EMOVE Cruiser is the Honda Accord of scooters — uber practical and built to last, mile after mile.

If the EMOVE line isn't your style, check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.
Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
EMOVE Cruiser (2021)
Apollo Explore
Inokim OXO
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Top Speed**
30.5 mph
29.9 mph
36.7 mph
26.7 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
47.0 mi
28.1 mi
36.6 mi
19.3 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
59.4 lb
52.0 lb
74.9 lb
55.8 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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