Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited - $5199
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December 18, 2022

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Dualtron Storm limited stem
Dualtron Storm limited wide deck
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The wait is over–this is the RG review of the Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter!

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited Summary

The new Dualtron Storm Limited is the highest voltage electric scooter we’ve ever tested and a scooter that has spawned excitement, speculation, and a little controversy ever since it was first announced almost a year ago.

The controversy mainly being that some people say it’s very fast while others say it’s not.

We’ve got the official ESG-tested top speed for the latest production version of the Storm Limited, as well as head-to-head performance tests vs Thunder II, BURN-E 2 MAX, Wolf King GT and the regular 72 Volt version of the Storm.

We’ll tell you what we like about riding the Storm Limited, what we don’t; plus why The Storm Limited was the longest and fastest RG range test ever!
pros icon of thumbs up
Excellent Build Quality
The Longest Range Of Any Scooter We’ve Tested
A Big Roomy Deck
Adjustable Suspension
cons icon of thumbs down
Tricky Mid-Corner Throttle (You Have To Be Careful Applying Throttle Mid Corner)
It’s The Most Expensive Scooter We’ve Ever Tested
Short Creaky Stem (But Both Of Those Are Easy To Fix)

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
59.9 mph
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
weight icon of kettlebell
115.4 lb
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
66.8 mi
acceleration icon of stop watch
1.9 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is independent, but using our links supports our hard work!

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited Alternatives & Competitors

Nami Burn-E 2
nami Logo
Burn-E 2
The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max is the quickest to 30 mph and has the highest IP rating of the group, as well as the shortest braking distance; but even with the steering damper, it’s the least stable of the group at top speed, and still has a dead zone at the beginning of the throttle travel
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Kaabo Wolf King GT
kaabo Logo
Wolf King GT
ec best Logo
The Kaabo Wolf King GT is the fastest scooter we’ve ever tested with a top speed of 61 mph, and fortunately also has excellent high-speed stability, but it’s by far the heaviest of the group, with a tested weight of 125 lbs and has the same throttle dead zone as the NAMI, but a slightly snappier throttle response.
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Dualtron has had one of the most revered line up of beast and hyper scooters–they just get it right. Whether you’re looking for a fast scooter, a long-ranged scooter, one for the tracks or one for the hills, you’ll get something here.

And with recent competition from just landed (no longer up-and-coming) NAMI, and veteran rivals Kaabo, Minimotors have been on their toes, and the result is this feat of engineering that is their most advanced electric scooter, the Dualtron Storm Limited.

At $5200, this is also the most expensive scooter we’ve ever tested, but the specs will tell you why:
  • Dualtron Storm Limited e scooter updates include a new motor package installed, an included steering damper, fingerprint reader and eliminated high speed wobble
  • The dual motors churn out 11,500 W of peak power
  • 60 amps of peak current to each motor
  • 84V battery made from premium LG 21700 battery cells
  • Fully charged, we saw 96.6 volts on the display–that’s getting close to wall-plug voltage
The battery is the largest we have ever tested, and it’s not just a little larger. Here’s how big it is compared to some other beast scooters we’ve tested:

64% more than the BURN-E 2 MAX, and 31% bigger than both our previous range champion the Thunder II and the upcoming 40Ah BURN-E

So how much tire smoke and top speed do you think this all turned into? And how exactly does it feel to ride the most powerful electric scooter? We have all the stats and figures for you–as well as a coupon code for you to get your Storm Limited electric scooter from Voro Motos, who offer the longest Dualtron Warranty, by far.

Our Take: Unrivaled Specs for Unbridled Performance; The Storm Limited is Aptly Named.

See the Dualtron Storm Limited

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Dualtron Storm limited riding quickly down the street
Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter joins the ranks as one of the best scooters for bigger and heavier riders.

Its sheer size and weight are enough to go by on this one. But we’ll also point out that the scooter ties for the highest rider weight capacity of the electric scooters we’ve ever tested at 330 lbs. That aside, the deck is also the largest we’ve experienced, at 23.5 inches length by 12.5 inches width. The handlebars are lower than optimal, as with all Dualtrons, but fret not! You always have the option of installing handlebar risers should you feel limited by their height.

Performance is unquestionable, regardless of rider weight or riding style. You have the largest batteries, and arguably the best motors–meaning there’s no lag in performance. The wider swing arms are also great, as are the tires, and they ensure a comfortable ride. Not to mention the increased stability leveraged by the steering damper and Storm Limited's exceptional build quality. Finally, the 8 inch deck clearance makes it even better, especially when offroading.

Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter Review

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The acceleration of the Storm Limited electric scooter is kind of addictive, and this is a rare case where the 0 to 30 mph times just don’t tell the whole story. Like the Thunder II, the Storm Limited has a double-click throttle that gives you 60 amps instant output max power instead of the standard 45 amps when you pull it twice.  It’s like the red cover over a missile-launch switch. It’s Minimotors’ way of asking you: “Are you sure you want to do this?” Because you don’t want to grab 60 amps of throttle mid-corner by accident.

The downside of the double-click, is the zero to 30 mph aren’t as good because double-clicking puts a 2-tenths of a second delay in the middle of your speed run. This has zero effect on how hard the scooter pulls, and actually has a positive effect on the fun factor, but makes the 0 to 30 mph numbers look a little slower than the scooter feels. That said, it’s still quicker to 30 mph than the Thunder II or 72V Dualtron Storm, but doesn’t get to 30 mph quite as quick as the NAMI or Wolf King GT.

So what’s the throttle response like just riding around? 

It’s about as un-filtered and direct as throttle response gets. We thought the 72 volt Storm was kind of Bonkers when we reviewed it in 2021.  Since then, other scooters have been smoothing things out with sinewave controllers and throttles that sort of ease you into the power–Not Dualtrons! With the Storm Limited, Minimotors has doubled down, staying with Square wave controllers and dumping in even more power. 

There is a plus side to this madness, and that’s the complete lack of dead zone, or delay in delivering power. It’s a lot of fun, but does require a steady hand when applying throttle mid corner. 

We spent a week riding the Storm Limited, and found  the best settings to get the most out of the Dualtron Storm Limited scooter.  For normal riding, ECO mode is actually pretty great. It still uses both motors, and still lets you spin the front wheel if you grab a fist full, but has a softer initial throttle and less top-end power. But if you want a snappy throttle with tons of top end, pop it out of ECO mode. And from there, if you want, even more, it’s just a double click away.

Top Speed

The Storm Limited’s top speed has been a contentious subject in the riding community, but we’re here with our certified test data to shed some light.

From our expert rider Paul

During both of my top speed runs, I got excited when I saw 66 mph on the display.  But it turns out the speedo was a bit optimistic. When we analyzed the data from our Pro-grade data logger, the official ESG top speed of the Storm Limited turned out to be 59.9 mph.

At 59.9 mph, the Storm Limited becomes the second fastest scooter we’ve ever tested, just behind the 61 mph we measured for the Wolf King GT.
Graph of Dualtron Storm limited peak speeds
“Unofficially, I went more than 60 mph in one direction, but to really know how fast something goes, you’ve gotta do two speed runs in opposite directions and average them together to cancel out the effect of headwind or tailwind.”

This is how RG always does top speed, and more importantly, this is the way official speed records are made all over the world. 

To shed light on the 66 mph we got on the speedo. Just like in cars, it’s not unusual for speedos on electric scooters to read 5 to 10% high. It’s also easy to fix, if you want to, by reducing the P-setting for wheel diameter by 10%.

Hill Climb

The Minimotors scooter has excellent hill climbing ability, but was slightly slower than its peers. The Storm Limited sustained a speed of 18.6 mph on our 200 ft, 10% hill test, taking 7.3 seconds to reach the top.

The NAMI BURN-E 2 Max remains the undisputed hill-climb champ, doing 6.3 seconds on the same hill and closely competing with the Wolf King GT at 6.5 seconds and the Thunder II at 6.7 seconds. Even the original Storm completes the hill climb with 1 second to spare over the Storm Limited’s time.

We can partly attribute this slight lag to the double click. However, another working theory is that it results from the lack of grip from its stock tires when launching hard uphill. Here, we would recommend you use a set of PMT’s or Racing slicks from Voro to improve grip on your Storm Limited.

Range and Battery

A New Record Set!

To find out how far the Storm Limited can go, we charged it up to an indicated 96.6 volts, and then Paul rode it for 3 continuous hours until it finally cut off. 

The results? 66.8 miles of real-world range, on the ESG range test course with the P-settings, turned all the way up. The range is insane–especially given that our first runner-up, the Dualtron Thunder, covered Error: Value not specified. on the same range test course and in the same max performance. The Wolf King GT is a distant third with 55 miles on a single charge.

“I wasn’t holding back, either.”
graph of Dualtron Storm limited average speed throughout range
This was also the highest average speed of any range test ESG has performed. The storm Limited averaged at 22.8 mph, dethroning the BURN-E 2 Max that now takes second place with an average range test speed of 22.4 mph.

One thing to note is that unlike the 72V Storm, the Storm Limited electric scooter doesn’t have a removable battery pack, and for good reason. The 72V Storm’s battery weighs 29.6 pounds, so you could backpack a spare if you wanted to. The Storm Limited’s 84v 45 ah LG (3780 wh) fixed battery is so big, a removable version would weigh almost 50 lbs, so it would be like trying to carry the weight of a Dualtron Mini in your backpack.
Dualtron Storm limited charging ports
It takes about 11 hours to fully charge the Storm, but you can halve that time by getting a second charger. You can also get a fast charger to cut down the charge time even further.


The need for speed goes hand in hand with the need for safety. Thankfully, Minimotors did a good job with Storm Limited. The scooter’s Nutt hydraulic brakes and excellent suspension make the Storm Limited easy to control during hard braking. It came to a stop from 15 mph in just 10.5 ft, putting it among the world’s elite scooters.
Dualtron Storm limited backwheel disk brake
The braking is improved over the original Storm’s which stopped from 15 mph - 0 in 10.7 ft. However, the other scooters did a better job, with the BURN-E 2 Max stopping in 9.7 ft, the Wolf King GT in 10.0 ft, and the Thunder II in 10.1 ft from the same speed.

Ride Quality

If the Storm's ride was to be (restrictively) described in one word, it would be Exhilarating!

That said, some people will love the Storm Limited’s throttle response and some won’t. On a high level, the Storm's throttle feels like a direct connection between your finger and the motors. No dead zone, no lag.  It just unleashes an avalanche of electrons the second you pull the trigger. Note that it does require careful throttle control in corners, especially when you’ve got performance turned all the way up.
Something Minimotors smoothed out is the steering. They did this by adding a new steering damper. To be honest, back at camp, we’re not the biggest fans of steering dampers. However, this one is like magic. It looks awesome; it isn’t leaking after 100 miles of riding like many do, and more importantly makes the Storm feel incredibly stable at high speed–a huge improvement compared to when we tested the regular 72V Storm. 
Next, the rubber cartridge suspension (also) feels good. Initially, it’ll feel a bit stiff before it breaks in, but afterwards, you’ll really love it. The suspension and tire combo feels great on rough and unpaved roads, even when riding in max performance mode. The deck height is fairly tall. But it works well for larger riders and aggressive riding, because the front end doesn’t dive during hard braking and it keeps the scooter from bottoming out when jumping off of curbs. It’s also adjustable. 

Suspension cartridges can be swapped out for harder or softer versions and the ride height can be adjusted by selecting how the swing arms engage the cartridges.
Dualtron Storm limited kickstand
The side stand is adjustable too, so you can match the height of the side stand to the height of the scooter if you adjust the suspension: a nice detail. 

Handlebar height is lower than most scooters at 37.7 inches above the deck, the same as pretty much all Dualtrons. As always, there are bar risers available, and there’s plenty of cable slack to allow you to move them higher. The stem itself is definitely more firm than usual though, due to having three bolts rather than two at the base. But, to cap it all, the deck is officially the largest deck on any scooter anywhere.
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Dualtron Storm Limited Features


Like all beast scooters, the Dualtron Storm Limited electric Scooter is not very portable. It comes with a stem-to-deck latch that bolts on the rear, but we didn’t bother installing it because we like the feel of the deck without it, and there’s no way we’re picking the Storm up by the stem. The handlebars fold, but who are we kidding, this electric scooter is not going in the trunk. That said,  it’s not hard to get into the back of an SUV if you have one. 

Given how large the battery is, it’s impressive that the Storm Limited’s tested weight of 115.4 lbs came in 10 lbs lighter than the tested weight of the Wolf King GT. If you’re a daily rider, you’ll definitely need ground floor parking or an elevator to make this workable.


Dualtron Storm limited cockpit view
The cockpit is a mirror to the one on other Dualtron models. It has the classic EY3 throttle, which is easy to read, though starting to look a little dated compared to the display on the Dualtron X Limited that we’re testing soon.
Dualtron Storm limited EYE controls closeup
However, the innovative Dualtron Storm Limited does get a security update. It uses a fingerprint sensor so you can unlock your scooter without reaching in your pocket for an NFC key. It can be programmed for up to 10 fingerprints and is simple to set up. Prior to programming, any fingerprint will unlock it, so you might want to get on that as soon as you unbox your package.
Dualtron Storm limited mode and light controls
Over at the other end is a gorgeous lighted metal control panel. You will definitely enjoy the rocker switch for turn signals, because you feel whether the signals are on or not without looking down. If you do look down, you’ll be able to see whether the scooter is in ECO or not, because the switch stays pushed in for ECO mode.  And you’ve got the master switch for all of the lights, the horn button, and hazard lights.

There’s still no app for the scooter, but you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything since you can control performance quickly without it. Oh, and there’s a dedicated remote for the swag lights.


The Storm Limited raises the bar for everything, including the lighting.
Dualtron Storm limited brake lights
It’s a well lit scooter with dual LED headlights and two tail light buttons embedded on either end of the deck. The electric scooter also comes with 4 red LED lights on the footrest--used as a brake light and as turn signals.
Dualtron Storm limited body shot
Then you have Dualtron's Amazing swag lights that run down the stem and along the deck. They light up the scooters logos and can be customized using the dedicated remote that comes in your box. However, there’s a master switch on the control panel that switches on and off the entire scooter’s lighting.


Dualtron Storm limited front tire
The 11 inch, durable RSC pneumatic tires are the same size and tread pattern that you’ll find on the NAMI, Wolf King GT and most other beast scooters. They’re not 12 inches tires as has been reported in some reviews. They do, however, come with a self-sealing coating inside--this is Dualtron's run flat tire variation, so you'll never, well, get a flat tire. They are also averse to tire pressure loss. But if you ever need to do a tire change, they come with removable rims, so it’s easy.


Dualtron Storm limited deck overhead view
If you own a Storm Ltd, you can say with confidence that you have the biggest deck. Of the 115 decks ESG has measured this is the longest at 23.5 inches. That’s 3 inches longer than the Thunder II or Wolf King GT. The newly designed deck is also insanely wide at 12.25 inches, contributing to increased stability while also giving you plenty of room to move around and get comfortable on long rides. 
Dualtron Storm limited rear footgaurd
The large, griptape-covered rear foot rest feels good too. It houses the Storm’s square wave controllers. However, just like on the 72V version, it takes some getting used to because it moves if you push on it with your foot, and when you hit the throttle hard. 

Build Quality

The Storm Limited is another classic take on a beefy scooter by Minimotors. It’s not too different from the original Storm, but there are notable differences we can point out.
Dualtron Storm limited ignition key slot
Starting at the top, it retains classic EY3 throttle, but the fingerprint reader located just below it is new–and something we love over NFC keys. The opposite end retains the lighted metal control panel encasing all your vital controls. And there’s another upgrade–exceptional grip. The grip ends appear to be glued into place so they don’t rotate when you’re riding.
Dualtron Storm limited extra light mount
Further down, the Storm limited comes with an accessory bar, which you can use to mount external lights or accessories. It looks cool, but you don’t need to install it unless you’ve got stuff to mount to the scooter. And some other nice details include new red anodized lock nuts for the steering bearings, and the great looking rubber deck. 

It also comes with a new steering damper. It's not a built-in steering damper but rather an accessory, and you will definitely want to install it. The increased stability does wonders for the ride quality on a scooter with this kind of extreme performance.

The stem now has 3 bolts at the base rather than two. This part really rocks. During our unboxing, we saw it and immediately had to check our Storm for the classic Dualtron squeak–it's gone! Well, 100 miles later, it does make a familiar sound. But like with other Dualtrons, fixing it is as simple as loosening the bolts, spraying some lithium grease, and tightening them back down.
The Storm Limited uses Nutt brakes (a fully hydraulic braking system) which we like for two reasons. We think they feel slightly better than Zoom brakes, and the reservoir isn’t as tall, so you can adjust the throttle closer to the brake than you can with Zooms. 

The Storm electric scooter comes with a 4A charger which can charge it from empty to full in about 11 hours. But with two chargers, that comes down to about 5 or 6 hours (which in Tesla terms means it can gain 12 miles of charge for every hour it’s plugged in).

The powerful motors on the latest version are 10 mm wider for reliability, and they deliver exceptional power. It also features improved heat dissipation over other Dualtron scooters, given that it churns out 11,500 W in full power.

Like other late model Dualtrons, the rims are removable. So if you have two sets of rims, you can swap between dirt and road tires or road and race tires without even taking the tires off the rims. You can also (still) unplug the motor wires right at the hub thanks to the improved electrical connections if you want to take the whole wheel off–check out the video review for a demo. 

Given how much power the scooter makes, I’d be tempted to install some PMT road tires or racing slicks right from the start.
Dualtron Storm limited body shot
There’s one more element to quality that’s different depending on who you buy from. Voro Motors unboxes every scooter and does a quality check, before re-boxing it and shipping it to you. Here’s a direct link to Voro’s Storm Limited page with our exclusive coupon code.


The Storm has three strong safety features, it’s easy to see at night with the dual headlights, the loud motors make it easy for pedestrians to hear it coming on trails, and it has excellent hydraulic front and rear brakes. You also get brake lights and signal lights for warning trailing traffic. But, if you plan to ride fast at night, we recommend adding an external headlight up high, so you can see everyone else. 

Most of all, a scooter like this requires a certain level of self-control. It’s fully capable of being a safe scooter–if you’re a safe rider. But you need to take this scooter seriously. 

Here’s Paul’s PSA:

“Despite how stable it feels; never touch the throttle without both hands on the bars, don’t brake hard at 55 mph, because it gets wiggly, and based on my experience with the 72V Storm, I don’t recommend wheelies either.”


The Storm Limited electric scooter comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. However, the nitty-gritties of the coverage will also depend on where you purchase your scooter. Therefore, we do recommend purchasing yours through an authorized dealer–Voro Motors being our go-to, to get benefits like extended warranty options (Voro has the longest one), discounts on spare parts, dedicated customer support, and qualified Dualtron technicians. 

Dualtron Storm Limited: Review Conclusion

Dualtron Storm limited portrait
When you get to this level of scooter, it’s honestly kind of hard to go wrong. The Dualtron Storm, Storm Limited, and Thunder II, the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max, and the Kaabo Wolf King GT–they’re all amazing scooters. And for the price, they should be. However, these aren't scooters for the average rider, so be sure before going out and splurging on these beast mode machines.

That said, if you're considering getting yourself an extreme performance scooter, the best one for you will vary depending on what your budget, riding requirements and particular style dictates. Aesthetics-wise, you have the low key looks of NAMI on one end of the scale, and at the other end; the swag lights and unmistakable Dualtron design of the Storm Limited. Price-wise, the Storm limited knocks it out of the ball park.
When it comes down to performance, the above options all have insane power. But the storm Limited is something different. Everything about it is tight and intense. Even the sound of its motors are just more in your face than other scooters. And it’s a similar story with the suspension and throttle. The suspension gives you great road-feel, and the throttle feels as if it’s directly connected to the motors.

Therefore, if  you can swing the price, and are looking to get yourself the most powerful electric scooter, with 66.8 miles of whopping range, and an extreme build quality, then the Storm Limited simply steals the show.
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Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited
Minimotors Dualtron Storm
Kaabo Wolf King GT
Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II
top speed icon of speedometer
Top Speed**
59.9 mph
54.9 mph
51.6 mph
61.0 mph
58.3 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
66.8 mi
48.0 mi
43.6 mi
55.0 mi
59.5 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
115.4 lb
105.6 lb
103.0 lb
125.4 lb
104.2 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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