Minimotors Dualtron Thunder - $3699
Paul Somerville
March 18, 2020

Dualtron Thunder Summary

The Dualtron Thunder review is the most exciting and scariest review we've done. For a normal electric scooter — even a high-performance one — we floor the accelerator trigger and are sometimes left wanting more. This was not the case for the Dualtron Thunder scooter.
Fantastic Build Quality
Very Powerful Scooter
Long Range
Cheaper Scooters are Just as Fast
Lackluster Suspension

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
50.0 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb**
95 lb**
Tested Range:
45.2 mi**
2.0 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron Thunder is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Our Take: Bulletproof Beast Mode Scooter

The Dualtron Thunder is a serious on-road monster. If you're looking for a scooter for daily commuting, then it is probably more scooter than you need. Unless you're The Rock, you won't be hefting this scooter up flights of stairs or slipping it onto the bicycle cart of the subway. However, if you are looking for the fastest, highest performance, bullet-proof, most beast mode scooter ever — then the Dualtron Thunder from MiniMotors is your best bet.


Dualtron Thunder Review

Performance Summary


The Thunder's dual 2700 watt brushless DC motors are the star of the show. With a combined power output of 5400 watts, they give incredible torque when launching the scooter from a standstill. You can easily spin both wheels, even at surprisingly high speeds. During our acceleration tests, the Thunder hit 15 mph in 2.0 s

Top Speed


The Dualtron Thunder has a top speed of 50.0 mph
Learn More About the Dualtron Thunder


The Dualtron Thunder has a massive 2060 watt hour battery pack made of LG-branded lithium-ion cells. This battery pack gives the Thunder a manufacturer-claimed 80-mile range. We haven’t performed a full range test on the Thunder, but scooters typically get 50-70% of the claimed range. We would expect around 30 to 50 miles of real-world range from the Thunder.

You can compare the range of other scooters we’ve tested on our performance page.



The Dualtron Thunder has dual Nutt-branded 160 mm hydraulically-actuated disc brakes. Though Nutt is an unknown generic Chinese brand, the brakes are some of the best we’ve tested. The force required to activate these hydraulic brakes is minimal, and the braking force is very positive and progressive. You will be able to stop very quickly by simultaneously activating both brakes confidently. The massive 160-mm, ventilated brake calipers are some of the biggest we’ve seen on an electric scooter and allow for intense, sustained braking without loss of performance.

Additionally, the Dualtron Thunder also features electronic ABS. This is not true ABS and causes unnerving vibrations that take some getting used to. Most Dualtron owners disable this system.

During our tests, the Thunder took 9.7 feet of braking distances to come to a stop from 15 mph.

Ride Quality

The Dualtron Thunder has both a front and rear rubber cartridge suspension and large 11.0-inch pneumatic tires. The suspension and tires deliver a ride quality that is tuned for on-road riding.

The suspension is a rubber cartridge type one that can be adjusted by installing stiffer or softer cartridges. This type of suspension is very simple — making it quiet and durable. However, it is not nearly as good as a quality coil-over-hydraulic one.

MiniMotors Dualtron Thunder Features


Tipping the scale at 95 lbs, the Thunder is a huge scooter. It does have a folding stem that locks into the folded position. It also has folding handlebars. The folded dimensions of the Dualtron Thunder are 50-inches by 13-inches by 22-inches. Because of its sheer size, it will difficult to carry upstairs, and you may need assistance to lift into a car or truck.


The Thunder cockpit/handlebars are very similar to other Dualtron models.
The handlebars are aluminum and foldable. The spring-loaded folding mechanism is operated by pulling up on two locking levers and slapping down on both handlebars, which will "break" the handlebars apart into the folded configuration.
Handgrips are ergonomic and feel nice on the hands.
The right side of the cockpit is the business side: it has the standard EYE (EY3) trigger throttle with LCD display.
On the left side of the cockpit is the second brake lever, an "emergency" button that controls the fairly powerful forward lighting, and the single/dual motor selection button.


The Thunder has low-mounted front and rear button LED lights. It also has swag stem lighting and underside deck LEDs. All the lights are surprisingly bright and can be controlled by an included remote. However, the forward-facing lights do not project far enough ahead for safely riding at speed at night. If you plan to ride regularly at night, we recommend additional lighting for safety.


The stock 11-inch tubeless mini motorcycle tires can go off-road, but are fairly smooth and really designed for maximum traction on hard, paved surfaces. For scooter motocross, you can always swap the Thunder’s stock tires for some knobby ones.

The tires have an ultra-wide 4-inch contact patch with the road and make it easy to balance and manage the scooter at speed. The large 11.0-inch diameter and Dualtron rubber suspension will help you roll over sizable urban or off-road obstacles safely.

Though these are some of the thickest, most durable electric scooter tires we’ve encountered, they are pneumatic, and you can still benefit from flat tire preventative maintenance.



The Dualtron Thunder has a huge 12-inch wide deck for maximum stability and confidence at high speeds. The extra-wide size expands the possible foot positions on this scooter and ensures that you’ll always be able to get in the most stable position for your riding circumstance.

Build Quality

The Dualtron Thunder is built to last. The only minor issue we notice, common to all Dualtrons, is play in the steering that is amplified along the length of the steering neck. This is what we refer to as the “Dualtron wobble.”

Other than that, expect that you’re getting your money’s worth in quality.

Dualtron Thunder: Review Conclusions


The Dualtron Thunder is one of the most powerful, premium electric scooters you can buy. Aside from the ridiculous Dualtron X, the Dualtron Thunder is the most powerful scooter from MiniMotors.

The Thunder has absolutely brutal acceleration and build quality to withstand all the punishment you can dish out.

Read more: review and comparison of MiniMotors Dualtron scooters.

If the Dualtron Thunder doesn’t appeal to you, see our alternative scooter suggestions. You can also check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.


See the Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder Alternatives and Competitors

  • kaabo
    Wolf Warrior 11
    The Leader of the Pack (at Over 45 MPH)
  • qiewa
    Impressive performance, some quirks, and a relatively low price point
  • Zero
    A High performance electric scooter from the manufacturer Titan/Unicool.
Technical Specs Comparison
Dualtron Thunder
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
Qiewa QPower
Zero 10X (18 Ah)
Top Speed**
50.0 mph
45.0 mph
41.0 mph
35.5 mph
45.2 mi
30.2 mi
34.3 mi
23.9 mi
95 lb
101 lb
81 lb
80 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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