Apollo Ghost 2022 - $1699
Paul Somerville
August 15, 2022
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It’s no secret that we have a special place in our hearts for the Apollo Ghost. Why wouldn't we? The scooter has a big performance and a huge fun factor without a huge fund factor.

So, imagine our excitement when Apollo decided to upgrade the Ghost to what we’re simply (maybe unimaginatively) calling the Ghost 2022. This is the “no frills, high thrills” scooter promising to raise the bar on fun for a tiny price tag bump.

We’ll keep it as minimalistic as the Ghost itself, so here we go.
Excellent Braking
Fast Stem Latch, And A+ Stem Stiffness
Awesome Under-Deck Lighting
Suspension May Be Stiff For <165 lb Riders But Great For Heavier
Needs More Grip Tape (Easy Fix)
Needs Aftermarket Headlight For High-Speed Night Riding

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
36.6 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
285 lb**
64 lb**
Tested Range:
24.8 mi**
2.4 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Apollo Ghost 2022 is available in United States from Apollo.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.
We’re no strangers to the Ghost, and we’ve ridden ours extensively enough to know that there are fewer brand-name scooters that give as much value for money. Well, that was until Apollo decided to give the Ghost a revamp and test our loyalty. 

In terms of price and performance, the Ghost fits right in between the Apollo City, their new feature-packed commuter, and their flagship Apollo Phantom. As you'll see, it doesn’t consistently outperform the original Ghost, but the improvements certainly give a better ride experience.

The best way to introduce the 2022 Ghost is to highlight the changes Apollo has made.

Key Differences Between the 2022 Ghost and the 2021 Ghost

  • Headlining the changes are two new 1,000W motors replacing the original 800W motors. The benefit of the new motors isn’t at all what you’d think, but we’ll cover that later.
  • The 22 Ghost comes with a mechanical disk brakes option and one with hydraulic brakes. The one with the Zoom hydraulic brakes is currently on sale for $1850, but you can get it with mechanical disc brakes for $150 less.
  • The 2022 Ghost scooter comes with a redesigned folding mechanism. It’s quicker to fold, and the latch is much more secure.  
  • The 2022 model also comes with a reinforced stem that’s thicker and more durable, making it less prone to wear and tear. It also offers a more solid ride experience.
  • The tire rims are 50% thicker and made of stronger aluminum alloy. They are more durable, especially when you factor in the newfound power.
  • The improved controllers give the 2022 Ghost better hill climbing, maintaining an average speed of 15.9 mph on our hill test against the 2021 Ghost’s 15.6 mph.
  • The 2022 Ghost rides further, giving us a mileage of 24.8 miles on our range test course in full performance against the 2021 Ghost’s 22.3 miles.
  • The 2021 Ghost beats the 2022 in terms of top speed, racing 38.4 mph against the ‘22’s 36.6 mph.
  • The 2021 Ghost is also cheaper.
Besides that, the Ghost scooters retain a near-similar profile, with almost similar dimensions and features.

Read along for a more comprehensive look at the 2022 Apollo Ghost electric scooter.

Our Take: The Official Ghost Steps Up - Same Portability, Well-Suited for Big Dawgs With Out-of-This-World Braking 

See the Apollo Ghost 2022

Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

The Ghost will punch above its weight, and quite literally, when it comes to supporting big dawgs. Apollo lists it as ideal for riders weighing a maximum of 285 lbs.

The scooter feels perfectly sprung for riders weighing around 200 lbs. The new reinforced stem also feels quite solid, encouraging you to ride harder–and this is the kind of scooter whose fun factor shoots the harder you ride.

Afraid that your bigger feet will be crowded? Not with the Ghost’s 18.5 inchx 9 inch deck. The handlebar to deck height is also ideal for taller riders at 41.5 inches. 

But nothing was more thrilling for our resident big dawg than maintaining a top speed of 30 mph (and more) on regular city hills. This scooter won't let up to a high rider weight and, therefore, is big dawg approved.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Review


We’ve performance tested both the 2021 and 2022 Ghosts under identical conditions, confirming something many people don’t know about electric scooters-Larger motors do not necessarily equate to faster speed or acceleration, but rather more reliable performance over time. Instead, the power of an electric scooter is determined by its motor controllers. In the case of these two Ghosts, the motor controllers have the same current rating, though the 2022 has a slightly improved controller.

It’s like upgrading from 100W speakers to 200W speakers without changing your amplifier. It’s not going to be noticeably more powerful, just more reliable, and maybe just a touch more efficient under very heavy loads. Therefore, both 2021 and '22 Ghosts have the same strong but relatively smooth acceleration. It’s enough to chirp the front tire on hard launches but not arm-yanking.

The 2022 Ghost goes from 0 to [esg_unit 15 mph] in 2.4 seconds, falling slightly behind the Ghost 2021 at 2.3 seconds, the Mantis V2 at 2.2 seconds, and the more expensive Vsett 10+ at 1.9 seconds. However, it leaves a dust storm behind for its bigger brothers, the Apollo City Pro at 2.9 seconds and the Phantom 52V at 2.7 seconds.

Top Speed

As stated earlier, the upgrade from 800 W to 1000 W motors did not make much of a performance difference between the ‘21 and ‘22. In fact, the Ghost 2022 falls slightly behind the original in regards to top speed. Under identical conditions, the ‘22 Ghost hits a top speed of 36.6 mph, matching Apollo’s stated max speed of 37 mph, while the original Ghost topped out at 38.4 mph, living up to that ‘supernatural speed’ claim. 

You can also cap your top speed via the scooter’s dedicated speed modes. Gear 1 caps the speed at 15 mph, gear 2 at 25 mph and gear 3 at the maximum speed.

The speed is within the average for its weight and price class. The similarly priced and slightly lighter Apollo City Pro reaches a top speed of 30.9 mph, while the much more expensive and much heavier Inokim OXO reaches 36.7 mph. Other scooters that run at almost the same speed are the Zero 10X at 36.1 mph and the Kaabo Mantis Pro at 37.0 mph.

Hill Climb

The Ghosts are impressive hill climbers, especially for their weight class. In addition, the Ghosts maintained good speeds regardless of the rider's weight, which is a big plus for the big dawgs.

Both Ghosts easily sustained more than 30 mph speeds when going up standard hills. More impressively, the ‘22 Ghost maintained an average speed of 15.9 mph on our 200 ft 20% hill grade, reaching the top in 8.7 seconds. The ‘22 Ghost beats the ‘21 model by two-tenths of a second because (nerd alert) thicker copper windings make the motors slightly more efficient under sustained heavy loads.

The Ghost joins our list of mid-range electric scooters that do very well on hills, which also includes the Segway GT1, which averaged at 15.5 mph on our hill test, and the Wolf Warrior X Pro, which sustained 16.2 mph on the hill test.

Range and Battery

There’s nothing we love more than a scooter that’s willing to take us that extra mile.  Thanks to the 947 wh battery, the 2022 Ghost covered 24.8 miles in maximum performance mode, going 2.5 miles further than the 2021 Ghost, and ridden at the same speed. The range is above average in its class, with scooters like the Apollo City Pro traveling as far as 22.7 miles.

The new Ghost maintained its speed throughout the range test, only slowing slightly during the final 2.4 miles. Keep an eye on your voltmeter, and avoid heavy throttle as you get close to the 41 Volt cut-off voltage. Once it drops below the cut-off, the scooter will shut down to protect the battery and won’t restart until you plug it in.


The one thing electric scooter manufacturers have been very intentional about this season is braking. We’re impressed by each subsequent release, and it’s starting to feel like good braking is quickly becoming an industry standard. 

The Ghost 2022 comes in two variations, differentiated by the braking system. The cheaper version comes with mechanical disc brakes, while the pricier alternatives rock a pair of hydraulic brakes. The cable-operated brakes impress as much as those of the ‘21 version, but the levers have an ergonomic advantage.

The hydraulic brakes gave us an astonishing stopping distance of 9.5 ft, more than a foot shorter than the original. This secures the ‘22 Ghost in fourth position for braking, tying with another newbie, the Segway GT1. Other newcomers in the top 10 include Segways GT2 with a 9.4 ft braking distance, the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max at 9.7 ft, and NIU’s KQi3 at 10.0 ft.

Ride Quality

Something we’d have hated to see Apollo take away from the Ghost would have been the fun factor. Spoiler alert–they made it even more thrilling to ride!

Rolling on a pair of air-filled 10 inch tires means the Ghost will deliver good ride quality. But pair that with outstanding dual spring adjustable suspension and the Ghost will be floating right over hard bumps and soaking up the worst stuff you can throw at it. 

The Ghost feels like it's sprung for riders who are about 200 lbs. However, what this means for lighter-weight riders is that the harder you ride it, the better it feels. Still, if you’re under 165 lbs, you can do one little tweak that makes the suspension feel even better, which we will be posting if there are enough interested people–leave us your thoughts in the comments section of our Youtube Video.

The solid feel of the new, reinforced stem really adds to the fun factor too. Something great happens when you feel connected to the scooter, and the scooter itself feels solid. The fun factor goes through the roof because you feel like you can cut loose, and nothing bad will happen. Even at top speed, the '22 Ghost feels exceptionally solid and stable. 

We already loved the handlebars that angled towards the rider on the ‘21, and Apollo retained them on the ‘22. To add to this, the grips are literally the best grips ever. They have huge support for your palms and are locked in rock-solid to the bars by end clamps. You’ll hardly notice you’ve been holding onto a scooter handlebar at the end of your journey.
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Apollo Ghost 2022 Features


A portable dual motor is really the best of both worlds–you get performance without losing the convenience of taking your electric scooter with you to most places. The Ghost is the best in its class when it comes to portability. It weighs just 67 lbs (RG tested), which like the original version, can be attributed to its skeletal forge aluminum construction–you can see through the neck, and fender support.

Almost all of the other dual motor scooters in its class weigh 10 lbs more. Most of them also go further, but we feel that the Ghost’s 25 miles is decent enough for its price point and other conveniences. And if you think this difference is insignificant, try carrying the Ghost up the stairs, then carry a heavier, 76.4 lbs Phantom, and you’ll really feel the impact of that extra weight.
The scooter also folds down into a neat and compact package. You get folding handlebars and a folding stem, bringing the folded dimensions down to 51.75 inches x 15.5 inches x 21.25 inches (LxWxH). Most other scooters have a width between 24 inches and 27 inches, showing you just how convenient the folding handlebars are. The faster stem latch also really adds to making this one of the most portable in its class.


The handlebars are a little busy, but nothing a rider with some experience can’t handle. The design is in line with the Ghost theme–perforations through the grips and skeletal cutouts on the folding support hinges of the handlebars.
You have a QS-S4 display on the right with a trigger-style throttle. It shows the usual: speed, speed mode, battery status, and odometer. The display has two control buttons, the power, and mode button. On the underside of the handlebar, you get the Eco/ Turbo button and the Single/ Dual motor button.
The left handlebar houses the Keyed switch with a voltmeter. You also have an adequate bell that is handy when cruising crowded lanes. In addition, the brake levers on either side have a slight ergonomic advantage over those on the original Ghost electric scooter.


The Apollo Ghost electric scooters are visibility champs. They may not have Kaabo’s industry-leading headlights or NIU’s innovative always-on halo light, but the deck embedded headlights, the rear lights, and the deck ambient lighting make the Ghost hard to miss. 

The ambient blue light runs the entire length of the deck and looks incredible cruising in the dark.
The Ghost could use a higher mounted headlight for improved safety. However, the front lights come with an opaque diffuser that brightens their glow. We also appreciate that the rear/brake lights function as they should, keeping your intent on the road clear to trailing traffic.


The 2022 Ghost retains the great feeling, 10 inch x 3 inch tubed tires that we loved on the original. They still maintain the split rim profile, making tire change easy. They are not flat-free like the ones on the Apollo City scooter, but we think they deliver a stellar ride, nonetheless. The rims are also 50% thicker, an improvement that has been quite handy in resisting cracking should you hit a pothole.


The deck is spacious enough for most riders’ feet. You get a spacious 18.5 inches x 9 inches of deck real estate, which we found to accommodate most riding stances. We didn’t like that the 2022 Ghost still comes with that wide patch in the middle without grip tape that usually leaves most of the front foot under-served. The Apollo logo in that gap gives the electric scooter its edgy aesthetics, but we would have preferred more grip tape. On the bright side, the deck sits 5.2 inches above the ground, which is plenty of clearance to take it on light off-road missions and to hop off curbs without scraping the underdeck. 

Build Quality

Another thing we love about Apollo electric scooters is the uncompromised build quality. The Apollo Ghost line is particularly noteworthy with the raw structural design and the extensive use of billet aluminum in the swingarms and stem. The material helps keep the scooter light and is stronger than cast aluminum.

But the real headliner is the stem along with the Vise-grip style stem latch mechanism. It’s much faster and more solid than the one we saw on the original Ghost. In fact, it’s faster to fold than just about everything because the safety catch is built into the lever. 

In a year when display styles have received extra attention: read Segway GT2, KQi3/KQi2, and New Apollo Pro, it's sad to see that the Ghost retains the same display style. Yes, it works, but Apollo could stand to shake this one up a little. The display isn’t also the brightest, but it gets the job done.  

Control-wise, you’ve got the ECO/Turbo button, a Single/Dual motor button, and of course, three speed modes on the display. We advise against switching between single and dual motors. We’ve tested it, and there's no benefit in terms of range. In fact, it just stresses out the rear motor and controller. However, if you must switch between motor drives, ensure to do it at a standstill as an abrupt shift while riding has a braking effect, similar to downshifting gears at high speed in a car

The waterproofing on the ‘22 Ghost is a little better than that of the original Ghost, despite a similar IP rating of IP54. In particular, the front tire-hugging fender offers a little more protection, but we wish it was slightly longer. The bulk of the water deflection is left to the front suspension, which doesn’t do a very good job since that’s not its core function anyway. 

The Ghost 2022 is ready to go. To complete the package, we advise that you pick up some Grip tape to add to the exposed middle footplate to enhance stability. We should also mention that all of the updates on the ‘22 Ghost make it 1.6 lbs heavier than the original but still remains one of the best in its class.


We don’t take electric scooter safety lightly (but we love light electric scooters). So, how does the Ghost 2022 ensure your riding safety as well as the safety of the scooter and other road users?
The Ghost has deck-mounted headlights, taillights, and swag lighting that ensures that you remain visible. And for that unaware pedestrian, you have a handy bell to alert them of your presence. The scooter also has one of the best sets of brakes that stop on a dime.

For the scooter’s safety, it comes with a key start ignition. We would also advise you to get an aftermarket light if you plan on riding the Ghost at night–we don't want to sneak up on you like a ghost (not literally, anyway).


Apollo covers the Ghost 2022 under two plans: The standard 1-year limited warranty that covers against manufacturing defects and the 2-year Apollo Protection Plan that caters for wear and tear issues on the brake pads, inner tubes and tires, and fenders. 

The customer is responsible for shipping costs, and the warranty is only valid for the original buyer and is not transferable under any circumstances. There are further disclaimers about the extent of the warranty coverage, so be sure to check out Apollo’s website for a comprehensive breakdown of the coverage scope. With the Ghost, you’ve got support with a strong reputation and are based in North America, if you need it.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Electric scooter: Review Conclusion

Let’s recap. The Apollo Ghost 2022 is an upgrade to the popular 2021 Ghost. The scooter comes with larger motors and improved controllers that improve the ride experience, especially going uphill. You also get the option to get the Ghost in either disc or hydraulics, but we’d pick the hydraulics because a 9.5 ft stopping distance is too good to pass up, in our opinion. The 2022 Apollo Ghost is the pure essence of a dual motor scooter. No app, no frills, just a thrilling scooter that gets better the harder you ride it. 

In terms of who it’s for, Apollo lists it on their website under the “expert” category. After experiencing the Ghost, we feel that intermediate riders will also do just fine, as well as some beginners, as long as they have good coordination and the self-control to keep it in ECO mode for the first couple of days. On the other hand, it’s the kind of scooter expert riders could keep riding for years and years.
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Apollo Phantom V2 Vs. Apollo Ghost 2022
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Vsett 10 + Vs. Apollo Ghost 2022
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Technical Specs Comparison
Apollo Ghost 2022
Apollo Phantom V2
Vsett 10 +
Kaabo Mantis V2
Top Speed**
36.6 mph
39.7 mph
43.3 mph
37.3 mph
24.8 mi
31.4 mi
33.6 mi
27.2 mi
64 lb
77 lb
86 lb
35 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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