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June 8, 2023

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EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Summary

The EMOVE RoadRunner V2 is Voro Motor’s new masterpiece featuring upgrades like a more responsive thumb throttle, a thicker and softer seat, and tubeless tires with improved tread design.

It feels like purpose-built seated scooters weren’t a thing for adult riders before the RoadRunner came along. Voro Motors is the rapidly growing brand behind the famous EMOVE line of scooters, and this has been quite the year, with the release of the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, the EMOVE Cruiser S, and now, the EMOVE RoadRunner V2.

Two years ago, we got hold of a 35 mph dual-motor EMOVE RoadRunner prototype and made a video about changes we thought would make it even better. Well, the changes worked because the production version disappeared from our office and became Chuck’s daily ride. 

In fact, when we took it to CES 2022, people rode it more than the Dualtrons we brought. Now, we’re excited to take you along as we review the New EMOVE RoadRunner V2, the updated version of their original budget-friendly seated scooter with a removable battery and dual motors.

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Incredible Range With Even More Potential From the Removable Battery
Great Top Speed
Comfortable Ride Experience
It's a Really Fun Scooter
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Front Fender Could Be Longer
Not the Most Compact Scooter

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
35.4 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
63.4 lb
Tested Range:
35.0 mi
4.0 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The EMOVE RoadRunner V2 is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Alternatives & Competitors

EMOVE  Cruiser S
Emove Logo
Cruiser S
You could also get an Emove Cruiser S and add a Seat for about the same price as the RoadRunner V2. With the Cruiser S, you can ride standing up, and both scooters have very similar performance, except the Cruiser has more range, and the RoadRunner V2 has a 4 mph faster top speed. But when seated, the RoadRunner definitely handles better than the EMOVE Cruiser. 
See Full Review
EMOVE RoadRunner
emove Logo
ec best Logo
The V2 is more affordable and has a much more bicycle-like ride, whereas the RoadRunner Pro, despite its small stature, rides like a small, fire-breathing motorcycle with almost twice the weight of the V2 and more than twice the power. They'll both get you across town faster than a car, but the Pro has an endless throttle and loves to spin the front wheel, whereas the throttle on the V2 whooshes you forward very politely. If you love adrenaline, then consider the Pro, but if you like your transportation fast but not furious, go for the V2. It has the same range and the added benefit of costing about half as much.
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To be an e-scooter or not to be that is the question.

We’ve gone over this with all purpose-built seated electric scooters we’ve reviewed, i.e., the original RoadRunner, the RoadRunner Pro, the GoTrax Flex, and the Fiido Q1S. They may look like e-bikes, but the fact that they lack those pesky pedals means they’re not. They’re not e-motorcycles either, and if we’re being honest, their lack of a deck also means they barely make it as electric scooters, but that’s what they are.

The Roadrunner V2 is the successor to the ultra-popular RoadRunner. It is a compact, dual-motor electric scooter that could easily pass for an e-bike, except that it has pegs instead of pedals. The benefit of having pegs is that it enhances cornering and makes it a more portable e-bike alternative. The V2 also lacks a chain, meaning that it won’t grease up the back seat of your car. And it is more fun to ride with an easier learning curve because you won’t be pedaling. 

The top speed of the RoadRunner V2 is one of its biggest selling factors. The 35 mph top speed is faster than conventional bikes and e-bikes, and its ability to maneuver through traffic means you’ll get across town faster than a car. We actually tested this theory last year in a car vs. scooter vs. transit plus scooter head-to-head. Ramier, riding the 30.9 mph top-speed Apollo City Pro, made it across town faster than Paul in his car and our guest racer on a scooter plus public transportation.

But there’s so much more to love about the RoadRunner V2. Like the original RoadRunner, this is a seated scooter, which makes for a much more comfortable ride experience–and the chair is similar to the upgraded one we saw on the RoadRunner Pro. The V2 only comes with front suspension, which, paired with the 14-inch pneumatic tires, makes for quite a comfortable ride. 

Speaking of tires, the ones on the V2 are now tubeless with improved tread patterns, meaning fewer flats, easier repairs, and less speed wobbles. Voro also upgraded the thumb throttle to be more durable and have better response. In fact, despite having squarewave controllers, Paul found the RoadRunner V2 to run smoother than the Cruiser S with its sinewave controllers during testing.

The hill climb is fantastic, as is braking, thanks to the semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The scooter has fantastic range, only rivaled by the EMOVE Cruiser and the EMOVE Cruiser S at this price. But the range potential is even greater on the RoadRunner V2 when you factor in that the battery on this scooter is removable and, at 15 lbs a pop, light enough to carry a spare in your backpack.

The 35 mph RoadRunner V2 is currently on pre-order for $1,495, while the 55 mph EMOVE RoadRunner Pro we reviewed recently costs $2,895. Read along to learn just how much value Voro packed in this $1500 scooter.

See the EMOVE RoadRunner V2

Our Take: What's Not to Love? It's Fun, Fast, Comfortable to Ride, Affordable–and Has a Removable Battery.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Ramier Jones Thumbs Up Cartoon

Like its predecessor, the original RoadRunner, the V2 is a great fit for heavier riders.

First, this scooter has one of the highest max rider weight capacities at 330 lbs. At CES 2022, it was a crowd favorite, and we saw people of all frames appreciate the balance of power and comfort Voro Motors provides with the RoadRunner scooters.

The seat is comfortable for long rides and given that, besides its long 35-mile range, it has a removable battery–you can really push the needle on how far the RoadRunner V2 will take you. What’s more, the 1253 wh battery is sufficient for the higher power requirements of heavier riders, especially when scooting through challenging terrain.

The scooter’s frame is sturdy enough to support big dawgs–and we love that the handlebars are adjustable to suit different height riders.The pegs are also well-designed to handle adult-sized feet. That aside, the adjustable suspension and larger tubeless tires guarantee a smooth ride, even when going over mildly challenging terrain.

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

35.4 mph


35.0 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

10.4 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

4.0 s

0 to 20 mph

6.6 s

0 to 25 mph

10.2 s

0 to 30 mph

18.0 s

0 to 35 mph

23.0 s

0 to 40 mph


The dual-motor RoadRunner V2 has brisk but not crazy acceleration. The e-scooter went from 0-15 mph in 4.0 seconds. The acceleration is on par with the quickest single-motor scooters, like the EMOVE Cruiser S at 3.8 seconds and the Ninebot Max G2 at 4.1 seconds.

It doesn’t keep up with other sporty dual-motor scooters in its class that clock times as short as -3 seconds. However, the 14-inch tires play a big role since they have fewer rotations per motor turn. And compared to other big-wheeled scooters, the RoadRunner V2 does significantly better–the Taur had a 4.8-second time to 15 mph, while the Mercane Jubel took 5.6 seconds.

Top Speed

At this price, you expect scooters with a top speed of 29 or 30 mph. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised when the RoadRunner V2 hit a max speed of 35.4 mph during testing.

This was even faster than the manufacturer claimed 34 mph.

All our speed runs are conducted under the same conditions–we do a two-direction speed run to eliminate the effects of headwinds or tailwinds. We also don’t rely on the scooters’ speedometers as those tend to be overly optimistic–instead, we use pro-grade tools, the ones used in professional races. The rider weight and test track are also constant.

For this reason, we are able to compare the scooters’ performance head to head–and the nearest competition for the V2 e-scooter was the beastly Segway GT1 with a top speed of 34.5 mph and the Zero 10 X (18 ah) that maxed out at 35.5 mph.

Hill Climb

We were also pleasantly surprised by the V2’s hill times. It did exceptionally well for a seated scooter with big wheels. On our 200 ft 10 % hill, it covered that stretch of track in 12.8 seconds. This was nearly as fast as the 12.5 seconds on the Unagi Model One (E500), one of the fastest lightweight hill climbers.

It was also faster to the top of our hill test than the new Fluid Vista and the Ninebot Max G2. In fact, we found that riding the V2 on typical hills, you can sustain a speed of 25 mph or even more, which is quite impressive.


The RoadRunner V2 gave us more range than the original RoadRunner Electric Scooter. The V2 was able to go exactly 35 miles against the original’s 33 miles. At this price, it’s far beyond what you’d expect. In fact, the only scooters that go further are the EMOVE Cruiser at 47 miles and the new EMOVE Cruiser S at 43.6 miles.

But what we love even more than the actual range is the scooter’s range potential. The V2 electric scooter has a removable battery. The 48 v 1253 wh battery with Dynavolt cells is light at 15 lbs, so you can easily carry one in your backpack. It’s easy to swap out and has a pull-out handle and a keyed lock for safety. But if you can’t swing the spare’s relatively high price tag, you can bank on the battery to charge from 0 to full in just 12 hours.

Something to note is that the battery meter was very optimistic the first half of the range test. Paul went 17 miles before it dropped below 4 bars. At 28 miles, it was still showing half full, then dropped quickly between there and 35 miles when the range test ended. So, you might want to pre-calculate your range requirements before embarking on longer journeys.


It might just be a coincidence, but the EMOVE Cruiser, the RoadRunner Pro, and the V1 and V2 scooters all have the exact same stopping distance. From a speed of 15 mph, all 4 EMOVE scooters stopped at a distance of 10.4 ft. However, the braking systems are not entirely the same.

The original Cruiser and both V1 and V2 RoadRunners have X-tech semi-hydraulic brakes, which are cable operated at the levers but have a hydraulic system built into the caliper. The RoadRunner Pro, on the other hand, has Zoom full hydraulic brakes. 

That said, the brakes on the Roadrunner V2 behaved differently than those on the V1. The V1 required a very hard squeeze to stop, while the V2 stopped easily with just two fingers on each brake, adding to the reasons why the V2 might just nab the award for a best-seated scooter in our 2023 best electric scooters awards (coming soon).

Ride Quality

The RoadRunner seated scooter is an addictive scooter to ride, and the V2 just got better. If you want to switch back and forth from riding standing up to riding seated, tons of scooters will do that. But if you know you’re going to ride seated all the time, seated scooters just do it better because their larger wheels and steering geometry are optimized for the best handling when seated.


Our favorite upgrade on the V2 is that the scooter now comes with 14-inch tubeless tires with an improved tread design. The fact that they are tubeless means that they are much more resistant to pinch flats if you hit a curb or pothole. Tubeless pneumatic tires also mean you can get a cushier ride by running lower tire pressure if you want to. And, if you ever get a flat, there are two easy fixes highlighted in the tire section.


Another improvement we’ve not stopped raving about since the launch of the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro scooter is the seat upgrade. The V2 and the Pro have the same seat, which V1 owners can get for $85–and this includes the adapter bracket. The long memory foam seats do not have springs underneath, meaning you’ll feel stable and supported and not wobbly throughout the ride.


The electric scooter also has Manitou Absolute+ front suspension labeled as ABS+–like the mountain bike fork. The suspension has an 8-way adjustable knob to finetune resistance to your preferred setting. The shocks work well to smooth out bumps in the road, and we love that you can adjust the stiffness of the suspension with your foot while riding. Unlike the RoadRunner Pro, this one is not fitted with rear suspension, so you might want to look ahead and lift up out of the seat a little if you see a big pothole coming.

When it comes to the actual ride, the RoadRunner V2 is fast but not furious. This is a chill ride with a super smooth throttle and no wheel spin, ever from its 350W front and 500W rear motor. The larger RoadRunner Pro, on the other hand, feels more like a small version of a motorcycle because it weighs almost twice as much as the RoadRunner V2. The combination of a 35 mph top speed and smooth throttle makes the V2 a great high-speed, low-stress commuter.

In Paul’s words:

“I don’t say this often, but the throttle response is basically perfect. Despite its high top speed, your Mom could ride this. It has squarewave motor controllers, but I swear it feels like Sinewave. In fact, it’s even smoother than the new Sinewave controller on the EMOVE Cruiser

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EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Features


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 wide shot

The RoadRunner is way more portable than a typical e-bike, but it probably won’t fit in the trunk of your car. On the other hand, it should fit easily in the back of a crossover or SUV. We love the portability of folding handlebars but also often hate them because most of them wiggle– but not these. 

This type of handlebar locks into place and feels as stiff as non-folding bars. The pegs also come off without tools if you need them, so this seated scooter gets skinny fast

The manufacturer’s spec sheet calls this a 55-lbs scooter–and you’ll get a lot of that in other reviews. However, we’ve weighed both the V1 and V2, and both scooters weigh 63.4 lbs. That said, the V2 is not exactly lightweight, but it is relatively easy to load and is about half the weight of the RoadRunner Pro.

It has a tossable, smaller-than-me feel to it, and you can easily yank it up a few stairs. But, best of all, because it has a removable battery and so many locking points, you can just lock it up outside and bring the battery inside to charge.


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 cockpit large

The 1-color center display is pretty standard and does all the usual things. It displays the speed, which of the three ride modes you’re using, and 4 bars of battery level. It’s not super bright, but at least it’s readable in direct sunlight, thanks to the anti-glare technology.

You find brake levers at the end of the 63.5-inch wide bars for the front and rear semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The grips have soft rubber padding, which you also find on the new, improved thumb throttle. 


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 right handlebar controls

The confusing buttons on the original Roadrunner are now gone–and in place, we have a leaf-stamped button for Eco/single motor and a rocket-stamped button for dual motor mode. We wish it didn’t toggle back to a single motor every time you turn the power off and back on–so here’s hoping the Voro checks that on the next version (if any).

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 left handlebar controls

On the left-hand side, you have buttons for the headlight switch, turn signals with little light indicators, and a horn button. The horn on the RoadRunner, comically and appropriately, goes meep.


The stock mid-mounted headlight on the RoadRunner V2 is sufficient to light up your way in the low light and helps the scooter stay visible to other road users. It shines 280 lumen, which is more than most seated scooters in the market.


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 brake lights

On the rear, you have a tail light mounted under the seat. It blinks when the brakes are activated and has built-in turn signals that indicate turning intent to trailing traffic.


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 tires

The Roadrunner V2 has 14-inch tubeless pneumatic tires with an improved tread design that feels good on the road. They are less prone to pinch flats which make up the majority of punctures on an e-scooter. But should you get a puncture, here are two easy ways to fix them as promised.

Method 1: Using a Tire Plug Kit

The important part to note is that you can plug a tire without removing the tire or wheel from the scooter, but only if it’s tubeless. It’s considered a temporary repair for pierced tread, but tire plugs are an easy-reach patch method for cars and motorcycles.

Start by locating the puncture–you can do this by spraying some soapy water and looking for bubbles. Once located, remove the puncturing object. Now, insert the reamer, and see it in repeatedly to make a nice hole for the plug. When your hole is ready, prep your plug by pushing it through the installer tool, then insert the plug into the tire through the hole. 

Once inside, removing the installer tool is easy, and the plug stays put. You can trim the protruding bit of the plug or leave it to wear off from friction. It would help if you also filled the tire to the recommended PSI before returning to the road.

Method 2: Using Tire Sealant

You can use it on tubed or tubeless tires, but it works better on tubeless.

You’ll want to position the tire properly and preferably have the valve stem sitting in the upper half of the tire. Once propped, remove the valve core–a metallic cylinder in the middle of your tire valve stem. In most cases, you can use the cap on your tire sealant bottle to do this.

Let the air out of your tire, letting it go as flat as possible as you locate and remove the puncturing object. Prep the tire sealant bottle and attach it to the valve stem, then squeeze in the appropriate amount of slime (there are many internet resources to help you determine this).

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of sealant, remove the bottle and reinstall the valve core. Now add air to your tire to the recommended PSI, then rotate the tire to properly distribute the sealant. You can check after a while to verify that your tire is holding pressure.

 And, if the tire plug or tire sealant won’t work on their own, you can do both! 


The RoadRunner V2 electric scooter has pegs for foot placement. 

Build Quality

The RoadRunner V2 looks more like an e-bike than a regular scooter, but it has no pedals. On the other hand, it also comes quite close to looking like a motorcycle hybrid–but its small frame and headlight disqualify it. It has no deck, so technically, it’s not really a scooter. That said, it’s somewhat of a grey area when it comes to its legality–In fact, after two years of riding RoadRunners, we’ve never even had a second look from local police. 

So, while this form factor may or may not be technically legal where you live, there’s a 99% that if you get into trouble, it’s because you were going 35mph where you shouldn’t have, rather than for resembling a motorcycle, because it just doesn’t look like a motorcycle, a Surron, or a Solar E-Clipse.

The frame is visibly solid and with a comforting 330 lbs max rider weight capacity. This, plus the front 350 w and 500 w rear motors, makes the V2 a powerful scooter and one that’s great for even heavier riders. The handlebars are adjustable to fit a wide range of heights, too, so you can go from upright to full-on cafe racer.

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 right handlebar controls

We like the shape of the grips with palm support but don’t love that they twist around while you’re riding. You can fix this little problem in 10 seconds by adding a zip tie on each grip or gluing them in place by sliding them off, spraying hairspray inside, and sliding them back on. 


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 disk brake rear tire

Fender protection, on the other hand, is good out back, so you won’t get a stripe up your back from riding in the rain, but the front fender could be longer. Also, be advised there’s still no IP Rating, and the official spec just says it’s okay for “light rain,” so splash at your own risk. 

Finally, Voro added a neat accessory that transforms your RoadRunner V2 into a scooter utility vehicle, SUV. You can now purchase their durable, water-repellant center pizza bag that’s built with velcro to strap to the V2’s frame. It has tons of utility and is aesthetically pleasing as it matches the scooter’s color and features Voro’s branding.


EMOVE RoadRunner V2 semi hydraulic brakes

The RoadRunner V2 electric scooter is a safe scooter for adult riders–teenagers may not have the experience and good judgment needed to handle the max speed on the V2. It has a set of reliable semi-hydraulic brakes that require little effort to activate and bring the V2 to a stop in a very short distance. 

The seated factor and the scooter’s geometry make the V2 an easy vehicle to handle. It has a bright 280-lumen headlight to help light up the path ahead and keep the scooter visible in low-light situations. That aside, you have a blinking red rear light below the seat for visibility and to indicate breaking intent. The tail light also has built-in turn signal indicators. 

The scooter is not IP rated, so keep away from rainy conditions (despite the okay for light rain on the website). But enjoy the multiple locking points and removable battery for added parking safety.


The Roadrunner V2 electric scooter is covered under a 1-year Voro Limited Warranty. There are conditions to be ascertained in order to qualify for either a supply of spare parts or repair services, depending on the claim. The claims process is easy and well outlined on Voro’s website. Ensure that you register your V2 scooter for warranty upon purchase, and note that it is non-transferable. And note that cosmetic damage and damage resulting from racing or user misuse void any warranty claims.

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 : Review Conclusion

The EMOVE RoadRunner V2 has a rare combination of being very fast but very easy to ride, regardless of skill level. Delivery drivers love the RoadRunner because it’s faster than a car in traffic and also because you can ride 70 miles if you bring a spare battery. 

It’s a scooter with a really broad appeal. Easier to ride than a rental scooter but still fun for seasoned scooter veterans like Chuck because of the high top speed. But there are two groups we wouldn’t recommend it for:

1) Teens. While they could certainly handle the throttle response, they probably aren’t ready for this kind of top speed.

 2) Adrenaline junkies because they’re going to be better off with the endless power of the Pro version. 

We’ve got links to the latest pricing on both the Emove RoadRunner Pro and the Emove RoadRunner V2 scooters, and you can use the coupon code ‘RIDERGUIDE50‘ at checkout to receive a $50 discount on your purchase.

And for those of you who missed out on the insane and no-longer-available RoadRunner Tronic that came with Rion motor controllers, Voro still offers an inexpensive kit that can handle up to 10 kW, so you can build your own insane seated scooter if you want to. 

The EMOVE RoadRunner V2 is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Get $50 OFF with code RIDERGUIDE50
Our content is independent, but using our links supports our hard work!

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 : Manufacterer Specifications

Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
EMOVE RoadRunner V2
Emove Cruiser S
EMOVE RoadRunner Pro
Fluid Vista
Top Speed**
35.4 mph
31.7 mph
54.7 mph
29.3 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
35.0 mi
43.6 mi
32.3 mi
22.8 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
63.4 lb
56.4 lb
115.8 lb
63.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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