The latest version of the RoadRunner series electric scooters, the Emove RoadRunner Pro is the most optimal seated scooter. You get the perfect blend of performance and ride quality at a price that feels way below the value you get.
Emove RoadRunner Pro - $2895
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Paul Somerville
March 1, 2023

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Emove Roadrunner Pro Summary

When most people imagine a scooter, it's never a seated scooter, and with good reason. If you're going for something seated and electric, it feels more natural to go for an electric bike or electric motorcycle. But wait. 

What if we told you there was something even better? Have you heard of seated electric scooters? We know many regular scooters add a seat attachment option, but few offer purpose-built seated scooters. And there are none better than Voro's Emove RoadRunner scooters.

With three versions currently on the market: the base EMOVE RoadRunner, the RoadRunner Tronic, and now the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, it will be interesting to see how the Pro stacks up against its predecessors. But we'll just go ahead and spoil it–this is a MAD scooter and a new office favorite. Read on to find out why.
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Addictive Power And Intuitive Handling
Super Fun To Ride
Performance Per Dollar Is Excellent
Top-notch Riding Comfort
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Can't Carry It Upstairs But You Can Bring The Battery
Ambiguous Legality In Many States
Suspension Has Limits

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
54.7 mph*
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb*
weight icon of kettlebell
115.8 lb*
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
32.3 mi*
acceleration icon of stop watch
2.3 s*
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Emove RoadRunner Pro is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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EMOVE Roadrunner Pro Alternatives & Competitors

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The Wolf Warrior X GT is usually closer to but is currently less expensive than the other comparison scooters 2499. Like the RoadRunner Pro, the X GT is another scooter we feel like we could ride all day, and it has 44 miles of range. But it has a top speed that's 9.5mph slower than the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro and the fender needs to be extended if you're going to ride it in the rain.
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A little history on the RoadRunner scooters because there are three of them now. And just to get this out of the way, they're seated scooters, not e-bikes, because they don't have pedals.

When the Prototype EMOVE Roadrunner Base model arrived at ESG two years ago, we didn't know what to think of this thing with a 500W motor in the back and 300W up front. Then Chuck rode it and he loved it, and Paul rode it and loved it. 

Then we took the production version to CES with us in 2022. I mean, we had everything there at the test track: the Wolf King GT, Dualtron Ultra, a NAMI, but the scooter everyone seemed to want to ride was the Roadrunner. We really didn't expect that, especially since we were completely surrounded by e-bikes. So clearly, Voro was onto something here. Even out on the road, be prepared, people are going to ask you about this scooter at stoplights.

But who sells or makes these RoadRunner scooters?

Well, the RoadRunner scooters are sold by VORO MOTORS, and EMOVE is their in-house brand, so this was actually designed in California. EMOVE is, of course, most famous for the ultra-long-range-commuter EMOVE Cruiser.

The original RoadRunner was good and had enough power to get you around town quickly. But VORO Motors, who are located just 10 miles from Rion headquarters in Los Angeles, collaborated on an upgrade that saw the birth of the RoadRrunner Tronic. The Tronic is a Bonkers-fast version of the RoadRunner that uses Rion controllers. Paul rode one, and it was fast but also pretty expensive at $4500.
But now comes this NEW version, the $2900 EMOVE Roadrunner Pro. It's not as cheap as the base, and not as fast as the Tronic, but that doesn't make it the middle child. The RoadRunner Pro has two 2,000 W motors, so that's 4 kW compared with the 800W of the original. That said, it can actually push as many as 6000 W of peak power, about nine rental scooters worth.

When it comes to price and performance, for the most part, the RoadRunner Pro is similar to other premium dual-motor scooters like the Dualtron Victor Luxury or Wolf Warrior X GT. But when it gets up to top speed, the RoadRunner Pro absolutely leaves them behind, as you'll see later in the performance section.

There are several other things that make this scooter so intriguing, and we'll point each of them out as we go along. So read along.

Our Take: Shattered Records For Seated Comfort and Speed-Per-Dollar!

See the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Don't let its seemingly small frame fool you–the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is rated to support a max rider weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Yes, it is a good scooter for heavy riders,
but not just because it carries a heavy load. There's also the large 1880 wh battery that provides the higher power needs of larger individuals. From acceleration to speed to power on hills, the performance numbers on this electric scooter are good and stay true even with riders closer to the rider's weight capacity.

The scooter is also quite comfortable. One, because it's a seated scooter and the seat itself is comfy and padded enough to support all manner of riders. The wide handlebars are great for taller individuals and sit at an ideal height off the ground. Most people will also manage to plant their feet on the ground when at a stop.
Emove roadrunner Pro shocks
The scooter's large air-filled tires and the hydraulic front and rear shocks also offer quite the comfortable ride–and it's especially great to see the rear suspension added, as it gives the Pro an edge over both the base and Tronic. 

So, for larger or taller individuals, the RoadRunner Pro is big-dawg approved.
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EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Electric Scooter Review


The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro joins the Segway GT1 and Minimotor's Dualtron Victor Luxury in clocking the 8th fastest speed to 15 mph. All three scooters go from 0-15 mph in just 2.3 seconds.
The RoadRunner Pro has dual 45A sinewave controllers that deliver gobs of midrange power. The power is even more apparent with the scooter's 0-30 mph speeds. From 0-30 mph, the scooter takes just 5.8 seconds, which is less than half of the Base Model's 16 seconds, and even beats the Victor Luxury's 6.0 seconds and the Wolf Warrior X GT's 5.9 seconds times.

What we love most is that even when set for maximum performance, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro's acceleration feels right in the sweet spot. And grabbing a fist full of throttle launches the scooter with just a touch of front wheel spin.

Top Speed

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro joins our speed hall of fame, i.e., the top ten fastest scooters we've tested, at 8th position. 

We took the RoadRunner out for our standard two-directional speed test, and the scooter clocked in a tested max speed of 54.7 mph against the manufacturer-claimed 50 mph. You literally cannot go faster for cheaper.

Allow us to explain the reasoning behind our standard two-way test and why some of the numbers you get on YouTube are straight-up unreliable. And we'll give it to you in Paul's exact words because who better?

"I actually went 61.3 mph in one direction, but only 48.1 mph in the other direction. You see, there was a 6.5 mph headwind wind blowing that day. Two speed-runs, in opposite directions averaged together is how all world record speed runs are done, because you cancel out the effect of wind and get the real number."

Now, the RoadRunner's 54.7 mph max speed is crazy fast. It's faster than when we tested the 72 V Dualtron Storm that maxed at 51.6 mph. It's also almost 10 mph faster than similarly priced comparison scooters, the Dualtron Victor Luxury at 46.2 mph and the Wolf Warrior X GT at 45.3 mph.

For even more perspective, when charted alongside our top ten fastest scooters, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro falls directly between the $4890 NAMI BURN- E 2 Max and the $4300 Vsett 11+ Super 72 Beast scooters whose top speed is 54.9 mph, just 0.2 mph faster than the EMOVE RoadRunner.  

There's no way any of us wants to go this fast on an e-bike, but everyone was clearly very comfortable doing it on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro.

Hill Climb

Larger wheels on scooters are great for many things, but they also slow down your scooter on hills compared to other scooters. When it comes to the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, the scooter sustained an average speed of 15.6 mph on our standard 200 ft 10% hill climb, getting to the top in 8.6 seconds. 

Comparable scooters like the Wolf Warrior X GT did 7.6 seconds under similar conditions, while the Dualtron Victor Luxury reached the top in 8 seconds flat. The Base RoadRunner took longer at 11.8 seconds.

That said, the RoadRunner Pro impressed us when it hit 27 mph by the end of the block from a standing start, and that's not bad.


The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is equipped with a large, removable 1800 wh battery with premium, energy-dense 21700 LG cells. These cells are the best battery cells you will see in an electric scooter. The power is enough to get you to 32.3 miles, riding hard on our hilly test course against a manufacturer-stated 50 miles. Typically, our riding conditions usually gets us about 60% of the maximum range.

The Pro's range is slightly less than the 33 miles we rode on the base model RoadRunner despite the Pro's much larger battery. However, keep in mind that we rode the Pro at a beast scooter pace through the test, 20 mph to 30 mph with peak speeds of 35 mph. The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro isn't too shabby, either, compared to other scooters, falling directly behind the Beast Segway GT2's Error: Invalid unit "mile". range and the Wolf Warrior X Base's 32.0 miles.

The battery weighs 20.6 lbs and takes 10.4 hrs to charge. We like that you can charge the battery in the scooter or take it out and charge it wherever you want. Better yet, if you have a spare battery, swap it in and just keep riding.


Stopping power on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro comes from huge 180mm rotors and Zoom, fully-hydraulic brakes, an upgrade from the semi-hydraulic brakes of the base model.

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro stops from 15 mph in an impressive 10.4 ft, exactly matching the base model's performance, despite weighing almost twice as much. Voro's other best-seller, the EMOVE Cruiser has also the same exact stopping distance as both RoadRunners. The Warrior X GT has better-stopping distance at 9.8 ft, but the Victor Luxury falls behind the two at 11.4 ft.
The nice thing about the hydraulic brakes is that they require much less hand strength for the same stopping power. But you can add more stopping power by turning on the regen brakes. For some reason, these are labeled ABS on the menu. Ours arrived in the off position, so that's how we tested it. 

Ride Quality

It's a purpose-built seated scooter, so we really had high expectations of the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro electric scooter–and Voro delivered. You'd think that was obvious with all seated scooters, and while most deliver excellent ride comfort, there's something about the RoadRunner's design that's quite addictive–as witnessed when we took the base model to the MicroMobility Conference in 2022. Let's dig into what makes the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro the ultimate scooter for ride comfort.
Emove roadrunner Pro handlebars adjustment features
For starters, the upright riding position makes the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro super comfortable for long rides, while at the same time, you can turn it into a cafe-racer for $0 by just leaving out the spacer or just adjusting the bars downward.
We're also sure many riders will love the 31 inch wide handlebars. For some, they might be too wide, but they're also very easy to change. If you're in the latter group, simply move the controls inward and cut about 2 inches off each side of the handlebars. Or, you could also swap in just about any handlebars you like because the RoadRunner Pro has a standard mountain bike stem.
Next, we have the seat. The seat has been completely redesigned and is now 20 inches long, so it lets you move around on long rides. This new version is way way more comfortable than the original. Even the fabric is new and is designed to stay cool if you park it in the sun. For those of you with the original Roadrunner, this seat fits on your scooters, too, and is available as an upgrade on Voro's website.

The seat height is 29 inches, which we think is a sweet spot because almost anybody will be able to fit on the scooter's saddle and have their feet flat on the ground at stoplights. Moreover, the low seat height also makes it more stealthy. In other words, you're going to mostly fly under the radar because, sitting still on the scooter, you don't look like someone who could have just been riding as fast as you actually were just riding.
Emove roadrunner Pro throttle
Then we have another upgrade: a real motorcycle twist throttle. The throttle looks good and feels even better. Just like a motorcycle, it's connected by a cable to the actual throttle under the seat. We definitely love it over the base model's thumb throttle, and given the scooter's range potential, this just makes way more sense. And between the pro-grade throttle and the dual sine wave motor controllers, it's easy to hold speed steady even in the most aggressive riding mode.

Now, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro electric scooter runs 6000 W at peak power, which is as much power as 9 rental scooters. This might sound intimidating. But, even from a stop, the throttle is easy to use. However, if you want it even smoother you can always drop your scooter into ECO mode by holding down the mode button, which uses only the rear motor. Alternatively, use the minus button to drop your scooter into one of the less intense riding modes. You can choose from one of the 5 modes ranging from walking speed to full-boogie. What's more,  you can customize them, including sending different amounts of power to the front wheel than the back if you want to. 

During the range test, Paul had an interesting comparison to his experience testing out the base model RoadRunner.

"Something I absolutely loved about the throttle was that unlike the base model, where I used full throttle most of the time–doing the same sort of riding on the Pro, you'd almost never hit full throttle. In fact, most of the time, your throttle is right in the middle of the sweet spot. You know, that happy place where the scooter isn't struggling at all, and you've got gobs of power ready to let loose."

Speaking of the sweet spot, we noticed so many other elements on this scooter that are just spot-on. For example, the 116 lb weight is heavy enough to feel stable at speed but light enough to load into an SUV by yourself. Then the wider 2.7 inch x 14 inch tires are another right-sized example. They're big enough to feel super stable at any speed but small enough to be an advantage when it comes to portability and help keep the EMOVE RoadRunner from looking like something that should be wearing a license plate.
Then we have even more upgrades. The Pro's suspension gets a huge upgrade from the base model with inverted motorcycle-style forks at the front and hydraulic shocks at the back. The base model only came with front spring suspension and no rear suspension. The new setup feels comfortable even on the worst pavement, and, together with the new seat, you feel like you want to ride it all day. The scooter could use more rebound damping at the front end. Paul reported occasionally getting a clack from the front suspension when the scooter topped out, mainly due to his 165 lbs weight. And that was mostly when riding off of a curb or the backside of a speed bump.
Now we anticipated some of your questions, based on our continued interaction on our socials and in the comments section on our YouTube Videos, and here are the answers:

How does riding a seated scooter like this one compare with riding a regular kick scooter with a seat added?

Well, lots of scooters, including the EMOVE Cruiser, have that option. We've tried the seat attachment of the Cruiser and other scooters like the high-end Dualtron models, and they tend to work pretty well. However, if you're planning on riding sitting-down all the time, purpose-built-seated scooters just do it better, and here's why. 

First, 14 inch wheels like the ones on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro electric scooter are way more stable. Second, having your feet set wide on side-mounted footpegs helps you feel more planted in the seat than when they're in front of you on the deck. Third, and a big one, the RoadRunner has a completely different steering angle than all of the kick-scooters we've tested.
Typical electric scooters are around 13 degrees, while ultra-stable high-speed scooters like the Segway GT2 are 17 or 18 degrees. The RoadRunner is an incredible 24 degrees. The higher the number, the higher the stability, and it also adds up to the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro cornering very well—all that to say that the engineering is pretty different when you're optimizing for seated riding.

How does the Road Runner Pro Electric Scooter do off-road?

Straight from Paul:

"To me, RoadRunner feels more road-focused, but I'd definitely feel comfortable riding it on trails. Just don't go crazy offroading it. The scooter's frame, with the side panels welded in, is rated for [esg_unit 330 lb 1] riders and looks like it could take on anything, but the suspension feels like it's designed for curb-sized jumps and not going full-send over a ravine."

Is the RoadRunner Pro Legal?

We've already covered that it doesn't have pedals. And, quite frankly, it would feel silly adding 200 W of pedal power to this 6 kW beast. But that means it's definitely not an e-bike and puts it squarely in the same no-so-grey area that Sur-Rons occupy.

Definitely check out your local laws for where you can ride and how fast you can go. You could also check local forums to get people's first-hand accounts about what and where they ride. 

Paul did some research, and he says that in California, it looks like all three RoadRunners are outside of the definition of an e-bike or even a moped. That said, we've spent hours riding all over San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, and our impression is that law enforcement here tends to see the RoadRunner as just another scooter because it just doesn't look big enough to be a motorcycle or even a moped. But if someone sees you going 55 mph on one, they're probably going to figure it out. So use good judgment.
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Emove RoadRunner Pro Features


The scooter looks relatively small, but how portable is the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro? 

The RoadRunner Pro has a tested weight of 115.8 lbs or 95.2 lbs without the battery. Until you pick it up, you cannot accurately guess how heavy it will be. That said, it's too heavy and awkward to carry upstairs (even without a battery), but if you've got a place to lock it up, you could just bring the battery upstairs to charge. 

The scooter also doesn't fold. But despite all that, it's still in somewhat of a sweet spot for portability because it's just small enough to fit in the back of an SUV, and the average adult can load it by themselves without taking the battery out. This is a big advantage over a Sur-Ron, where you're going to need a pickup truck or a trailer to move it.


Emove roadrunner Pro cockpit shot
The engineering team at Voro went all out with the RoadRunner's reimagined display. It is a more sophisticated-looking, easier-to-use, full-color 3.5 inch TFT display. We're always complaining about displays and their readability in sunlight, but in the last couple of months, we've had the Segway GT2, the Wolf Warrior X GT, the Dualtron X Limited, and now, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro challenge the status quo. Hopefully, this level of innovation is about to become standard.
The display gives you a whole load of information, including the battery status, speed, ride modes/Gear, motor temperature, and clock, in a single glance.
There are colored rings around the speed that indicate what mode you're riding on. And you can toggle between different settings and preferences on the display to customize the scooter to your liking. There's no app, but with everything the display does right, an app would be rendered useless.
There's a USB port on the bottom, which we figure is probably just for updating firmware–we tried charging a phone there, but it didn't work.
Emove roadrunner Pro left handle controls
Then you've got the typical buttons for headlight, turn signals with indicator lights on them, but they're kind of dim in daylight, and the horn, all located on the right side of the handlebars.


It's impossible to miss the large headlight positioned high between the front stems. The size of the light fixture is somewhat disproportionate to the scooter's size, but given how well it lights up the path, you'll immediately grow into it. It's a huge step up, literally, from the EMOVE RoadRunner Tronic that did not come with a headlight. Plus, it rocks not to get an aftermarket light.

The new turn signals look pretty cool. You can use them for turning or for hazard lights. Note that they don't work at the same time as the brake lights, so be sure to let go of the brakes when you're waiting to turn.


This next one is a game-changer. On almost every scooter ever made, you have to choose between A) tubeless tires, that are more resistant to getting flats, and B) split rims, which make tire changes easier. The reason why you almost can't get both tubeless and split rims at the same time is because how do you bolt two halves of a wheel together and make the wheel air-tight in the middle?

In the past, we've heard of something like this from Dualtron, but we've never actually seen it firsthand until now. The RoadRuner Pro has split rims and tubeless tires. It works for this scooter because there's an o-ring sandwiched between the two halves of the wheels. This allowed Voro to mount the large 14 inch by 2.8 inch tubeless tires that feel great on the road and will be an absolute breeze when changing.

Just as Segway popularized tubeless tires with the Ninebot Max, we hope other brands are watching and follow suit.


There's no deck on the RoadRunner. Instead, you get well-designed foot pegs that allow you to firmly plant your feet as you ride along on this amazing electric scooter. 

Build Quality

Emove roadrunner Pro portrait in front of led's
The RoadRunner's design is somewhere between an e-bike and an electric scooter. However, due to the footpegs, it is technically a scooter. It comes in standard black, with RoadRunner Pro branded on the side and VM (Voro Motors) machine-cut at the seat base. The front has beautiful dual-crown forks, a physically large bright headlight, and a big loud horn.
Emove roadrunner Pro display
In the middle of the 31 inch handlebars is Voro's full-color [esg_unit 3.5-inch 1] TFT display, that's one of the best we've seen. This was a major upgrade from the simple one on the RoadRunner base model. It's easy to read in sunlight, gives you an almost distracting level of information, and is relatively easy to work with. At some point, we'd love to see displays like this go touch screen, but that might not be possible because it could freak out in the rain.

Speaking of which, the scooter does not come with an IP rating. Voro rates it safe for use in light rain, but that's as much information as they give. Remember, warranties don't cover water damage, so steer clear of riding in wet weather. Regardless, we love the great fender protection, and especially the solid adjustable front fender. This little detail could come in handy should you need to ride through puddles.
Emove roadrunner Pro Body shot
The huge, super bright headlight looks somewhat exaggerated for some people, but knowing how important lighting is for night safety, we say go big or go home. On the other hand, the motorcycle-grade horn is great in traffic but too loud to use on a bike path. The new turn signals look pretty cool. You can use them for turning or for hazard lights.
We love the new, longer, and thicker seat for guaranteed comfort–20 inches by 7.9 inches by 3.5 inches. The reason why it's so comfortable is that the inside is filled with supple memory foam. To preserve it from daily wear and tear and the effects of the scorching sun (we've already ruled out leaving it n the rain) when parked outside, it is covered in a wear-resistant, heat-resistant fabric that ensures it stays in good condition.


This scooter had enough safety features to warrant a safety section in the video review. That's big for us since, with most other scooters, the safety features are pretty standard and are not always worth mentioning. 

Some of the advantages the RoadRunner has in terms of safety include the big wheels that give the scooter better stability. The scooter also has a low center of gravity that makes you less likely to put yourself over the handlebars.

Next, believe it or not, faster can sometimes be safer too. There are definitely times when the bike lane is too narrow, and it feels safer flowing with traffic rather than being squeezed between traffic and parked cars. 

And in terms of theft protection, the higher weight, removable battery, locking dashboard, and tons of locking points all keep the scooter safe by making it harder to steal if you leave it parked.


Like all of Voro's scooters, the RoadRunner Pro has a standard one-year warranty. There are requirements one must meet to make a warranty claim, e.g., you need to present your proof of purchase, your warranty is void if the scooter was used commercially, you also void the warranty when you engage in competitions (which is tempting with a scooter this fast), etc. Voro outlines their extensive warranty inclusions and exclusions on the website, and you can always contact them to get further information.

Emove RoadRunner Pro: Review Conclusion

So, who is the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro for? 

If you're looking for a commuter that will get you across town as fast as a motorcycle, you can actually do that with the base model because it goes 35 mph. But, on the base model, you'll find yourself using full throttle probably most of the time. 

On the other hand, on the Pro, the whole time, your throttle is pretty much right in the sweet spot. And that is a nice feeling, whether you're commuting, sport-riding, or leaving your riding buddies choking on your 55 mph dust. Again, the whole scooter has a similar in-the-zone feel pretty much all the time. 

After spending a week with the RoadRunner Pro, we think it's definitely worth adding one more criteria to your search: seat-or-no-seat because the cockpit of this seated scooter is a nice place to be.

We have the video review–check it out to get a visual of everything we've described, and leave us a like if you like our content. Follow us if you haven't, and remember to share with a friend.
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Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
EMOVE RoadRunner Pro
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT
Minimotors Dualtron Victor Luxury
top speed icon of speedometer
Top Speed**
54.7 mph
45.3 mph
46.2 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
32.3 mi
44.2 mi
42.0 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
115.8 lb
86.0 lb
76.8 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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