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May 25, 2021

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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2 Segway GT1s ridden side by side
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We tested the Segway’s GT1 and consider this the blueprint for what to expect from electric scooters in the near future.

Segway’s range of beast scooters is here, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the Segway GT Series. The Segway GT1, our scooter of interest, is an excellent choice for your transportation needs if you can afford it. The alternative GT scooter is the GT2, which comes equipped with two motors versus the GT1’s single motor.

The GT1 holds its own, even against its big brother, and remains fast and powerful with features that make both commuting as well as leisure riding easy peasy! The only downside? Well, at $3900 or so… But if the price doesn’t bother you, this luxury scooter will more than deliver on every promise made by its name–it surely pays off in terms of efficiency.
pros icon of thumbs up
Stable Riding Experience
Unbeaten Ride Comfort
Modern and Edgy Aesthetics
Large and Ultra-Comfortable Deck
Cheaper Alternative to GT2
cons icon of thumbs down
The LCD Display Could Be Brighter
Bulky and Cumbersome
Average Top Speed and Range for its Class

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
55.5 km/h**
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
150 kg**
weight icon of kettlebell
47.6 kg**
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
35.2 km**
acceleration icon of stop watch
2.3 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Segway GT1 is not available in Australia.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Segway GT1 Alternatives & Competitors

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Burn-E 2
The Burn-E 2 is our favourite. It has more range but is less stable.
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Segway GT1 Review Summary

We’re calling the Segway GT Series, GT1, the “adventurous chic” electric scooter, as each of its parts explodes with personality and power. It has an elegant, clean-cut design that makes it stand out among other vehicles on roadways (and even sidewalks!). If we were to pick one word for this incredible piece of equipment? Luxurious! The Segway GT1 is the high-end scooter of the season, perfect for those with a little extra money to burn.

The GT1 may not have the same rugged look as other models, but who cares when you’re riding around in such style, not to mention comfort? Thanks to the dual adjustable suspension, ultra-sized deck, and plush air-filled tires, you will experience comfort no matter where your ride takes you. Meanwhile, the torquey motors keep up with traffic without slowing down on hillsides or losing power because you loaded up your backpack with an extra 9.07 kg of rocks.

For you thrill-seekers, this scooter is perfect for you. It rocks a pair of self-healing tires, which ensure safe passage even when conditions get tough. While you’re at it, push the throttle to its limit and hit that 35 mph top speed. The dual hydraulic disk braking is one of the best we’ve tested, so you can rest assured the e-scooter will reach a safe stop when needed. Again, you have about 35.41 km of range when riding at top speed–a little more if you ride conservatively. This electric scooter is adventure-certified in our books.

And we know all these are standard for performance scooters, but there’s an almost poetic intricacy to how the GT1 delivers your ride experience. For one, the motorcycle-style twist throttle is something we hope gets replicated across all scooters in the coming generations. Also, Segway has set a new standard with lighting–it’s not just about the number of fixtures. See and be seen on the road is what Segway’s top-tier lighting system is saying. But best of all, Segway turned their front double wishbone suspension into the focal point of their aesthetics, and they couldn’t have done a better job blending form and function.

Segway is no underdog in the electric scooter space. But they’ve released a 2-series scooter line: GT1 and GT2, whose performance is comparable to the beastmasters: Kaabo, Dualtron, Nami, and Apollo, among others. We applaud this market shakeup and hope Segway doesn’t stop there. They are doing things differently, and from the initial feedback, the riding community is definitely craving for ‘different.’

Our Take: A Middle Ground for Cutting Edge and Bleeding Edge in Transportation Tech.

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Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?


The GT1’s sturdy construction accommodates most riders, regardless of the terrain and road conditions.

The torquey and powerful motors with a 3000W peak power can haul a max rider weight of up to 149.69 kg, which is ideal for most people. The weight capacity is complemented by the extra-spacious deck that allows riders to adopt their favorite riding styles regardless of foot size–it’s just that spacious.

It gets better. The battery also carries enough juice to ensure that heavy riders get decent mileage. Heavy riders can also enjoy power going up hillsides, as long as the battery retains a decent amount of charge. However, unlike most other e-scooters, the scooter doesn’t really let up even on battery levels as low as 20% and still delivers decent speeds.

But that’s not even the best part. With 15 levels of adjustability, heavy riders can fine-tune the suspensions to their exact desirability and then hop off curbs or rollover road obstacles to experience world-class shock absorption.

Segway GT1 Review


For a single motor scooter, the GT1 is here to show off. The easy and natural motion of riding the Segway GT1 is one that you can't help but enjoy. It has excellent acceleration, which allows for moderate starts without suddenly jerky movements, and as you increase speed, the acceleration really packs a punch. The GT1 is a real racing machine!

Segway claims that the GT1 covers 7.5 seconds acceleration time before hitting the 18.64 km/h mark, but we got there in less. Our tests registered 5.5 seconds, two tenths behind the quickest light-heavyweight scooter we've ever tested: the Vsett 10+, which hits 18.64 km/h in 5.3 seconds.

Top Speed

We've ridden faster but remain pretty impressed by the single motor Segway GT Series electric scooter. The GT1 gave us a best-in-class top speed. The GT1 clocked 21.44 km/h against the stated 23.18 km/h. This max speed makes the scooter not just incredibly fast, but the fastest single-motor scooter we've ever tested. 

The GT1 is also competitive with many dual-motor light-heavyweight e-scooters (which we currently define roughly as approx. 31.75 kg and with 25.4 cm tires), such as the Apollo Phantom. The GT1 comes with 4-speed modes, but the Boost mode (present in GT2) is not present on this one.

Segway's stated top speed is probably within reach should we replicate their 'ideal conditions.' However, riders can regulate their maximum speed to a comfortable limit via the dedicated modes. Use the dedicated supercar-like shifting knob to pick your desired riding mode, whose top speeds are as below:

- Park mode: 0 km/h. It automatically engages if you park or stop for more than 5 seconds.

- Walk mode: 2.3 km/h

- Eco mode: 15.47 km/h

- Sport mode:23.18 km/h

- Race mode: 23.18 km/h

Further testing revealed some interesting facts. For instance, the acceleration rapidly declined when the battery had depleted to about 30%. However, it still maintained 18.64 km/h when scaling hills in this state of charge. As it hit 10%, the speed dropped to 12.43 km/h and stayed that way till the battery was fully drained.

Hill Climb

We love high-performance electric scooters like this one because they're easy enough for casual rides but still provide a satisfying boost when you need it most (like on those steep hills). The GT1 is a powerful and fast single-motor scooter that will eat any hill for breakfast. We took it on our usual 10% grade, 60-meter long test slope to see how well it performed—and man did it deliver! With an average speed of 9.32 km/h from a standing start, we were able to achieve better times than about half the dual-motor models tested.


We found that the advertised range for this scooter is slightly overstated, but we still managed to get a long ride during our test. It should be noted manufacturers often quote range at near-perfect conditions and conservative speeds, which reduces significantly when riding outside of those ideal settings. So, do expect lower results in reality.

The GT1 is advertised as having a 70.01 km range, but we found that it only lasts 35.24 km on Race mode thanks to its relatively small battery–which you can get more of by running in Sport or Eco modes (though they come with slightly different performance). To test how far each of our scooters actually goes per charge, every model gets ridden at full speed using its fastest setting and riding style.

The GT1 kept going for ½ a mile after the last bar of the battery meter started flashing. After it stopped, I attempted a restart, and much to my surprise, the scooter came on. I was able to engage Wak mode. Of course, I wasn't walking that last half mile dragging the bulky scooter alongside. Instead, I rode through that last leg at a measly 1.86 km/h and somehow made it back to HQ.

A 52V, 1008 Wh battery powers this electric scooter. The battery gets quite hot, being the workhorse that it is, and Segway installed vents that allow cool air passage to keep the battery from overheating, thus preserving its lifespan. The battery charges in 12 hours on a single charger and 6 hours if you take advantage of the 2 chargers that come with the scooter and the dedicated dual-charging port. Avoid fast charges as they have been known to decrease the battery's lifespan.


Welcome to world-class braking. This electric scooter has the second-best braking power we've encountered, falling slightly behind its big brother, the Segway GT Series– GT2. The GT1 stopped from 15 mph in just 2.9 m, while the GT2 halted in 2.87 m. This is no mean feat–pun intended–and we'll explain how the GT1 (and the GT2, by extension) achieve it.

First, in the absence of regenerative braking, the stopping power depends on how hard you tug at the levers. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a safe ride by giving you total control over stopping. And not just that, this brand of hydraulics is quite new to us. The powerful braking system is superior to our former bests–Nutt and Zoom brakes. The only brand that performs similarly is the one on the Nami Burn E2, the Logan brakes. 

The design is also out of the ordinary and comes as small and thick 140 mm rotors not common in high-performance scooters. The reduced diameter dimensions have a less grabby quality, making it possible to avoid skidding in slippery surfaces. They are also thicker by about 38%, making them less susceptible to bending, warping, and overheating. This ensures that the brake response stays in ship shape even after repeated hard use.

Finally, the Segway App makes some pretty new accommodations when it comes to braking options. It facilitates an expert-only feature that disables 'brake priority .'What this means is that activating the brakes won't necessarily deactivate the throttle and that you can apply both throttle and brake at a go. As I mentioned, expert-only, so don't go giving this a try till you know what you're doing.

Ride Quality

Ride quality falls in line with the rest of our bests. We love, if not adore, the ride quality on the GT1. There are many reasons why the GT1 delivers the most exciting rides, and I'll jump right in:

The motorcycle-style twist throttle makes for a better riding experience. It feels easy enough that even someone without prior experience will be able to adapt smoothly. And not only does it have an intuitive design, but it also has no dead zone at the beginning of travel. The throttle gives you a quick response without being abrupt. Then as you pick up on speed, you feel the acceleration really kick in.

As the punch kicks in, you might find it hard to stay at a certain speed as the acceleration can get overbearing. However, what's that when you have the greatest cruise control? Hit the cruise button at your preferred speed and coast freely down the street. This feels like an excellent step up from the 5 seconds throttle hold or toggling through display modes mid-ride. The only thing simpler is getting off cruise mode, which only requires you to hit the brakes or throttle. We look forward to heavy borrowing of this design concept.

And what's a discussion on a smooth ride without mentioning the shocks. The GT1 comes with a very aesthetic front double-wishbone suspension and rear trailing-arm suspension. The adjustable front and rear shocks give you 15 levels of adjustment, controlled by two individual dedicated knobs. Adjust the hydraulic suspensions to achieve fast or slow rebound, based on your preferred riding style, track conditions, and especially weight class. Regardless, you can personalize them for the best stability and handling. Again, both models of the superscooter GT series offer average off-road capabilities, so you can ride segway’s GT1 on your favourite adventurous trail and still enjoy a comfortable ride.

Speaking of stability, the GT1 could very well be the new stability champ, knocking out the former leader, the Wolf King GT. Even at top speed, this scooter is more stable than the versions we've tried with steering dampers, e.g., the Nami scooters. We attribute this to the design structure that incorporates an 18-degree rake angle (larger than anything we've seen before) or the girder on the front–we can't tell for sure. Whatever the reason, it's working.

Lastly, there are other design elements that supplement the above-stated features to give the best ride quality. The large air-filled tires offer additional cushioning and raise the deck significantly off the ground to allow easier cruising over obstacles. The deck is spacious, with an ergonomic design that you'll appreciate even more on long rides. The foot and palm contact areas are also covered in textured rubber to ensure that there's no slipping, even in wet weather conditions.
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Segway GT1 Features


The truth is, not everything in life can be perfect, no matter how hard you try. And while the GT1 is seemingly perfect, there's a big BUT. It is not portable. Even compared to other performance scooters, the scooter is still heavier, taller, and with longer folded dimensions than any scooter we've interacted with. It weighs 47.63 kg and folds down to 58.42 cm x 25.91 cm x 33.78 cm (LxWxH). This qualifies it as the second-longest scooter we've had the pleasure of testing.

The situation would be salvageable if the stem could latch down to the deck, but it only folds halfway onto itself. You will struggle to get this to fit the trunk of a regular sedan or mini SUV. In fact, it only safely fits the back seat in most cars. Also, without an elevator, you will have a rough time going up the stairs. On the plus side, nobody's going to be making off with your scooter despite the Sentinel feature (more on that later)


Segway GT1 cockpit shot
The cockpit on the GT2 is all the rage currently–it's transparent and looks like the heads-up display on a fighter jet. Unfortunately, the PM OLED is not found on our scooter, and that's one of the key differentiators between the GT scooters. The GT1 comes with a regular old centrally-located digital screen that's a bit more difficult to read in direct sunlight. However, the displays on both GT scooters play into the edgy aesthetics of the scooters' racing-style cockpit.

The throttle is a refreshing twist-grip style. On the well-laid-out cockpit, you'll also see several buttons like the Mode button, On/Off switch, and Turn signals button With just a tap or double-tap, you can activate your desired function. You don't even have to take your eyes off the road once you master the layout of your dash.

Through the display, you can keep track of battery status, different riding modes, light status, cruise function, speed, and turning signal lights. Also, note that you won't be accessorizing as the handlebars are already pretty stuffed with controls.

The handlebar is cluttered with controls on both sides, making it impossible to mount auxiliary devices like phone holders.


Another best, and this time we're discussing the industry-leading lighting profile on the GT1. Segway capitalizes on both quantity and quality when it comes to the GT1's visibility. To start us off, there's the 900-lumen main headlight that projects a beam up to 80 meters ahead. This illumination level goes head to head with normal halogen bulbs in a car that projects 700-lumen beams under low settings.

During the day, you can spot LED daytime running lights on the GT1, which is pretty cool and aesthetic. The scooter also has a set of turn signal lights drooping from either handlebar for the front and rear ones embedded to the back of the deck. There's also a tail/brake light that's centrally located in the rear, which accounts for further safety consideration.

And in true luxury fashion, the scooter also rocks a pair of ambient LED lights. They are rear-located on the sides of the footrest and are customizable to 11 different modes on the Segway app. Your night-time riding is further enhanced by a number of E-mark-certified reflectors located on the front, sides, and rear.


Segway GT1 front tire
We absolutely love the self-healing tires on the GT1. We love the fact that minor punctures will not warrant immediate repair thanks to the self-sealing function. Again, they come pre-slimed, so you can take it out on an adventure right after unboxing (and, of course, charging) and not worry about fixing multiple punctures before getting to really enjoy the scooter.

The tires are also large, measuring 27.94 cm x 9.14 cm. The 27.94 cm tire size provides excellent ride quality, great grip and stability, and good control and steering, even in slippery roads or when riding at incredible speeds. They are also wide to increase traction between the wheel and riding track. Plus, the height allows the scooter to roll easily over obstacles without scraping the scooter's underbelly.


There are only so many times you can fall in love, and one of them is definitely the moment you feast your eyes on the GT1's deck. Long? Very. Wide? Definitely. Want to shuffle your feet mid-ride? Now you can, thanks to the 68.58 cm x [rg_unit value="9.5 in") footplate. Also, enjoy the textured rubber padding that guarantees a firm stand and maximum ride comfort.

The design will capture your intrigue as the front end forms a sort of slip pocket for your front foot. The deck wraps around the front foot behind the fender to bring you extra protection from debris and splashes. You don't see that every day. Again the rear end rises in a wedge to give your back foot a resting angle. If nothing else impresses you about the scooter, I'm sure they will take care of that.

Build Quality

With all that talk about aesthetics, by now, you know that this is a beautifully designed scooter. The body is so flawless, it could only have been carved out of a solid piece of scootanium. Forgotten where that falls in the periodic table? We got you.
Scooteranium on Table of Elements
Segway has really gone all out with their newest generation of ground transportation. The engineers certainly didn't hold back, especially with the durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The wiring is neatly concealed to give the scooter a truly neat look. Then there's the state-of-the-art app, whose function is more than a gimmick—it actually functions. 

The Segway app allows you to turn on zero-start, customize your ambient lights, and activate some never before seen features, like the one that lets you use the brakes and throttle simultaneously. How about the anti-theft mechanism–Sentinel mode, that locks the wheels in place. And if someone tries to move the scooter a little, it lights up and makes a lot of noise if they persist on moving it some more.

How else does this scooter set itself apart? Let's get into it.

- The high-performance batteries have a Heat Flux Multi-layer Cooling system, which literally means a bunch of air channels running down the side of the deck letting cool airflow over hot radiators to bring down battery temperatures. 

- The security Torx screws where the handlebars mount.

- The rubber edge at the front of the fairings. 

- The neatly hidden charging port rubber seal

- The front foot pocket that forms where the deck curves over the rider's foot as extra fender protection

- The IPX4 water resistance rating feels very conservative in comparison but protects the scooter from light splashes or showers. But with the number of openings on this scooter, we remain a little skeptical about exposing these electric scooters to any form of water.

- The horn sounds kind of goofy, but it's easy to reach and allows for a polite beep or repeated use to get your point across.

- The optional Bluetooth speaker lets you make vroom vroom noises. It sounds silly, but it could also be a lot of fun and help pedestrians hear you coming.
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Segway GT1 in front of marble wall
So, if you are considering getting yourself a Segway GT Series–GT1 scooter, I have no hesitation in recommending that you do. It's a fantastic bit of kit and represents excellent value for money, especially when compared to other dual motor scooters on the market. The electric scooter is fast, it has a long range, and it's packed with cutting-edge innovation. Plus, it delivers a really comfortable riding experience – even on hills and off-road tracks. The only downside is that it's a little bit more expensive than what you'd expect of a single motor scooter–but we're pretty confident that you will have no regrets if you decide to purchase it.
The Air feels weatherproof | Credit: Richard S. / ESG
Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Segway GT1
Apollo Phantom V1 (52V)
Dualtron Victor
Top Speed**
55.5 km/h
70.5 km/h
62.9 km/h
69.7 km/h
73.2 km/h
tested range icon of a path between to points
35.2 km
79 km
45.7 km
54.1 km
63.2 km
weight icon of kettlebell
47.6 kg
46 kg
32.5 kg
36.2 kg
33.7 kg
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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