Segway Ninebot MAX G2
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May 16, 2023

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The sequel to one of the most legendary scooters we’ve had the pleasure of testing, and one that brings us more of everything we love from range to top speed, ride comfort, and a phenomenal feature set.

For about 4 years, the Ninebot Max G30 has been the answer to the question, “What’s a good scooter to buy.” There are so many reasons why–but the scooter’s range and reliability for its price remained unbeaten for a long time, even as the industry experienced a heavy tech revolution and as consumers grew more demanding.

But this is a fast-paced industry, and other scooters were bound to catch up with the Ninebot Max G2 sooner or later–and they did. So Segway had to get back to the drawing board and up the ante on what was already a legend of a scooter. Today, we go into great detail about the upgrades we’ve seen on the Max G2 and whether or not this scooter cuts it as the new benchmark.

pros icon of thumbs up
New Suspension Is Awesome
Performance And Range Exceeded Expectations
The App And Apple Find-My Give Much Deeper Control And Security Than Before
cons icon of thumbs down
10 Lbs Heavier Than The Original
Price Higher Than Max G30
You'll Have To Wait Until June To Get One (Perfect For Peak Summer Riding Season)

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
21.7 mph
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb
weight icon of kettlebell
53.5 lb
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
26.6 mi
acceleration icon of stop watch
4.1 s
Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 is available in United States from Segway Store.
Our content is independent, but using our links supports our hard work!

Segway Ninebot Max G2 Alternatives & Competitors

Apollo Logo
Air 2022
By far the most portable of the group, the Apollo Air is 15 pounds Lighter than the G2 and is the only comparison scooter with a dedicated regen brake lever and an IP66 water resistance rating.

But while it's fast on flat ground, it's not quite as good at climbing hills, and no surprise this 28% lighter scooter has 27% less range than the G2.
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Okai Logo
Neon Pro
Like the Segway-Ninebot and NIU, Okai proved their reliability by building scooters for the sharing market.

The Okai NEON Pro also has tons of range-and-speed relative to its price and some unique safety features, like a Bluetooth-enabled helmet. But, again no suspension, and it is a front-wheel drive, something that not everyone has a preference, but to us, it doesn't feel quite as good as rear-wheel drive. 
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NIU Logo
ec best Logo
The NIU KQi3 MAX is an equally solid build with high performance, long-range, and huge stopping power from dual disc brakes. But the app is nowhere near as deep, and the ride isn't as smooth since it lacks suspension. The stronger brakes also require a bit more skill to use, which are nice, but aren't for everyone.
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Segway MAX G2 Review Summary

The Max G2 marks the beginning of the second act in the ultra-popular Ninebot Max production. The original Max and its flanker, the G30 LP, dominated the commuter class of scooters for a few years with their unique reliability, long range for this class, and at price that didn’t burn holes through the pocket. However, it wasn’t long before other scooter manufacturers caught on to the formula of the Ninebot Max’s success and replicated it–even bettered it in some cases–to give us a sea of Ninebot Max alternatives.

But now comes about the Max G2, the long-awaited successor, and one we’re glad Segway took time creating because it is simply a masterpiece. While the company has yet to announce the official price, the model is currently available for presale on Best Buy at a cost of $799.

However, all that aside, here’s why we’re gaga over the Max G2. First, the nominal power is up from 350W to 450W, and Max Power is now 1000W. You see the impact in the tested performance numbers, which are significantly better than on the original Max–the top speed is higher, and it has faster acceleration and hill climb. Braking distance is longer, but that’s primarily because the brakes are tuned to be less intense and never throw you over the bars.

The Ninebot Max G2, despite having a similar battery to the original Max, surpasses its tested range by a whole 5 miles thanks to proprietary tech Segway is calling RideyLong. We’ll explain at length how Segway increases motor efficiency and pairs that with the tires’ rolling resistance to greatly impact the range.

The new G2 scooter also comes fitted with a hydraulic suspension up front in addition to the dual rear spring shocks. The ride quality is resultantly phenomenal. And we have other here-and-there features that further fine-tune ride quality, like traction control, cruise control, a larger deck, taller and wider bars, smooth braking, and a very responsive throttle.

Finally, the scooter pairs with the Ninebot Max app, where you get a host of other functionalities that let you customize your ride. The app is also a key safety feature–which we’ll get into. Well, that and the fact that the Ninebot Max G2 is the first scooter that we know of with the AppleFindMy feature.

If your interest is piqued, then read along for our raw opinion after several days of testing.

Our Take: The New BenchMark With More of Everything

See Segway Ninebot MAX G2

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

man riding the segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter in the bike lane

This could easily be a big dawg’s favorite commuter.

It has everything we look for in bigger-rider recommendations, like a high rider weight capacity of 265 lbs, similar to performance scooters like the Mantis King GT and the Dualtron Thunder II. The Max G2 also has A-class suspension; it is spacious enough on the bars and at the deck to accommodate the bigger rider, and it has 41-inch tall bars that prevent awkward hunching mid-ride. We also feel that the RideyLong tech allows better performance for riders across the board.

Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

21.7 mph


26.6 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

12 ft

Hill Climb



0 to 15 mph

4.1 s

0 to 20 mph

7.3 s

0 to 25 mph


0 to 30 mph


0 to 35 mph


0 to 40 mph

man riding the segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter in the bike lane fast

The Ninebot Max G2 is the quickest scooter in its class. From a standing start, the scooter accelerates to 15 mph in just 4.1 seconds, which is 32% quicker than the original Max that recorded 6.0 seconds for the same splint. Competitors like the NIU KQi3 Max get to 15 mph in 4.6 seconds, while the Okai Neon Pro is a tad slower at 4.8 seconds. 

Should you need to adjust the intensity of the scooter’s acceleration, there’s a provision to do so on the app. Segway also set this up so that it can be done independently of adjusting the top speed. And, if, like us, you just want to get going, you can set it up to Zero Start by changing the starting speed to 0 mph (still on the app).

Top Speed

The Max G2 electric scooter’s spec sheet claims a top speed of 20 mph. Usually, we warn riders that scooter speedometers (like car speedometers) tend to overestimate the speed readings. However, on this scooter, it was the opposite as the G2 recorded a sustained top speed of 21.7 mph on our prograde tools while showing 21 mph on the speedo

This may not be the fastest scooter if you’re looking for a high-performance-based vehicle. However, in its class of scooters, few scooters record speeds higher than 20 mph, both for safety and regulatory adherence. In fact, if your local laws allow it, you must first unlock the app’s peak speed from the default 20 mph. The speed can also be customized to three riding modes: Eco, Drive, and Sport.

The Max G2 has little competition performance-wise in its class, with the only scooters matching its speed (without sacrificing on range and cost) being the KQi3 Max at 22 mph, the Neon Pro at 20.5 mph, the Freeride Horizon at 24 mph, and the new Unagi Model One Voyager at 20 mph.

Hill Climb

The 450-watt motor with 1000 watts of peak power does a stellar job scaling hills. We take all our scooters on a 200 ft 10% hill, and the Max G2 scooter got to the top in just 13.7 seconds, sustaining an average speed of 10 mph. During the range test, Paul reports that he was going 18 mph up steep 4 to 6% grade hills, even with just 50% of the battery remaining. This data crowns the Max G2 as the fastest scooter on hills in its class.

For perspective, the comparison scooters, the KQi3 Max and the Neon Pro scale the same hill in 14.4 seconds and 15 seconds, respectively. The Max G2 even beats more expensive and equally popular e-scooters like the Apollo City 2022 at 13.9 seconds, the Mercane Jubel at 14.9 seconds, and the Taur at 17.4 seconds.


This might be the most interesting bit about the Ninebot Max G2 scooters–well, this and the suspension, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The Max G2 carries the same 551 wh battery that we saw on the original Max but somehow manages a tested range of 26.6 miles against the original Max’s record-setting 21.6 miles. How did Segway do it, despite the G2 being both faster and heavier?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Segway made the scooter more efficient by developing special low-rolling-resistance tires, optimizing the motor and the controller, and then named the whole package: RideyLong, which, while it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, clearly works. This new-found efficiency is the reason behind the Max G2’s quicker acceleration, higher top speed, and of course, better range.

Below is an extract of the official range figures provided by Segway, detailing the range of the new Max G2 scooter at various speeds when tested on flat ground. Our tests are conducted on a challenging, hilly course–but given our findings, the numbers by Segway look believable.

official range figures provided by segway for the segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter

It also goes without saying that the Max G2, like the original Max, is a range benchmark. Last year we curated a list of Ninebot Max alternatives–but Segway one-upped them all and gave us the ultimate Max alternative in the G2.


segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter front wheel braking

Braking is controlled with a single lever on the left side, which activates the front drum and rear regen brake. The brakes are very similar to the ones in the previous generation and very low maintenance, but they work a little differently. They feel like they’re tuned to be a little less intense. So the G2’s 12ft stopping distance from 15 mph is almost a foot longer than our tests of the original G30 Max. But the benefit is no matter how hard you brake, you won’t go over the handlebars.

Like speed and acceleration, you can control energy recovery on the app. When set to medium or strong, it automatically applies a small amount of regen brake when you release the throttle.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scootersegway ninebot max g2 electric scooter back wheel braking

Ride Quality

We’ve already hinted that the ride quality on the Max G2 is that much better than anything at this price point–now we’ll tell you exactly how. The ride feels extremely goodyou feel completely planted, and it’s really something you’ll want to ride over and over again.

The biggest and most obvious change is the new suspension, which makes long rides much more comfortable and gives you better cornering. We thought the front suspension would be just a shaft and a spring, like the Segway Ninebot ES4, but there’s a hydraulic front shock under the rubber cover. This is what makes the MAX G2’s front end feel ultra plush. 

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter back wheel suspension

Then there’s the suspension setup in the rear comprising dual adjustable spring suspension. You can adjust them to be as stiff or soft as you desire using only your hands or the Allen key that comes with the scooter.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter deck

The standing space is adequate and the same size as the original Max’s. However, with the G2, you get even more space thanks to the extra lip that allows you to rest your heel. The handlebars are delightfully taller and 4 inches wider than the original Max, giving the scooter overall great ergonomics for different-sized riders.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter horn and traction and cruise control

Then there’s the feature we saw and loved on the much bigger Segway GT2  that has been incorporated into the Max G2’s DNA: traction control. On dry pavement, the MAX G2 has so much traction that you don’t need traction control. However, we can see it handy in wet conditions and possibly off-road. And yes, you will enjoy taking the G2 on dirt roads thanks to the added ground clearance and good suspension.

Also, like the GT2, the Max G2 scooter has cruise control, adding to the fun potential. Hold the turn signal switch for about a second to engage cruise control, and it locks in your speed. Alternatively, you can go for the more conventional method, holding steady speed for 5 seconds with the throttle, and cruise kicks in. To exit the cruise, you just tap the throttle or brakes like usual. 

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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Features


Compared to the original Max, the Max G2 scooter is a little less portable. First, the folded length of the G2 stands at 47.5, which might be a tight squeeze for spaces like your car trunk. Then there’s the issue of the scooter’s weight. The G2 weighs a whopping 53.5 lbs–so if you have to carry it up some flights of stairs, you should consider that.

However, we should note that the extra weight is not felt when riding the scooter. In fact, the scooter feels stronger, as evidenced by the higher rider weight capacity of 265 lbs. And if a few extra pounds is the trade-off for the smooth suspension, then it’s one we’re happy to make.

That said, the folding mechanism has a new, faster latch but still has the same reliable yet slightly-awkward deck latch that’s off to one side.


The cockpit is nowhere near as exciting as what we got with last year’s GT2 or even the GT1, but it suffices. The dash is the same simple one we saw on the original Max. It’s single-button operated and displays the speed prominently; it has turn signal indicators, a mode indicator, and a 5-bar battery status indicator. It is not the brightest, but it does a decent enough job.

To supplement the display’s functionality is the Ninebot App, which connects to your Bluetooth-enabled G2. The App is free, available on all app stores, and has more features with the G2 than with base model Ninebot scooters like the new E2. 

We thought it would be interesting to point out that the Ninebot App is so ground breaking  that it received two major awards: the 2022 IF Award UI/UX International Design award for providing an extraordinarily excellent interactive experience. The second award was the 2022 Red Dot International Design Award for, well, the design.

The Smart Riding Assistant (app) allows you to lock or unlock your scooter, shows your riding status, has a range remaining counter, activates walk mode, and allows for firmware updates. Riders will also appreciate the Help and Feedback module that integrates the user manual, a function-introduction feature, riding safety awareness, after-sale support, and Q&A forums that are quite handy in solving scooter related issues.

iPhone and other iOS device users will delight in the AppleFindMy functionality. Once you’ve paired your kick scooter with the Segway Ninebot app, you can track the scooter’s exact global location in the sea of millions of other iOS devices via the FindMy app. This function is not available for Android users.


segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter rear light

The Ninebot Max G2 has a 2.1 W front high-mounted headlight to light the way ahead and stay visible to other road users. It also has reflectors to increase low-light visibility. The rear light flashes to indicate braking. And what’s probably the most interesting light feature are the ultra-bright integrated turn signals that are up high on the handlebars where cars can see them from the front or back. 

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter handle light


segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter front tire

The original Max was one of the first scooters to use 10″ tubeless tires, and also the first to come with tires that self-seal. The new Ninebot MAX G2 comes with next-generation low-rolling resistance, tubeless 10″ tires with a new flat-resistant coating inside. Segway is calling them the RideyLONG™ self-sealing pneumatic tubeless tires.

We tested them (obviously). Paul rode the scooter over an entire box of thumbtacks. The thumbtacks weren’t able to puncture all the way through the sticky, stretchy coating. And we were able to establish that the coating can resist punctures from objects up to about 1 inch long


segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter deck

The deck is sufficiently spacious at 19.8 inches x 7.3 inches. It feels like the original Max’s deck but with a bit of extra space due to an extra lip where riders can rest their heels. It also has a nice rubber coating that makes cleaning much easier–though not as grippy as grip tape.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter deck and rear tire

Build Quality

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter full with brick wall

You cannot definitively quantify the durability score of a scooter before it’s been ridden for miles and miles. However, going off the quality of the components and the track record held by a brand, that task gets a lot easier. And when it comes to the Max G2, all the signs point to this being the new benchmark for build quality in the commuter class of electric scooters. Here’s why:

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter handlebar controls

First, the G2 feels as good or even better than the previous generation Ninebot Max. There’s more to like than dislike about this scooter, chief among our likes being the high-mounted turn signals with switches that are quite intuitive to use–push once to turn on and once more to cancel. In the app, you can set them to beep or not beep. We’d encourage you to leave them in beep mode to be on the safe side since they don’t self-cancel.

The ring-shaped bell from the previous generation is gone and replaced by a front-firing horn built into the frame down low. The new horn is loud enough that cars will probably hear it, but you can also use a quick beep to let bikes or pedestrians know you’re coming.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter charging port

Segway really invested in the Max G2’s battery–and you can tell by this never before seen feature that’s especially good for anyone who stores their scooter during winter, the unique Smart BMS. What’s interesting about the Max G2’s smart BMS is that it lets you set an upper limit on charging of anywhere from 80 to 100%. This is important as it improves battery life since it’s bad for your battery’s health to be stored for a long time at 100% charge. If you’re interested in learning more about scooter batteries and how to properly care for them, check out our detailed technical guide.

We had hoped for an upgrade to the cockpit-style dashboard like the one from the P65 or GT1. However, the dash on the new Max G2 scooter looks almost identical to the previous generation Max, and it’s also not quite as bright as the dash on our Max G30. You can still read it in direct sunlight, just not as effortlessly.

Another thing that remains unchanged is the IP rating of IPX5. However, we’re happy to live with this one since we already thought that the waterproof rating on the Ninebot Max was already conservative. Paul, who’s worked at a couple of different sharing-scooter companies, says he saw Ninebots running 24/7, rain or shine, which is one of the reasons the Max made our list of best scooters to ride in the rain both years. They’ve also gone a step further and IPX7-proofed the battery.

segway ninebot max g2 electric scooter rear fender

The new G2 matches the original for water resistance right down to the excellent fender protection. They’ve improved the rear fender to keep it from catching on curbs. During testing, we did notice a little bit of fender rattle coming from the rear end over hard bumps, but honestly, this is just us having to really nitpick to find anything to complain about on this scooter.

On unboxing your Ninebot Max G2 electric scooter, you’ll notice that it doesn’t come with a charger. Don’t freak out; there’s a reason. This e-scooter has a fast 3A charger built right into it, so all you need is the provided cable. The battery is rated for charging at up to 5 amps. So if you want to charge even faster, you can use an optional 5A charger from Segway.

The built-in charger isn’t a new feature. In fact, the old Max had it too. But it is important to note that this is a feature we have only ever seen in a Ninebot Max. The benefit of this kind of charging system is that if you want to charge on the go, all you have to bring is the cable and not a charging brick. And if you ever lose your cord, you can pick up a replacement C5 cord on Amazon for less than $10.


This is a really safe scooter. How safe, you ask? Well, here’s the full list:

  • Park mode that prevents accidental throttle. To exit park mode, pull on the brakes.
  • State-of-the-art high-mounted, highly visible bright turn signals
  • Loud horn
  • Traction control
  • Incredible suspension that results in better traction
  • Improved throttle response 
  • Brakes that won’t put you over the handlebars
  • Larger, brighter tail light

Then the Ninebot Max G2 goes a step further with the addition of Apple Find My–a feature exclusive to Apple operating systems. As far as we know, this is the first scooter in the world that has it. It’s sort of similar to the way air tags work, so you can use it to find your scooter and find your friends! And even when the scooter is turned off, you can make it beep from the other side of a wall. 

The Segway app works on iOS and Android and has some pretty advanced security features. You can set it so the scooter makes noise and apply the brakes if anyone tries to move it, and you can even set up a secret handshake, where you can enter an unlock code with the turn signal buttons and brake lever.


The scooter is covered under a one-year limited warranty. Components subject to wear are covered under a shorter warranty, while cosmetic damage and damage from modifications are not covered. Segway lays out well-detailed guidelines on the extent of warranty coverage, and we advise that potential owners go through it for better understanding.

Segway Ninebot MAX G2: Review Conclusion

This is what Paul, the scooter expert, had to say:

I was literally giddy when the MAX G2 arrived at Rider Guide HQ, but also a little nervous that after waiting four years for the sequel to the original Max, we might end up feeling let down. But after riding the first 10 feet, my fear was gone. I was floored by how smooth this new suspension is, and as I dug deeper, by how much new stuff this “Ninebot Max with suspension” really has

That about summarizes our thoughts on the Max G2. And while it’s moved up a little in price, we believe that the gain in performance and feature set are more than keeping up with the price

It’s a scooter that serves the same set of people that the original Max targeted, which is a diverse target audience, from folks who want to commute to work every day to people who want to do long rides for fun on the weekend, and that also includes everyone from new riders to those on their third scooter. And, it is way more fun to ride than most commuters in its class. 

We have the latest pricing and discount codes. Please use our link, as it helps support our channel to make more content like this.

The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 is available in United States from Segway Store.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Segway Ninebot MAX G2: Technical Specifications

Make Segway
Model Ninebot MAX G2
Weight 53.5 lb
Folded dimensions 47.5 by 22.5 by 24 in
Motor power, continuous             450 W
Top speed 20 mph
Range 43 mi
Battery capacity 551 Wh
Battery recharge time 6 hrs
Max rider weight 265 lb
Brake type Drum+ Regenerative
Tire type 10.0 in Pneumatic +Pneumatic
Built-in lights Front + Rear
Water resistance IPX5
Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Segway Ninebot MAX G2
NIU KQi3 Max
Okai Neon Pro
Apollo Air
Top Speed**
21.7 mph
22.0 mph
20.5 mph
19.9 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
26.6 mi
23.3 mi
26.8 mi
19.5 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
53.5 lb
47.0 lb
46.6 lb
38.8 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
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