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Paul Somerville
August 11, 2022
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If you want a reliable scooter, then you should probably go with a reliable scooter manufacturer.

Uscooters has the longest proven track record in ultra-lightweight electric scooter manufacture, with experience spanning over 6 years. We’ve gotten some of the best commuters from them in the Booster and GT series. This latest release is supposed to be the most powerful–an upgraded take on the already popular GT SE (which stands for Smart Edition).

There’s one thing Uscooters does really, really well, and it’s selling ultra-lightweight, high-utility scooters with the highest speed-to-weight ratio possible. And while their product line has been SUPER confusing up until this point, one thing is certain, Uscooters are yet to disappoint. There’s something for everyone–whether it's the high-performing GT SE or the lighter, more affordable, but also less powerful Booster V. 

We’re excited to try out the "GT Sport," whose mission is to retain all the benefits UScooters is known for while dramatically outperforming all previous models, particularly on the top speed front. In this review, we’ll see whether the GT Sport maintains Uscooter’s legacy and succeeds as the best one yet.
Fastest Top Speed of Any Lightweight Scooter
App Connectivity
Tested Brand History and Scooter Longevity
More About Utility than Aesthetics
Jittery Ride Though Suspension Helps on Larger Bumps
Braking Could be Better
Wet Surfaces Traction is Not Great
Night Visibility Could be Better

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
30.0 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
275 lb**
29 lb**
Tested Range:
13.8 mi**
5.0 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The UScooters GT Sport is available in United States from UScooters.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Our Take: Ultraportability + Speed + Reliability = GT Sport

Whenever we hear of a Sports version of an already performing line, we expect the manufacturer to make dramatic tweaks to give a sport-worthy performance. Uscooters GT Sport is basically the GT SE with E-TWOW’s newest upgraded and technologically advanced sport controller. This helps the GT Sport reach top speeds of 30 mph against the original SE’s 23.4 mph–a new best in class. It really can’t be overemphasized how much faster this is compared to all previous models, at a whopping 6.6 mph faster. 

Almost always in electric scooters–and vehicles in general–brands advertise speeds and other metrics much higher than what the model will achieve in real-world performance. And this is why we at ESG put so much effort into verifying metrics with professional-grade tools for the sake of consumers. In this odd case, the GT Sport actually goes 4 mph faster than the advertised 26 mph! And we double and triple-checked this to make sure.

But it’s not just about speed. The Sport brings back the same large 48 v 10.5 Ah battery that we saw on the SE, retaining the title for largest battery on an ultraportable scooter in the UScooters GT line. The mileage dropped during our range test, but this is because the scooter moves so fast and is bound to drain the juice faster.

It’s also exciting to see that Uscooters retained Bluetooth connectivity and the mobile app, which is especially handy in unlocking zero start and locking your scooter to keep the younger ones in the family from riding without permission. And with other features like an IPX4 rating, dual spring suspension, triple braking system, and the height adjustable stem, let’s see whether the GT Sport lives up to the hype.
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Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

We’re not saying that heavy riders can’t ride the Sport, but this cannot be your go-to if you’re a big dawg.

The GT Sport scooter boasts an impressive 500 W motor, capable of producing a peak output of up to 700 W, making it a frontrunner among lightweight scooters in terms of power. Although it holds its own in this category, it falls short when compared to the sleek, dual-motor Unagi Model One, which performs admirably even when carrying heavy riders.

The GT Sport claims to accommodate riders weighing up to 275 lbs, but it's worth mentioning that you might experience the scooter's performance falter when approaching the maximum weight capacity
In the absence of a robust suspension system, coupled with the low clearance, the scooter will probably bottom out quite a bit, especially over bumps, curbs, and other road imperfections. Again, as the battery diminishes, the scooter loses quite a bit of power, and heavier riders can feel it more so. Heavy riders will also experience the struggle when attempting to go up a hill on this scooter.

The narrow deck and narrow handlebars also make for a bit of an uncomfortable ride. However, the scooter does make up for it in deck length and a 39 inch maximum handlebar height.

Uscooters GT Sport Review


The Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter is the quickest ultraportable scooter we’ve ever tested. The scooter reaches 15 mph in just 5 seconds flat. To put it in perspective, the Ninebot Max takes almost half a second longer. Compared to other electric scooters in its weight class, the GT Sport still shines, with the older Uscooters GT SE electric scooter reaching 15 mph in 5.7 seconds, the Fluid Mosquito in 5.1 seconds, and the slightly heavier but almost similarly priced Inokim Light at 5.7 seconds.

Top Speed

The GT Sport e-scooter performed as we expect of all Sport editions--it broke the speed record in the ultraportable category. The Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter achieved an ESG-certified 30 mph top speed, dethroning former speed champion Fluid Mosquito, which held the previous record at 28 mph.

This speed seemed unachievable by the lightweight GT Sport especially given that the manufacturer states the top speed as 28 mph. Granted, we had to go out and retest to eliminate the chances of a fluke in the readings or the effect of some tailwind. Getting a second and third reading of 30 mph confirmed the Sport as the new ultraportable speedster.

This max speed also makes the Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter the 3rd fastest scooter under $0. But this is quite the achievement, given that the only two scooters that beat the GT Sport are the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter, that nearly doubles the GT Sport’s weight, and the Kaabo Skywalker S, whose motor churns out 1200 w continuous power compared to 700 w on the GT Sport.

Hill Climb

There’s never an over-expectation on single motor, lightweight e-scooters in regards to hill climbing. Therefore, we really appreciate the Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter as being a good hill climber and one of the best in its weight class. The GT Sport comes second to the Unagi Model One and beats its predecessor, the GT SE electric scooter. 

The scooter climbed our 200 feet,10% test hill in 12.9 seconds, compared to the Mosquito’s 14.5 seconds and the GT SE’s 14.4 seconds. This was also a few tenths shy of the dual-motor Unagi Model One that reached the top in 12.5 seconds.

Range and Battery

The range is not too impressive, despite the 48v 10.5ah, 504 wh battery with superior Samsung cells. The Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter achieved a range value of 13.3 miles on our ESG range course, which is similar to former UScooters models. The lowered range can be attributed to the GT Sport’s higher top speed, which takes a toll on batteries. 

Competitor scooters like the Fluid Mosquito reach 16.6 miles, while the Sport’s predecessor, the Uscooters GT SE electric scooter, travels as far as 15.2 miles. The cheaper and lighter ultra-popular Xiaomi Mi M365 also achieves a longer range of 14.6 miles, though its top speed is nearly half of what the GT Sport can hit.


The scooter comes equipped with a triple braking system consisting of a thumb-activated front regen brake, a right-lever operated rear drum brake, and a friction brake. This full setup amplifies our disappointment at the scooter’s ‘just okay’ stopping power, braking to a complete stop from 15 mph in just 16.4 ft. 

You may have seen online that there was a braking issue with early units from E-TWOW for higher speeds--basically, the braking was there but far too weak. We reached out to them and received assurance from the CEO that they had fully resolved the issue. He explained that UScooters underwent significant delay and cost to ensure the hitch with braking was completely taken care of for the uncompromised safety of its riders. We’re holding them on their word.

Ride Quality

The Uscooter GT Sport is firmly designed for city riding: take it off-road, and you’ll feel its limitations. But why bother? The design is utility-centered and really great for short commuting distance on well-maintained roads.

The first culprit for poor ride quality are the 8 inch solid tires. They are great if you’re trying to keep your ride as low-maintenance as possible, but they don’t do much for the ride comfort. They are rigid and poor shock absorbers.
To balance the effect of the solid tires, the GT Sport comes with front and rear spring suspension. They’re quite basic but also pretty handy in absorbing shocks from large bumps. They, however, don’t eliminate much jarring from the more common cracks on the tracks and small bumps.

The handlebars are narrow and take a little getting used to at first. The only advantage here is that it is much easier to reach for the controls. On the other hand, the stem is pretty accommodative of different rider heights and is height-adjustable, locking in two different positions. Choose the height that works best for you for a comfortable ride experience.

As an ultraportable scooter, you also expect compromises in the scooter's dimensions. The deck takes a big hit here–it is sort of skinny, which is ideal for portability but at the expense of comfort. However, it's not bad in length; therefore, while your choices of stance may be limited, at least you won't be crowded if you have large feet.
A lot of riders tend to find a natural resting zone over the ‘rear kick plate,’ but be careful with the Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter as the rear fender doubles as a friction brake. The deck clearance is also not the largest at 3 inches, so it will take learning a few tricks to easily clear curbs. Finally, the icing on this sporty cake is the cruise control, whose convenience really just speaks for itself.
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UScooters GT Sport Features


Portability can be your whole reason for buying the GT Sport, and we’d understand why. Other than speed, the scooter’s ultra portability is its other main selling point. What’s more, this is the most lightweight a decent scooter that’s worth buying can possibly get. Yes, the Booster V and Booster Sport are lighter and take smaller folded dimensions, but the tradeoff for that is the performance.

The scooter folds down to 42 inch x 13 inch x 6 inch which are some of the smallest folded dimensions on an electric scooter. You can fold both the handlebars and the retractable stem, making storage pretty easy to access virtually anywhere. The folding process is straightforward–it folds easily with a one-step release latch and locks steadily to the fender. The GT Sport scooter is also pretty light, weighing 29.6 lbs. Your arms won’t go sore carrying it up the 50th..sorry 5th flight of stairs, or down that last mile should you run out of juice and don’t feel like kicking it all the way home. And while front-heavy, it comes with a carrying handle located right at the balance point for making transportation easy breezy.

The cockpit is very beginner friendly–it is not cluttered, and the working mechanisms are pretty self-explanatory. The GT Sport electric scooter comes with Uscooters standard display console. The colored console has 4 buttons for power on/off, settings, lights on/off, and the electric horn. The buttons are pretty straightforward to use, but their positioning is awkward and hard to see when riding. 

We also think that Uscoters should do something about the brightness of the color display. To be fair, you can still easily read the scooter's speed while riding in bright sunlight. However, the small print and sometimes jittery rides mean battery percentage is best checked while standing still.

The Sport also comes with separate brake controls for drum and regen brakes. The regen is thumb activated and left-placed–we used 100% regen braking throughout our tests. The right lever controls the rear drum brakes, and the thumb throttle is located below .


The cockpit is very beginner friendly–it is not cluttered, and the working mechanisms are pretty self-explanatory. The GT Sport electric scooter comes with Uscooters standard display console. The colored console has 4 buttons for power on/off, settings, lights on/off, and the electric horn. The buttons are pretty straightforward to use, but their positioning is awkward and hard to see when riding. 

We also think that Uscoters should do something about the brightness of the color display. To be fair, you can still easily read the scooter's speed while riding in bright sunlight. However, the small print and sometimes jittery rides mean battery percentage is best checked while standing still.

The Sport also comes with separate brake controls for drum and regen brakes. The regen is thumb activated and left-placed–we used 100% regen braking throughout our tests. The right lever controls the rear drum brakes, and the thumb throttle is located below.


At the GT Sport’s price point, we’re yet to see a scooter that really invests in lighting. The lights are there, but hardly sufficient for any sort of riding after dusk. The GT Sport has a high-mounted headlight that is not bright enough. The scooter definitely requires an aftermarket fixture if you plan on riding at night, especially considering the scooter’s newfound speed.

The fender taillight/ braking light is quite small and not all too visible. In fact, it feels like the well-positioned reflectors are the only ones working hard enough to increase your visibility from all angles, especially at night. Pressing the lights on/off button activates the headlight and taillight, and a symbol is shown on the color display. When the lights are off, the tail light still blinks when braking is activated.


Uscooters have a pair of patented 8 inch solid wheels that eliminate the stress of tire bursts that is consistent with pneumatic tires. They feature smart treads that are supposed to improve traction in slick weather. But we will forever side with the ride comfort and traction air-filled tires offer.


The deck is not our favorite, as it really compromises on width for the sake of portability. It measures 20 inches x 5 inches, which is long enough to avoid overcrowding but is not wide enough to allow diversity in riding stances. The clearance is also super low at 3 inches, and riders should brace themselves for the occasional underdeck scraping.

Build Quality

Don’t let the skinny frame fool you; this scooter is as robust as they come! Uscooters really shine when it comes to the quality of their scooters. Thousands of scooters ridden over thousands of miles, with life still left in them–and we hope the Uscooters GT Sport electric scooter can carry on that legacy.

Uscooters are known for their durability, and it starts with a sturdy frame. The scooter's parts are solid and built with the resilience necessary to withstand the rigors of daily riding. The handlebars are narrow and rest atop a 2-step height-adjustable stem that locks at either 36 inches above the deck or 39 inches. They are not littered with controls to maintain the ‘ease of use’ quality.

The deck is rubberized, as are the handlebar grips. The deck would have benefited more from grip tape for stability, but it is easier to clean. The grips on the Sport stay put–there were reports by riders of those on the SE rotating out of place mid-ride. And unlike the smaller Booster V, the GT Sport’s deck comes with a kickstand attached for easy parking.

The scooter also manages to fit the largest battery (504 wh) we’ve seen on an ultraportable scooter, mostly thanks to the energy-dense premium Samsung cells. The tradeoff, of course, is a higher price, but this was a design decision UScooters felt was worth the cost in pursuing better performance and reliability. 

Riders will also appreciate that the GT Sport also comes with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This enables the scooter to connect to Uscooters smartphone app. You don’t need to go through the P-settings to customize your ride; activate zero start, monitor performance, customize units, cap your speed to the desired limit in the absence of gear modes, turn on the lights, and lock the scooter via the companion app. The App also keeps you up-to-date with news briefings on the latest in the micro-mobility world.

The scooter is also IPX4 rated. The protection is not the best, but it beats having zero protection and getting caught in the occasional shower. We must also caution against riding in wet weather, as you get poor traction from Uscooters' patented airless tires–stick to fair weather riding when necessary.


The scooter is safest to ride in sunny weather, and during light hours. To ride in the dark, you need to pick up an aftermarket light to supplement the LED headlight as it’s not that bright. The well-positioned reflectors, however, improve visibility by other road users.

For stopping safety, the scooter incorporates a triple-braking system, comprising a front regenerative, rear drum, and a rear friction brake (which we know many people don’t actually use).

And finally, the Sport comes with an effective electric horn. However, you’ll need to remember which button is which because you can’t see the label from the riding position.


Uscooters warranty is pretty standard. You get a 1-year warranty on parts, including the battery. The warranty alternatively expires after the scooter has been ridden for 1500 miles if that event occurs before your 12 months are over. The customer is, however, responsible for all shipping costs to and from the warehouse in case of repairs.

Uscooters GT Sport Electric scooter: Review Conclusion

Uscooters has a proven track record in releasing some of the most reliable ultra-portable scooters, and we expect no different from the Uscooters GT Sport. This edition is an upgrade to the already performing Uscooters GT SE electric scooter, and it unlocks a new top speed that outperforms all other scooters in its weight and price class. On top of that, the scooter also packs one of the largest brand-name batteries in its tiny frame for good mileage and great performance. 

It’s quite rare to find a scooter that can hit a consistent 25 mph speed, with gym-bag-worthy folded dimensions and weighs less than 30 lbs. This makes the GT Sport a commuter's wildest dream. And that’s just who this scooter is built for–the commuter that needs a reliable last-mile scooter, the utility-focused rider, a rider with a little need for speed, the short-distance traveler, the city dweller, or the young adult that’s just graduating to motorized scooters.

Having fully tested this scooter, we can confidently say the GT Sport definitely carries on the UScooters legacy as the best one yet. And if you’re already a UScooters owner, this might be your time to treat yourself with an upgrade.
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Alternative Competitors
  • uscooters
    Booster V
    Ultra-portable Tank
  • unagi
    Model One (e500)
    Ultralightweight, Sleek, and Zero-Hassle Subscription
    ec best
  • emove
    Long-range, urban commuter with a massive deck that has great range, power, and ride quality
    ec winner
Uscooters Booster V Vs. UScooters GT Sport
About 4 lbs Lighter and a Tad More Affordable with the Same UScooters Benefits, but at the cost of Speed and Braking Power.
Unagi Model One E500 Vs. UScooters GT Sport
Lower Barrier to Entry With Unagi’s No Contract Monthly Lease Starting at $50/month and Better Power and Design, but Shorter-Range and Top Speed.
EMOVE Touring Vs. UScooters GT Sport
Cheaper and Better Ride Quality, but Heavier and Slower.
Technical Specs Comparison
UScooters GT Sport
Unagi Model One E500
Uscooters Booster V
EMOVE Touring
Top Speed**
30.0 mph
20.0 mph
23.9 mph
21.5 mph
13.8 mi
8.5 mi
12.6 mi
18.7 mi
29 lb
29 lb
25 lb
40 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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