We’re unboxing the Mantis King GT from Voro Motors. And boy, is this a treat.

“We thought the Mantis King GT would be a Mantis Pro with improved waterproofing, a nicer display and throttle, and maybe sine wave controllers. What did we get? It’s such an overhaul, it’s hard to know where to start.”-Paul

First Impressions – Unboxing the Kaabo Mantis King GT

All That Glitters

Before we even get started taking this scooter out of the box we can see there’s a lot of gold on this one – there’s gold everywhere, even on deck.

There’s a lot going on in the box!

TFT Display

The TFT display is the real star of the show. It’s the same display (we think) from the Wolf King GT – we’ll see when we turn it on.

It’s also got an ergonomic thumb throttle which we’re super excited about. We can see the upgrade to this scooter already.

And it doesn’t stop there…

In our box, because it’s a pre-production unit, they put in some fenders for us to install. We are expecting these to be already installed on the post-production units.

Electric Scooter Weight

Kaabo say this scooter weighs 76 lbs; previous models were 65.0 lbs. On our scales this one checks in at 73.8 lbs.

Grippy Deck

The deck, which is very cool and very different, says King on it. It looks really grippy though.

One of the things we didn’t like about the previous model, was the standard Mantis had a really rounded back, and this one, from side to side, is a lot flatter, which looks much nicer.

Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

One of the rumors we heard about this scooter was that it was going to have dual adjustable hydraulic suspension…

And the rumors are true! This is a first for us. The very first time we saw this feature was on the NAMI, then we saw it show up on the Segway GTs. But this is the first light heavyweight, the first sub-80.0 lb scooter that has adjustable hydraulic suspension, that we’ve seen anyway – and we’re super excited about it!

Hybrid Off-road Tires

What’s up with these hybrid tires?

They call them ‘hybrid off-road tires’, they’re actually dirt tires – we think this is going to be the standard tire for this brand now, because it’s what they show on the website right now.

IP Rating – IPX5

This scooter has 1100-watt motors, and it’s also got an IP rating, finally.

The Mantis base model V2 was the first one we saw with a rating of IPX5, and this is also IPX5.

Charge Ports

The Kaabo Mantis King GT also has two new charge ports and they’re in a new spot:

The Fenders

As mentioned before, the fenders in our box aren’t attached because our model is pre-production, but we’re assuming post-production, your model will have them already attached.

But, if you do need to set them up yourself, they align with the scooter well and look easy to set up. They line up perfectly.

These fenders look like they’re going to offer incredible water protection – if you draw a straight line from the tire to the fender, it gives you pretty good coverage, so you’re not going to get too wet if you scoot on wet roads.

Top Speed

Kaabo says the scooter can go up to 43.0 mph, which is the same speed as the VSETT, but we’ll test it and find out for sure what it’ll do.


The display is just like the Wolf King GT, and it’s moveable too. You can put it in a lot of different positions and then you snug it down when you’re done.

It’s got the five-speed mode like the Wolf King GT, with single motor mode, and if you hold the plus button, it switches into dual motor mode.

Zoom Hydraulic Brakes

It’s got zoom hydraulic brakes, they’re labelled as Kaabo, but they look like the Zoom’s, and so they should feel really good too.

The Lights

This whole scooter is well lit, with disco swag lights on the deck. At the front there’s a headlight, and at the back is a brake light and turn signals.

The Stem Latch

We love the new stem latch, it’s going to be much faster than the old one to put up and take down, and it’ll probably feel better too.

Taking the Kaabo Mantis King GT for a test ride

So this is the part where we say we can’t wait to get out and get testing, but we really can’t wait to get out and test it because the hydraulic shocks have us super excited about riding this one!

“It looks fire, hopefully it tests fire, I’m already intrigued – don’t wait Paul. Get out there right now! Get out there right now!”

All right, we’ll get the tire pressure set and the suspension adjusted… let’s see what it does.

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