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May 7, 2021

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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Inokim OXO Featuring Folding Mechanism
Inokim OXO Brakelight
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In this Inokim OXO electric scooter review, we reveal what’s great about the OXO, what’s quirky, and what flaws some may not be able to live with. Keep reading to discover which performance records the OXO breaks, which of its few flaws breaks our hearts, and which flaw you can easily fix.
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Best Braking Ever Tested
Awesome Rubber Suspension
Outstanding Range
Superbly Built
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Frustrating Throttle Response
Hard Plastic Deck
No Zero Start

Inokim OXO Specs

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
36.7 mph**
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
264 lb**
weight icon of kettlebell
74.9 lb**
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
36.6 mi**
acceleration icon of stop watch
3.8 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Inokim OXO is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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Inokim OXO Review Summary

What do Ferrari, Ducati and Inokim all have in common?

They all get away with making stunning, amazing vehicles, which too often also contain one heartbreaking flaw. For example, with Ferrari it’s maintenance cost, or the fact that every new generation car they release gets recalled for catching fire.

Each Inokim scooter is a feat of design and execution. They’re beautiful, exotic, cohesive and refined, but also each seem to contain quirks that some can live with and some cannot.

The Inokim OXO scooter achieves perfection in so many departments. It has record-breaking stopping power, with the best braking that we’ve ever tested. It also comes with what feels like bottomless 36.6-mile range — the third longest range we’ve ever measured behind the beefy Wolf Warrior electric scooter  and ultrarunner, EMOVE Cruiser. Build quality and design are second to none.

But like other exotics, it’s not picture perfect. It has a frustrating throttle response. It’s like they built a scooter with massive turbo lag.

Pulling on the throttle of a beast, you expect roaring, road-ripping acceleration that propels you forward. However, the Inokim OXO electric scooter has a lackluster start, and accelerates exponentially faster as speeds increase. It takes practice to hold a constant speed over 15 mph.

Another minor flaw is the hard plastic deck, which provides the worst traction in both wet and dry conditions. This can be remedied with grip tape, but is an oversight.

Whether or not these flaws — in an otherwise impeccable design — are deal breakers will depend on the rider.

Our Take: Superb Design, Great Range and Ride

Inokim OXO Alternatives & Competitors

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Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders? -Yes.

cartoon picture of Ramier Jones

Big Dawgs are larger riders that are over 200 lbs and 6 feet or taller, often favoring oversized decks, tall handlebars, pneumatic tires, and suspension.

Our resident big dawg, Ramier, has not been a fan of Inokim scooters, as historically they pack style but lack power at a premium price.

Howling About the OXO’s Super Smooth Power

The Inokim OXO electric scooter has one very important thing that previous Inokim models do not: dual motors. It has another thing big dawgs howl for: solid suspension.

The Inokim OXO scooter has an awesome ride out of the gate. It is more than 25 lbs lighter than the well-respected beefcake, the Wolf Warrior, making it a little easier to handle, as you’re contending with the road and not the scooter’s weight. It delivers a super smooth ride with good bounce in the suspension for big dawgs and world class braking.

Keep Dual Motors Engaged for Big Dawg Approval

In single motor mode, the Inokim OXO electric scooter is very much like the Inokim OX (which is not big dawg approved), so keep this exotic beast in dual motor mode and it’ll remain on the big dawg list.

Also keep in mind that this particular scooter doesn’t have a zero start mode, meaning you have to kick to get it going.

The Inokim OXO is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Inokim OXO Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

36.7 mph


36.6 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

8.6 ft

Hill Climb



0 to 15 mph

3.8 s

0 to 20 mph

5.1 s

0 to 25 mph

6.8 s

0 to 30 mph

9.6 s

0 to 35 mph

16.7 s

0 to 40 mph



Inokim Oxo being ridden down the street

Let’s just get the awkwardness out of the way. The Inokim OXO throttle is unusual. Not just that it’s a thumb throttle, but also the way in which power comes on.

No matter how quickly you press your thumb downward when taking off from a standstill, the Inokim OXO scooter smoothly rolls on the throttle, building from 25% to 100% throttle over the course of 5 seconds.

If you release the throttle for more than 3 seconds and whack it again, it begins the throttle ramp-up, again starting at 25% power. However, if you release the throttle and re-apply very quickly, it comes back immediately at 100% power, which can feel a little jerky if you’re not expecting it.

The Inokim OXO throttle is also not the easiest to hold at steady speed. For example, staying at exactly 22 mph feels like a balancing act, between too much throttle and too little. If your riding style is more of a blast-and-coast style, you won’t be bothered by the dexterity requirement of steady-speed cruising at all.

No matter you’re riding style, if you’re expecting burnout power off the starting line that you can apply at will, you’ll be disappointed.

In our performance test, the Inokim OXO electric scooter sped from zero to 15 mph in 3.8 seconds, which is around 1 to 2 seconds slower start than most other beasts.

Top Speed

Keep in mind that the Inokim OXO scooter comes with a standard top speed of 15 mph, unlockable up to a claimed 40 mph, and is a kick-to-start scooter, which is uncommon among beasts. 

With unlocking, the Inokim OXO has a tested top speed of 36.7 mph. We perform all tests with a 165 lb rider in the scooter’s highest performance mode. 

Hill Climb

The Inokim OXO electric scooter is an able hill climber, getting up the incline at a slower pace to start, but gaining speed as it reaches the 200-foot distance in 10.0 seconds.

It took the 10% grade climb at an average speed of 13.6 mph, which is a good clip uphill.

Inokim OXO Battery and Range

The Inokim OXO electric scooter packs a beefy 1536 Wh battery, giving you a solid 36.6 miles of ride time. Trust us, that felt like forever for our pro rider. And get this, even when it’s down to just one battery bar, the OXO still keeps its pace until the last 2 miles.

The fan favorite Apollo Pro electric scooter has ample acceleration that it trades for a 26.2-mile range, while the Inokim OXO is slower to go but can keep going, and going, and going.


Inokim Oxo backwheel extra braking feature

After testing over 60 electric scooters, we’ve found the best in braking, and it’s the Inokim OXO electric scooter . It has a tested braking distance of 9 ft, which is excellent for both safety and ride comfort.

The Zoom hydraulic brakes have firm levers that provide great feedback, taking very little effort to control. They feel very solid and responsive. The brakes aren’t uttering annoying noises, even after test riding for a few weeks.

Because there are no regenerative or electric brakes, applying them feels very linear from a “slight pull” all the way down to “hard mash” for a full stop.

It’s a pleasure to experience and, combined with the rubber suspension, the best braking that we’ve ever tested.

Ride Quality

Inokim oxo shot of the back towards the front of the deck

The Inokim OXO scooter  has a luxurious ride. The rubber suspension does a great job of keeping the scooter under control and in firm contact with the ground. You can feel how it catches the weight of the scooter as it surges forward, balancing it in a controllable way over the front tire. 

That controlled feeling is why it’s tied for best suspension with the Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro. However, it bests the Eagle because the Inokim OXO’s solid build remains silent when riding, while the Eagle’s build moans and groans. 

Pairing that with the dual hydraulic brakes, it feels like you have all day to add and remove braking pressure to find the perfect balance point between braking too hard and skidding. 

However, here’s where the Inokim OXO scooter is heartbreakingly close to perfect. That throttle. 

The thumb throttle on the Inokim OXO doesn’t always respond the way you expect, and makes it nearly impossible to maintain any speed above 15 mph without surging. It has the most razor’s edge control we’ve experienced, but functions better if you let it do its thing, bobbing around a speed rather than holding a specific speed.

Inokim OXO’s P-settings

To access the P-settings menu, long-press the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to adjust the setting, and the power button to toggle through each feature. 

Number Features Settings
1 Screen Brightness b-1 (dim), b-2 (bright), b-3 (brightest)
2 Speed Limit 0 to 40 (for mph or kph)
3 Cruise Control N – No (off) Y – Yes (on)
4 Unit (miles or kilometers) 0 – kilometers (kph) 1 – miles (mph)
5 Light Sensor Sensitivity Default: Y, 510 
(lower number = more sensitive to light)

Unlocking Inokim OXO Top Speed

To unlock top speed, open the P-settings menu, then long-press all three buttons (plus, minus, and power). You’ll see P-setting 7, which is for tire diameter (Default: 10 for 10 in). 

Press all three buttons once more to access P-setting 8, which is the max speed limiter. Change the value from the default 15 (for 15 mph) to 40 (or whatever is the legal limit in your region). 

We set it to 40 because that’s how we roll, but we always ride safe and wear a (full-face) helmet. 

The Inokim OXO is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Inokim OXO Features


Inokim OXO portability

Although you can make the Inokim OXO electric scooter more compact, we wouldn’t necessarily call it portable. The folded dimensions are 48 in long by 23 in wide by 21 in tall, with a ground clearance of 4.5 in.

It unfolds and is ready in the upright position in 9 seconds in our timed test. It’s actually one of the best folding mechanisms we’ve seen. It folds down very easily and the stem locks to the fin so it stays compact, but it isn’t easy to lift. 

The blade stem and width of the Inokim OXO scooter make it awkward to carry alongside your body, even with one hand on the fin. 

Inokim OXO showing how handlebars lock onto the back

We wouldn’t recommend using this as a last-mile commuter unless you don’t have to heave it in and out of a car trunk or up and down stairs. It should fit in most car trunks, but was a pretty tight fit into a Honda Accord.


Inokim OXO handelbars

The tapered handlebars look expensive and work well, although they’re angled away from the rider rather than toward. 

The flat-palm hand grips are secured near the stem, but are not secured on the opposite end. They can rotate while you’re riding, so don’t support your hand as well as fixed flat-palm grips. 

On the left handlebar, you have a bell (90 dB) and red button. When pressed, the red button puts the scooter in dual motor mode. When the button is popped out, you know you’re only using one motor (the rear). 

On the right handlebar, you have a minimal display (the same display used on the Inokim OX scooter and Inokim Light 2), with plus (+), minus (-) and power buttons, and a thumb throttle. Compared to the next-gen display on the Inokim Quick 4 Super, it looks a bit outdated.

Although small, it is not unsophisticated, as you can toggle through basic information by pressing the power button (once on) and access p-settings by long-pressing the buttons.

The hydraulic brake master cylinders look high end, and all of the cables in the cockpit are neatly wrapped. It’s a very complete, clean cockpit design.

The taillight, however, is only on the right side of the deck. This is a poor location for a brake signal on a vehicle ridden in the United States, as cars will generally be traveling to your left.


Inokim OXO front deck lights

The Inokim OXO electric scooter has low-mounted auto-sensing lights, including headlights that emit from the front of the deck and a taillight at the rear right corner

The default ambient light response is set fairly low. We recommend increasing the sensitivity, so they turn on in dim rather than dark environments. 

Testing the OXO’s light in the dark, we discovered that it throws a triangular pattern in front of you, which helps you see alongside and ahead.

For riding a scooter at night, we recommend adding more lights, including a high-mounted headlight for better visibility and another light to attach to the back of your helmet or backpack. 


Inokim OXO Disk brake on back tire

The 10.0 in pneumatic tires are fairly standard, but the Inokim design provides an ingenious convenience. The Inokim OXO scooter does not come with split rims or pre-slimed tires, but the single-sided swingarms allow you to more easily and quickly change a flat. 

Many scooters have double-sided swingarms that you have to disassemble before getting to the wheel, which you sometimes have to remove before getting to the tire.

On the Inokim OXO, pull the valve stem out of the rim (and detach the fender for easier maneuvering), and then you can easily shimmy the tire and inner tube off of the wheel. 


Inokim oxo deck made of plastic

The deck is made of hard plastic, with a design reminiscent of river rocks. That would be appropriate, as river rocks are slippery, as is this deck. 

There is plenty of standing room, as the deck measures 20.0 in long by 7.3 in wide.

The OXO has a fin at the rear of the deck that’s not exactly a step, it’s not a fender, and it’s definitely not a handle. It does encase the latch for locking the stem to the deck, and reminds us a little of a spoiler.   

5-Minute, $15 fix for Plastic Deck

We really hate hard plastic decks, as they provide the least traction between your shoes and the scooter compared to rubberized and griptape covered decks. Griptape provides the best, well, grip

We found a 33 ft roll of 4-in wide griptape for $15 on Amazon. Cut two 40-in strips of griptape and attach to the deck, letting it taper down the edges of the deck, and trimming off any excess. 

Inokim OXO deck being covered in grip tape

Since you’re only using about 7 ft of the roll, you can use the rest of the griptape on any other surface in need of traction.

Build Quality

Inokim oxo portrait

Inokim is masterful with build, implementing single-sided swingarms, stylish wheels, and an effective stem folding mechanism with the OXO. It’s absolutely solid but less like a hammer and more like a well-balanced sword. The Inokim OXO swooshes through the air, gliding over the pavement like a work of electric art. 

When inspecting the Inokim OXO electric scooter, you notice few exposed bolts, cables, and wonky bits. Where other scooters have sharp juts and unmatched seams, the Inokim OXO has sleek curvatures and tapered edges. The matte black frame with contrasting orange hand grips, swingarms, and branding give the OXO street-worthy appeal. It looks just as good rolling through urban jungles as it does zipping between skyscrapers. 

The charging port is in a great location for easy access, and has a rubberized port cover. Keeping moisture at bay is key, as the Inokim OXO scooter does not come with an IP rating

Inokim Oxo charging port

Stem Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism on the Inokim OXO electric scooter is best in class. The design is stellar and super solid, with a red lever that secures the stem in the upright position, and a rubber collar that wraps around the stem for extra security.

To release the stem from the upright position, unhook the rubber collar and pull the red lever downward toward the deck. It will unlatch, and you can easily rotate the stem down to the deck to lock in place.

Closeup of Inokim oxo stem folding mechanism

Although this design may not seem world-rocking, most performance-level scooters have the ubiquitous collar stem folding design, featuring a metal collar with two clamps that you have to painstakingly adjust to get just right. Not only are they a pain to secure, they can allow annoying stem wobble to wiggle in. 

Inokim OXO Price

The INOKIM OXO, currently priced at $2599, typically falls within a price bracket of $1,799 to $2,599.  A range influenced by factors such as the specific retailer, geographic location, and current promotional offers or discounts.

Inokim OXO Accessories and Parts

Here’s a breakdown of what’s available:

    1. Fast Chargers: To minimize charging downtime .
    2. Electric Scooter Locks: Essential for providing that added assurance against potential theft.
    3. Protective Gears: Helmets, knee pads, elbow guards, and more
    4. Aftermarket Lights: A worthy upgrade for night rides, ensuring optimum visibility and safety.
    5. Phone Holders: For hands-free access to apps and GPS
    6. Alarm Systems: An added layer of security against unwanted tampering and potential theft.
    7. Scooter Bags: Specially designed for the INOKIM OXO frame, these can protect your scooter or carry personal belongings.
    8. Tires and Sealant: Quality tires and sealants can significantly reduce the risk of punctures and maintain a smooth ride.

    For a comprehensive look at these accessories, including their specifications and benefits, you can explore the collection at Fluid Free Ride’s INOKIM OXO Accessories.

Inokim OXO Review Conclusions

Inokim OXO Folding Features

With the addition of grip tape, the Inokim OXO  is one of our favorite scooters to ride. It moves beautifully and it looks beautiful doing it, cornering with confidence. 

Once you get used to the quirky throttle, you may come to prefer the smooth acceleration over head-snapping torque of other, more beastly beast scooters. 

So, let’s face it. There is no perfect scooter. We all have flaws, and the Inokim OXO has two main flaws: the frustrating throttle control at higher speeds and the hard plastic deck. 

We easily fixed the deck with some grip tape, and got used to the way the Inokim OXO electric scooter rides, so those flaws are excusable when you feel the way the OXO rides. It’s just different, so near perfect and like its single motor predecessor, more than just stats. 

If the Inokim line doesn’t fit your needs, check out our RG Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

The Inokim OXO is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
Get $100 OFF with code RIDERGUIDE100
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Inokim OXO Manufacterer Specifications

Make Inokim
Model OXO
Weight 74 lb
Folded dimensions 48 by 23 by 21 in
Motor power, continuous 2000 W
Top speed 40 mph
Range 36 mi
Battery capacity 1536 Wh
Battery recharge time 14 hrs
Max rider weight 260 lb
Brake type Disc + Disc
Tire type 10.0 in Pneumatic + Pneumatic
Built-in lights Front + Rear
Water resistance None
Inokim OXO Competitor Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Inokim OXO
EMOVE Cruiser
Kaabo Mantis Pro
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro
Top Speed**
36.7 mph
30.5 mph
37.0 mph
44.0 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
36.6 mi
47.0 mi
33.7 mi
33.0 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
74.9 lb
59.4 lb
65.2 lb
65.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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