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September 16, 2023

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The GOTRAX GX1 is the more affordable version of their flagship dual-motor electric scooters, with a similar spec sheet right down to the hydraulic shocks but with a slightly smaller battery and lower-rated motors. 

GOTRAX did it–they went dual motors! It’s hard not to be excited, since they’ve done really well with the ‘smaller’ scooters we see everywhere on the streets.

How did they conquer that market? GOTRAX dominated the casual, single-motor commuter space by delivering the most affordable electric scooters you can buy from a reputable brand–and people love them. 

Now that they have the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 dual motor scooters, they’ve taken the same approach, availing high-quality performance scooters at unbelievably low prices. The spec sheet is pretty standard without compromising the basics or overdelivering on the luxuries. However, we’re pretty stoked to have quality hydraulic shocks in this class of electric scooters. 

pros icon of thumbs up
Affordable Dual Motor Scooter
Exceptional Hydraulic Suspension
Feature-rich Spec Sheet
World-class Braking
cons icon of thumbs down
Leans a Little Heavy for its Class
Limited Customization of Performance Functions

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
30.6 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
300 lb
73.4 lb
Tested Range:
19.9 mi
2.7 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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For those of you who are comparison shopping, here are the three closest GOTRAX GX1 competitors Rider Guide has tested.

Apollo  City Pro 2023
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City Pro 2023
Due to its excellent all-around performance, the Dual-Motor Apollo City 2023 has quickly established itself as the standard in this category. Its top speed and range are identical to those of the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2. When Paul rode the Apollo and the GOTRAX GX1 side by side, the Apollo seemed substantially more upscale and sophisticated in appearance, throttle response, and the feel of the specialized regen brake, despite costing a little bit more than the GX1.
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Solar  EQ
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With its 41.5 mph peak speed and hydraulic brakes, the Solar EQ has a slightly more raw-performance feel. However, the whole look of the scooter feels a little less cutting-edge.
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Kaabo Mantis V2
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Mantis V2
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Kaabo upgraded one of the original sports scooters, and the result was the Mantis V2. The Mantis V2 is the only scooter on this list with tubed tires rather than tubeless ones. However, it has the fastest acceleration of the bunch and has smooth sinewave controllers that we enjoy.
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GOTRAX GX1 Review Summary

The GX1 is a dual-motor scooter from the highly reputed GOTRAX brand. It is a high-performance electric scooter that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In true GOTRAX fashion, they’ve put together two polished electric scooters with a complete spec sheet, incredible ride quality, and on-trend performance, but somehow also managed to keep the cost super low.

The GOTRAX GX1 is the more affordable alternative, with dual 1200-watt motors and 720 wh battery. On our initial performance testing, this electric scooter validated our insistence on hands-on testing, as it went faster on hills and had better acceleration than the 1600-watt GOTRAX GX2 scooter. The speed and range were a tad less than the GOTRAX GX2; however, not so much that it would make a difference for casual riders.

The black GX1 e-scooter has everything you get with the gunmetal gray GOTRAX GX2, from the impeccable hydraulic suspension that can be adjusted for preload, the easy-to-use cable-operated mechanical disc brakes, whose stopping distance surpassed over 97% of electric scooters we’ve tested, 10-inch tubeless air tires, and a state-of-the-art dash.

Both scooters have a beefier-than-usual kickstand, a comprehensive lighting package for night rides, an IP54 rating, excellent fender protection, and a USB port that charges your mounted phone. You don’t get an app, so there’s limited customization ability. However, you get park mode to prevent accidental throttle and a 3-digit passcode to help lock your scooter when not in use.

Besides the short handlebars and deck, the rest of the design culminates in a pretty comfortable ride. Additionally, the high 300-rider weight capacity guarantees that almost all adults can ride the GOTRAX GX1.

This is not a hype piece–this is a comprehensive review of GOTRAX’s foray into performance scooters, with the GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter for adults.

Our Take:Dual-Motor Performance on a Budget, Plus Some Swanky Suspension.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Picture of Man With Thumbs up and Banner overhead that reads "Big Dawg Approved"

The GOTRAX GX1 makes an excellent choice of budget electric scooter for heavy adults.  

Like the GX2, it is rated to carry a max rider weight of 300 lbs. Its body feels rock solid, and the 1200-watt motors are certainly powerful enough to deliver standard performance even for riders close to the max rider weight capacity. Like its bigger brother, it has a short 16.8-inch deck and low-lying 39.3-inch handlebars, making for less-than-ideal ergonomics for taller riders or adults with larger feet. That said, the swept-back design of the bars and the wider design of the deck somewhat alleviate the discomfort.

We don’t see many electric scooters in this price class equipped with the hydraulic suspension on the GX scooters. They are preload adjustable and have perfectly tuned damping, which is great for heavy riders. The air tires also guarantee a comfortable ride by soaking up vibrations. And GOTRAX equipped the GX1 with a large 720 Wh battery that supports heavy adult riders’ power needs. 

For the price, there’s almost nothing as suitable for the big dawgs. 

See the GOTRAX GX1


Performance Summary

Top Speed

30.6 mph


19.9 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

9.5 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

2.7 s

0 to 20 mph

4.1 s

0 to 25 mph

6.0 s

0 to 30 mph

9.9 s

0 to 35 mph


0 to 40 mph



How quick is the new GOTRAX GX1 compared to the GX2 scooter?

The GOTRAX GX1 proved to be faster than the GX2 scooter in our testing despite the GX2 having higher power specs. The GOTRAX GX1 reached 15 mph in just 2.7 seconds and 30 mph in 9.9 seconds, outperforming the GX2’s times of 2.9 seconds and 10.1 seconds, respectively. 

Top Speed

Is the GOTRAX GX1 a fast electric scooter for adults? Yes.

 Real-world testing of the scooter in a two-directional speed run with data captured on pro-grade tools and ridden by a 165 lbs rider gave us a top speed of 30.6 mph against the manufacturer-cited 30 mph.

On the other hand, the slightly bigger GOTRAX GX2 scooter also exceeded the 35 mph that GOTRAX indicates as its max speed reaching 35.6 mph. We were also absolutely stunned at the accuracy of the speedometers, which is evidence of the scooters ‘finished product feel.’

Hill Climb

Is the GOTRAX GX1 scooter a good hill climber? Yes.

Both the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 are excellent hill climbers, an area where dual-motor scooters excel. On our 200-foot, 10% grade test, the GX1 scooter took 9.4 seconds to reach the top, while the GX2 was slightly slower with a 9.5-second climb–again echoing the importance of performance testing.

The scooters’ impressive times on the hill climb test make them reliable choices for riders who frequently encounter hilly terrain. In fact, the times are comparable to scooters like the Synergy Aviator and the Zero 8 X, which cost about the same and recorded 9.3 and 9.4 seconds, respectively, on the same grade test. 


The GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter’s 720 Wh gave us 19.9 miles of range, ridden in max performance mode on our hilly RG range test course. Given the shorter ranges we got from previous GOTRAX models, this is undoubtedly an upgrade. And it’s not too far from the larger GX2 GOTRAX, which went 24.7 miles

Courtesy of the larger batteries, these GOTRAX scooters weigh close to double, and even triple what we’re used to with previous models, with the GX2 weighing 1.6 lbs heavier than the GOTRAX GX1. The batteries also take a while to charge, with the GX1 filling up in 5 hours and the GX2 in 7 hours.


Does the GOTRAX GX1 have reliable braking? Yes.

The new GOTRAX GX models are both equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes that work in tandem with the scooters’ hydraulic shocks to deliver ultra-short stopping distances. The spec sheet says you get electronic braking on both wheels, without the provision to control the intensity of the regen braking–however, Paul barely felt the impact, and even wonders if it’s really there.

The GX1 GOTRAX scooter has the 7th shortest recorded stopping distance by Rider Guide, braking from 15 mph in just 9.5 ft. This time ties with the other world-class brakers, the Segway GT1 and the Apollo Phantom V3. The GOTRAX GX2 scooter has an even shorter braking distance of 9.3 ft--making both scooters exceedingly reliable in an emergency.

Ride Quality

The GX1 electric scooter for adults is one of GOTRAX’s first dual motor scooters and is certainly a game-changer. While previous GOTRAX scooters were primarily built for casual riding and commuting, the GX1 feels like it was designed for more. It goes faster, has a longer range, can overtake bicycles on bike lanes, and feels solid enough to take on adventurous trails. 

The build is sturdy and feels highly durable. Many design elements inspire the rider’s confidence, starting with the handlebarsThey lock in place, and their swept-back shape allows your wrists a more natural resting state. We don’t like that they sit just 39.5 inches above the deck, as that can be uncomfortable for taller riders. At the same time, riders with larger feet might not also enjoy the short deck

However, there’s one thing they completely aced, and that’s the front dual hydraulic suspension and single rear hydraulic shock. The suspension is really good, effectively absorbing shocks and bumps, to ensure a stable and controlled experience for the rider. For a $1200 electric scooter, this is definitely the highlight. You can adjust the shocks for preload, and damping feels ideal from the get-go.

The GOTRAX GX1 scooter’s tires also contribute to a comfortable ride. Despite what the spec sheet says, they are 10-inch tubeless air tires, meaning more shock absorption and fewer flats. They also feature a wide, blunt profile that enables exceptional stability when cornering, even at higher speeds. 

We love the GOTRAX GX1’s predictable and easy-to-use throttle. The scooter is set to zero-start mode, so you’re on your way once you hit throttle. The downside is that accidental throttle will cause the electric scooter to suddenly take off. To avoid this, especially at red lights and stop signs, GOTRAX installed a park mode feature that’s similar to what Segway does. Paul is not a big fan of the fact that you cannot turn park mode completely off. But, in order to exit the mode and be on your way, tap the minus key once

Lastly, the scooter feels awesome to ride but even better when coming to a halt. The cable-operated disc brakes are so efficient that they beat those on scooters worth 3 times the cost of the GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter–you don’t require an overly firm squeeze to come to a quick halt. This, and all the other neat considerations, makes the GX1 scooter a hoot to ride around with. And the harder you ride, the better it gets. 

Check Out The GOTRAX GX1

GOTRAX GX1 Features


The GOTRAX GX1 is not a portable electric scooter—unlike all other models we’ve tested from the brand. The scooter weighs an astounding 73.4 lbs. This is heavy, even for a dual-motor scooter in its performance class. The same goes for the 75 lbs GX2 GOTRAX scooter. The weight of these scooters may make them less ideal for those who need to frequently transport or carry their electric scooter.  


The GOTRAX GX1 is not a portable electric scooter—unlike all other models we’ve tested from the brand. The scooter weighs an astounding 73.4 lbs. This is heavy, even for a dual-motor scooter in its performance class. The same goes for the 75 lbs GX2 GOTRAX scooter. The weight of these scooters may make them less ideal for those who need to frequently transport or carry their electric scooter.  




The cockpit on the GOTRAX GX1 looks high-end. The dash is elegant-looking and displays everything you need, from the speed to the battery status, what mode you’re riding in (M, D, S, or Walk mode), a trip meter, lights on/off, and cruise control. It may not indicate the exact voltage; however, the battery meter works pretty well.

The tapered bars are neat, with brake levers on either side. The right bar includes a thumb throttle, while all the other controls are encased in a control box on the left. The control box has buttons for the riding modes, on/off, lights, and plus or minus buttons for navigation through the menu. You also get a bell and a USB port that actually charges your phone.

With both the GOTRAX GX1 and the GX2, you won’t be able to switch to single-motor mode. However, you get something even more interesting–two acceleration profiles. Normal mode is indicated by solid wheels on the dash while blinking ones signify power mode, which you can think of as Boost mode on scooters like the Segway GT2.

Does the GOTRAX GX1 have an app? Unfortunately, no.


Does the GOTRAX GX1 have good lights? Yes. 

The lighting package on the GOTRAX GX1 is quite comprehensive and similar to that on the GX2 scooter.

The GOTRAX scooter has a high-mounted headlight with dual LED installations. The beam cast from this headlight is bright and provides good visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, the GOTRAX GX1 scooter also has a rear taillight that functions as a brake light, enhancing safety while riding. Lastly, the ambient LED deck lights add to the scooter’s aesthetics while helping the GX1 stand out in the dark.



The GOTRAX GX1 rolls on 10-inch by 3-inch air tires. Air tires provide a cushioned and stable ride, absorbing shocks and bumps for a more comfortable experience. The tires are also the tubeless variety, despite what it says on the spec sheet. Tubeless tires are less prone to punctures as they don’t have a separate inner tube that can be damaged


The new GOTRAX GX1 scooter has a significantly larger deck than the ones on their commuter models. It’s a bit short at 16.8 inches but fairly wide at 8.8 inches. It’s rubber-coated, which may not be as grippy as we like, but it does mean easier cleaning. The deck also has a decent 5.3-inch clearance, which is handy for maneuvering over obstacles and doing tricks on your electric scooter

Build Quality


One look at the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 electric scooters, and you might be tempted to think they are the same scooter. They are identical to the T. However, the GX1 comes in black while the GX2 has a gunmetal gray finish, and that’s the only visible distinction. Featurewise, save for the battery and motors, it’s all the same and you get more than what you’re paying for in true GOTRAX fashion.

At the top, we have a modern take on their LED dash. It’s elegant, uncomplicated, and easy to read even in direct sunlight. The dash gives you a glimpse of all your vital riding metrics. The right handlebar houses the right mechanical brake lever and the thumb throttle. This thumb throttle is quite new to us and feels like a mini version of the one we’re accustomed to on NAMI scooters, but without the throttle lag. 


The major downside with thumb throttles is the awkward split on your fingers when trying to cover the brakes and throttle at the same time. This one is different, which means a more ergonomic feel and a quicker switch between acceleration and braking.  

Paul says:

...If I have a criticism, it’s that 80% of the throttle comes on in the first 50% of travel, which can make it a little twitchy if you’re trying to ride at a steady 20mph in power mode. 

The handlebars also house a USB port that allows you to charge your mounted (optional) phone on the go. The textured, firm rubber grips have locks on the ends, so they stay in place, which makes for a very confident riding experience. And we love that the whole scooter comes already assembled, so once you’ve bolted the bars in place, you don’t need to wrestle with putting together the controls (that’s already done)–simply check your tire pressure and ride. 

We also got into the belly of the scooter to inspect the wiring. GOTRAX has rubber seals over the screws, so you’re not peeling the whole mat off, which made getting into the deck quite easy. The wires are covered in a black harness and color-coded for easy identification, and that was quite unexpected as we’re accustomed to seeing a pasta-like mess of yellow, red, and black wires on most other scooters. Speaking of wiring, it’s all plug-and-play, including the motor connectors, which makes tire change relatively painless. 

Is the GOTRAX GX1 scooter waterproof? No. But it is IP54-rated and has good fender protection, so you can afford to get caught up in light showers without necessarily damaging the scooter. The kickstand is unusually beefy, but it’s also tucked away so deep that you have to lean the scooter to see it. And something we didn’t necessarily like was the plastic cover over the scooter’s neck and over a few bits on the lower half of the scooter.


The GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter for adults has plenty of safety features to guarantee a secure and enjoyable ride. The GX1 is equipped with a responsive mechanical braking system that allows for quick and controlled stops. The suspension keeps it from diving forward, guaranteeing an ultra-short stopping distance. Additionally, the lighting, including the adjustable headlight, reactive rear light, and the deck swag lights, aid in nighttime visibility

There’s a bell to nudge unwary pedestrians. You also get excellent fender coverage and an IP54 protection for rainy and dusty conditions. We can’t fail to mention the park mode feature that counters accidental throttle. And finally, the GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter has a 3-digit security code that you can disable if you’re not a fan of, but it is a neat security access code for your portable electric vehicle.


The GOTRAX GX1 electric scooter is covered under a 12-month limited warranty. The warranty includes coverage for any manufacturing defects that may arise during normal use of the electric scooter. Besides the year-long warranty, customers also get a 14-day return period to ensure complete satisfaction with their purchase

GOTRAX GX1 Review Conclusion


Now to the real questions. Is the GOTRAX GX1 a good electric scooter to purchase, and which scooter is for you, the GX1 or GX2? As GOTRAX’s first-ever dual motor scooters, these flagship vehicles really hit the mark.

The GOTRAX GX1 has good performance for its price, has a feature-rich spec sheet that surpasses its low price tag and is outright fun to ride. While it may have a lesser range and top speed compared to the GX2, opting for the GX1 allows you to save a significant $200.

When it comes down to it, the rider’s unique needs will highly inform the choice of one over the other. The GX2 feels like a better option as it follows our policy ‘better to have (extra speed and range) and not need than need and not have.’ That said, the GX1, plus a 15% cost savings, is still an excellent deal.

We have a coupon code for you, RiderGuide100, that saves you $100 off your GX1 or GX2 scooter purchases, and a link below with the most updated coupons and pricing.

The GOTRAX GX1 is available in United States from Gotrax.
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GOTRAX GX1: Manufacterer Specifications

GOTRAX GX1 Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Apollo City 2023
Solar EQ
Synergy Aviator 2.0
acceleration icon of stop watch
Top Speed**
30.6 mph
31.2 mph
41.5 mph
27.2 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
19.9 mi
21.9 mi
26.3 mi
22.5 mi
73.4 lb
68.8 lb
70.6 lb
56.2 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
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