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Apollo City Pro 2023- $1549
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Mitchell Anderson
August 26, 2023

Mitchell has been fascinated by electric scooters since 2019. He began sharing his enthusiasm on his YouTube channel, “RK9 Rides,” in 2020. He joined Rider Guide in 2023, and between the two channels, he spends seven days a week riding, testing, and writing about electric scooters. He has tested dozens of models from dozens of brands and is always on the lookout for the newest and greatest scooters. His current favorite models are the Nami Klima and the NIU KQi3 Max.

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The Apollo City Pro is the electric scooter for you if you’re after a well-built, high-quality, exceptionally comfortable city commuter that also checks on safety, performance, and price value.

 The Apollo City Pro e-scooter has been a favorite of ours here at Rider Guide for a long time and has become the benchmark mid-price dual-motor electric scooter. Whenever a new electric scooter is released for around $1500, this is the scooter we inevitably end up comparing it to. There may be scooters that are faster for the price, but the Apollo City Pro delivers value in its quality and design while still packing plenty of punch on the performance side.

The Apollo City Pro is designed in Canada, and every year, Apollo continues to fine-tune it, adding innovations and new features and not just limiting the latest and greatest tech to their top-of-the-line scooters. The latest iteration introduces features and design elements we love from the Apollo Pro, the electric scooter that won best overall design in this year’s scooter awards. Join us as we discover what the latest Apollo City Pro has to offer.

pros icon of thumbs up
High-quality Robust Suspension System
Exceptional Build Quality With an Ergonomic Design
Extended Warranty on Frame
Good Range for Price
Great Lighting Package
cons icon of thumbs down
Low Max Top Speed
Not Very Portable

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
31.2 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb
68.8 lb
Tested Range:
21.9 mi
3.2 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Apollo City Pro 2023 is available in United States from Apollo.
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Apollo City Pro 2023 Alternatives & Competitors

For those of you who are comparison shopping, here are the three closest Apollo City Pro 2023 competitors Rider Guide has tested.

Kaabo Mantis V2
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Mantis V2
ec best Logo
The Kaabo Mantis V2 would be the option that's most opposite of the Apollo City Pro, with the best performance in class, but using a design and components that haven't changed or been updated in years.
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Solar  EQ
Solar Logo
The Solar EQ is a newer model with a bit of an older feel. It is the cheapest scooter in this class that can reach 40 mph, but you sacrifice the design and excellent suspension of the Apollo City Pro.
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EMOVE RoadRunner
emove Logo
ec best Logo
The third option of the alternatives is the Emove Roadrunner V2, a seated electric scooter for adults, which offers impressive range and fun, low-to-the-ground riding in a unique form factor. The Apollo City Pro has a bit more of a polished feel to it, and you might just straight up not be interested in seated electric scooters.
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Apollo City Pro Review Summary

What can you expect from the new Apollo City Pro electric scooter? Well, plenty. 

The Apollo City Pro is a mid-tier scooter that delivers exceptional value for money with its impressive features and performance. The scooter is held together by one of the most high-quality frames. In fact, Apollo plans to offer a 10,000-kilometer guarantee on the Apollo City Pro’s frame, showing how much they believe in it.

The components of this scooter are all high-end. From the crystal-clear display that’s readable in the sun, the improved and more ergonomic grips, the upgraded folding mechanism with a safety clip for the latch, and the reinforced aluminum kickstand, to mention a few of our favorites. What’s more, the scooter also connects to Apollo’s world-class app, that’s quite instrumental in ensuring that your scooter fits your riding style and comes in handy for your ride’s diagnosis.

What you’ll love even more is the ride quality. It’s hard to pinpoint one element–but it’s how the well-balanced front and rear suspension interacts with the scooter’s large plush air tires to create a smooth and comfortable ride. Or it could be the fact that you’ll naturally rest at your most preferred riding position due to the spacious deck with a comfortable tail and the tall handlebars that are ideal for most rider heights.  

And once you’re properly positioned, let the power of the dual 500 W motors do the rest of the job. They are quite torquey with exceptional acceleration and hill climbing. You might not get eye-blinding top speed, but the scooter will keep running for an outstanding amount of time thanks to the 11% larger battery. Braking on the Apollo City scooter won’t break any records, but for a conscious rider, it is enough to stay utterly safe on the roads. 

The max rider weight capacity is now at a cool 265 lbs, and the IP rating remains at IP66. The scooter adopts high-mounted turn signals and an adjustable headlight. We see the V8 throttle with bigger buttons and a better spring for more controlled acceleration. And who wouldn’t want the Apollo City Pro with its sleek design and edgy graphite gray color with dashing orange accents

So, let’s get into the details.

Our Take: Same King Of The City Streets, With Even More Flare, Greater Performance, Better Integration, And Greater Appeal.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Picture of Man With Thumbs up and Banner overhead that reads "Big Dawg Approved"

The Apollo City Pro scooter is quite the steal for heavier, taller, and bigger riders. 

Not only does the Apollo City scooter offer a sturdy and durable frame, but it also boasts powerful 1000 W motors that can easily handle bigger riders weighing up to 265 lbs. The electric scooter is ergonomically designed for taller riders and bigger framed adults with a 41.5-inch handlebar height and an ultra-spacious 19.0-inch by 7.8-inch deck

The ride feels good thanks to the scooter’s front and rear suspension system, with balanced compression and sufficient travel. This, paired with the tubeless air tires, soaks up all the bumps and jarring that would be otherwise uncomfortable. Additionally, the Apollo City Pro scooter features a high-capacity battery that accommodates the higher power needs of heavier adult riders without worrying about running out of juice. 

See the Apollo City Pro 2023

Apollo City Pro 2023 Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

31.2 mph


21.9 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

13.4 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

3.2 s

0 to 20 mph

5.1 s

0 to 25 mph

8.0 s

0 to 30 mph

13.4 s

0 to 35 mph


0 to 40 mph



Is the Apollo City Pro a quick scooter? Thanks to Apollo’s V8 throttle (more on that in the Build Quality section), the electric scooter experiences smoother and more controlled acceleration, reaching 15 mph in just 3 seconds. However, the acceleration was a tad slower than the Apollo City 2022’s, which reached 15 mph in 2.9 seconds. 

That said, with Apollo City Pro, you get the perfect blend of feeling like you are riding a higher-end, quick electric scooter without changing the way you ride aggressively. If this is your first electric scooter, then you might be taken aback by how fast it is. Thankfully, the acceleration power can be adjusted in the app, and you don’t have to ride it as Mitchell did with acceleration dialed all the way up.

Top Speed

How fast is the new Apollo City Pro 2023? The scooter rides to a top speed of 31.2 mph. This is plenty fast for the average commuter and comparable to the Apollo City 2022’s 30.9 mph, the new Emove Cruiser S’s 31.7 mph, and not too far off from the powerful Segway GT1’s 34.5 mph. Nonetheless, performance-purposed scooters like Solar’s and Kaabo’s entries for this price class will give you higher top speed. BUT, Apollo has never been about raw numbers.

Apollo wants scooting to be a wholesome experience. Being the fastest scooter is a relatively achievable task. However, Apollo prioritizes providing an enjoyable, smooth, and comfortable ride. They focus on delivering exceptional build quality, advanced scooter operation, precise handling, and power delivery that actually makes you want to ditch your car for the electric scooter–and that’s the real task.

Hill Climb

Is the new Apollo City Pro good on hills? Like all dual-motor electric scooters for adults, the Apollo City Pro shines on hills. We took the scooter on our usual 200 ft 10% incline, reaching the top in just 11 seconds and accelerating the entire time. The dual 500 W motors have plenty of torque, providing optimal performance, and can now carry big dawgs, too–as long as they weigh below the 265 lbs spec.


How long is the new Apollo City Pro’s tested range? Well, with Mitchell, our 215-pound rider, the Apollo City Pro went as far as 21.9 miles on a single charge, similar to what we got on the more expensive Segway GT1 last year. The City Pro’s 960 Wh battery is 48-volt like the 2022 version, but it went up from 18 to 20 Ah.

Apollo’s spec sheet indicates the City Pro’s range as 23 miles, which we think is highly likely. In fact, with a lighter rider like Paul riding in max performance, it might even be possible to cover 25 miles. An electric scooter in this class rarely hits such numbers, so we were quite impressed. And with a 4.5 hr empty-to-full charge time, it’s possible to recharge between rides. 

However, we should mention that the City Pro electric scooter achieves its impressive range by cutting back on the acceleration and a few miles an hour of top speed for the second half of the battery. Whether this is by design to extend range or occurs naturally, we don’t know. Just keep in mind that roughly the last 10 miles of range will offer less than maximum performance.


Does the Apollo City Pro have good brakes? Yes, Apollo builds the entirety of their electric scooters with high-quality components, including the brakes. It comes with a combination of well-integrated regen braking (RBS) and dual drum brakes. Something cool that Apollo does when it comes to braking is that the regular brake levers have position sensors to give you more regen the harder you pull, unlike typical brake levers, which only switch regen fully on or off. We’ll go into finer detail later in the build quality section of this article.

That said, what’s the braking distance of the Apollo City Pro? We ran the brake test twice for this scooter with both Paul and Mitchell. Mitchell, at 215 lbs., grabbed a fistful of the brake levers and brought the scooter to a stop in 13.4 ft. from a speed of 15 mph. Alternatively, with Paul, who weighs 165 lbs, the scooter stopped about a foot quicker.

Ride Quality

Is the Apollo City Pro a comfortable scooter to ride? Yes, thanks to a number of factors we’ll highlight below.

First, we have the scooter’s triple suspension. The suspension is comfort-focused, exceptionally plush, and has decent travel. The compression is well balanced, with a single spring in front to handle the main impact of bumps and doubled-up springs in the back to keep the rear wheel planted on the ground. 


Next, we have the scooter’s large pneumatic tires. The 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires complement the suspension by providing shock absorption and helping smooth out bumps or uneven surfaces on the road. Additionally, their larger size enhances stability and maneuverability. Also, their self-sealing nature reduces the risk of punctures, meaning less maintenance and worry for the rider, allowing them to focus on enjoying their ride. 

Then, we move on to ride ergonomics. The scooter’s design is crafted with rider comfort in mind, from the tall handlebars that sit an ideal 41.5 inches above the deck. This ensures that riders of all heights can find a comfortable position, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. In addition, the riding platform is proportional to most adult riders’ feet and comes with Mitchell’s favorite style of rear tail–one with a smooth, gradual slope.

The Apollo City Pro electric scooter for adults also has intuitive and responsive controls that make navigating through traffic or crowded areas easy, further enhancing the overall riding experience. You get a bit of stem rake angle to help with stability, especially when making sharp turns, riding at speed, or maneuvering around obstacles, adding an extra layer of confidence and control while riding the scooter. 

But can you take the Apollo City Pro electric scooter off-road? Well, this is ideally a city commuting electric scooter. However, plush tires, excellent suspension, powerful 1000W motors, 4.8-inch clearance, and agile handling give you leverage to explore light off-roads. That said, if you’re looking for a dedicated adventure scooter, check out our top 5 electric scooters for off-road riding.

Check Out The City Pro 2023

Apollo City Pro 2023 Features


Is the Apollo City Pro a portable scooter? Not entirely, but that is quite typical of its class of scooters. The Apollo City Pro weighs a Rider-Guide-tested 68.8 lbs. This is manageable for most people to carry short distances, or up one or two flights of stairs, and even load into a car trunk. However, suppose your situation requires you to carry the scooter over longer distances or more frequently. In that case, getting a scooter specifically designed for portability may be more convenient, like the Apollo Air

That said, Apollo improved the stem latch. In our Apollo City Pro 2022 review, we mentioned that the latch tends to come undone when folded. It’s mostly fine but could be potentially rough if it happens at the wrong time. However, in this year’s model, the deck latch now includes a spring clip to prevent the stem from coming unlatched when folded down. The deck latch is also magnetic and stays secure against the stem when not in use. And it is solid enough that you can carry it by the stem.



The cockpit is well executed in terms of comfort and aesthetics and is the most noticeable change from the 2022 model to this year. The handlebars are wide, with new comfort grips. Mitchell is picky with his grips and typically changes out the stock grips on scooters he regularly uses, but these get a thumbs-up from him. 

[Mitchell finds them] well done, and they feel good, even on longer rides.

The ends of the grips are now fitted with turn signals in the same style as the Apollo Pro. In addition, the display is simple and clear, with all the core information you would want at a glance. And Apollo keeps things simple with 2 riding modes: sport and eco. However, it also includes a walking mode for pushing your scooter at walking speed.

Does the Apollo City Pro come with an app? Like all the latest Apollo e-scooters, the City Pro connects to Apollo’s acclaimed app, which we’ve talked about so much and will keep talking about because it’s that good. The Apollo App allows you to customize the settings of your Apollo City Pro as well as track your rides, including an estimated remaining range based on the mode you are riding in. You can also check on the health of your battery and ensure your scooter is functioning without issues


The lights on the Apollo City Pro scooter also get a significant upgrade. The headlight on the former model was flush-mounted and not nearly as bright for nighttime riding. However, the new 2023 City Pro e-scooter gets an adjustable headlight to modify the direction of your beam. And not just that, the headlight is now twice as bright, allowing you to shine through darker trails and remain more visible.



The turn signals on the Apollo city scooter are now both high-mounted on the handlebar ends and low-mounted on the rear deck–and they blink simultaneously when activated. We like to see turn signals mounted high on scooters because otherwise, they are basically impossible to see during the day. The buttons to activate the signals are easy to reach, with one on each side. 

Apollo maintains the taillight that blinks when braking. And overall, the lighting package on this scooter is virtually unmatched for its price.



Does the Apollo City Pro have puncture-proof tires? Well, the Apollo City Pro e-scooter tires are 10-inch by 2.7-inch tubeless, self-healing air tires. They are aramid reinforced to improve penetration resistance from piercing objects. 

When we first reviewed the 2022 Apollo City Pro, we couldn’t wait to try their self-sealing claims on the scooter’s tires. Paul ran both tires over an inch-long nail, and 24 hours later, there was still no pressure loss. Run them at 35 lbs of pressure, and you’re guaranteed one of the most comfortable rides.


The Apollo City Pro e-scooter’s riding platform is one of the best in the market. It is spacious and comfortable at 19 inches by 7.8 inches, allowing riders to maintain a stable and balanced position while cruising through the city streets. This is plenty of space to ride with both feet flat if you prefer it that way, and the progressively curved tail adds a ton of versatility to how your rear foot can rest

The riding platform is also covered with an anti-slip rubber mat, ensuring that riders have a secure grip, though not as effective on wet or slippery conditions as grip tape. However, it does make it easier to clean, especially considering the benefits of the e-scooter’s IP66 water resistance rating.

Build Quality

It’s hard to believe how far Apollo has come with the design of their most-awarded electric scooter, the Apollo City Pro. This third iteration of the City Pro leaps ahead of the competition with its undeniably good-looking and well-crafted frame. And like its 2022 predecessor, the new Apollo City Pro electric scooter for adults is packed with tech and retains the same intricate level of customization we saw on the former. Let’s get into some of the upgrades.


The sleek-looking frame is more than just looks; it is extremely reliable and highly durable. Constructed with high-quality air-grade aluminum, the Apollo City Pro’s frame can withstand the rigors of daily commuting and, under the scooter’s new warranty, is now fully covered for up to 10,000 kilometers of riding. The frame’s strength is sufficient for riders weighing up to 265 lbs and is also designed to be extremely durable on light off-road.

Borrowing from the Apollo Pro, the Apollo City Pro 2023 scooter comes with the former’s new locking mechanism. It is categorically one of the best in the market–It stays tight whether you’re riding through gravel or going at top speed and remains easy and quick to fold and unfold. The new City Pro’s stem lock requires less routine tightening, which subsequently eases the maintenance frequency.

Another ‘borrow’ from the Apollo Pro scooter is the V8 throttle. This is Mitchell’s favorite variation of the vertical-style thumb throttle. It’s nice, large, and flat with a better spring, and it doesn’t dig into your thumb at all. The improved design makes it easy to use for long periods of time without fatigue. In fact, Apollo reports that they have tested their throttles for 300,000 cycles to ensure they last the scooter’s life without issues. This is 3 times longer than the industry standard of 100,000 cycles.

What does the left throttle on the Apollo City Pro do? Well, it’s not a throttle. It’s Apollo’s famous dedicated regenerative brake pedal. RBS, as Apollo calls theirs, is a unique feature for electric scooters at this price, and Apollo offers some of the best regen braking on the market. Mitchell agrees with Paul’s description of it feeling “like a rubber band pulling you back” as the most accurate description of it. Regen braking helps reduce brake pad wear and can restore up to 10% of the battery charge over the course of a full ride. Apollo asserts that City Pro electric scooter riders could realistically use up to 90% less mechanical braking.

Does the Apollo City Pro have mechanical brakes? Yes. The Apollo City Pro electric scooter relies on a pair of drum brakes for harder stops. For good reasons, Apollo has stuck to their decision to use drum brakes, even on their most luxurious scooter, the Apollo Pro 2023. That said, Apollo integrates regen braking so well that you’ll never lack strong stopping power on demand. But if you’re wondering, ‘Why choose drum brakes over disc brakes?’ here are a few reasons:

  • Drum brakes are not as grabby as disc brakes and tend not to lock up or throw you over the handlebars.
  • There’s no chance of drum brakes overheating as they don’t use rotors.
  • You’ll probably never need to adjust the brakes, and no tools are involved when you do.
  • Drum brakes are more durable–as brake shoes outlast brake pads.
  • Finally, drum brakes don’t get wet in the rain, giving you consistent performance, which is necessary for a city commuter.

Apollo’s new kickstand is one for the books. The new Apollo City Pro electric scooter features a reinforced aluminum kickstand that is easier to deploy and stronger. The fortified aluminum kickstand on the new Apollo City Pro electric scooter is guaranteed to withstand heavy usage and provide long-lasting durability like the rest of the scooter’s components.

Is the Apollo City Pro waterproof? In actual sense, the 2022 and 2023 Apollo City Pro are both rated IP66, which is the highest dust, ingress, and water resistance we’ve encountered on an electric scooter. This means that the Apollo City Pro can withstand gentle, direct jets of water like that from a water hose without any damage. It also means you can ride in various weather conditions without worrying about water damage. 

Lastly, the City Pro electric scooter ships with a full toolkit and phone holder, adding a bit of extra value that you normally don’t see from other scooters and companies.


Safety is standard on the Apollo City Pro electric scooter. They check all the boxes, including a reliable braking system, bright LED head and taillight for visibility, high and low-mounted turn signal indicators, and a sturdy frame made from high-quality materials. Additionally, the scooter has a reliable suspension system and large, self-sealing air tires to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven terrains. 

You get an audible horn to alert unwary pedestrians. And thanks to the advanced Apollo app, you can customize your ride to your most comfortable settings and keep track of the scooter’s state of function. With these features, riders can confidently navigate busy city streets, knowing that their safety is prioritized. 


Here’s where things get even more interesting. Usually, Apollo issues a standard 12-month limited warranty on all of their electric scooters. However, for the Apollo City Pro, they are offering an ‘extended warranty‘ option on the e-scooter’s frame. The new Apollo City Pro owners will have their frames covered for up to 10,000 kilometers (6210 miles). Apollo has not released further details on this particular offering, but stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to update the info once it’s available.

Apollo City Pro Review Conclusion


So, who is the Apollo City Pro e-scooter for? Well, first, this is a perfect scooter for those who regularly commute but need dual motor power to deal with hills or just want better acceleration than single-motor scooters.  

Those who value quality and design over raw performance numbers and are shopping in this price range will quickly realize that there isn’t quite anything on the market with the integration and finish of the Apollo City Pro. However, there is also the option of the single-motor Apollo City scooter for those who don’t need the hill-climbing power of the City Pro but want the quality and finish that the City Pro offers. 

That said, it should be obvious now why the Apollo City Pro is the benchmark or the gold standard of middleweight dual motor scooters. No scooter at the price is as well rounded in all categories, with beautiful design, the latest features and components, and balanced performance that makes it great for commuting and recreational riding.

Check out our link for the Apollo City Pro down below. Explore our YouTube channel and subscribe for the most comprehensive electric scooter video reviews.

The Apollo City Pro 2023 is available in United States from Apollo.
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Apollo City Pro 2023: Manufacterer Specifications

ModelCity Pro 2023
Weight65 lbs
Folded Dimensions48.75 by 24.5 by 23 In
Motor power, continuous1,000W
Top Speed32 mph
Range43 mi
Battery capacity960 Wh
Battery recharge time4.5 hrs
Max rider weight265 lbs
Brake typeDrum + Drum
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless)+Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP66
Apollo City Pro Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Apollo City Pro 2023
Kaabo Mantis V2
Solar EQ
EMOVE RoadRunner
acceleration icon of stop watch
Top Speed**
31.2 mph
37.3 mph
41.5 mph
35.5 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
21.9 mi
27.2 mi
26.3 mi
33.0 mi
68.8 lb
66.4 lb
70.6 lb
63.4 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
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