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  • The Inokim OXO 2023, black with blue accents and lettering, in a sunlit field

    2023 Inokim OXO Review

    December 16, 2023
    We rode the 2023 Inokim OXO and found major performance upgrades over the 2021 model and much better value overall!
  • Hover-1 Journey 2.0 Review

    December 14, 2023
    The Hover-1 Journey 2.0 is a great scooter for smaller riders and teens. Read our full review to learn more.
  • niu kqi air handlebars

    NIU KQi Air Review

    December 9, 2023
    The NIU KQi Air is a carbon-fiber featherweight champ barely tipping the scales at 26 lbs
  • solar p1 3.0 electric scooter deck

    The Solar P1 3.0 Review

    December 2, 2023
    Is the Solar P1 3.0 the fastest electric scooter you can buy for under $1300? Read our review of this…
  • man riding a lectric XP lite electric bike

    The Lectric XP Lite Electric Bike: An Everyday Essential

    November 23, 2023
    The Lectric XP Lite might just be an everyday essential, the kind of ebike you won't want to live without.
  • man on a hover-1 journey max electric scooter riding up a hill in San Francisco

    The Hover-1 Journey Max Review

    November 18, 2023
    We review the Hover-1 Journey Max, an exceptional dual-motor budget scooter from the company known for making the Hover Board.
  • man riding emove roadster electric scooter fast on a highway

    The EMOVE Roadster Review

    November 15, 2023
    What's the fastest production electric scooter in the world? We have it! The EMOVE Roadster hits 72.1 mph and kills…
  • Lectric XP 3.0 – The Do Everything E-Bike

    October 23, 2023
    What can the Lectric XP 3.0 do? Everything but tie your shoes. Read our review of this do-everything, go-anywhere e-bike.
  • apollo-air-2023-electric-scooter

    Apollo Air 2023 Review

    October 4, 2023
    The Apollo Air 2023 Review: Dive into its performance, ride quality, comparison with other scooters, and its Reliability Score
  • gotrax-gx2-electric-scooter-review-web-cover

    GOTRAX GX2 Review: Dual-Motor, Twice the Thrill

    September 16, 2023
    Delve into our detailed GOTRAX GX2 review: we evaluate its performance, features, ride and build quality, comparing it to rival…