Today is a super exciting day because we’re unboxing a Nanrobot N6. Why is this so exciting? Because this latest model N6 is the first Nanrobot we’ve unboxed in almost two years. We can’t wait!

This scooter comes in a cool looking box:

The picture on the front looks nice, and it’s immediately apparent this new scooter is very different from the last scooter we had at ESG from Nanrobot, which was the Narobot D5+.

So what’s changed in the last two years?

Side note: there’s a cute little detail on the box to remind you to inflate your tires – this is something that so many people forget. They get excited about their new scooter, and they take it out of the box and try to ride it straight away without inflating the tires.

First Impressions

This scooter comes with a full-size, branded tire pump, this is the first time we’ve ever received one of these. It even comes with a braided extender you stick on the tires so the pump can reach the stem valve which at times can be hard to get to.

That’s a really nice touch.

Also included in the box is the user manual and a remote control for controlling the swag lights on the scooter. Even better, the remote control buttons are labelled so you know what each one is for, so you don’t have to guess…

One of the buttons has a music symbol, we can’t wait to see what that does!

The Stem Latch

The stem latch is one they use on a lot of Nanrobot scooters. You simply spin the dial at the base of the stem and the clamp pulls back out of the way, it slides into place and then you spin the dial back in. The dial has a nice grip on it making it easy to get it nice and tight.

As usual, there is a little bit of assembly required, not too much, but some.

The first impression of this scooter as it comes together is that it has a great-looking stem – it’s got a couple of lights which we’ll see in action later on. It’s got a halo light at the stem base, and swag lights the length of the scooter, on the deck and underneath.

Fun fact – you can set up the swag lights to pulse to music.

The Kickstand

We love this kickstand, it’s a full heavy motorcycle-grade kickstand.

The Fender

This scooter has a dirt bike type of fender.

The Wheels

It looks like the scooter has tubed 10.0-inch hybrid off-road tires.

The Handlebars

There’s a ton of new stuff on this scooter that we weren’t expecting, lots of really original and cool new stuff. So often we see the same old things, but on this scooter, practically everything we’re seeing is brand new, and all of it’s branded with the new Nanrobot logo.

For example, it’s got brakes we’ve never seen before, and one of the coolest new features we’ve also not seen before is on the handlebars, where there’s an adjuster for the brakes.

Why might you need that?

Well, not everybody has enormous hands or tiny hands, and most of us wish we could adjust the space between the brake levers and the handle grip. Or if you’re riding in gloves, you sometimes want a little extra space between your fingers and the grips. With this new adjuster feature, you don’t need a tool to adjust it, you simply reach down and you can dial the lever in or out just by twisting the little knob right there.

You can hear the levers moving as you dial, so if you want the brake lever closer or further away, depending on the size of your hand, you can quickly and simply adjust and go.

Explore the Nanrobot N6

First Turn On

The scooter, straight out of the box, comes with a little juice in the battery. This one has 54 volts right now. That’s a nice amount of voltage for battery health – you don’t want to store your scooter with a fully charged battery, nor too discharged – this is about perfect.

The Dashboard

Okay, so this is neat. We love it when the dashboard shows you graphically what motors you’re using – either single motor or dual motor. In this case, the indicator shows either one wheel lit up on the screen, or two wheels lit up, depending on what mode you’re scooting in.

Besides the new Unagi electric scooter, this is the first scooter we’ve seen at ESG that shows you which motor is working, via the dashboard.

Then you’ve got the modes: these are one, two, and three. And if you hold both mode buttons down you get into the P settings; but we’re not going to get into those right now because we have no idea how the P settings work on this scooter (just yet).

Finally, there isn’t an eco setting on this scooter’s dashboard that we can see, just gears and single or dual motor settings.

The Lights

The red switch on the left handlebar controls the swag lights. And there are some serious swag lights on this scooter.

There’s the big swag light up the stem – this is the only one that doesn’t change color, it’s white all the time. The rest of the lights are controlled via the remote control to program them.

And these swag lights are everywhere: they’re along the side of the deck, there are little dots here and there, and they’re even up the front grilles which is incredibly cool.

We also love the turn signals – there’s a little warning on the back of the scooter telling you not to step directly on top of the tail light. Just look at it! It’s a really nice, bright brake light and it stays bright whether you have the turn signals on or not.

And the turn signals are in a couple of places, not just one. They’re on the brake lights themselves, and they’re on the left and right side of the deck.

The Suspension

This suspension has damping, meaning it doesn’t spring around like a trampoline! Now, while this damping isn’t adjustable, it does seem to be hydraulic damping, but the springs are adjustable.

The Remote Control

The remote control controls the swag lights. For example, on the stem, the lights have three settings – low, medium, and super bright.

And we were right… When you press the music button the lights respond to sound (you have to watch the video to see what we mean).

Nanrobot N6 Specs

This scooter retails for $2,200, but you can get it for $1,900 simply by using the below link and entering the coupon code “ESG” at checkout. That will save you an extra $50!

Get Rolling Now with the Nanrobot N6

They say it’ll go 40 mph which is about typical for scooters of this size, and the range they say is between 30 miles to 40 miles.

We usually get about 33 miles out of scooters with batteries of this size, but we reckon this scooter will probably do more than that.

There’s also the dual hydraulic brakes, 1000-watt motors front and rear, and it’s supposed to have sine wave controllers.

In fact, it feels like it’s set up in zero start right now, but it has a soft start to it like sine waves tend to do – we are super excited to see how good this scooter rides!

There’s a hook on the deck for when you hook the stem down to the deck (should you wish to fold the scooter away), but we can see that getting in folks’ way. For people who aren’t going to be folding their scooter we reckon you can just pull that off, and then not have it under your feet. Because let’s be honest, this 88 lbs scooter isn’t something you’re going to be carrying around a whole lot!

In fact, at 88 lbs, this scooter is in an unusual weight range category, alongside the Varla Eagle Pro and the Dualtron Thunder. Sitting it slap bang between the light heavyweights and some of the Big Scooters.

Two more stats for you:

  1. This scooter has got a Big Rider weight carrying capacity at 330 lbs, which you can tell by the stiff suspension;
  2. The other stat is that this scooter has a charging time (with one charger) of 12 hours, but with two chargers they say that’s reduced to 8 hours, which is weird because if you use two chargers it usually cuts the charging time in half…

The First Ride

So we’ve unboxed the Nanrobot N6, we’ve talked about it, and shared some of its stats, but now it’s time to get this outside and ride it!

The tires are aired up and it’s ready to go but we found something interesting when we were pumping up the tires – we didn’t need the little valve stem extender at all. The stems on this scooter stick out so much, making it really easy to get a pump on them and pump them up. Not that we needed to – the tires came correctly inflated. Props to Nanrobot for that!

First Impressions of the First Ride

This is not a bad ride, it’s actually pretty mellow, really smooth on the throttle, we could ride in top gear dual motor mode nicely and slowly. To max it out though we might need to get into the P-settings. The suspension feels really good too.

Get Your Nanrobot N6 Scooter Today

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