Testing the All New EMOVE RoadRunner: Is This the Best Seated Scooter?

Voro Motors invited us to break down and help improve their newest commuting machine before it officially hits the streets; meet the EMOVE RoadRunner: part kick scooter, part e-bike, and 100% fun

The EMOVE RoadRunner is unlike most electric scooters that you’ve seen. As a seated scooter, it’s a pedal-less hybrid somewhere between a bike and a kick scooter, resulting in a more relaxed, super chill ride compared to when you’re standing. 

EMOVE RoadRunner | Credit: Richard S. / RG

Some argue that seated scooters are more fun than kick scooters, and we tend to agree given that the RoadRunner is a pleasure to ride, especially at its legit top speed (we’ll get to that later). In fact, it is already our favorite seated scooter that we’ve ever tested. 

In this exclusive preview of the EMOVE RoadRunner, we’ll share our favorite aspects of this all-new electric scooter and what makes it great for everyday commuting. We’ll also mention what improvements we’ve suggested Voro Motors implement to make it an even better, more user-friendly machine. 

The emove roadrunner is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

What We Love About the EMOVE RoadRunner

Compared to our former favorite seated scooter, the Fiido, which we dubbed a scooter utility vehicle (SUV), the RoadRunner has a whole motor’s worth more power for only around Error: Value not specified. more weight. It also has a more ergonomic cockpit and nearly double the overall performance. 

Rider-Focused Build

The RoadRunner is a very intuitive scooter to just jump on and go. The display and thumb throttle are very simple and easy to operate. The RoadRunner comes with Xtasy foldable handlebars that are attached via an adjustable arm, allowing you to angle them toward or away from you. These features allow the scooter the be more compact, should you need to throw it in a trunk or storage.

The supersized 14.5 in tires combined with a seated position help you feel grounded and stable while riding. Most electric scooter tires are between 8 in and 10 in. Also, the smaller motor is located in the front wheel and the larger in the back which, along with your weight, keep your tires from losing traction when accelerating. 

The Roadrunner has Xtech semi-hydraulic brakes and a great thumb throttle. It’s responsive without giving you abrupt acceleration, and its position allows you to easily cover the brakes. If you’ve used trigger throttles, you know the unnatural angle that your hand often has to make can cause your hand to cramp. Also, it’s harder to cover the brake levers, so you can brake in an emergency, when you’re riding scooters with trigger throttles.  

For more on scooter throttles, check out our comprehensive guide

Removable Battery

One of the signature features of the EMOVE RoadRunner is the removable 48V battery. This functionality means that you can lock up your scooter outside and bring the battery inside for charging and safekeeping. If you want to leave the battery in the scooter, you can deadbolt it in place by turning the key forward to the locked position. 

What makes the RoadRunner so commute-friendly, along with the seated ride, is that you can easily double the range with a second battery (no waiting for it to charge!). Keep in mind that the standalone battery weighs 15 lbs, so the added range means carrying a little more weight. However, you could keep a spare battery at home or in the office for emergencies, and that’s not possible with all scooters.  

Solid Performance

Although you can extend the range, you probably won’t need to, as the RoadRunner gets 33.0 miles of ample riding time based on our real-world performance testing. Even though this is around 30% less than the manufacturer’s claim, it’s more than enough for most daily commutes.  

The top speed matches the range exactly, as the RoadRunner tops out at 35.5 mph. On scooters where you’re standing, the front wheel can start to squirrel away from you at higher speeds and feel difficult to control. Even riding at the RoadRunner’s tippy top speed feels stable and comfortable, and is very easy to steer. 

Here’s performance data, based on our preliminary testing of the RoadRunner prototype. 

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph) 3.9 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph) 6.5 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 25 mph) 9.6 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 30 mph) 16.0 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 35 mph) 33.4 seconds
Top speed 35.5 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph) 10.4 feet
Range 33.0 miles
Hill climb 11.8 seconds

For more information on how we conduct our certified testing and to compare scooters’ stats, check out our performance page. 

What We Want Voro Motors to Improve

Although there’s lots to love about the EMOVE RoadRunner, we had some feedback for Voro Motors about what they could improve based on our assessment.

Comfort Features

The RoadRunner has great features, but a few adjustments would improve its comfortability, including minor changes to the seat, suspension, handlebar configuration, and tire pressure. 

First, we recommend making the seat a bit plushier, like the seat on the Fiido. The RoadRunner’s rectangular seat could have a bit more cushion to it; adding a gel insert would make it more supple. We would also taper the front of the seat so that it’s narrower than the rear, allowing your knees to rest alongside the center console more naturally. Although the seat is pretty comfortable, it would be more so with these adjustments. 

Another feature that can be improved is the front suspension. The springs don’t provide much rebound or cushion, so we’d suggest implementing a higher spring rate to improve this ride feel and prevent bottoming out over large bumps. 

Although we love that the handlebars can fold and hinge toward you, we recommend raising the handlebars by 3 to 4 inches for a more comfortable riding position. A taller posture will help the rider feel more balanced in the seated position as well. 

Lastly, the manufacturer recommends you maintain a tire pressure of 45 psi. We recommend lowering this to 35 psi. Reducing tire pressure will have an impact on total range per charge, butthe 6% loss of range is well worth the gain in ride comfort. Here are the results of the RoadRunner range tests with tires at 45 psi versus 35 psi. 

45 psi vs. 35 psi Range Comparison

Range Tire Pressure Average Speed Ambient Temp
31 mi 45 psi 18 mph 57°F
29 mi 35 psi 18 mph 59°F

Water Protection

The RoadRunner isn’t officially IP rated but Voro Motors has said “riding under light rain is alright.” Keep in mind that water damage to scooters, even those with IP ratings, is often not covered by the warranty.

The RoadRunner has front and rear fenders, which is a great feature for all-weather riding. We suggest extending the rear fender so it arches further around the tire, stopping closer to the cross-bar beneath the seat. Doing so would better protect the rider (and battery) from splashes and sprays.

Given the position of the battery, it’s very likely that water will end up spraying on it even when with a longer fender. To avoid electrical issues, we also suggest enhancing the seals around where the battery makes contact with the electrical input.    

If being able to ride in inclement weather is a must, check out our best scooters for riding in the rain.

Display and Headlight Brightness

Our last improvement to the RoadRunner has to do with visibility. The mid-mounted headlight is around 280 lumens, and we’d increase that to 1000 lumens for brighter, wider projection.  

Also, the LCD display is functional and does its job, but could be a bit brighter, especially when trying to view it in direct sunlight.

For more information on what you need to see ahead, check out our electric scooter lights guide

The Road Ahead for the RoadRunner

The RoadRunner is currently available for preorder. Voro Motors will start shipping units between April and May. When the final model is available, we’ll check it out and release our usual comprehensive review.  

Being our favorite seated scooter already, we predict that the RoadRunner will be one of the best electric scooters of the year. It’s a really solid platform, and we’re very excited to have a hand in its development.

The emove roadrunner is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

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