In this unboxing and first impressions video, Paul and Ramier unbox the MiniMotors Dualtron X Limited.

Brace yourselves people, this thing is so huge. In fact, it’s so massive it doesn’t arrive in just a box. This is in fact a box around a crate.

That’s right.

The new Dualtron X Limited is so impressively large it ships in a crate and has to be delivered on a pallet. This is not a two-man lift!

Honestly, it’s huge and we’ve been dying to open it – so let’s dive in!

What’s in the Box?

First impressions? This electric scooter is on another level! We had to cut the box off just to get the crate out… if we thought the box was big, the electric scooter itself is massive.

It’s so enormous it has tie-down straps in the box… Sorry, the crate. Like when you transport a motorcycle and have to tie it down to stop it from moving.

“It’s like a caged beast” – Ramier

So, what’s inside the box? Well, alongside the scooter are lots of little boxes. In one is the charger, not just any charger, this is an enormous charger – big scooters need big chargers after all. This one comes with a fan and a nice little protected plug too.

Then we’ve got a beautiful MiniMotors damper in one box, and another charger in a second – that’s because this scooter has two batteries – one in the stem, and one in the deck.

You also get two manuals: a product manual and an important information one.

Out of the Box

The Dualtron X2 weighs 145 pounds, which pales in comparison to this, the new Dualtron X Limited, which weighs in at a mighty 183 pounds.

Honestly, it feels like we’re halfway to motorcycle territory at this point.

Learn More about the Dualtron X Limited Scooter

The Stem

The Dualtron X Limited electric scooter has a tall, tall stem. Now, a lot of Dualtron stems are on the shorter side but this feels like they’ve gone completely 180 in the other way.

“This is the beefiest machine we ever got, it’s beautiful!” – Ramier

The Deck

You have to see this spacious deck to believe it. Truly, this deck is amazing. It’s 5 inches longer than the deck on the Dualtron X2, and we’re really glad to see that because when you’re riding an electric scooter this powerful you need to have some space to enable you to get a wide stance going, so the scooter doesn’t throw you back as you really get into the throttle.

It’s hard to get a feel for the enormous size of the Dualtron X Limited scooter because it’s got such big tires on it, which make the rest of the scooter look in proportion. So, to give some scale here, this is what a normal Nami tire looks like.

This is an 11-inch PMT tire, it looks enormous on its own, but in comparison to the bad boys on the Dualtron X Limited, which are 13 inches, they look tiny.

And check out the width too – Dualtron X Limited tires are wider tires than other Dualtron scooters. These are as wide as your hand is long. In fact, they’re almost the width of the tire on a motorcycle.

The Cost

This is not just the largest scooter we’ve ever tested, but it’s also the most expensive scooter that RG has ever tested, coming in at $6,995, which again is heading into motorcycle territory.

The Headlights

OK, so we’ve got one of the lights to mount. The others are in situ already.

Now, an interesting thing about the lights on this scooter according to the spec, is they’ve got 8,000 lumens of headlight – to put that in perspective that’s about six car headlights (or eight really good scooter headlights).

“This is nice, this is massive – this is the biggest thing RG has ever got.” – Ramier

The Battery

The battery on this bad boy is 66% bigger than the battery on the Dualtron X2 – the previous biggest scooter we’ve ever tested.

To put that into perspective, Paul just did a range test on the Dualtron Storm Limited which was the only other 84-volt scooter we’ve ever tested, and he rode 67 miles on that battery.

The battery on the Dualtron X Limited is bigger than that.

So, where Paul had to ride the Dualtron Storm for 3 hours solidly to run the battery out, we’re guessing he’s going to have to clock up over 100 miles to run this battery out. Meaning, if he goes the same speed he went on the Dualtron Storm, he’s going to have to ride the scooter for over five hours!

“That’s going to be a long test, I feel bad for your knees, you might as well just bring a chair – that deck’s wide enough to take a nap on!” – Ramier

The Top Speed

As well as being the biggest and most expensive scooter we’ve ever tested, the Dualtron X Limited is also supposed to be the fastest scooter we’ll have ever ridden.

Dualtron say the top speed for the X Limited is 70 mph, so one of the first things we’re going to do when Paul tests this behemoth out is to see if we can get it up to 70 mph !

Just so you know, our all-time speed record at RG is for the Wolf King GT at 61 mph. That record has stood for almost a year now and we’re dying to find something that’ll go faster, we’re hoping this is the one.

It’s certainly got the power to get us there – with a peak power of 13,440 watts when it’s fully charged. And it pushes something like 70 amps per end.

We can not wait to check out the power for ourselves and experience it for real.

How Long Does This Scooter Take to Charge?

The Dualtron X Limited takes just 12 hours to fully charge from zero to one hundred percent. We’re going to see if we can use dual chargers to speed the charging process up though.

With three charging points, we don’t see why you couldn’t, but we aren’t going to get into that in this post. There is so much to cover on this scooter that we promise we’ll take a much deeper dive into it all when we do the official review – this is just an unboxing and first impressions review after all!

4 Piston Brake Calipers

This scooter has dual piston calipers – nice big calipers – we’ve never seen anything like this on this brand before.

Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Check out these gorgeous adjustable shocks – big adjustable shock absorbers that you can easily adjust the damping on.

And a preload adjuster too, so you can really dial this scooter into your riding style. These are of course at both ends of the scooter, guaranteeing you the ultimate ride.

(We set this scooter’s damping about three clicks from the end.)

EY4 Dashboard

This is our first-ever look at the EY4 dashboard and controller, and the full-color LCD display. This thing looks like the dashboard on a BMW!

There are five speed modes. You can cycle through them on the display until you reach the one you want to ride in. There’s also an eco mode too.


By pressing and holding the mode button down, it takes you straight into P settings – these are quite comprehensive so you’re going to want to spend some time getting into these to set up the scooter just the way you want it.

The Lights

There are two switches on the stem to operate the scooter’s lights. The one on the left turns on your driving lights – that’s the pair of headlights that are mounted on the accessory bar on the front of the scooter.

The switch on the right turns on everything else: the lights on the deck, the additional headlight; you can tell, even in a brightly lit room that this scooter throws off a ton of light.

And of course, it’s got the awesome Dualtron swag lights everywhere. Not forgetting the big Xs for the turning signals.

Explore the Dualtron X Limited Scooter

Securing the Stem

So this is a little bit different; we didn’t know this about the Dualtron X Limited, but when you put the stem up, and you tighten the knob at the front above the headlights, that’s not the only thing to keep the stem secure. You need to screw in two bolts on either side of the turn screw to make the stem ultra-sturdy.

“Now that’s solid. It’s like an aluminum two by four – there is no wobble in this stem, super solid.” – Paul

The Damper

You can’t tell just by looking at the scooter where the damper is going to attach, because when you look over the scooter, it doesn’t look like there’s any missing hardware at all.

But the scooter has mounting points effortlessly built-in. Simply take a little spacer and the shorter bolt and feed that up from the bottom of the mount and secure the damper in place. Then, do the same for the side mount. It needs the longer spacer, but it attaches the same way.

This is a very clean installation.

Setting the Steering Damper

When setting the steering damper, we always like to set it at the minimum level because you don’t want too much damping, you just want enough to make the steering feel stable at speed.

To find the optimum dampness for you, start by taking the damper all the way out and just slowly add it back in, bit by bit until you begin to feel it start to do some damping. You’ll do the final settings when you’re out on the road.

“This is looking nice, I like it! It looks real rugged!” – Ramier

Where to Buy the Dualtron X Limited?

This limited edition is available to purchase from Voro Motors – they do something really different with their Dualtrons; that is, they always have about twice as much (or more) warranty than anybody else selling the same scooter.

Use the Code 4YEARWARRANTY at checkout to stretch their already generous warranty even further!

Check out This Indcredible Offer Today

Why is a Warranty so Important?

Making sure you have a super strong warranty is especially important when it comes to a $7,000 scooter like this, because this scooter is something you’re going to have a long-term relationship with, and so who you buy it from really matters.

Fun Facts about the Dualtron X Limited

We’ve got some fun facts about the Dualtron X Limited, and they are:

  1. If you want to make a battery this big, you would need more than nine Ninebot Max electric scooter batteries.
  2. Weight-wise, this scooter weighs the same as six-and-a-half Unagi Model One scooters.

First Ride of the Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter

Soon Paul is going to don his full motorcycle gear and go do a top speed run on the Dualtron X Limited, but right now, he’s just going to scoot up and down the block a little bit – it’s not exactly rough terrains, but it’s enough to give some decent First Impressions… here we go!

How Does it Feel?

The hydraulic brakes get stronger with every ride, and the power delivery is surprisingly civilized. We are super curious to see how the scooter feels at high speed because right now it feels like a really stable ride – smooth on the suspension, however, it’s not very nimble around corners. But that’s to be expected.

So, all that’s left to do is fully power up this bad boy, then Paul is going to get suited up and go do the top speed run and see how fast this scooter goes – keep an eye out for the full review coming soon!

Get Your Hands on This Dualtron X Limited Scooter Today

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