The changing electric vehicle market & how e-scooters fit in

Electric scooters get a lot of love in Hawaii.

Families ride together on weekends. Crew rides form quickly around the state’s main islands. E scooter owners trick out their rides in style like nowhere else.

After all, electric scooters are the perfect way to discover new places, shop, relax, and explore, or to commute to work or run errands around town. And with summer weather year-round, Hawaii is the perfect place to ride. 

Hawaii’s state legislature was slow to embrace the electric scooter phenomenon, only legalizing privately-owned electric scooters on public roads in mid-2021. But since then, the state has become an electric scooter hotspot. Increasingly, people are opting to buy their own set of wheels instead of renting from sharing companies.

But there have been serious problems for customers on the island! And Voro Motors Hawaii is here to solve them.

Shipping and Service Issues in Hawaii

Shipping to Hawaii is SLOW and EXPENSIVE

There are major issues in Hawaii’s love affair with electric scooters: getting electric scooters scooters, accessories, and replacement parts shipped anywhere in the islands can be complicated and cost-prohibitive, whether you order from small online retailers or Amazon.

With a lack of electric scooter shops in Hawaii, the islands have had little local inventory on hand, so Hawaiian buyers had to order everything online and have it shipped in at significant cost.

Some customers waited months for a scooter to arrive, after paying hundreds of dollars in shipping fees. If things went wrong, they were stuck waiting even longer for repairs or replacements, with a warranty that did them little good.

A single controller can cost $150 to ship, a battery can cost at least twice as much to have delivered. Distance and complex logistics mean more potential damages en route. 

Voro Motor’s Kapolei Store Delivers

Voro Hawaii Officially Opens in Kapolei!

It’s here! The Voro Hawaii store officially opened on January 2 at 1030 Opule St. #3The store is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Voro’s staff is standing by to take your questions in person, online, or on the phone.

The new store is currently scheduling test rides and taking in repairs, so get there for some local knowledge about electric scooters and exceptional service you likely won’t find anywhere else in Hawaii. As far as we can tell from our research, Voro’s Hawaii store is the first electric scooter retailer and service center to open anywhere on the islands.

The weather might be perfect, but shipping problems in Hawaii’s scooter market have been far from ideal. All that will change. Hawaiians on every island now have local access to a premium scooter inventory, the best accessories and parts, and one of the best-known e-scooter service shops in the U.S. with the arrival of Voro Motors in Kapolei.

Free Shipping for All Hawaiian Buyers

Voro felt that electric scooter riders in Hawaii needed a break, so the company will offer free shipping to all their Hawaiian customers, as well as their standard great service and value.

Exceptional Service

Voro has applied their customer-centered focus to in-person repairs in their Los Angeles and Brooklyn, New York stores, and to their sizable inventory of replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories.

Voro has posted dozens of video tutorials on YouTube to guide riders through maintenance and self-repairs, and they’re one of few electric retailers with 24/7 live online customer service chat.

Voro Motors is one of the best-known names in the industry for good reason. The company has earned a reputation for their highly recommended service shops.

Voro’s Own Innovative Brand

Not only has Voro pioneered excellent electric scooter service and sales, but the company designs and oversees their own brand, EMOVE. They launched the first tubeless tires for electric scooters on the EMOVE Touring and Cruiser, and totally re-imagined the idea of electric mopeds with the seated scooter models Roadrunner and FIIDO

The EMOVE line consistently features in top 10 lists from Electric Scooter Guide and other respected review sites for its durability, serviceability, long range, smooth rides, and the wide availability of e scooter replacement parts and accessories, thanks to Voro’s vast inventory. 

Top Retailer of Premium Scooters

Known for their great service and super-dependable electric scooter models, Voro is also a top retailer of some of the most in-demand performance models from Kaabo and MiniMotors, like the Wolf Warrior X GT, Mantis King GT, and the massive new Dualtron X Limited. They bring all of this inventory and service and sales knowledge to their Kapolei store, not far from Honolulu.

Building Electric Scooter Community

Voro has not only focused on providing the best sales and service for their customers, they’ve also become a major hub for the electric scooter community, sponsoring crew rides on both coasts and becoming a center for authoritative information about the latest trends, best electric scooter ride and repair practices, and so much more. (Check out Voro’s Hawaiian riders FB group here.)

From major cities like New York, L.A., and, now, just outside Honolulu, to smaller towns around the world, Voro is renowned for its own electric scooter brands, its range of models from Kaabo and MiniMotors, and its top-notch service centers. Voro is a business built by riders for riders, and it shows.

Contact Voro for more information about their Kapolei store opening and to have any and all of your questions about electric scooters answered.

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