This review focuses on a big new dual-motor electric scooter–the Synergy Tsunami. A new dual motor scooter with the power and design to cater to big dawgs, and a physical presence in North America for timely customer support.
Synergy Tsunami - $2199
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Paul Somerville
February 7, 2023

Rider Guide’s Editor-in-Chief is a seasoned expert in the electric scooter industry. With a wide-ranging background that includes managing scooter warehouses, selling thousands of motorcycles, and restoring high value (+1M) European sports cars, his expertise is unmatched. Having personally tested more than 100 electric scooters, he offers invaluable insights and recommendations to our readers. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team, as his diverse skill set and extensive experience ensure top-notch reviews.

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Synergy Tsunami chargning ports
Synergy Tsunami stem latch
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Synergy Tsunami Summary

Light heavyweight electric scooters are not built the same–some are fast, some are nimble, some are downright expensive. The Tsunami? Well it’s big.

The Tsunami is physically a bit larger and roomier than its counterparts, and has a higher rider weight capacity, but without the scooter itself being heavier. But it’s not just that–the handlebars are taller, it has a large battery and large motors, and overall big performance. 

We’ve got the Tsunami’s tested performance numbers, and we’re about to let you know why the Synergy Tsunami is going to be causing tidal waves.
pros icon of thumbs up
Tubeless 10-Inch(25.40 cm) Offroad Tires That Resist Pinch Flats And Are Easy To Swap
More Room For The Rider
Ultra-High Rider Weight Limit
Nice Swag Lights With App-Control
cons icon of thumbs down
Throttle Isn’t As Smooth As Scooters With Sinewave Controllers
The Roomy Deck Means It’s Harder To Fit Into The Trunk

Technical Specifications

top speed icon of speedometer
Tested Top Speed:
38.4 mph
water resistance icon of raining cloud
Water Resistance:
Tested Weight icon of a scale
Max Rider Weight:
350 lb
weight icon of kettlebell
77.3 lb
tested range icon of a path between to points
Tested Range:
30.0 mi
acceleration icon of stop watch
2.5 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Synergy Tsunami is available in United States from Synergy Rides.
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Synergy Tsunami Alternatives & Competitors

Vsett 10+
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The Vsett 10+ has the quickest acceleration, and the largest battery but the least comfortable ergonomics at the throttle, and the least roomy deck.
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Kaabo  Mantis King GT
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Mantis King GT
The Mantis King GT has excellent ride quality, with adjustable hydraulic suspension, and class-leading power, but doesn’t have tubeless tires and has the lowest riders weight limit of the group at 265lbs.
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In 2022, we got to interact with many new exciting brands, and among them was Synergy. Our first interaction was with their entry-level dual motor scooter the Synergy Aviator 2.0. We were pleasantly surprised with this Canadian brand’s ability to deliver a low-maintenance, powerful, somewhat portable, yet inexpensive scooter.

That set the gears turning for a deeper interaction with the brand, and that led us to today’s focus, the Tsunami. But what we could immediately tell is that Synergy’s time manufacturing shared scooters had a depth of impact on their ability to deliver on what niche rider groups required. Now, the Aviator crawled so the Tsunami could fly, and here’s why. 

The Synergy Tsunami has twice as much power as the Aviator 2.0, you get higher end specs like hydraulic disc brakes, smoother ride from the 10 inch tubeless air-filled tires. While the Aviator 2.0 provided a balance for power and low-maintenance, the Synergy Tsunami is a package that delivers power and comfort for bigger and taller riders.

Taking each of its individual specs, it’s possible that Synergy saw an opportunity for electric scooters for the big dawg, without them being as big as, or costing as much as the Kaabo Wolf Kings, or the Dualtron beasts, or NAMI’s quartet. In terms of physical allowance, it is also a significant step up from the average light heavyweight–the Vsett 10+, the Mantis King GT, the Phantom V2 or even new entrants like the Yinke i5.

So, we’ll give you the numbers, our experience on the road, and our big dawg take. Read on for the Synergy Tsunami electric scooter full review.

Our Take: Built Big, With Big Performance, For The Bigger Rider, at a Not-so-big Price.

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Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

heavy rider riding Synergy Tsunami
The theme for this scooter should be; the bigger, the heavier, the taller, the better! 

It has all the makings of a scooter built to work in favor of bigger riders. For starters, the scooter has a rider weight capacity of 350 lbs, the second highest in our database. To support and complement this high payload capacity, the deck is uniquely roomy–it’s long at  21.1 inches, and equally as wide at 7.8 inches. There are no notches on the deck surface to steal from the standing real estate, and the footrest design adequately adds to the usable deck space.

The scooter is then fitted with full suspension with adjustable springs front and rear so you can adjust them for your weight. This on top of the 10 inch tubeless offroad tires that are not only comfortable but also less impervious to pinch flats. You also won’t find yourself bottoming out when rolling over obstacles thanks to the 6.5 inch ground clearance. At the same time, the large 1440 wh battery is more than sufficient to cater for the higher power needs of bigger individuals.

To crown it all, the scooter’s handlebars sit a tall 41.5 inches from the deck, which allows riders from 5 ft 10 inches (177.8 cm) to about 6 ft 4 inches(193cm) to ride without having to hunch even a little.

The Synergy Tsunami is irrevocably suited for bigger, taller, heavier riders.
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Synergy Tsunami Electric Scooter Review


The acceleration on the Tsunami may not be as quick as scooters we’ve recently reviewed with sine wave controllers, but it is squarely within trend of other scooters in its class.

The Tsunami takes 2.5 seconds from 0 to 15 mph. As always, we tinkered with the P-settings to get the scooter to max performance mode. What we found with the Tsunami is that with initial acceleration, it was either too strong or too soft–no goldilocks setting in between.

Paul’s advice;

…start with “soft start” engaged, and then once you get to know the scooter very well, you can switch over to power start, and save soft start for rainy days."

Charted against competitor scooters, the Tsunami beat the Phantom V2, whose 0- 15 mph time is 2.7 seconds. However, the light heavyweight champs when it comes to acceleration remain the Mantis King GT and the Vsett 10 plus, which tie at 1.9 seconds to the 15 mph mark.

Top Speed

The top speed on this electric scooter may not be the belle of the ball, BUT, it did go faster than the manufacturer’s claimed top speed, and that’s always a welcome twist.

In max performance mode, our expert rider was able to clock 38.4 mph against the 37 mph stated on the scooter’s spec sheet. Now, this may be slower than other scooters in its class, but it’s also about as fast as you want to go on 10-inch tires.

The Mantis King GT is untouchable in this class of scooters–racing to a whopping 45.1 mph max speed. The Vsett 10+ is not shy either when it comes to a race, and clocks 43.3 mph in top speed. Then there’s our third comparison scooter, the Phantom V2, which comes in at 39.7 mph.

Hill Climb

If you live in hilly areas or have steep inclines on your commute, then a dual-motor electric scooter is the bare minimum.

The dual 1200w, 2400w total electric scooter will make it to the top of any hill without much of a challenge. We took the scooter on our usual 10% 200 ft hill test, and the scooter maintained an average speed of 15.2 mph, making it to the top in 8.9 seconds.

We find this speed sufficient–though on hills, the scooter is no match to the Mantis King GT or the Vsett 10+, which again tie for hill class champ title, reaching the top of our test hill in just 7.5 seconds. The Phantom V2 isn’t quite the uphill artist, but makes it in 9.1 seconds.


The Synergy Tsunami is rigged with a 1440 wh generic battery. We conducted our range test, and the Tsunami was able to go a full 30 miles–which is about an hour and a half of riding before needing to recharge. It’s advisable that you leave the scooter plugged overnight, since it takes 10 hours to fully recharge using a single charger–but you can halve the charge time to 5 hours, by acquiring a second charger.

The other comparison scooters carry brand name cells, and have better range per charge. The Mantis King GT is equipped with a 1440 wh Samsung battery that goes 36.6 miles before needing to recharge. The Vsett 10+’s 1536 wh LG battery does 33.6 miles, while the Phantom V2’s 1216 wh Dynavolt battery can go as far as 31.4 miles on a single charge.That said, the Tsunami did have the highest average speed of the comparison scooters during the range test at 21.3 mph.


The Synergy Tsunami electric scooter uses hydraulic brakes that have no branding on them, but look a lot like Nutt brakes, and feel a little more firm than the Nutt or Zoom brakes we’ve tested. This is the second time we’ve seen these and we still really like them. The 140 mm discs and regenerative braking bring it to a stop from 15 mph in a respectable 10.4 ft. 

Paul had this to say;

Like the setting for initial acceleration, I wish there was one more setting for regen in between the minimum setting and zero regen, because if you just want to slow down a little, the regen ramps up and feels a little strong.
The hydraulic brakes are so strong, you can turn off the regen altogether if you want and still stop with one finger on each lever. 

The stopping power on the Synergy Tsunami ranked at par with the Apollo’s Phantom V2. The Vsett 10+ was slightly better, stopping at 10.1 ft from a speed of 15 mph. And the Mantis King GT took home the crown with a braking distance of 9.6 ft from the same speed–and ranks sixth in our entire database.

Ride Quality

The first scooter we reviewed from Synergy was the dual motor, solid tire Aviator 2.0. We had our reservations going in but were pleasantly surprised at how well the scooter rode with the dual solid tires. Therefore, we had our hopes set high for this air-tired light heavyweight, and how do you think it fared? We won’t keep you guessing.

Now, it’s not obvious looking at the Tsunami, or even looking at the spec sheet, but there are a ton of design features that make this electric scooter a great fit for larger riders. The first thing we noticed riding it was how tall the handlebars are.

Paul, our expert rider, is 5 ft 10 inches (177.8 cm) tall and has on occasion said that his ideal handlebar height is about 40 inches or a little more. At 41.5 inches above the deck, the Tsunami’s bars on the other hand are 1.5 inches higher than average (for this class) and are the tallest in its class. 

The deck is the longest in class too: more than 3 inches longer than the deck on the Vsett 10+.So, physically, this is going to be a good fit for anyone from 5 ft 10 inches (177.8 cm) well into the 6 ft 4 inches(193cm) range and maybe beyond.

We love it even more, given its high rider weight capacity, which is by far the highest in class at 350 lbs, and this is a little mind-blowing. That’s 20 lbs more than the weight limit of a Wolf King GT Pro. Only the EMOVE Cruiser comes higher at 352 lbs.
The Synergy Tsunami has full suspension with adjustable springs front and rear, so you can adjust them for your weight, riding style, terrain, etc. However, you’ll need a special tool (Hook Wrench/C Spanner) to adjust the spring, without scratching it. 

Paul’s remarks on the damping;

I can’t tell if the shocks have hydraulic damping or not, but if there is any damping here it’s minimal and would benefit from more. That said, it’s not one of those scooters that bounces endlessly. 

The Synergy Tsunami also has tubeless 10 inch tires which offer another advantage to heavier riders. The tires on this electric scooter are standard hybrid offroad tires, but you can quickly swap them out for road tires, and you can read more about how easy that is in the tire's section.

There are three gears or speed settings. As usual, when you first receive the scooter, all modes feel mild since the P-settings are turned down for safety and legality in certain countries. This is great when you’re getting to know the scooter, but once you’re warmed up and looking for more, you’ll find the P-settings are locked! 

It’s not in the owner’s manual, but the code to unlock the P-settings is 2626. Once the P-settings are turned all the way up, performance really comes alive. But other than changing performance, you can also enable cruise control or switch between zero start and kick to start.
The Tsunami uses low-profile brake reservoirs, so you can adjust the trigger on the (QSS4-looking) display down fairly close to the brakes, so the throttle is comfortable to use on long rides.

The overall ride feel is light and nimble. The Tsunami is not wiggly at high speed, but it is also not ultra-stable. It’s definitely a good idea to keep both hands on the bars any time you’re moving, but that also goes for any scooter.
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Synergy Tsunami Features


Did you know that we take actual measurements for weight, size, and any other numbers we provide in our reviews? Whenever it’s possible for us to physically measure anything, we’re going to measure it, and then, give you our tested number and not a number from the spec sheet.

Why does that matter? Exhibit A: Our tested weight of the Tsunami was 77.3 lbs, but the specified weight is 88 lbs. That is quite a meaningful difference when you’re picking out a scooter. And we hope that this attention to detail keeps you coming back for the most comprehensive electric scooter reviews on the planet.

Back to the Tsunami…

Size-wise, the Synergy Tsunami electric scooter is a little less portable than its peers. The Tsunami model folds down to 52 inches long, which is 2 inches longer than the Mantis King GT. Therefore, it’s going to be a tight fit in the trunk of most cars. Synergy did a better job on the Aviator with its telescopic stem and folding handlebars, which compacted the scooter’s folded size.
Synergy Tsunami stem closeup large
On the folding mechanism, when we first saw the double clamp with a single lever, we were worried it would be hard to get it tight enough to eliminate stem wobble. However, there’s no wobble, and this latch is much faster to use than a double lever clamp. It also has two hooks. One for latching the stem down and another that can act as a bag hook.


A lot about this scooter feels reminiscent of Dualtron scooters. Right at the top is the handlebars that have a cross-bar that’s sort of similar to the Dualtron Mini. Structurally, it really has no use there, but most people will love it because they can mount stuff to it. It’s the same diameter as the bars themselves, so any accessory you’d normally mount to the bars like lights, or a phone mount will fit up here.
Synergy Tsunami left handle controls
The control buttons also have a familiarity to them. You’ve got a headlight switch, turn signal switches with indicator lights so you won’t forget they’re on, and a horn button down below. The ECO/TURBO button and Single mode/Dual mode switches on our unit did not have indicator lights on them, but we hear that feature is coming soon. The display is similar to a QSS4 but is easier to read in direct sunlight.


Dualtrons are the swag lights masters. And what do you get from a Dualtron-inspired scooter? More lights!

The electric scooter has a headlight that is low-mounted and comes with button lights embedded in the deck. The red rear button lights complement the rear lights mounted to the back of the kick plate–the rear lighting setup also has brake function and standard signal lights.

The Synergy Tsunami has more swag lights than most of its non-Dualtron peers. It has swag lights along the stem and led sidelights with different colours settings. Synergy has an app, not a remote, to control them. Which is better? We’re also not sure. But, the nice thing about an app is you never lose it, and you always have it with you. 

Synergy takes it a notch higher with this feature where you can make it pulse to music. We tried it on a few different songs and not every song is really going to work. You need the sound to pretty much stop and start to make it feel synced to the lights. 

Once you have the swag lights set the way you want them, you can toggle them on the display, separately from the headlight which is nice.


Synergy Tsunami rear tire
The Synergy Tsunami electric scooter comes equipped with 10 inch by 2.8 inch pneumatic tubeless tires, which are not too common in the light heavyweight category. We love tubeless tires because they are more resistant to pinch-flats if you hit a hard edge.

The stock tires on the Tsunami scooters are hybrid tubeless offroad tires, but as promised earlier, we’ll tell you why these are easier to swap out for road tires if you want a quieter riding experience for city riding.

There’s a twist to how these tires are mounted. You can take the rims off with the tires still mounted and fully inflated. So if you wanted to swap out the tires, you can do it without even letting the air out of the tires, or taking the tires off the rims, as long as you have a spare set of rims. This is a feature we’ve only seen (so far) on Dualtron Beast scooters with 11 inch tires. 

This would be a good time to make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel to get a visual of Paul doing it practically.


Synergy Tsunami deck overhead shot
When we say that the deck is roomy, you have to take our word for it, because it is quite roomy.

The deck on this electric scooter measures 21.1 inches by 7.8 inches, which is optimal both in length and width. And to sweeten the deal even further, the deck has two features that make it feel even bigger.
1) The deck latch folds down so it doesn’t get in the way, so you’re not losing standing space to that (sometimes) annoying notch at the rear end.

2) The footrest is relatively flat, which makes it easier to use than most others.

Build Quality

We’ve already mentioned it, but the Synergy Tsunami has a surprising number of Dualtron-esque features, in the build quality including the shape of the stem with stem lights embedded in the side, and even the handlebar mount. However, we’re pleased with the absence of one standard Dualtron feature– the stem creak. In fact, the stem is surprisingly stiff for one with a clamp-style latch.
The clamp for the stem has just one lever, but it works great and is just plain faster and better than the double-lever type of clamp. The one on the Tsunami also has this cool spring that does a similar thing to the latest Dualtron scooters, sliding the clamp into place automatically.

If you plan to go hopping off curbs or choose to explore some offroad trails, the 6.5 inch deck clearance comes in quite handy. The deck also comes with a sturdy kickstand made out of aluminum, so be careful with it. 

The Tsunami is pretty decent in the rain with a water resistance rating of IP54, but don’t go riding the Tsunami in a Tsunami like Paul did during the range test. Light rain should be fine as long as you stay out of water splash from puddles. In a stroke of “luck”, we’ve range-tested both of our Synergy scooters in the rain, and at least we can also confirm that the fenders do a good job of warding off road spray.
Synergy Tsunami charging ports large
The charging ports are on top of the deck, so they’re well-protected from falls. However, there’s one thing to watch out for. While we love the look and feel of metal covers, be careful not to nudge them into the socket sideways or you could cause a short (we’ve demoed that for you on the video). 


The Synergy Tsunami electric scooter has a safety-first design. We love the uncompromising braking system, the Dualtron-level lighting system, the scooter’s sturdy build, good handling and control, and the built-in horn.

Synergy also ships the scooter with the P-settings locked and set to mild performance–so unlocking higher performance modes is the riders' choice, and as such, improved caution becomes their responsibility.
Synergy Tsunami throttle
Synergy also installed an added safety feature on the Tsunami models, an anti-theft voltage lock key that keeps the scooter off the wrong peoples' hands.


Synergy offers a standard 1-year warranty for its scooters. Read through the manual carefully to ensure that you understand the warranty inclusions and exclusions.

As a bonus for the North American market, Synergy has a real presence with 32 Canadian outlets and two recently launched US sites. We’ve interacted with members of their team and they were very hands-on in walking us through our queries and concerns.

When spending more than $1000 on a scooter (and I feel like that should be any amount you spend in general), ensure that the brand you’re purchasing from has a reputation for prioritizing your concerns, even when the hope is never to need them.

Synergy Tsunami : Review Conclusion

The Synergy Tsunami is an exciting, well-built scooter with performance on par with its light-heavyweight peers, but with a feature set that’s going to have some advantages for larger riders. Honestly, the overall design isn’t breaking any new ground here but includes some favorite features from other popular scooters and in a couple cases executes them better than the original. 

For our expert rider, the stand-out feature is the use of tubeless 10 inch tires with quick-swappable rims. Secondly, we also like that even though the Tsunami is from a newer brand, it's manufactured by folks who learned about durability by building huge volumes of sharing scooters first, kind of like how Segway learned how to build Ninebot Max’s. 

If you’re in Seattle or Miami, or almost anywhere in Canada, you can go see a Tsunami in person at one of their showrooms. If you do, tell them we sent you (Wink). If you’re anywhere else in the US, there’s a purchase link below that supports this channel and you can also use the RG-exclusive coupon code (ESG10) for a discounted price.
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Technical Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Synergy Tsunami
Vsett 10+
Apollo Phantom (52V)
Kaabo Mantis King GT
top speed icon of speedometer
Top Speed**
38.4 mph
43.3 mph
39.7 mph
45.1 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
30.0 mi
33.6 mi
31.4 mi
36.6 mi
weight icon of kettlebell
77.3 lb
79.6 lb
76.4 lb
74.0 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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