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About Josh

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A devoted road and gravel cyclist, Josh Jones has been happier on two wheels than two legs for as long as he can remember. And as a lifelong gearhead and compulsive tinkerer, he’s just as happy in a workshop or garage. 

Josh rode his first metric century in the pouring rain, the perfect symbol of a love for riding in any conditions – from climbing desolate gravel fire roads in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest and daily braving the streets of New York City on a 10-speed. 

A few years back, Josh got into electric scooters, and he never got out. While he spent most of his youth writing about books and music and science and art, the opportunity presented itself in 2018 to help David Hyman launch Unagi Scooters. Josh couldn’t resist. 

Soon after, Electric Scooter Guide came calling, giving Josh an opportunity to write about, and ride, more scooters than ever before. (His favorite is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT, but don’t tell his main ride, an Emove Cruiser). In April 2023, ESG became Rider Guide, and opened up to covering personal electric vehicles of all kinds.

For the past five years, Josh has kept a close eye on the small EV world, from electric scooters to electric bikes to three-wheeled electric pods. All of these vehicles have the potential to transform the way we commute and build cities, and Josh wants to follow it all, preferably while riding as many electric scooters, bikes, etc. as possible.