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September 16, 2023

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The GOTRAX GX2 is one of GOTRAX’s first two dual-motor scooters, with top-tier performance, surprising specs like hydraulic shocks, and, in true GOTRAX fashion, a price that’s hard to beat.

GOTRAX is the name behind most electric scooters you’ll come across outside. If you haven’t noticed, pause and take a look. Till recently, they’ve primarily and almost exclusively dealt with single-motor commuter electric scooters. 

Enter 2023, and GOTRAX now has Dual-Motor Scooters!

Their flagship models, the GX1 and GX2, are here to carry on the GOTRAX legacy, which is ‘the most budget-friendly scooters you can buy from a legitimate brand.’ 

They are not going to be market disruptors, per se. However, they have given dual-motor enthusiasts an affordable way in without compromising quality, performance, or features. That said, don’t expect anything outrageous, given the cost. 

There’s also the upcoming GX3, which we’ll be reviewing later. For now, let’s dig into what the GX2 has to offer and do a bit of comparison with the GX1, so you’re better placed to know what GOTRAX scooter will be your next purchase.

pros icon of thumbs up
Awesome Hydraulic Suspension
Best-in-class Braking
Excellent Speed and Range
Great Performance Value for Money
cons icon of thumbs down
A Little Heavier than Peers
Park Mode Should Have a Disable Switch

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
35.6 mph
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
300 lb
75.0 lb
Tested Range:
24.7 mi
2.9 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The GOTRAX GX2 is available in United States from Gotrax.
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GOTRAX GX2 Alternatives & Competitors

A couple of years ago, there weren’t many good dual-motor electric scooters for around $1,500, but now that it’s 2023, we’ve got some really great scooters to choose from. So, for those of you who are comparison shopping, here are the four closest GOTRAX GX2 competitors Rider Guide has tested.

Apollo  City Pro 2023
Apollo Logo
City Pro 2023
The Dual-Motor Apollo City 2023 has quickly become the benchmark for this category because it's such a good all-arounder. Its range and top speed fall right in between the GX1 and GX2. It costs a little bit more than the GOTRAX GX2, but when Paul rode them back to back, the Apollo felt noticeably more premium and polished in style, throttle response, and the feel of the dedicated regen brake.
See Full Review
Solar  EQ
Solar Logo
The Solar EQ has a bit more of a raw-performance feel to it, with its 41.5mph top speed and hydraulic brakes, but with an overall design that feels a bit less modern.
See Full Review
Kaabo Mantis V2
kaabo Logo
Mantis V2
ec best Logo
The Mantis V2 is an updated version of one of the original sports scooters. We love the smooth sinewave throttle and that it has the quickest acceleration of the group, but it's the only scooter on this list that still uses tubed rather than tubeless tires.
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An electric scooter we can't ignore is the yet-to-be-released 38 mph GOTRAX GX3, which looks like the same scooter, but it's actually very different from the GX1 and GX2. Looking at the specs vs. the GX2, it weighs 94 lbs, has 44% more battery, and at $2000, costs 33% more money. However, you also get four fully adjustable hydraulic shocks plus 11-inch tires, putting it in a completely different scooter category
See Full Review

GOTRAX GX2 Review Summary

Dual-motor scooters are bigger, heavier, faster, and, in some cases, have a lot more range than typical single-motor scooters. Therefore, it goes without saying that we’re super excited about GOTRAX’s first two dual motor scooters: the GX2 and the GX1. Last year Segway made their debut in the performance category, and earlier this year, Okai followed. Now, GOTRAX gives us a taste of what their expertise looks like on a more powerful scooter

The GOTRAX GX2 is the ‘bigger’ of the two. Outwardly, and without looking at their specs, the scooters are identical. However, the GOTRAX GX2 has a larger 906 Wh battery and higher-rated 1600 W motors. You can also distinguish them by color–the GX2 comes in gunmetal gray, and the GOTRAX GX1 is an all-black scooter. But that’s about it.

Both scooters have an impressive spec sheet for the price, though nothing fancy–no traction control, no app. That’s not to say the scooter is bland. No. In fact, you get top-tier hydraulic suspension with adjustable preload. On top of that, the electric scooters have best-in-class braking facilitated by dual, cable-operated disc brakes, which work with the suspension to deliver an ultra-short stopping distance.  

Feature-wise, the GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter is a complete upgrade from all of GOTRAX’s other models. You get a state-of-the-art dash that’s actually readable in sunlight, a kickstand that’s about three times thicker that of regular scooters, ambient deck lights, a USB port for charging your phone, a passcode for unlocking the scooter, park mode, and the electric scooter is IP54 rated.

The scooter delivers a comfortable ride, and performance is actually good, even for its class. It is an ideal electric scooter for adults, with a maximum rider weight capacity of 300 lbs. Riding the GOTRAX GX2 is intuitive, and it is a really safe scooter to take out day or night, (some) rain or shine.  

If this little blurb has piqued your interest, read along to learn more about the new GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter. 

Our Take:The Value Kings Make Their Foray Into Dual Motor Performance With a Spectacular First Hit.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

Picture of Man With Thumbs up and Banner overhead that reads "Big Dawg Approved"

The GOTRAX GX2 is a good electric scooter for heavy adults

The scooter is rated to carry a max rider weight of 300 lbs. The beefy, solid construction and the powerful 1600-watt motors seem to effortlessly deliver on that spec. The ergonomics are not the most ideal, with a low handlebar height of 39.3 inches and a short 16.8-inch deck. However, the tapered design of the bars allows a more natural resting place for your wrists, and the 8.8-inch deck width offers extra room to shuffle your legs so they’re not so crammed. 

The ride comfort is unexpected at this price point. The hydraulic suspension does a great job of absorbing shocks and bumps. They’re adjustable for preload, which is great for heavy adults, and damping feels good out of the box. The air tires complement their function by absorbing road vibrations. Additionally, you get a 960 Wh battery to ensure the power requirements of the heavier rider are met. 

It may not feel as luxurious as the Segway GT2 or the Apollo Pro 2023, but at nearly a third of their cost the GOTRAX GX2 feels like quite the steal for heavier adults.

See the GOTRAX GX2


Performance Summary

Top Speed

35.6 mph


24.7 mi

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

9.3 ft

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

2.9 s

0 to 20 mph

4.5 s

0 to 25 mph

6.5 s

0 to 30 mph

10.1 s

0 to 35 mph

22.6 s

0 to 40 mph



Which one is quicker, between the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 electric scooters? Well, something unusual (but not really) happened during the acceleration test. Paul took both scooters out for testing and hammered the throttle—and the GX1 beat the GOTRAX GX2 despite the GX2 electric scooter having higher power specs

The 1600 W GOTRAX GX2 reached 15 mph in 2.9 seconds and 30 mph in 10.1 seconds, compared to the 1200 W GOTRAX GX1 scooter’s 2.7 seconds and 9.9 seconds to 15 mph and 30 mph, respectively

This the perfect case for why we spend hours thoroughly hands-on-testing each scooter we get—because you actually never know.

Top Speed

What’s the fastest electric scooter from GOTRAX?

GOTRAX indicates that the top speeds for the GX1 and GX2 electric scooters are 30 mph and 35 mph, respectively. As usual, we independently and professionally tested these numbers and were pleasantly surprised by the results we got from our top-speed run. 

The GOTRAX GX2 electric scooters beat the manufacturer’s specs for max speed by 0.6 seconds, giving a top speed of 35.6 mph. The same happened for the GX1 scooter, which rode to 30.6 mph. The speedometers were also surprisingly accurate, reading precisely what we got from our pro-grade tools.

Hill Climb

Can you climb hills with a GOTRAX electric scooter?

Previously, we’ve been iffy with our yeses. However, with their foray into dual-motor performance scooters, we can finally say that GOTRAX has strong contenders for hill-climbing

We took the scooters out to our 10% grade, 200-foot hill test and saw the GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter reach the top in 9.5 seconds. The GOTRAX GX1 scooter was quicker by 0.1 seconds–again proving that power specs are not accurate indicators of how the scooters will perform in the real world.

That said, this is no mean feat for GOTRAX, as both scooters recorded times comparable to one of Paul’s favorite, the Apollo Pro 2023, that reached the top in 9.3 seconds, while another office favorite, the Roadrunner RS5 +, recorded a 9.5-second time.


How far can you ride the new GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter?

The GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter, equipped with a 960 Wh battery and ridden in max performance mode on our challenging range test course, was able to travel 24.7 miles from full to empty. On the other hand, the GOTRAX GX1 only managed 19.9 miles because of its smaller 720 Wh battery

Previously, only the 630 Wh GMAX Ultra came close to any form of decent range with a tested 22.8 miles. But that’s the thing when your main focus is casual commuters and scooters geared for beginners and intermediate riders—you have to sacrifice range for a lighter-weight build. That said, these are also the heaviest GOTRAX scooters we’ve tested, with the GX2 weighing 75 lbs. The GX1 scooter was lighter at 73.4 lbs due to the smaller battery. 

When it comes to charging, GOTRAX issues a 3-amp charger for each scooter. The GX1 will juice up in 5 hours, while the GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter will take slightly longer and charge to full in 7 hours.


Does the GOTRAX GX2 have good braking? Yes. 

Due to lower top speeds, lower market prices, and keeping the weights low, previous GOTRAX commuter models haven’t necessarily had the best stopping times. They mostly came equipped with a regen plus disc brake paring or regen plus drum brake. 

However, the GX series scooters have excellent braking distances thanks to the cable-operated dual disc brakes and the GX2’s and GX1’s excellent suspension that keeps the scooter from diving forward. The GOTRAX GX2 comes to a halt in 9.3 feet from a speed of 15 mph, while the GX1 halts in 9.5 feet, making these the 5th and 7th shortest recorded stopping distances by Rider Guide.

The spec sheet says ‘electronic braking,’ which Paul says he did not feel during his testing.

Ride Quality

The GOTRAX GX2 is a whole new ride experience for GOTRAX scooters. It feels like the first real adult electric scooter they’ve made. This is in part thanks to the dual motors. However, we also credit the overall build, as it feels solid and powerful enough to handle all types of riding, including all-terrain riding. The speed is enough to enjoy flowing with traffic; you won’t get stuck behind a bicycle on bike lanes, and you will definitely get to your destination quicker.

That aside, the electric scooter has a ‘finished’ feel. Starting at the top, the handlebars have locating holes to lock them in place. The tapered shape of the bars and the pull-back angle look and feel really good because they put your wrists at a more natural angle than straight bars. We, however, noted that the handlebars were a little short, at 39.5 inches above the deck, which might be a bit uncomfortable for taller riders. And the shorter deck is no walk in the park either for riders with larger feet.

What GOTRAX got extremely right, though, is the dual hydraulic suspension up front and the single hydraulic shock out back. The suspension system efficiently absorbs bumps and vibrations, providing a comfortable ride, especially on rough roads. It’s highly unusual to see hydraulic shocks on sub-$1500 electric scooters, and we had little expectations going in, but these are really good. They are adjustable for preload, not for damping, something we don’t mind because the damping feels really good right out of the box

The wide, blunt-profile 10-inch pneumatic tires give the GOTRAX GX2 scooter an exceptionally stable feel in turns, and the whole scooter just does what you expect it to do. The tires are tubeless, meaning they’re much less prone to pinch flats if you hit a sharp edge, and they also work better with tire sealant if you get a puncture.

The GOTRAX GX2’s throttle feels predictable and easy to use. Both the GX2 and GX1 scooters exclusively use zero-start mode, which means you don’t need to kick off to get moving; you just push the throttle. Of course, that means if you bump the throttle accidentally, the scooter can just take off. So, to avoid this, they’ve added park mode (which temporarily locks the scooter), similar to what Segway does on many of their scooters now.

To exit park mode, tap once on the minus key, and off you go. It doesn’t seem to be a feature you can completely disable.

Check Out The GOTRAX GX2

GOTRAX GX2 Features


Is the GOTRAX GX2 a heavy scooter to carry? The GX2 and GX1 are the heaviest GOTRAX scooters we’ve tested. The scooters weigh 75 and 73.4 lbs, respectively, which is above the curve for similarly performing scooters. Also, folded, the electric scooters measure 49.8 inches by 26.3 inches by 24 inches, making them a tight squeeze in your car trunk

The weight makes transporting them a little more challenging, especially if you need to carry them up or down stairs. Regardless, the stem latch is easy to use, feels solid, and doesn’t come undone when you move around, so you can comfortably lift your electric scooter by the stem. 

Once unfolded, the beefy lock keeps the stem securely in place, ensuring a stable and safe ride. There’s also a magnetic ring that keeps the latch/bag hook from clanking against the stem while riding, further adding to the polished finish of the GX2 scooter. 



The GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter has a neat-looking cockpit, complete with a modern-looking dash. The tapered handlebars have a mountain-bike feel. The right side is straightforward, with a thumb throttle and the right mechanical brake lever. On the other side, you have a control box with a plus and minus button and buttons for the modes, including one for walk mode, the on/off function, and one for the lights. You also get a handy bell on the left.  

In the middle is the LED dash, which is easy to read in bright sunlight. It tells you everything you need to know: speed, battery remaining, the three-speed modes: M, D, and S, walk mode, a trip meter, and cruise control. However, it doesn’t show the exact voltage, but the battery meter works pretty well. Also, look out for a USB port that’s convenient when you need to recharge your phone.

You can’t switch to single-motor mode, but you get two acceleration profiles. Normal mode is when the wheels are solid on the display, and when the wheels are blinking, that means you’re in power mode, which is similar to turbo mode on older-generation scooters. 

Unfortunately, you don’t get an app with the GX1 and GX2 electric scooters.


Can you ride the GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter at night? Yes, thanks to the comprehensive and pretty decent lighting package on the scooter, it is a delight to take out in the dark.

The headlight is high-mounted and adjustable, consisting of two LED bulbs. This light provides a bright and wide beam, ensuring good visibility. Additionally, the scooter features a rear taillight that blinks when braking and ambient deck lights that look cool and add to the visibility factor

Unfortunately, GOTRAX did not install turn signals on the GX scooters.


The GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter has a pair of 10-inch by 3-inch tubeless air tires. These are our favorite kind of tires as they provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces. The tubeless design also reduces the risk of pinch flats, which comprise the largest percentage of punctures. However, if you’re looking at the spec sheet, it says that the tires are tubed—we’ve checked, they’re tubeless.


The deck on the GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter measures 16.8 inches by 8.8 inches. The length is not the most ideal, but it makes up for it in width. The deck is covered with a textured rubber mat that has the GOTRAX logo etched in the middle. On the other hand, the 5.3-inch deck clearance is ideal for anyone who wants to do light off-roading or hop some curbs.

Build Quality


The GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 electric scooters are seemingly the same scooter, at least at a glance. The biggest physical distinction is that the GOTRAX GX2 comes in gunmetal gray, while the GX1 is all black. Otherwise, both GX scooters’ features remain constant,  are minimal, and are reflective of their price tags.

The dash is modern, easy to read, and comprehensive in the metrics it displays. The buttons are well laid out and housed in a control box on the left handlebar. On the other hand, the right handlebar is virtually free of controls, save for the neat thumb throttle. The thumb throttle on the GX scooters is one we’ve not seen before—it’s like a mini version of the one from the NAMI and Wolf King GT, except that this one has zero dead zone. 

A little more on the thumb throttle…

Unlike most thumb throttles we cover, the one on the GOTRAX GX scooters allows your fingers to cover the brakes and throttle at the same time. That means you can switch quickly from acceleration to brakes, and it’s a really comfortable hand position for long rides. The throttle response is also very responsive when you put it into turbo mode–clearly, GOTRAX has done a really good job mapping the power to the throttle. There’s no slop, no delay, and it lets you do things like just hammer the throttle halfway through a corner without spinning the front wheel.  


...If I have a criticism, it’s that 80% of the throttle comes on in the first 50% of travel, which can make it a little twitchy if you’re trying to ride at a steady 20mph in power-mode.

There’s also the little details that make the GX scooters truly show-worthy. The scooters have a USB port that allows you to charge your phone on the go. You’ll also notice some cool-looking grips that clamp to the bars at both ends and stay put–grips that slip and rotate while you’re riding can be a huge distraction. And something that doesn’t get much credit is that the whole scooter comes pre-assembled with the controls right where you want them. You just bolt the bars in place, check your tire pressure, and you’re ready to go. 

We don’t do this often during testing, but we sliced open the deck to see the wiring situation. Much to our surprise, GOTRAX has a custom-engineered wiring harness with all connectors sealed. All the wires are black on the outside, but they are also color-coded for ease of identification. Also, surprisingly, getting to the scooter’s belly wasn’t tricky. GOTRAX has installed rubber flaps over the screws, so you don’t have to peel back the entire mat to access them. At the same time, you don’t have to stare at unsightly screws as they stay covered.

All the wiring is plug-and-play, including the motor cables. If you ever need to do a tire change, take delight in the fact that you won’t need to wrestle with a wheel that’s still attached to the scooter. Fender protection is good and complements the fairly typical IP54 water-resistance rating. A lot of effort also went into designing the kickstand that is about three times the thickness of normal kickstands. However, it’s tucked in so far that you practically have to lean the scooter away from yourself to locate it.  

Finally, there’s a questionable design choice that is the plastic cover over the otherwise solid-looking neck. There are also a few more plastic covers on the scooters’ lower half, which we’re just not feeling.


The GOTRAX GX2 is a safe electric scooter for adults. This is evident from the safety considerations, including the dual mechanical disc brakes with an ultra-short stopping distance and the suspension, which not only deliver a plush ride but aid in the scooter’s precise stopping. The GOTRAX GX2 electric scooter also features a strong adjustable headlight for night riding, paired with a bright reactive taillight, and ambient deck lights.

There are other features, like the bell for pedestrians. Then there’s the scooter’s park mode, that automatically engages once you’ve been stationary for a while—and this seems to be a feature you cannot deactivate, which is (somewhat) fine given how responsive the throttle is. The scooter is also rated IP54 and has good fender coverage to safeguard it in the event of sudden rain. 

The final safety feature is the GX2’s security code, that you need to input once the scooter is turned on. It comes set to 000, but you can customize this to your own code. If you’re really confident, you can completely turn off this feature, so that no code is needed.


The most appreciated move by GOTRAX this year has been their warranty extension. GOTRAX now offers a one-year standard warranty for their scooters, including the GX2, and a 14-day return period if you feel the scooter isn’t for you. GOTRAX’s warranty reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand in the scooter industry

GOTRAX GX2 Review Conclusion


A company like GOTRAX announces that they’re going dual motor–it’s ‘game over’ for everyone else. They’ve been the ultimate value kings, and it was interesting to see what they would come up with as they ventured away from casual commuters into more performance-based scooters. Did they disappoint? Not one bit. 

In all honesty, these are not the electric scooters that will completely disrupt the market. But, in typical GOTRAX’s style, the GX1 and GX2 are a little better than they should be for the price.  We were really impressed with how fully baked these electric scooters are. And by that, what we mean is that while they’re not packed with features, they have all of the stuff most people care about, and everything works the way it should, with the possible exception of the park feature, but that’s just a matter of getting used to.

 So which one should you pick, GOTRAX GX1 or GX2? 

Since all visible hardware is the same, acceleration is the same, and weight is not really different, it comes down to the $200 price difference vs. 5 more miles of range and 5 mph more top speed. That’s 24% further, 16% faster, for 15% more dollars for the GX2. Ultimately, the value is there unless you absolutely know that you’ll never need the range or speed. We’re leaning more towards the GOTRAX GX2, but it’s hard to imagine anyone regretting buying either one. 

Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to use the coupon code RiderGuide100 to save $100 off your purchase. We’ll also update the link below for any more coupons we might chance upon.

The GOTRAX GX2 is available in United States from Gotrax.
Get $100 OFF with code RIDERGUIDE100
Our content is independent, but using our links supports our hard work!

GOTRAX GX2: Manufacterer Specifications

Weight76 lbs
Folded Dimensions49.75 by 26.25 by 24 In
Motor power, continuous1,600W
Top Speed35 mph
Range40 mi
Battery capacity960 Wh
Battery recharge time7 hrs
Max rider weight300 lbs
Brake typeDisc +Disc
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless)+Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP54
GOTRAX GX2 Competitor Specs Comparison
model icon of electric scooter
Apollo City 2023
Solar EQ
Synergy Aviator 2.0
acceleration icon of stop watch
Top Speed**
35.6 mph
31.2 mph
41.5 mph
27.2 mph
tested range icon of a path between to points
24.7 mi
21.9 mi
26.3 mi
22.5 mi
75.0 lb
68.8 lb
70.6 lb
56.2 lb
price icon of cash
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
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