Xiaomi M365 Pro vs Segway Ninebot ES2 Comparison

We compare the even better Xiaomi M365 Pro vs the ultrapopular Segway Ninebot ES2. Both electric scooters have a similar price, weight and size. However one -- the Pro is vastly superior.

Read on to find out why we strongly recommend the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro over the Segway ES2.

Sadly, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is no longer available in 2023. But never fear! See our Editor's Choice list of Best Xiaomi Mi M365 Alternatives here!

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Advantages

The Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro has significantly better performance, design and features compared to the Ninebot ES2.
  • Amazing 25.1 miles of real-world range, according to our range tests. This is due to the Pro having a 474 watt-hour battery. The Ninebot has only 9.8 miles of real world range due to its smaller 187 watt-hour battery.
  • Much better hill climbing. The Pro completed our hill climb test in 15.6 seconds. The same test took the ES2 an incredibly slow 36.9 seconds. The Pro will be able to climb much steeper hills and more quickly than the ES2.
  • Quicker acceleration of 5.3 seconds to 15 mph. The ES2 takes 7.1 seconds to reach 15 mph.
  • Better brakes and braking performance.The Pro comes with a strong mechanical disc brake and regenerative brakes. The ES2 comes with a foot brake and a regenerative brake. Neither are great braking methods. In order to brake quickly on the ES2 you have to rely on the riding with your foot place just over the rear fender.  If you need to stop quickly you have to smash your foot down on it. This is not comfortable or practical in an emergency.
  • Better ride quality due to large pneumatic tires. The Pro has 8.5" pneumatic tires that give smoother ride quality than the ES2. The ES2 has solid tires and a poor quality suspension. The ride quality on the ES2 is stunningly bad and noisy.

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Segway Ninebot ES2 Advantages

The Segway Ninebot ES2 has been a surprisingly popular scooter. However our review of it and extensive testing has found that it doesn't compete with scooters in its class. Its solid tires, bad suspension, and poor performance lead us to give it low ratings.

Compared to the Mi M356 Pro, it has a few benefits:
  • Lower 28 lb weight, making it easier to carry. For comparison, the M365 Pro weighs 31 lbs
  • Slightly less expensive. If you are able to get the Pro on sale, the ES2 is actually very similar in price -- though it tends to be slightly cheaper.
  • Flat free, solid (airless) tires. The solid tires, though they perform more poorly and difficult or impossible to replace, will never become flat. This reduces the number of maintenance worries for the ES2.

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Verdict: Xiaomi M365 Pro

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is clearly the superior scooter compared to the Ninebot ES2. 

The Pro simply delivers more range, more power, better ride quality, and better hill climbing capabilities.

Both have similar claimed motor powers, but the Pro is more powerful based on testing. Though both have the same top speed, the bigger motor gives more thrilling acceleration.

Though the ES2 is a popular scooter, we think you can do much better with either an Xiaomi Mi M365 or an M365 Pro.

Read our complete review of the original Xiaomi Mi M365, the lesser-expensive predecessor to the Pro.

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