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October 9, 2023

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Dive into the remarkable journey of SWAGTRON, the world’s leading hoverboard brand. From early challenges to pioneering industry standards, discover how SWAGTRON reshaped the hoverboard landscape and set the gold standard for innovation and safety

In the dynamic landscape of personal transportation, few innovations captured imaginations, like the hoverboard. Bursting onto the scene enthusiastically, its popularity soared, only to face setbacks that questioned its future. Yet, like all enduring tales, the hoverboard’s narrative is marked by resilience. 

Spearheading its rebirth, SWAGTRON’s initiatives are not just about reviving a gadget; they’re reigniting a movement. Join us as we trace the hoverboard’s journey from its meteoric rise, unexpected challenges, and the spirited comeback championed by SWAGTRON, currently the world’s biggest hoverboard brand.

What are Hoverboards?


Let’s assume for a minute that you’re unfamiliar with hoverboards and wonder, ‘What is a hoverboard?’

A hoverboard, often technically referred to as a “self-balancing scooter,” is a battery-powered, two-wheeled device that moves in response to the rider’s weight shifts. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, the name “hoverboard” refers back to the levitating skateboards in the “Back to the Future” film series. Although contemporary hoverboards don’t actually float, they stand as symbols of the intersection between futuristic visions and technological advancements in personal electric transportation.

Features and Functionalities of Hoverboards

Here’s a breakdown of its features and functionalities:

Design: The typical hoverboard has two wheels situated on either side of a small platform. Riders stand on this platform with a wheel on either side of their feet.

Operation: Hoverboards are equipped with gyroscopic sensors. These sensors detect the rider’s weight shift. For example, if a rider leans forward, the device moves forward; leaning back causes the device to reverse.

Power Source: They are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The electric motors on each wheel drive the hoverboard, allowing it to move.

Speed and Range: Depending on the model, hoverboards can achieve speeds ranging from 6 to 15 miles per hour (10 to 24 km/h). The range can vary based on battery size, riding conditions, and other factors, but is often around 10 to 12 miles (16 to 19 km) on a full charge.

Learning Curve: Most users find hoverboards relatively easy to learn, especially with models that offer beginner or learning modes. The rider’s balance is crucial for steering and propulsion.

Safety Concerns: In their early stages of popularity, some hoverboards faced issues related to battery safety, leading to reports of fires. However, subsequent models and brands have taken measures to improve safety standards, and certifications like UL 2272 became a standard for fire and electrical safety for these devices.

Usage: Initially popularized as a recreational device, some have adopted hoverboards for short commutes, especially in urban environments.

SWAGTRON: From Small Beginnings to Global Success

Let’s look at SWAGTRON–who they are, where they came from, what inspires them, and their remarkable role in shaping hoverboard space.



SWAGTRON emerged as a leader in the micro-mobility sector, dedicated to delivering quality and affordability in the realm of light electric vehicles (LEVs). Recognizing an opportunity in the evolving LEV landscape, they sought to make this technology accessible, ensuring it wasn’t exclusive to the wealthy or early tech adopters. From electric skateboards and hoverboards to foldable e-bikes and scooters, SWAGTRON’s offerings have transitioned from youthful recreational items to vital last-mile transport solutions for all, from students to working professionals.

Wondering about the origins of the name SWAGTRON? It was catchy, playful, and resonated well with their initial younger target audience, adding a dash of swag to electronic devices–so SWAGTRON. The brand caters to a wider age range today, but the spirit of youthful exuberance was and has remained integral to its operations. For them, SWAGTRON is not just a name; it’s an attitude. When you utter ‘SWAGTRON,’ say it with flair, with that inherent SWAGGER. It’s hard to forget, and that’s the charm!

At its core, SWAGTRON is committed to leading the charge in making LEVs, be it bikes, scooters, or hoverboards, attainable for all. While the market will always have its luxury segment, the company’s focus remains on the larger group seeking simplicity, value, and dependability. Think of it this way: While luxury sports cars have their allure, it’s the likes of dependable brands like Honda that dominate the roads. That’s the essence of SWAGTRON in the portable electric vehicle world.

SWAGTRON as a Hoverboard Brand

With headquarters in South Bend, Indiana, SWAGTRON prides itself on being a leader in the light electric vehicle space. One of the company’s competitive advantages is its vertically integrated business model, covering the entire value chain, from design, product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, and distribution. This was integral to SWAGTRON entering the hoverboard space and quickly establishing itself as a dominant player. 

By controlling every aspect of the process, SWAGTRON ensured high-quality hoverboards, efficient operations, and a seamless customer experience. Additionally, their vertically integrated model allowed them to stay ahead of the competition by swiftly adapting to market trends and incorporating customer feedback into their product offerings. However, the hoverboard industry was not devoid of controversy and safety concerns, especially in its early days.

SWAGTRON, like other companies in the industry, faced challenges regarding the safety of their hoverboards. Reports of batteries catching fire and accidents on hoverboards caused by faulty components led to increased scrutiny and regulatory measures. In addition, the rush to capitalize on the hoverboard trend led to a flood of low-quality, knock-off products entering the market, diminishing consumer trust. And to add even more salt to injury, accidents, especially involving celebrities, were widely publicized, leading to a widespread negative public image of hoverboards.

Brands dealing with hoverboards needed to be very proactive in taking steps to address public concerns. SWAGTRON did this by implementing rigorous testing protocols and working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance. Like many other brands, they also focused on educating consumers about the safety features and proper usage of their hoverboards through informative campaigns and user manuals. Additionally, SWAGTRON also actively engaged with customers by providing responsive customer support and addressing any reported issues promptly. 

SWAGTRON's Role in Popularizing Hoverboards

Hoverboards got a bad rep from the rampant fires and accidents, and that’s been hard to shake off many years after the fact. However, SWAGTRON has remained one of the go-to brands, and their rise to prominence in the hoverboard market was no accident; it was the result of strategic moves, quality products, and timely responses to industry challenges.  

Here’s how SWAGTRON played a pivotal role in popularizing hoverboards:

Prioritizing Safety

In the wake of concerns regarding hoverboard battery fires, SWAGTRON swiftly acted to address the issues. They introduced hoverboards with UL 2272 certification, signifying that their products met rigorous safety and electrical standards. This move helped restore consumer trust not just in the brand but in hoverboards as a product category. In addition, for maximum safety when using hoverboards, especially concerning battery risks, it’s advisable to go for a board with a LiFePO4 battery. Presently, SWAGTRON stands out as the sole hoverboard brand offering this particular battery type.

Diverse Product Range

SWAGTRON ensured that they catered to a broad audience by offering a variety of models. From models ideal for youngsters and beginners to those designed for off-road enthusiasts, SWAGTRON’s range appealed to various consumer segments. The SWAGTRON Twist is increasingly recognized as the best hoverboard for beginners, while the SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 Off-road Hoverboard has been repeatedly awarded as the best hoverboard of 2023.

Competitive Pricing

While ensuring safety and quality, SWAGTRON maintained competitive price points, making their hoverboards accessible to a broad audience. Their products offer value for money, a proposition attractive to many potential buyers. Their hoverboards range from under $100 to about $400, depending on where you shop.

Technological Advancements

SWAGTRON continually innovated, incorporating features like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and mobile app integrations. These features not only enhanced the riding experience but also appealed to the tech-savvy generation. Additionally, SWAGTRON focused on improving the safety of their hoverboards by implementing advanced self-balancing technology and robust construction materials. These technological advancements ensured a smooth and secure ride for users of all skill levels. 

Engaging Marketing

SWAGTRON’s marketing campaigns were vibrant and engaging, targeting a younger demographic and emphasizing the fun and convenience of hoverboards. Their presence on social media and collaborations with influencers further enhanced their visibility and appeal.

Positive Brand Image

Through effective after-sales service, warranty commitments, and responsiveness to customer feedback, SWAGTRON built a strong and trustworthy reputation. Satisfied customers often became brand ambassadors, sharing positive word-of-mouth and reviews. We also have to mention that many of their hoverboards have the option to extend the warranty to 1 year; the majority have a 30-day return policy, and those that come with the new LiFePO4 battery get a 5-year battery guarantee.

Global Presence

SWAGTRON’s influence wasn’t limited to just one region. They introduced hoverboards to a wider audience by retailing their products in various countries around the world. This global presence allowed SWAGTRON to reach a diverse customer base and establish itself as a leading brand in the hoverboard industry on an international scale.

How SWAGTRON is Reviving the Hoverboard Craze in 2023

SWAGTRON’s journey in the hoverboard industry has been marked by evolution, innovation, and a keen focus on safety and quality. As they’ve navigated the ebbs and flows of the market, their modern offerings reflect the brand’s commitment to superior products and the user experience. 

Here are the features and characteristics that define contemporary SWAGTRON hoverboards: 

Advanced Safety Features:

Modern SWAGTRON hoverboards are equipped with UL 2272 certification, which underscores the brand’s dedication to safety. Additionally, with their patented lithium-free SentryShield Quantum, SWAGTRON ensures multi-layered battery protection, reducing the risks associated with battery failures. Furthermore, SWAGTRON’s Safe Stop Technology is an advanced system that will guide you to a balanced rolling stop if you suddenly lose power when daring to push the battery charge limits.

Technological Integration

SWAGTRON’s current hoverboards boast tech-friendly features like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to sync their devices for music. Riders can also access riding stats and battery levels through the SWAGTRON app, providing a seamless and convenient user experience. 

Diverse Portfolio


SWAGTRON’s modern range caters to a wide array of users, from models tailored for beginners to those designed for off-road adventures. Additionally, we’ve seen SWAGTRON raise the weight limit on their individual boards, with one particular hoverboard for adults rated to carry a max rider weight of 420 lbs.

Enhanced Performance

With powerful motors, SWAGTRON hoverboards today offer smoother rides, faster speeds, and longer ranges. Their hoverboards can navigate various terrains, from city sidewalks to rugged trails, ensuring a versatile riding experience. The SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 particularly stands out with its dual 300 W motors, which give the self-balancing scooter incredible off-road capability.

Eco-Friendly Batteries

SWAGTRON continues to champion the use of LiFePO4 batteries in their hoverboards. These batteries provide a safer alternative and emphasize the brand’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. These batteries are covered by a 5-year warrant, showcasing SWAGTRON’s confidence in their durability and performance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern SWAGTRON hoverboards aren’t just about performance and safety; they’re also designed with style in mind. With sleek designs, LED lights, and various color options, they appeal to users looking for a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Continued Focus on Customer Experience

SWAGTRON ensures that their modern offerings are backed by robust customer support, easy access to replacement parts, and comprehensive warranties. SWAGTRON’s US-based customer-care center is accessible 7 days a week, and it is this focus on after-sales service that further cements the brand’s reputation for reliability.

In essence, SWAGTRON’s multifaceted approach, emphasizing safety, quality, innovation, and customer engagement, continues to play a significant role in reviving and popularizing hoverboards.

The Best Hoverboard of 2023: The SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 Off Road Hoverboard


The SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 is one of the most robust hoverboards on the market. Designed to handle heavy loads, it can support riders weighing up to 420 lbs. The Outlaw T6 hoverboard is also built with off-road capabilities. In particular, we love the rugged 10-inch tubeless tires that ensure smooth rides across various terrains, from rough trails to sandy beaches. The SWAGTRON hoverboard also boasts powerful dual 300 W motors that can tackle steep inclines and offer a manufacturer-claimed top speed of up to 12 mph.  

Additionally, the SWAGTRON Outlaw T6’s durable build is complemented by advanced safety features, including UL 2272 certification. This certification ensures that the hoverboard meets the highest safety standards and has undergone rigorous testing for electrical and fire safety. What’s more, the battery has SWAGTRON’s state-of-the-art Sentry Shield battery management system to protect against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.  

The T6 features Bluetooth speakers, allowing riders to enjoy music on the go. The foot pedals are covered in non-slip material for improved traction and feature dual foot guards on both ends to keep off water and other debris. And overall, the SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 hoverboard combines strength, versatility, and entertainment to cater to both adventure enthusiasts and everyday riders.

Get the SWAGTRON Outlaw T6 Today

In Summary: SWAGTRON's Winning Resilience in the Woes of the Hoverboard Industry


In the fast-evolving world of personal transportation, hoverboards emerged as a symbol of innovation and captured global imagination. However, like any tale of rapid ascension, the hoverboard’s journey was not without its hurdles. Amidst safety concerns and wavering consumer trust, SWAGTRON emerged as a beacon of resilience and adaptability. 

With an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and technological advancements, SWAGTRON transformed challenges into opportunities, leading the hoverboard industry’s resurgence. Their approach, centered on customer experience and continuous innovation, has not only redefined hoverboards but also set new industry standards. 

Today, as we celebrate SWAGTRON’s explosive rise in the hoverboard world, we are reminded of the power of perseverance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The hoverboard story, marked by SWAGTRON’s indomitable spirit, stands as a testament to what vision and determination can achieve in the face of adversity.

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