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September 18, 2020
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We review the brand new dual motor Apollo Pro line of scooters — premiering with best-in-class ride quality and record-breaking acceleration. In this detailed review, we’ll show you how the 60V Apollo Pro model performs, along with a quick comparison of all four models.
World-class performance
Best in-class ride quality
Extremely fast and stable
Ineffective lighting
Too-short kickstand

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
42.0 mph**
Water Resistance:
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb**
77 lb**
Tested Range:
26.2 mi**
1.7 s**
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Apollo Pro is available in United States from Apollo.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Our Take: Sporty, Speedy, Record Breaking Performance

The 60V Apollo Pro is one of the fastest high-performance scooters we’ve ever tested. Made of forged aluminum with a solid stem, sporty, clean lines, and attractive accent details, the build is as strong as the ride. All of the Apollo Pros balance both power and comfort with excellent acceleration, best-in-class suspension, 10.0 inch pneumatic tires, spacious decks, and extremely effective braking. 

Here’s a quick comparison of the four Apollo Pro models, from the base 52V to the crazy powerful 60V Pro Ludicrous. This review is based on the 60V Apollo Pro.

Note: We also reviewed the Pro Ludicrous, which has serious level ups, including high-tech braking and acceleration control.

Apollo Pro Review


The Apollo Pro has one of the fastest acceleration we’ve ever tested. 

During our ESG certified tests with a 165 lb rider, the Pro accelerates from zero to 15 mph at a record breaking 1.7 seconds. The Pro reaches 20 mph in 2.6 seconds, 25 mph in 3.8 seconds, and 30 mph in 5.3 seconds. The 60V Pro is a dual motor beast with 2400 watts of motor power. The base 52V Pro has 2000 watts of motor power, more than enough for most riders. 

The Apollo Pro is beat only by the Pro Ludicrous and Wolf Warrior, both reaching 20 mph in only 2.3 seconds and maintaining their leads ahead of the Pro. 

With the Apollo Pro, acceleration feels responsive, smooth, and linear. In addition to added speed, the Pro Ludicrous improves on the design with dual thumb controls and a powerful Stormcore controller.

Hill Climb

The Apollo Pro models are so fast, we knew we’d need a spotter at the peak of the hill for our 200 ft, 10% grade hill climb test. It made the climb in 7.5 seconds with an average speed of 18 mph. 

The Pro is beat only by its technologically savvy brother, the Pro Ludicrous, with a time of 6.8 seconds. The Wolf Warrior and Mantis Pro closely match the Apollo Pro, with climb times of 7.6 seconds and 7.9 seconds, respectively. 

Compare with other scooters on our performance page.

Top Speed

We perform our RG certified one-block speed test on a 400 ft runway, simulating the average length of a city block. In our test, the Apollo Pro has a recorded top speed of over 42.0 mph; however, we estimate it averages 45 mph given a longer runway. This is the fastest scooter in its price class.

A 42.0 mph top speed is ample for enthusiasts and more than enough speed for the average commuter, with shared scooters maxing out at around only 16 mph.


The Apollo Pro has an RG certified range of 26.2 mi at an average speed of 18.5 mph. 

All scooters are range tested by a 165 pound rider along the same urban loop with frequent stops, rough terrain, and hills. It is ridden as quickly as is safe and in the scooter’s fastest (least energy conserving) mode. 

The Pro and Pro Ludicrous come with a 21 amp hour Samsung battery for a total of 1260 watt hours. The base 52V Pro comes with a 23.5 amp hour LG battery for a total of 1222 watt hours. You’ll get 60% more range with the off-roading beast, Wolf Warrior, but also gain 25% in scooter weight. 

Learn more about our extensive RG certification tests.


The Pro has the best braking we’ve ever tested. 

It has unstoppable braking power, screeching from 15 mph to 0 mph in only 8.8 feet. Our standard for good braking distance is under 15 feet, which the Pro nearly halves in length. 

The Apollo Pro comes with cable-operated hydraulic brakes. All models include regenerative braking, but the Pro Ludicrous improves on the system with a powerful thumb-controlled regenerative brake and variable intensity controls. 

The base 52V Apollo Pro comes with dual disc brakes, which you can upgrade to hydraulic for around $150. We think upgrading is a no-brainer, as they’re an excellent safety feature.

Ride Quality

The Apollo Pro has the best ride quality in its price class. 

Unlike some other extremely fast high-performance scooters, the Pro is also extremely comfortable — mostly due to its best-in-class suspension, 10 inch pneumatic tires, oversized deck, and hydraulic disc brakes. The overall build is solid and balanced, and the steering is well balanced, too. Apollo implemented a notch that holds the handlebars centered over the front wheel, which requires less effort to hold straight. At first, this may feel restraining during turns as the steering will feel more limited than on scooters with softer steering, but we really like how it improves the ride.

Along with the smoothness of the acceleration and braking, the suspension is adjustable. In addition to hydraulic brakes, the 52V and 60V Apollo Pros come with a regenerative brake. To activate it, pull slightly on the hand levers without implementing the mechanical brakes, and you should feel a lurch as it starts to slow. 

Whether you’re looking for an extreme electric scooter with racing capabilities or not, you’ll ride comfortably on the Apollo Pro.

Apollo Pro Features


The Pro isn’t as lightweight but, given its power, is a manageable commuter to maneuver on an everyday basis. It weighs 77 lbs, has a folding stem, a sturdy stem ring lock, and two securing clasps that take a little play to get secured/unsecured. The cables are routed nicely into the stem, but the handlebars do not fold down and you cannot lock the stem into place when folded. Also, the kickstand is too short, making it easier to tip. 

The Pro measures 50 inches long by 50 inches wide by 52 inches tall with a folded height of 21 inches.


The cockpit is user friendly and pretty standard for high-performance electric scooters. 

The 52V and 60V Apollo Pro models come with an LED display, QS-S4 trigger throttle, hand lever-operated brakes, and turbo/eco mode and single/dual motor buttons. You activate the button deck lights and adjust P-settings in the LED display. You can adjust the position of everything along the handlebars, including the heavy duty rubber hand grips. Lastly all Pro models except the Ludicrous come with a key-activated ignition.


The 52V and 60V Pros come with low-mounted front and rear button deck lights. The rear lights blink to indicate stopping when the brakes are triggered, but none of the lights are very bright or effective.

For riding at night, you’ll definitely need more lighting for better visibility


All Apollo Pro models have dual 10 inch tube-filled pneumatic tires and a split rim design for easy tire changes. Their size and the amazing suspension give the rider a smooth, even cruise across good to moderate terrain in the stock tires. For rougher off-roading, you can upgrade to tread-heavy winter tires.

As with all pneumatic tires you are more likely to get flats, but you can prevent them.

Read more about preventing and repairing flats.


The oversized, durable deck features Apollo’s signature griptape design and measures 19 inches long by 9 inches wide with 6 inches of ground clearance. It’s got a sleek look with red accent details and a heavy duty, high quality feel.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

The Apollo Pro scooters come with a 24-month extended warranty. 

Apollo covers the cost of labor and parts on most components within the first 12 months, with an additional 12 months coverage on essential parts like the throttle, turning shaft, frame, and controller. Components that will suffer usual wear and tear, like the brake pads and inner tubes, are covered for a much shorter term.

Read more on the warranty terms from Apollo.

Build Quality

This is a really, really well built machine. The design of the Apollo Pro scooter has the rider in mind with its bomb-proof frame, solid suspension, and substantial power. The 52V Pro gives you everything you get in the racing level 60V Pro without the intense speed, and big dawgs up to 330 lb can choose their poison: ultracomfort and power (52V), or ultracomfort and insane speed (60V).

Apollo Pro: Review Conclusions

The base 52V Apollo Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance scooter with comfort, control, and power that’s not too heavy. If you choose the 52V Pro, we suggest upgrading to the hydraulic brakes for improved ride quality. If you love the racing features and want to rocket away, opt for the 60V Apollo Pro. 

If you’re looking to go at ludicrous speeds, the Pro Ludicrous is for you. If none of the Apollo Pro models fit your needs, check out our ESG Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

If the Apollo Pro line doesn’t fit your needs, check out our ESG Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

Alternative Competitors
  • apollo
    Pro Ludicrous
  • kaabo
    Bomb Proof Build and Quick Like a Rocket
  • kaabo
    Mantis Pro
    Nimble 37 MPH Machine
Technical Specs Comparison
Apollo Pro (60V)
Apollo Pro Ludicrous (60V)
Kaabo Mantis
Kaabo Mantis Pro
Top Speed**
42.0 mph
44.0 mph
39.3 mph
37.0 mph
26.2 mi
29.6 mi
29.1 mi
33.7 mi
77 lb
77 lb
65 lb
65 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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