Voro Motors new EMOVE Roadrunner Pro promises speeds of 50+ mph
It’s got dual suspension, overcoming one of the original’s main issues. It’s got split rims like a motorcycle and tubeless tires and a more motorcycle-like throttle. Maybe most importantly, the Roadrunner Pro upgrades the original’s 500W + 350W dual motors to dual 2,000W motors powered by a 60V 30Ah battery, a combination that gives the Pro speeds of 50+ mph and a range of around 50 miles, Voro claims.

Is it an electric motorcycle or a seated scooter? Maybe someday these distinctions won’t really matter.

Roadrunner Pro: The Seated Scooter Evolves

We'd definitely still call Voro Motors’ new Roadrunner Pro a seated scooter, like its predecessor, with its 14-in x 2.75-in wheels and comparatively lightweight 114 lb frame. And yet, in its second iteration, the EMOVE classic seems to be getting a lot more electric motorbike-like as it evolves. 

Electrek puts the Roadrunner in a class of its own:
It's got speed and power profiles similar to something like a Sur Ron or ONYX light electric motorcycle, yet in a much smaller and more portable package. Well, smaller for sure. The weight isn’t exactly svelte, considering it tips the scales at 114.4 lb (51.9 kg). But that’s a lot lighter than most 50 mph light electric motorcycles!

- Electrek
Those are iconic references. Maybe it’s hard to see the Roadrunner Pro going head to head with the Sur Ron. But at $2,895, the Pro is also around $1,500 less than the well-known electric dirt bike.

The Pro substantially upgrades the Roadrunner's seat, making it more durable, comfortable, and larger overall. Like the light electric motorcycles to which it’s already receiving comparisons, the Pro is still a vehicle built for one. But we’re guessing it will make an even better delivery scooter than its predecessor.
Other improvements include dual-piston hydraulic brakes, a full-color 3.5-in LCD display, and of course, those tubeless pneumatic 14” tires. They may be tiny for an electric bike or motorcycle, but they're beefier and more roadworthy than most electric scooter tires, as Voro Motors themselves explain:

The 14” x 2.75” tubeless pneumatic tires have a flatter, wider profile that works well for street riding, and doesn’t get squirrely at high speeds.

We can’t wait to get the Pro on the road. Stay tuned for our impressions and review.
Preorder the Roadrunner Pro from Voro Motors here. Get the original Roadrunner for $1395 (that's $400 off!). And take an additional $50 off any Voro purchase at checkout with the code VORODELIVERY.

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