Voro Motors Opens Outside Sydney, Australia

Electric scooters have been taking off, no pun intended, in North America for years and their popularity shows few signs of slowing. And despite overreaction in some places around the world, sharing, buying, and riding electric scooters have also been on the rise globally. 

Yet riders along the Pacific rim – in places like Hawaii and Australia, for example – have only recently had access to the same premium electric scooter models, parts, and service as customers in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Voro Sydney: Meeting a Need for Full-Service Scooter Shops in Australia

Voro Motors – one of the first scooter dealers to open a full-service electric scooter store in Hawaii – has once again stepped in to meet the need. On April 12, they announced their latest retail and service center in New South Wales, Australia, just 22 miles from Sydney in the suburb of Chipping Norton.

Voro Australia joins the AU retailer Electric Kicks (about 546 miles to the south in Melbourne) as the only other dedicated, full-service electric scooter dealer in all of Australia that we know of. They’re a dealer in whom you can place confidence. 

Voro’s opening in NSW means customers can easily book a test ride in the Sydney suburb, visit the store’s scooter repair shop and learn how to perform basic maintenance, get their scooters fixed, and find accessories and replacement parts. 

Free Shipping for All Customers in Australia

On the Voro Australia site, you’ll find their own exceptional brand of electric scooters, including the new seated Roadrunner Pro and the updated EMOVE Cruiser. Voro also stocks beloved models from Kaabo, like the Mantis King GT and Wolf King GT Pro, beast scooters that cost hundreds of dollars to ship to Australia from elsewhere. 

The new store offers free shipping to all customers in Australia, anywhere in the country. Australian customers who don’t plan to visit the new Voro Motors in person should shop online at au.voromotors.com. 

Voro Motors offers top notch customer service, helping you choose exactly the right scooter for you, with a one-year limited warranty and some of the best technical advice in the industry.

Building Local Scooter Community

Voro has also become a hub for electric scooter communities in Los Angeles, California, Brooklyn, New York, Kapolei, Hawaii, and right outside Sydney, Australia. By offering classes, sponsoring group rides, and providing a place for riders to come together and talk about their common passion for electric scooters, Voro has kept the focus where it matters, on the customers, on the ground, and now around the world. 

We’re open for business on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM AEST. Give us a call at our Chipping Norton phone number 02 9724 7491. 

For residents in NSW, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), or Queensland, shipping will take approximately two to three business days. If you live in South Australia (SA) or Tasmania, shipping takes four to six business days.If you’re located in Northern Territory (NT) or Western Australia (WT), shipping will take six to seven business days. 

See above for more details on Voro Australia’s free shipping policies. If you’re near the neighborhood, head over to Voro Motors, NSW at Unit 39 8-10 Barry Road, Chipping Norton 2170.

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