The Best Shiny New Holiday Sales Are Here!
Unagi Model One

This year, we’re seeing the biggest holiday sales on electric scooters and more competitive models on sale. New companies like Solar and Synergy are giving more established makers a run, and more high-quality electric scooters on the market means more savings than ever from makers like Unagi, Apollo, Voro Motors, and TurboAnt.

You can afford to buy a pair of scooters for you and your significant other, or a pick up a handful for the family! You can get that upgrade you’ve been craving or finally invest in your first scooter. This holiday season is the time! 

Unagi Holiday Sales

Let’s begin with one of the biggest deals we’ve ever seen – dramatic price cuts to the Unagi Model One, by now a classic scooter for shorter commutes. 

Unagi set the bar high in the electric scooter industry with their subscription service, a model no other maker has been able to copy. Why own Unagi’s Model One when you can rent? This season they’re offering significant savings on rental – first month free and HUGE savings of $350 off the annual subscription cost, down from $638 to only $288

Unagi is also pricing the Model One at $400 off, for the best deal on this iconic scooter we’ve ever seen – $590 (down from $990). Why rent when you can own? It’s not a hard dilemma to solve with these sales.

Voro Motors 

Voro Motors, makers of the EMOVE Cruiser and EMOVE Roadrunner, are taking hundreds off those scooters and hundreds more off premium performance scooters like Kaabo’s Mantis King GT ($300 off!) and Wolf King GT ($400 off!).

And, you can get an additional $50 off all EMOVE and Kaabo scooters with the coupon code VORODELIVERY, AND the new speed king, Dualtron’s Storm Limited, is marked down $200

Oh, yeah, AND, Voro is offering 3 years additional warranty coverage on top of their usual 1 year for the holidays with the coupon code 4YEARWARRANTY.

Fluid Freeride 

Another excellent electric scooter maker/retailer, Fluid Freeride, is taking hundreds off of Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior X GT, Mantis V2, and Wolf Warrior X base model and offering a savings of $500 on 2 Fluid Mosquitos with the code HOR500.

They’re also taking an extra 10% of ALL scooters with coupon code GIFTOFMOBILITY10 – AND, what’s  more, they’re also GIVING AWAY FREE SCOOTERS! 

That’s right, purchase a NAMI BURN-E 2 or BURN–E Max and get a FREE Fluid Mosquito with the code GIFTMSQ.  


Free scooters? Apollo’s got free holiday scooters. Get a free Apollo Air base model 2021 when you buy a Phantom or Ghost. They’ve also got $200 worth of free accessories and upgrades when you buy an Apollo Air 2022, Ghost 22, Phantom V2, Explore, or City 2021. See below for more Apollo deals and codes: 

  • Air 2022 $200 OFF = $999 (from $1199) BONUS- EXTRA $50 OFF- USE CODE-ESG50AIR
  • City 22 $200 OFF = $1,299 (from $1,499)
  • Ghost $250 OFF = $1,649 (from $1,899)
  • Phantom V2 $400 OFF = $1,899 (from $2,299) BONUS- EXTRA $100 OFF- USE CODE-ESG100PHANTOM


Newcomers Solar make exceptional electric scooters and they’re offering 10% off their entire line with coupon code BF10. 


Another emerging maker with electric scooter models to beat, Synergy Rides gives you 15% off sitewide with the code ESGMONDAY. 


The GT Sport and Booster V, two classic ultraportables, are both $100 off with code ESGBF. 

Niu Kqi3 Pro


Major deals this holiday season from NIU. The makers of the KQi2 Pro and KQi3 Pro are offering both electric scooters on sale at 25% off

Alien Rides

Take $50 off all scooters at Alien Rides for the holidays with the coupon code ESG50

Anyhill Scooters

An ESG exclusive, Anyhill gives buyers 15% off their UM-1 and UM-2 with code ESGBLACKFRIDAY

Turboant M10



The Okai Neon Pro is $100 off and the Neon 2 and Neon Lite are each $50 off. 


HiBoy is offering $150 off the S2 and S2 Pro and an additional 5% with the exclusive coupon code ESG5. 


Get ‘em while the deals are still hot this holiday season!

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