Today we are announcing the biggest company updates in the five-year history of Electric Scooter Guide. This has all been a year in the making.. We have a new brand, a new website and a way better search tool to help you find the right scooter, as well as a major addition to the team that may surprise you, because he’s the founder of another leading YouTube channel.


We’ll start with the obvious—we are now RiderGuide. We’re keeping everything that was good about ESG, but going further, with even more focus on the riders and a long-term vision to cover more of the micromobility space.

We have a total visual refresh of the brand, with a new logo, new colors, and much more. For more info, you can watch our longer video on our second channel.

Now Reviewing Other Form Factors (Strategically and Slowly)

We will continue to cover everything that matters in electric scooters and will be taking our time jumping into other form factors like EUCs or true e-bikes. For now, we’re focused on seated scooters and similar so we can provide the best coverage on whatever we review.

New Office

If you’ve been watching our channel, you’ve already seen many snippets of our new office. This means more space, beautiful backgrounds, and room to grow. And you’ll see even more of it soon.
Let us know in the comments of our video announcement if you want a full office tour. This place is crazy.

RK9 Joined Us!

We’re super excited to welcome our newest teammate. As we looked towards future growth, we knew we needed another editorial lead—and Mitchell, who you may recognize from his channel RK9 Rides, was quite literally our #1 dream candidate for the job.
We’ve been fans of his for years, and its surreal to now have him in-person helping us make even more high-quality content.

ESG Database

ESG initially grew and made its name with real-world testing with repeatable methods and professional tools playing a major role. Two years ago, we launched the ESG database, a search tool featuring all this verified data to aid customers in finding the perfect scooter.

And we’ve loved hearing that some of the world’s leading brands use it as well. It’s not only the best public data in electric scooters — it’s the best public data we know of in all of micromobility.

Today we’re announcing its biggest upgrade yet. We started from a blank slate to create an easier, more visual interface. And it’s feature-packed and thoroughly engineered to help you find the perfect fit—whether it’s your first…or fourth ride. CLICK HERE to check it out!


Our website is a bit more behind the scenes, but it’s one of the most important parts of what we do, with almost 2 million people visiting it in just the last year. It has been a beast of a project, but we’ve been hard at work building a skilled team and overhauling the tech stack for beautiful design and excellent performance. And today, we’re overjoyed to be releasing its biggest update yet.

Creative Prod. Upgrades

In the last year, Richy and Ramier have been joined by Marilla: a Killer Designer, Eduardo: a Video Editor + Graphics Expert, and Caleb: another Creative with Specialties in Video Production and Set Design.

Together we’ve achieved 0 to 1-level improvements across our thumbnails and brand-wide design, as well as major upgrades to our equipment, tools, and team systems. Slick shots and visuals, efficiency, and memes are all on the rise.

Podcast References

We’ve launched a new podcast! So tune in for deep dives on what’s new with scooters, exclusive interviews with CEOs and more of the most interesting people in the space, and unscripted opinions from Paul, Mitchell, Ramier, and Chase. Our new episode regarding all the announcements also just went live today both on our second YouTube channel and wherever you listen to podcasts.


We are so honored to get to do what we do every day—seeking to know the market and its customers better than anyone and helping to match millions of people with the ride perfect for them and guide them through the exciting world of micromobility.

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