We Went to Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam

We went to Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam

ESG went to Micromobility Europe!

This is only the second major conference to ever happen for lightweight electric vehicles in Europe.

The first was in Berlin 2019. And now this, the second, happened in Amsterdam.

Obviously, there was a gap for COVID… And then in terms of being able to meet, especially within the EU, well, let’s just say, compared to the US, it has strong regulations! Regardless, we’re just so glad it’s finally happened.

We were so excited to be a part of this incredible event, hosted in such a gorgeous venue with micromobility’s top builders, thinkers, and leaders in the world’s capital of car independence.

To tell us all about it is ESG’s general manager, Chase Stubblefield.

“It was so awesome to get to visit Amsterdam. It’s not only one of the most famous and historic cities on the planet, it’s actually known as the bike capital of the entire world.”

Chase Stubblefield

Horace Dediu - The Father of Micromobility

Giving Horace Dediu his gift

We took a gift for Horace Dediu, who is the main face of Micromobility Industries. Many people worldwide call him the father of micromobility because he’s regarded as the one that coined the term, to describe shared vehicles weighing less than [esg_unit 500 kg].

If you haven’t heard his micromobility podcast Asymetric, we highly recommend a listen.

“He is actually what inspired me in a major way to get into the micromobility space. And I learned a lot from him.”

Chase Stubblefield

So, what did we get Horace?

Well, it’s actually the first merch to come as a non-sample from our new merch store, which is launching on our website

This sweater has this great original design incorporating and inspired by micromobility in all its different forms because. Micromobility refers to lightweight electric vehicles and it’s a term to denote everything that’s exciting and happening in this space – all this innovation, all these different elements.

The Welcome Pack

We got a sticker for Micromobility Industries.

This is actually a sticker for Infinite Block, which is a new company that the team formed. The company is concerned with the intersection of technology and cities–infinite block, and there’s some subtle connotations to block and blockchain as well.

“I joined Micromobility.io back in January 2019 and worked with them for a year and eight months and their handbook originally inspired me in major part to join the team.”

Chase Stubblefield

Light Electric Vehicles in Amsterdam

Amsterdam really is a city like no other with canals, beautiful architecture, and lots and lots of small vehicles. Not just bikes, but a tonne of mopeds, and probably the highest number of pod vehicles for any city in the West. And a small number of scooters as they’re still not legal yet here.

“I was able to tack on some extra time in Amsterdam with my lovely wife, surrounding the conference, and we had an absolute blast.”

Chase Stubblefield

There are some world-class museums like the Reich’s Museum, Anne Frank House, and the Van Gogh museum.

But most notably of all, Amsterdam is a shining example for the entire world of what cities could be like – green, human cities that minimize traffic, and maximize the thriving of humans and businesses.

If you want to find out more about that, there’s a great YouTube channel called Not Just Bikes.

Micromobility Europe

“Amsterdam was the perfect location for the conference. It exceeded all my expectations in terms of excitement and momentum for the industry of lightweight electric vehicles.”

Chase Stubblefield

We at Electric Scooter Guide are so honored to be leading coverage of a space that does so much to add time, money, and joy to people’s lives, and improve our world cities too.

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