Get a NAMI Burn-E 2 for $600 off full price from Fluid

Biggest Electric Scooter Sales Since Black Friday

We have big news, and no it’s not the Apollo Pro (that’s coming soon, stay tuned). 

Nope, we’re talking about some of the best electric scooter sales since Black Friday. 

Like all sales, these won’t last. Grab ‘em now if you’re on the fence about buying an electric scooter. Once summer comes, you won’t find prices like these from brands including Unagi, EMOVE, Kaabo, Apollo, NAMI, GoTrax, Dualtron, and more.

It might be another 268 days or so before we see so many sales at once, so check out our curated list of scooter deals below.
Grab an Unagi Model One 2022 for $400 off!

Sales on Unagi Model One 2022

Beat the holiday season and check out the 2022 Unagi Model One at $400 off its full price (you'll see discount at checkout with this link) and $350 off Unagi's annual subscription price. The stylish, ultraportable Model One is one of the best commuter scooters on the market, and now it's more affordable than ever before.

Sales on Fluid and NAMI

Speaking of ultra-lightweight commuter scooters, you can pick up a Fluid Mosquito for $799. That's a lot of scooter in a super lightweight package that's easy to transport. On the other end of the performance spectrum, you can grab a heavyweight racer, the NAMI BURN-E 2, for $3099.
The Wolf King GT is $600 off full price!

No Time Like the Present

HUGE Discounts on the Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron Storm

This is absolutely the time to buy one of these speed demons from Dualtron. Grab a legendary Thunder V1 for $2995, that's $1500 off full price! The Dualtron Storm is going for $3795, down from $4690. These will not last, so like the Storm and Thunder, you should move fast.

Kaabo's Wolf King GT and Wolf Warrior X on Sale

Interested in a Wolf King GT? Who isn't? Well, now you can claim the king of beast scooters as your own for $600 off its full retail price, and pick up its younger, slimmed-down sibling, the Wolf Warrior X, for $1,799 ($300 off!).

Time to Get a Seated Scooter?

EMOVE Roadrunner Sale

If you've waited to pull the trigger (or turn the throttle) on a seated scooter, Voro Motors gives you the perfect opportunity with $400 off the EMOVE Roadrunner, one of the best seated scooters next to the new EMOVE Roadrunner Pro.

Gotrax Flex Sale

Need more deals? We've got more deals. Head over to Gotrax for excellent deals on commuter scooters and Xiaomi M365 alternatives like the G3 and G4, as well as $75 off the latest Gotrax seated scooter (which we loved), the Flex, bringing its price down to $425! We've never seen bigger seated electric scooter sales.
Get a Phantom V2 for $300 off full price

Apollo Delivers Big Deals

Sales on the Phantom V2 and More

Never one to be outdone when it comes to giving their customers great pricing, Apollo is offering deep discounts on the Phantom V2. The mechanical disc brake, hydraulic disc, and the 60V versions are all on sale for $300 off. 

Also, pick up a Ghost or Ghost Hydraulic for $200 off full price. Get an Air 2022 on sale for $799, a City 2021 for just $799, and a City 2022 or City Pro for $1399 and $1699.

The weather's warming up, and there won't be a better time until the holidays to purchase a scooter at these prices, so take advantage of these electric scooter sales before they're gone. We'll do our best to keep you updated on the latest deals as we find them, so keep checking this space!

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