When pioneering electric scooter dealer Fluid Freeride decided to enter the market with scooters of their own, they set a high bar for lightweight commuter vehicles with the CityRider, Mosquito, and Horizon. 
Designed for the $1500 and under segment, Fluid's urban vehicles stress portability, ease of use, good speed and range, and great value – a combination of features that have made them consistently popular as commuter e scooters.

Now Fluid releases their latest electric scooter, the Vista, and steps up to a new class of vehicle. The Vista sacrifices some portability to compete with bigger midrange rides and should have plenty of power for climbing hills and hitting high speeds on flat roads.
Priced at $1499 and driven by a single 1000W rear motor, the Vista weighs in at 60 pounds and travels at speeds up to 30 mph. 

The scooter's 60V 40.5Ah battery gives it around 30-35 projected miles of range, and dual front and rear spring suspension with adjustable preload makes for a cushiony ride up to the 265 lb rider weight limit.
See the Fluid Vista
The Vista uses a combination of a maintenance-free front drum brake and more precise rear disc brake. Its cockpit brings to mind the dash of an electric car, with the large, multifeatured LED display and ergonomic grip, lever, and throttle design we’ve come to expect at this price point. 

Something we don’t expect to see on an electric scooter priced at over $1000? Solid tires.

Fluid explains that the primary issue they see with scooter maintenance is flat tires, a problem that isn't easy for most riders to fix themselves.

The company promises comfortable ride quality from the Vista with no need to top off the air pressure once a week or worry about walking home in bad weather if you hit a sharp object. (The Vista has an IPX5 rating, btw, so it's plenty suitable for rain.)
Solid Tires!
While the 30 lb, $1000 Mosquito uses solid tires on the front and rear for zero-hassle riding, the 42 lb, $800 Horizon uses the same combination as the EMOVE Touring, a solid tire in the rear and pneumatic tire up front. 

But what are two solid tires like on a 60lb, 1000W dual suspension electric scooter? We'll find out. Check out our unboxing and impressions video for a brief preview, and come back soon to see our full review with tested specs and a report on Vista’s ride quality.
You can purchase a Fluid Vista now for $200 off. Enter the code ESGVISTA at checkout for a free lock. 
The Fluid freeride Vista is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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