There is a huge community of Mi M365 owners and this scooter has the most documented upgrades and repairs of any electric scooter on the market today.

Sadly, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is no longer available in 2023. But never fear! See our Editor’s Choice list of Best Xiaomi Mi M365 Alternatives here!

Xiaomi Mi M365 Modifications, Repairs, and Upgrades

  • Upgrade the lighting
  • How to fix weak or loose brakes
  • How to change a flat tires
  • Rear LED light weak or not working
  • Tires upgrade
  • Flash firmware for speed upgrade

Upgrade the lighting

The lights on the Mi M365 aren’t particularly bright. A basic upgrade is installing super bright bike front and rear LED lights.

Front light: Nightrider Lumina 750. This light can be attached to handlebars or a kiddy bar if you have one installed. It puts out 750 lumens of blinding brightness that will help you to see the road and be seen. It is a must-have for safely riding the Xiaomi Mi M365 in the dark. It was the top rated choice from Outdoorgear lab, based on quality and value. Available from Amazon

Rear light: Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150. USB rechargeable, low cost, and ridiculously bright. This thing can be attached to a rear handle or clipped onto a bag or clothing. Available from Amazon

How fix weak or loose brakes

Tighten and adjust the brakes

When you squeeze the handlebars, do the brakes not grab on very well? They might just need to be tightened (especially if the scooter is new).

Check out this quick video tutorial on brake adjustment for the Xiaomi Mi M365.

How to change a Xiaomi Mi M365 tire

Check out the Bird Mechanic page to learn how to change a tire on the Mi M365.

How to prevent flats

Every electric scooter with pneumatic tires, including the Xiaomi Mi M365 will be susceptible to flat tires.

See our guide to learn all the ways to prevent your electric scooter from getting flat tires.

Inflate Mi M365 tires to proper pressure

This might seem counterintuitive, but keeping the tires inflated to their proper pressure will help to prevent flats. On your Xiaomi Mi M365, with the stock 8.5″ tires, the pressure is 55 PSI. It’s easiest to do this with a bike pump with the built in gauge.

We like this cheap, top-rated bicycle floor pump with built-in gauge, available on Amazon

How to Flash the Xiaomi Mi M365 Firmware for Increased Performance

Flashing the firmware on your M365 can help to tune the motor, battery, and overall performance. For firmware flashing, you have two options: use well-known and preconfigured firmwares or roll-your-own.

Know that doing firmware modifications to your scooter can permanently wreck it and will void the warranty. Information on how to do it is below, but we assume no responsibility for correctness or resulting damage.


  1. Check scooter for firmware upgrade compatibility. Your scooter must have two fuses to be compatible for firmware updating. You can check for compatibility by checking the serial number and battery manufacture date. Do this by opening up the Mi app connected to your scooter. Depending on what app you are using for your scooter, this may appear differently.
    • Check battery manufacture date: (FFB in default app). This must be later than March 2017.
    • Check the last 8 digits of the serial number (NSY in default app). This must be higher than 35000.
    • If it meets these criteria, then you are good to proceed with the flash.
  2. Roll your own firmware here: here.
  3. For Android users, use use Mi365 downG to update the firmware.

Rear LED weak or not working​

Most likely you have a wire connection issue, caused by the tire rubbing on the wire that powers the rear light. This is a common problem that is easily remedied by repairing the wire and implementing a quick fix to prevent it from becoming frayed again.

Learn more on this r/ElectricScooter repair thread.

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