If you’re on the fence about electric scooters, this guide will help you decide if you should buy one.

Why Consider an Electric Scooter?

If an electric scooter seems like it might be a great solution for your commute, but you’re feeling uncertain about the purchase, read on! The data we’ve collected reveals how a huge community of riders are actually using their scooters.

Will an Electric Scooter Work for My Commute?

An electric scooter will almost certainly work for your commute if you have one under 12 miles or so. Keep in mind that the whole commute could be much longer if you end up using other forms of transportation.

The average electric scooter owner rides 7 miles per day and 4 days per week, according to our electric scooter owner use data. This suggests that this distance for commuting by electric scooter is very manageable for most.

This adds up to 1456 miles annually and a savings of $874 compared to traveling by car. Additionally, electric scooters are better for the environment.

Will I Be Happy with My Electric Scooter Purchase?

Almost certainly. Nearly 90% of riders (representing 40 unique models from >15 manufacturers) reported ⅘ or 5/5 for satisfaction, with a mean score of 4.3/5.

Even if you randomly picked a scooter to buy, you’d probably be happy with it, though please don’t do that.


According to our electric scooter owner use data:

  1. Most people use their electric scooter a lot, traveling 1456 miles per year (and saving $874 doing it)
  2. Most are pretty happy with their purchase.

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