This is the complete guide to Dualtron Spider repairs and modifications. The Spider has a huge collection of documented modifications and tweaks. Many of the annoyances and nagging issues that make the Spider less than perfect have been solved by the community of Spider enthusiasts. Read on to become a pro Spider mechanic.

Minimotors Dualtron Spider Repair

The Spider has a huge collection of documented modification and tweaks. Many of the annoyances and nagging issues that make the Spider less than perfect have been solved by the community of Spider enthusiasts. Look nowhere else: we’ve document all of them here, in detail.

Upgrade the Lighting

Even with the fabulous “swag” lighting on this scooter, it is still lacking in visibility.

A basic upgrade is super bright bike front and rear LED lights. Front light: Nightrider Lumina 750. This light can be attached to handlebars or a kiddy bar if you have one installed. It puts out 750 lumens of blinding brightness that will help you to see the road and be seen. It is a must-have for safely riding the Spider in the dark. It was the top rated choice from Outdoorgear Lab, based on quality and value. Available from Amazon.

Rear light: Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150. USB rechargeable, low cost, and ridiculously bright.  This light can be attached to a rear handle or clipped onto a bag or clothing.  Available from Amazon.

If you’re a fan of the “swag” lighting, then you can definitely add to it with multicolored deck lights. However, this is not a substitute for good front and rear lighting.

Disable the Speed Limiting Wire

If you are in a jurisdiction where this is legal, then you may want to disable the speed-limiting wire to fully unlock the performance of your electric scooter. This is a simple modification that involves opening up the deck housing and disconnecting a gray speed-limiting wire. Doing so will unlocked the full capabilities of the Spider.  

Here is an easy to follow video of the procedure (for the Thunder).

Brake Upgrade and Maintenance

When you squeeze the handlebars, do the brakes not grab on very well? They might just need to be tightened (especially if the scooter is new).

Check out this quick video tutorial on brake adjustment.

Replace the cables with teflon-coated cables and compressionless housings.
The simplest upgrade to the brakes is to replace the cables and cable housings. The standard cable housings are prone to kinking and pinching the cable as it is routed over long distances to the brake calipers.

Compressionless cable housings feature integrated braided stainless steel coils that are more rigid and less prone to kinking; they will reduce friction throughout the cable. Less friction gives you much better feeling for the brakes, reduces drag on the brake cable, and makes the braking more linear. High quality teflon-coated stainless steel brake cables further reduce friction.

    1. Jagwire compressionless brake housing and cable kit, at Amazon.  These seem a little pricey but will be worth every penny. Jagwire is THE name in road/mountain biking cables/housings.
    2. Park Tool CN-10 cable / housing cutter, from Amazon.  DO NOT buy these amazing Jagwire housings and not use the proper tool to cut them. Regular cutters will crush the housing as you are trimming them to length, totally ruining their performance and whole point of this upgrade. BUY THE PROPER TOOL!
    3. Allen wrench set: you probably have this already if you do anything mechanical. Here is a decent, cheap metric set if you need one and/or want to build out your scooter repair kit, from Amazon.

Improve the Ride Ergonomics

Replace the handlebar grips. The stock ones are nothing to write home about. 

Quality grips are surprisingly cheap and will totally reduce hand fatigue and provide better grip and control.

Check out: Fifty-Fifty MTB Grips.

Improve the Portability

Replace the handlebar with a folding one . You’ll first need to replace the stem with one that is after-market compatible. Then you can attach the folding handlebars.


  • Carbon Revo Aluminum Stem
  • X-tasy Aluminum folding handlebars

How to Change a Dualtron Spider Tire

  1. Remove the wheel from the scooter.
  2. Remove the tire from the wheel.

  3. Install new tire/inner tube.

  4. Reinstall the wheel.


  • 10″ x 2″ inflatable tire
  • 10″ x 2″ inner tube

How to Upgrade Dualtron Spider Tire

Wider tires
The tires 10” x 2” tires can be swapped for tires up to 10” x 2.5”, which will increase feeling of stability at speed and give a bit fatter contact patch with the pavement.
10″ x 2.125″ tires, available from Amazon

10” x 2.5” tires, available from Amazon

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