If you’re wondering how reliable electric scooters are, then this guide is for you. We use real word data collected from the 2018 r/ElectricScooters survey to answer this question.

Electric Scooter Reliability

The reliability of an electric scooter is a key factor in your purchasing decision. Electric scooters aren’t established enough yet and getting one repaired is not as straightforward as a bicycle. Therefore, knowing what you’re getting into is the first step.

If you’re already in need of an electric scooter repair, check out these tips for where to get your electric scooter repaired.

How Often Do Electric Scooters Break or Need Repair?

We have data for 702 months, 108 repairs, and 58,545 miles of electric scooter travel.

Average Distance per Electric Scooter Repair

The average distance traveled per repair is 542 miles or roughly every 6.5 months. This value is computed across all electric scooter models. Some, obviously, are more reliable than others.

What Are the Most Common Repairs?

Tires and wheels (18%), fenders (18%) and brakes (14%) are the three most common electric scooter repairs. They account accounting for 50% of all repairs/maintenance.

Reported “tires/wheels” repairs are almost entirely tire or tube related. Tires wear out. Tubes will get punctured. Expect this if you put a decent number of miles on any electric scooter.  

Learn how to prevent flats.

Complex and expensive repairs such as motor (2%), battery (5%), controller (1%), and display (2%) are less common, accounting for only 10% of all repairs, collectively.

The data shown above represented all repair data pooled together from various scooter models and brands.

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