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The Apollo Phantom is a game-changing 40 mph, light-heavyweight electric scooter that we first reviewed in 2021. 

In this review, we will update you on how our Phantom V2 is holding up 1000 mi later, give exclusive insight on the V3, and explain how upgrade paths make the Phantom the world’s most future-proof scooter.
Gorgeous Unique Design
Standout Lighting Package
Best Overall Ride Ergonomics
Best Next-Gen Display
Updated Stronger Kickstand
No bell or Front Turn Signals

Technical Specifications

Tested Top Speed:
39.7 mph*
Tested Range:
31.4 mi*
77 lb*
Max Rider Weight:
300 lb*
Water Resistance:
2.7 s*
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Apollo Phantom (52V) is available in United States from Apollo.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.
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Build Quality 1000 Miles Later

The V2’s display still looks good, with only minor scratches.
The Folding mechanism still gets an “A” for lack of stem wobble after 1000 mi. It’s easy to use and safe, but not overly complicated. We’ve also never lost the latch pin, thanks to the V2’s new tether.
Pro-tip: Apply a spray of lithium grease here to keep the stem latch quiet and operating smoothly every couple of months.

At [esg_unit 1,000 miles], the steel kickstand on the V2 still feels good: it%E2%80%99s easy to kick with your heel and completely stable when parked. The V2%E2%80%99s come with the new steel side stand, and it%E2%80%99s included in the V1 upgrade kit.

Also new on the V2 were metal covers to protect the charge ports from impact. 1000 mi later, both covers are still here, though one of them clearly took a hit at some point. The charge port underneath is still perfect.

We're glad the key switch was deleted on the V2, and as part of the V1 upgrade kit, because turning on the scooter is faster without it, and the key switch on our V1 is sticky and feels like it's getting ready to fail.
The new V2 throttle still feels good and gives a smoother response than the V1, but we recommend smoothing it out a little further by setting initial acceleration to 3 or 4 where 5 is the maximum.

So all together, everything on our V2 is feeling fresh and tight at 1000 mi, even the quad-spring suspension.

Hear From Other Apollo Phantom Riders-Phantom Owner Testimonies

We surveyed 14 Phantom owners and here are some of the things they like and don’t like about their Phantoms
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So what’s next for the Apollo Phantom?

The New 60v Phantom V2

Apollo has just launched a new 60 volt Phantom V2. We expect it to have about the same 30 mi range as the 52-volt, Phantom V2, but with 10% better acceleration, and top speed should go up from 40 mph to about 43 mph, matching the Vsett 10+

V3 is coming

And then there’s the recently announced Phantom V3. In the past, Apollo has made a few ultra-fast and ultra-expensive hand-built Ludicrous-mode scooters: The Apollo Pro Ludo, and the Phantom Ludo prototype, which we performance tested in 2021.

The big news on the Phantom V3 is that every V3 comes with Ludo mode
What sets Apollo’s Ludo versions apart is a seemingly impossible combination of crazy-acceleration and silky smooth throttle.

Apollo’s Ludo scooters, including the V3, have another signature feature that no other 40 mph+ scooter has, and that’s a  variable regen-brake lever over on the left side

The V3 will also get front turn signals, a new display with Bluetooth connectivity and will work with the same app as the Apollo City and Apollo Air Pro, so you’ll get navigation, and the remaining range. 

No pricing was available yet, but we learned that the 2023 model may not arrive until the end of the 2022 riding season.  

The good news is there will be an upgrade kit that brings the Phantom V2 and Phantom V1’s up to 2023 Phantom V3 specs. So folks who want to ride a Phantom this Spring and Summer won’t have to miss out on V3 performance when it becomes available. It won’t be a free upgrade kit like the V1 to V2, but it will be sold at cost, which is the next best thing.

Apollo Phantom 1k Later: Review Conclusions!

After more than 1000 mi of testing and daily use, the ergonomics and ride quality of the Phantom V2 still make it an ESG-office-favorite, though we are looking forward to upgrading it to full 2023 specs later this fall. The Phantom is the only scooter we’ve ever seen that was upgradable from first gen to second. And soon, from first-gen all the way to V3, making it by far the world’s most future-proof scooter.
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Kaboo Wolf X vs Apollo Phantom V2
Higher top speed, but slightly heavier and no IP rating.
VSett 10+ vs Apollo Phantom V2
Quicker acceleration, but ergonomics aren’t as good.
Kaboo Mantis V2 vs Apollo Phantom V2
Smoother throttle, but dated display that could be brighter.
Technical Specs Comparison
Apollo Phantom (52V)
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Kaabo Mantis V2
Top Speed**
39.7 mph
44.1 mph
43.3 mph
37.3 mph
31.4 mi
32.0 mi
33.6 mi
27.2 mi
77 lb
75 lb
86 lb
65 lb
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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