Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Swagtron Swagger 5

We compare the Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Swagtron Swagger 5 — two deceptively similar scooters with different attributes and advantages.

The Xiaomi M365 is the world’s most prominent electric scooter and the staple of many electric scooter fleets. This is justifiably so as it represents an excellent balance of range, quality, price, and weight.

The Swagger 5 is a brashly-named, lesser-known brand, with an uncanny design similarity to the M365. 

It also happens to be the official electric scooter of the Chicago Cubs.

Keep reading to find out how they compare!

Sadly, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is no longer available in 2023. But never fear! See our Editor’s Choice list of Best Xiaomi Mi M365 Alternatives here!

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pros

  • M365 has 40% more real-world range than the Swagger 5, based on our range tests (14 miles vs Swagger’s 10 miles or so)
  • M365 has smoother-feeling brake activation and better linear control due to better brake cable routing
  • Wider, stiffer brake lever that feels great on the hand
  • Larger battery capacity (280 watt-hours vs 216 watt-hours)
  • Handlebars grips and handlebars are one piece that firmly attaches to the scooter
  • The charger has better construction quality and is more practical with its longer cable
  • Beautiful, well-designed packaging
  • Dual pneumatic tires for improved handling and ride quality
  • M365 has an official IP54 rating, which gives some protection against splashes but is not designed for extensive riding in the rain

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Swagtron Swagger 5 Pros

  • Better acceleration
  • Has zero-start (no kick required to launch the scooter)
  • Greater max rider weight (319 lb for Swagtron vs 220 lb for Xiaomi)
  • About $50 less than the M365
  • Swagger 5 has cool (or obnoxious?) stem graphics
  • The Swagger 5 is easier to set up out of the box

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Xiaomi Mi M365 vs. Swagger 5 Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide's real-world performance testing and not manufacturer's specs.
Xiaomi Mi M365Swagger 5 Elite
MSRP (USD)$400$299
Top Speed**16.7 mph18 mph
Range**14.6 mi8.6 mi
Weight27 lb26 lb
0 to 15 mph**6.3 s
15 to 0 mph**16.8 ft
Hill climb time**20.8 s24.3 s
Battery280 Wh216 Wh
Motor250 W250 W
Max rider weight220 lb320 lb
BrakesRegen + DiscRegen + Disc
IP ratingIP54IPX4

Verdict: Xiaomi M365

Both the Xiaomi and Swagtron share the same great aluminum frame, general shape, and control layout that won the M365 a Red Dot Design Award.

The Xiaomi M356 is a higher quality implementation of the same design with 40% more range and overall it just feels better to use the M365 compared to the Swagger 5. The brakes feel smoother and are easier to control.  It has a thicker, more solid brake lever. The handlebar grips are thick and made of quality rubber.  All the controls on the Mi M365 from the brakes to the buttons to the accelerator, just feel stronger and are more pleasing to interact with.

In essence, the Xiaomi is a bit more of a polished gentleman than the Swagger 5.

The Xiaomi Mi M365 is available in United States from Amazon.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

If you need less than 10 miles of range and you want to save a few bucks, go with the Swagger 5.  It is more of a blast to ride due to its zero-star and despite its lower price, has an identical design to the M365.

The Swagger 5 is less refined but more powerful — more of a brutish scooter compared to the Xiaomi’s refinement. The major structural components of the scooter (frame, folding mechanism, etc) all seem nearly identical and we suspect they might even be made in the same factory.  However, all the little things on the scooter — from the handlebars to the brakes to the accelerator — are just a bit rougher around the edges, compared to the Xiaomi.

The Swagtron Swagger 5 is available in United States from Amazon.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

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