Smooth, boutique two-wheeled racer or refined, dual-stem off-road beast? 

BURN-E 2 vs Wolf Warrior X GT

We put two of our favorite high speed, long range, high performance electric scooters head to head in a battle for supremacy. Who comes out on top? Read on…..



  • FAST. Exceptionally fast.
  • Very long range. The BURN E 2 maxed out at nearly 50 miles of range
  • Large, comfortable deck. The size and shape of the NAMI’s deck seems to anticipate every possible riding position on this scooter.
  • Even better brakes than the original. Dual Piston Logans provide incredibly accurate braking power
  • Very distinctive boutique styling
  • Race car suspension

Wolf Warrior X GT Pros


  • Off-Road capable. With no loss of traction on the road.
  • FAST. Almost accelerates as fast as the BURN-E 2 up to 20 mph and has a higher top speed.
  • Superb brakes. Zoom hydraulic brakes provide outstanding stopping power
  • Brilliant Display! 4-inch antiglare TFT display that even has turn signal indicators
  • Best in Class lights. No one outdoes Kaabo’s powerful dual front LEDs for brightness and visibility.
  • Dual Stem stability

BURN-E 2 vs. Wolf Warrior X GT Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide’s real-world performance testing and not manufacturer’s specs.


  NAMI BURN-E 2 Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT








Top Speed**


43.8 mph


45.3 mph




49.1 mi


44.2 mi




101 lb


86 lb


Throttle Type


Thumb Throttle


Thumb Throttle




Two sine wave controllers


Two sine wave controllers




Dual Hydraulic + Regen


Dual Hydraulic + Regen




72V 28Ah


60V 28Ah




2000W Dual Hub


2200 Dual Hub


Max rider weight


330 lb


265 lb




11 x 3.5 Tubeless Pneumatic


10 x 3 Pneumatic (Tubed)




Adjustable hydraulic front + rear


Adjustable hydraulic front + dual spring rear


IP Rating






Deck Width


11.5 in


7.8 in


Deck Length


22 in



BURN-E 2 or Wolf Warrior X GT?

The NAMI BURN-E 2’s luxuriously massive deck

NAMI BURN E 2: A Two-Wheeled Mini-Ferrari

From entry-level to pro, electric scooters have been on the consumer market long enough to have generated a few cliches in writing about them, such as phrases like “the (blank) of electric scooters,” where the blank is filled in with words like “Tesla” or “SUV.” 

It’s hard not to reach for comparisons to familiar devices, since riding high performance scooters is such a novel experience. But these comparisons might raise objections from literal-minded riders. You can pick the kids up in a Tesla; if it fits groceries and a few more kids, you’ve got an SUV. 

But no one buys high performance electric scooters for rides to soccer practice or piano. We buy them to go fast… like really fast, like the-feeling-of-a-Ferrari fast.

Doesn’t look like enough grip tape, but we swear it is!

So when our expert reviewer calls the original NAMI BURN-E the “Ferrari of electric scooters” readers sit up and take notice. (Especially since Paul is both a former Ferrari owner and Ferrari mechanic.) This is what we want in a performance scooter, right?

But what is it like to ride a “cheaper” version of a Ferrari scooter? Is that even a thing?

The answer comes in the form of the NAMI BURN-E 2, a racing electric scooter that costs $1,500 less than the original BURN-E, and about $100k less than a used Ferrari, but still feels like an Italian sports car on the road.

Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior X GT: A Wolf Among Wolves

If NAMI’s scooters earn comparisons to Ferrari, then Kaabo – with its line of beast-inspired performance scooters – has earned its claims to the power of wild animals, from wolves large and small to the fearsome mantis. The Wolf Warrior X GT is a beast scooter without all of the extra weight, and with slightly less-beast 10 inch tires. Maybe it’s the easiest wolf to live with, but it’s still very much a wild animal.

We might first wonder if the latest Wolf Warrior can take on its pack leaders, the Kaabo Wolf King GT and Wolf King GT Pro as the youngest member of a scooter family in both Wolf King and Wolf Warrior lines. It comes close. In this case, we get the lightest, most trimmed-down version of them all, a beast trained up for a marathon.

This is also a scooter built for thrilling high speed rides. While it looks very different from the NAMI Burn E 2 on paper, in our tests, the two scooters boast similarly insane acceleration up to 20 mph, similarly long range, comfortable thumb throttles, adjustable suspension, high speeds, smart display options, full hydraulic brakes and more.

The Wolf Warrior X GT upgrades to a more ergonomic thumb throttle where earlier Wolf Warriors use finger throttles.

Perhaps the strongest thing they have in common (and what makes them RG-favorites) is they both over-deliver when it comes to ride quality and performance vs. price.

Does the BURN-E 2 justify the extra $1000+ in its price tag? Is the Wolf Warrior X GT beast enough to compete? Can a baby wolf beat a mini-Ferrari in a race?

Let’s dig in….

The Wolf Warrior X GT’s deck is long, at 22 inches, but almost half the width of the BURN-E 2

High Performance

Yes, dropping the price from almost $5000 to $3500 on the BURN-E 2 (and reserving their higher price tag for the BURN-E 2 Max), did require some compromises from NAMI. These include a lower top speed than the original and slightly less range, due to a smaller 28Ah battery. Do these changes result in an inferior scooter? Obviously, we don’t think that’s the case.

The slightly lower performance specs on the BURN-E 2 make it competitive with less expensive scooters like the Wolf Warrior X, X Pro, and X GT (themselves slimmed-down versions of the Wolf Warrior 11). BUT the BURN-E 2 also competes with scooters packing MUCH more wattage – like the Dualtron Storm, especially when it comes to acceleration. We found that larger, more expensive scooters were only faster than the BURN-E 2 above 40 mph.

The Wolf Warrior X GT sports dual sinewave controllers and an ergonomic thumb throttle, just like the NAMI, it and nearly keeps pace with the BURN-E 2 up to 20 mph, after which the NAMI begins to slowly break away, accelerating to 40 mph nearly twice as fast.

This is not surprising. Given its design as an off-road electric scooter, however, it is impressive to see the Wolf Warrior X GT keep pace. Ultimately, its superior wattage propels it to a slightly higher tested top speed of 45.3 mph, but it’s a fair contest between the two under most riding conditions where you’re rarely if ever reaching peak output on any high speed electric scooter.

More than ample fender clearance on the Wolf Warrior X GT

Long Range

In our RG range tests, both the NAMI BURN-E 2 and the Wolf Warrior X GT cleared over forty miles of range, which is a long way to go on an electric scooter, even high performance scooters this comfortable (more on that below). The BURN-E 2 came closer to fifty miles, but of course we must remember that range is always highly relative to a rider’s weight and riding conditions, and to the amount of wear and tear on your particular electric scooter.

The NAMI may, in general, be a longer range electric scooter, thanks in part to its higher voltage battery (72V vs the Wolf Warrior X GT’s 60V). That in no way implies the X GT is a range slacker. Its 44.5 miles of tested range only falls a couple miles behind one of the longest range scooters we’ve tested, the EMOVE Cruiser.

And there’s something else to consider over the long haul.

Both the NAMI and Kaabo scooters have 28Ah batteries, both can be fully charged in about 6 hours (although the Kaabo needs two chargers to do this, while the NAMI needs only one); both scooters are likely to last their owners several thousands of miles.

Almost everything being equal here except price, however, the BURN-E 2’s battery uses generic cells while the Wolf Warrior X GT offers a choice of LG or Samsung cells, both of which have the potential to last longer and deliver more consistent power output than the NAMI’s battery over time.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT’s stable BMX-style bars and dual stem

Ride and Build Quality

NAMI has compromised none of the boutique build and aesthetics of the BURN-E in their second iteration. Despite its lower price tag, the BURN-E 2 actually has superior quality compared to the original. Its dual-piston Logan hydraulic disc brakes are an upgrade over the Nutt hydraulic brakes. The scooter’s tires get an upgrade as does its steering damper and hardware.

The BURN-E 2’s adjustable hydraulic suspension is still second to none. Combined with the carbon fiber stem and tubular, hand-welded frame, it gives this updated high performance scooter a ride quality only superseded by the top-scoring BURN-E 2 MAX. 

The NAMI BURN-E 2 has improved hardware

The BURN-E 2 looks like a million bucks, and costs less than $4K. If you’ve got the money, there’s little reason not to pick one up. But it’s not as though you can’t find similar performance and ride quality in an electric scooter at a lesser price, and the Wolf Warror X GT represents just such a value.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT uses rear spring suspension, which is also adjustable with aftermarket bushings. Overall, it has a firmer suspension and more rugged styling but its build and ride quality are comparable, at over 1K less. Especially notable is the Wolf Warrior X GT’s long deck and double stem, both of which make this an excellent scooter, like the NAMI, for larger, taller riders.

Portability? Eh… Who Needs It! 

Yes, the BURN-E 2 folds, but no one buys a 100 lb performance scooter because they want to carry it around. If we’re seeing any weight savings in the BURN E 2’s continued commitment to materials like carbon fiber it’s in the matter of just a couple pounds down from the original.

Add to its weight a stem that takes a minute to two to decouple and the potential for some serious finger-pinching if not handled properly, and the BURN-E 2 is not a scooter you’re going to want to lift much if you can help it. Luckily there are plenty of places on the scooter to insert a good lock.

The Wolf Warrior X GT may be 14 pounds lighter than the BURN-E 2, but it’s also got twice the number of awkward stem locks to undo so we’ll call it a toss up. You’ll probably want a truck or large SUV to haul either one of them easily.


The BURN-E 2’s dual piston Logan hydraulic disc brakes

The NAMI BURN-E 2 comes out a clear winner when it comes to acceleration, but only over 20mph. It also has a lower top speed than the Wolf Warrior X GT, while it exceeds the X GT in range. Overall, the NAMI does perform better, but it’s highly arguable whether anyone but the most experienced of riders would notice many of the differences. 

The famously bright Kaabo LED googly eyes

While the Wolf Warrior falls behind in a range test between these two scooters, in most respects, it’s an able competitor in a contest between the two, with fast acceleration where it counts on the throttle, comparable hydraulic brakes, 30A sinewave controllers, huge deck and firm yet adjustable suspension that might suit riders even above the scooter’s recommended weight threshold of 265 lb (though we don’t officially recommend it).

Ultimately it’s hard to go wrong with either of these scooters, given the amazing performance and ride quality per dollar. The NAMI has the edge when it comes to ultimate style and performance, where the X GT is a little easier to live with in terms of portability, (and easier to pull out of a ditch if things go wrong when you’re offroading). 

If we were heading out for a multi-hour ride, it would be a tough choice between the two, but the NAMI’s ultra-plush suspension and ultimately-roomy deck give it the win here. If we’re headed off for an office commute, the X GT wins for being easier to bring inside.

If price were no object and we had to pick one, the NAMI would win out for delivering a ride that has the truly special feel of a hand-built exotic. But $1K is $1K and even though the NAMI is an amazing value relative to the original, the X-GT’s performance per dollar still beats it.

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