Kaabo Mantis vs Kaabo Mantis Pro

Both the Kaabo Mantis and Kaabo Mantis Pro are venerable scooters from one of the most established brands in monsters scooters. The base version of the Kaabo Mantis is beast and the Kaabo Mantis Pro is that same beast on steroids.

Read on to find out how the Mantis compares to the Mantis Pro.

Kaabo Mantis

Less costly. The Kaabo Mantis base version is typically a few hundred USD less expensive than the Pro. This can be a major benefit.

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Kaabo Mantis Pro

  • Faster acceleration. The Pro has faster acceleration all the way up to 35 mph (9.3 seconds) compared to the Kaabo Mantis base version, which takes 11.2 seconds.
  • Longer range. The Mantis Pro has 33.7 miles of tested range (compared to 29.1 miles of the base Mantis).
  • Fully-hydraulic disc brakes. The Pro has super smooth fully-hydraulic disc brakes that offer incredible control and braking power. The Mantis base has semi-hydraulic brakes which are not quite as smooth, though still much better than mechanical disc brakes.
  • Larger, brand-name LG batteries. The Pro has 1470 watt-hour LG batteries which gives longer range at higher speed, compared to the 1050 watt-hour generic battery.
  • Higher torque motors. The Pro has motors that offer 33 newton-meters of torque, compared to the 27 newton-meter for the base version.
  • Higher powered controllers. The Pro has 27-amp controllers vs the 25-amp controllers of the base version. This translates to being able to send more power to motors which means faster acceleration and higher torque.

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Kaabo Mantis vs. Kaabo Mantis Pro Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide's real-world performance testing and not manufacturer's specs.
Kaabo MantisKaabo Mantis Pro
MSRP (USD)$1,599$2,299
Top Speed**37.6 mph37.3 mph
Range**29.1 mi33.7 mi
Weight65 lb65 lb
0 to 15 mph**2.5 s2 s
0 to 20 mph**3.9 s2.8 s
0 to 25 mph**5.2 s4.1 s
0 to 30 mph**7.7 s5.8 s
0 to 35 mph**11.2 s9.3 s
15 to 0 mph**11.1 ft10.2 ft
Hill climb time**9.2 s7.9 s
Battery1050 Wh1470 Wh
Battery BrandGenericLG
Motor2000 W2000 W
Motor Torque27 Nm33 Nm
Controller25 A27 A
Max rider weight265 lb265 lb
SuspensionFront + RearFront + Rear
IP ratingNoneNone

Verdict: Depends

Both the Kaabo Mantis and Mantis Pro are two of the Best Electric Scooters that you can buy right now. However, the Mantis Pro steps it up to the next level.

The Pro is faster, more powerful with better range. It has upgraded fully-hydraulic brakes and Minimotors throttle. The only downside, compared to the base version is the the increased cost.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
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