EMOVE Cruiser vs. Zero 10X

We compare the EMOVE Cruiser versus the Zero 10X — two well known electric scooters that we have reviewed and extensively tested.

The EMOVE Cruiser is, perhaps, the most affordable long-ranged electric scooter we’ve reviewed in recent memory. Its single electron-sipping 600 W electric motor and large 1560 watt hour battery pack helped it attain an incredible 50 miles during our recent real world range test.

The Cruiser is also stacked with tons of premium features including: tubeless pneumatic tires, dual suspension, a loud horn, and turn signals. It is one of the few scooters with an official water resistance rating of IP67 — meaning that it can be ridden in rain as long as it is not submerged in water and its seals are intact.

The Zero 10X is a beast scooter with dual 1000 watt electric motors that produce a combined peak power of 3200 watts. The Zero 10X comes as a lower-priced base version with a smaller 18 Ah battery pack and a premium version with 24 Ah LG battery pack and other upgraded features. The Zero 10X has ferocious performance — sprinting to 15 mph in 2.8 seconds and to 25 mph in 6.2 seconds. The 10X has a suspension tuned for taking drops and bombing over rough terrain.

Both scooters share high quality construction and pack the essentials and some extras. Both have high-quality disc brakes. The EMOVE Cruiser comes standard with semi-hydraulic brakes and the Zero 10X (24 Ah) comes standard with fully hydraulic disc brakes. Both scooters also have a keyed power switch for added security or for parking in public for short periods of time.

EMOVE Cruiser Pros

  • Significantly less expensive. The EMOVE Cruiser is around $1299 after our VORO Motors discount code while the 10X (base model) is $1529 and the upgraded 10X is around $1950 after our Zero 10X coupon code.
  • Rock solid stem folding mechanism. The EMOVE Cruiser has one of the best stem folding mechanisms. It is easy to use and rock solid when locked into place. The Zero 10X uses a double latching mechanism and can be a bit creaky and finicky.
  • Better portability due to lower 54 lb (24 kg) weight, locking stem, folding handlebars. The Zero 10X weighs in at 77 lbs and though it has a folding stem it doesn’t lock into place; the Zero 10X handlebars, which are about 2 feet wide, do not fold. This makes storing the 10X more challenging.
  • Dual semi-hydraulic Xtech disc brakes.These give more linear braking and amplified effort compared to the Zero 10X base model (the 24 Ah premium version has better fully-hydraulic brakes). During our braking tests, the EMOVE Cruiser came to a halt from 15 mph in a very short 11 feet of braking distance.
  • An official water resistance rating of IP67. The EMOVE Cruiser’s water resistance rating means it can be ridden in the rain and the snow as long as it is not submerged in water. The Zero 10X does not have an official water resistance rating, though some owners have taken steps to waterproof theirs.
  • Tubeless 10 x 2.75″ pneumatic tires.These provide the best flat resistance of any pneumatic tire. The Zero 10X has pneumatic inner tube tires that are more prone to flats.
  • A 352 lb (160 kg) weight limit. This is a bit higher than the Zero 10X which is limited to 330 lb (150 kg).
  • An impressive 1560 watt hour battery pack made from quality LG-branded cells which provides at least 50 miles of real world range (according to our tests).  The Zero 10X base model has a 936 watt hour battery pack made of Chinese SyncPower cells. The premium 24 Ah version has a 1248 Wh battery pack, also made from quality LG cells.
  • Extra safety features: turn signals and a very loud horn. The Zero 10X has neither of these features.
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Zero 10X Pros

  • Dual motor with peak output of 3200 W making for blazing fast acceleration — 0 to 25 mph in 6.2 seconds and top speed of about 40 mph (64 kmh). The Cruiser, with its single 600 W electric motor, is significantly slower (0 to 25 mph in about 11 seconds and top speed of 26 mph).
  • Excellent hill climbing ability. In our hill climb tests, the 10X forcefully accelerated up a 200 ft, 10% grade hill. The the EMOVE, true to form, cruised up it more slowly.
  • Excellent front and rear coil-over-hydraulic suspension for soaking up bumps and taking drops. The 10X and it’s 8X sibling have the best-in-class suspension that is a great balance of stiffness, damping, and travel.
  • Rear deck fin. The 10X has a rear metal deck fin that is weight-bearing and expands the possible riding positions. The EMOVE has nothing like this.
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EMOVE Cruiser vs. Zero 10X Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide’s real-world performance testing and not manufacturer’s specs
EMOVE CruiserZero 10X
MSRP (USD) $1259 $1729
Top Speed**26.2 mph 40 mph
Range**50.3 mi23.9 mi
Weight55 lb77 lb
0 to 15 mph** 3.4 s2.8 s
0 to 20 mph**5.8 s4.3 s
0 to 25 mph**11.0 s6.2 s
0 to 30 mph**10.5 s
0 to 35 mph**
15 to 0 mph**11.4 ft16.1 ft
Hill climb time**12.1 s8.8 s
Battery1560 Wh 936 Wh
Motor600 W1000 W (2X)
Max rider weight352 lb330 lb
SuspensionFront + Rear Front + Rear
BrakesHydraulic disc + RegenDisc + Regen
IP ratingIP67None


For Range: EMOVE Cruiser

The Zero 10X and EMOVE Cruiser are two quite different scooters, at a similar price point, that excel at quite different tasks. As such, each is quite good at their designed purpose.

The EMOVE Cruiser is exactly as it sounds — a practical long-ranged scooter, meant for cruising.  Nearly no scooter at its under $1300 price point has the same range or features that make it suitable as a scooter to rack up miles on. The tubeless pneumatic tires are incredibly flat-resistant and easily repaired with slime if you end up with one. Excellent ride quality and a massive battery pack will not only enable but actually encourage you to do those long distances on this scooter.

The Emove cruiser is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

For Speed: Zero 10X

The Zero 10X, on the other hand, is a performance-oriented monster scooter. Its dual motors, fully hydraulic brake system (24 Ah premium version), and beefy controllers make it an on or off-road beast. It has one of the best suspension systems we’ve seen on any scooter. It can be fitted with off-road tires for even more performance. Finally, despite its power, it still has very good range, though nowhere near that of the electron-sipping Cruiser.

The Zero 10X (18 Ah) is available in United States from Rev Rides.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

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