A Choice Between All City or Cross Country

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Ultra II

In this comparison of the Dualtron Storm and Dualtron Ultra 2 (aka Ultra II), we look at MiniMotors’ approach to the ultimate on-road vs. the ultimate off-road electric scooter.  

Dualtron Ultra 2 | Credit: Voro Motors

If you’re going to drop almost 5K on an electric scooter, you want to know you’re getting what you pay for. Minimotors’ Dualtron Storm delivers on nearly all fronts, keeping pace with the fiercest competition from NAMI, Kaabo, and Apollo at the highest level of e-scooter performance. Massively powerful, the Storm has become a favorite among delivery drivers for its speed, range, wig-flipping torque, and dime-stopping hydraulic brakes – not to mention its max load of 330 lbs.  

Yes, the Storm is a cumbersome beast at 101 pounds, with a deck measuring over a full foot wide. It can also handle just about any urban environment you throw at it, hopping over curbs and laughing at potholes. And it can carry just about any size rider with little loss of power or performance.

Dualtron Storm | Credit: Richard S. / RG

Taller riders might need to hunch a little to comfortably reach the handlebars on this Dualtron scooter. The bars fold for portability but do not adjust in height. In any case, given how the Storm’s acceleration can lift its front wheel at takeoff — and its braking system can lift up the rear — it’s best to bend your knees generously on this monster of an electric scooter. The Dualtron Storm deserves serious consideration and comes highly recommended by RG’s resident expert, Paul.

What could take on the Dualtron Storm? The NAMI Burn-E 2 and Kaabo Wolf King both proved faster in our tests. But this isn’t a head-to-head between competitors. Instead, it’s a compare/contrast between two beloved Dualtron scooters that actually complement each other well. The Dualtron Ultra 2 offers a huge improvement on the original Ultra with 1000 more watts of power to match the Storm’s 6640W dual motors.

Dualtron Ultra 2 | Credit: MiniMotors

If you’re able to afford them both, you’ll get the ultimate on-road/off-road power couple. If you have to choose, let this post guide you through the strengths, weaknesses, and major differences of these two electric scooters. For more specific information on how the Storm performed in real-world tests, read our RG Dualtron Storm review here.

RG hasn’t gotten a Dualtron Ultra 2 on the track just yet, but Paul has weighed in to help us understand how two scooters with some very similar – and some very different specs – might end up being equally awesome, depending on what you want as a rider.

Dualtron Storm | Credit: Richard S. / RG

We’ll state upfront that we are far outside the realm of the run-of-the-mill commuter electric scooter when discussing both the Storm and Ultra 2. It should not go without saying: these are NOT vehicles for beginners but high performance scooters with powerful motors that can achieve near-highway speeds (even if they should never be ridden on the highway). High-speed scooters can lead to serious injury if a rider is unprepared for this kind of power under their feet.

Minimotors Dualtron Storm vs. Minimotors Dualtron Ultra 2 Comparison

Manufacturer Specs Dualtron Storm Dualtron Ultra 2








Max Rider Weight


330 lbs


330 lbs




102 lb


88 lb


Top Speed


56.0 mph


50. mph




80 mi


64 mi




NUTT Hydraulic Disc
150mm Rotors


Hydraulic Disc




11 in x 4 in Pneumatic
Road Tires (Tubeless)


11in x 4 in Pneumatic
Off-Road Tires (Tubeless)




Dual Adjustable /
Swappable Rubber


Dual Adjustable /
Swappable Rubber




Front: High-mounted LED
Rear: Low-mounted LED
LED swag lighting


Front: High-mounted LED
Rear: Low-mounted LED
LED swag lighting




6640W Dual Hub


6640W Dual Hub


Throttle Type








40V Square Wave


Square Wave




72V 31.5Ah LG 3500


72V 35Ah LG M50LT-21700



Deck Width


12.2 in


12.5 in


Deck Length


22.5 in


20.3 in


Folded Length


50 in


49 in


Folded Width


13 in


13 in


Folded Height


22 in


23 in


Fast, Faster, Fastest…?

In RG’s tests, the Dualtron Storm hit a top speed of almost 52 mph. Until the arrival of the Storm Limited, this was the third fastest speed ever measured on our track (surpassed only by the NAMI Burn-E and Kaabo Wolf King). This is one electric scooter that earns its swag lighting, and there’s a lot of it. The Storm looks like a racing scooter because it is, in point of fact, a serious competitor on the track.

In terms of acceleration, the Storm’s 40A controllers and 72V battery tie it with the prototype Apollo Phantom Ludicrous for a ripping 2 seconds from 0 to 15 mph. The Storm’s stock P-settings give it “crazy torque off the starting line,” Paul writes in his review. Its acceleration may be too much even for experienced riders (Paul recommends turning acceleration almost all the way down for better traction off the starting line).

Dualtron Ultra 2 | Credit: MiniMotors

Can we expect any less from the Ultra 2? Hardly. Both Dualtron scooters have powerful 72V batteries, and both have the same 6640W dual motor power. One significant difference, however, is in the weight. While still no easy carry, the Ultra 2 comes in at 13 lbs lighter than the Storm, which in theory might make it even faster, given the same-sized rider and conditions, although the Ultra 2’s knobby off-road tires might have more rolling resistance and less traction than the Storm’s on the road. You can, however, purchase the Ultra 2 with road tires. 

Dualtron Ultra 2 | Credit: MiniMotors


Can You Go Farther for Less?   

It’s impossible to say for sure without real-world testing, but the Ultra 2 could indeed come out far ahead of the Storm in the range department. Both have 72V LG batteries. Where the Storm packs a 32.5Ah version, the Ultra 2’s battery is 35Ah, meaning you can expect 10% more range from the Ultra 2 in similar conditions. (Minimotors claims 64 miles of range for the Ultra 2.) 

However, one thing the Ultra 2 doesn’t offer is a removable battery, so in theory the Storm could double its range if you happened to have a spare battery nearby. But at 29 pounds, an extra battery for the Storm is a serious weight cost, and at $1,500 it’s a pretty big hit to the wallet as well, so it’s unlikely most Storm riders will opt to carry a spare battery around with them.

Dualtron Storm | Credit: Richard S. / RG

Ride Quality

Bounce control

Both the Storm and the Ultra 2 are made from the same heavy-duty aviation grade aluminum alloy, and both use a dual swingarm/rubber suspension system that can be adjusted, or even swapped out for more or less bounce.

Both scooters also have ultrawide decks that allow for a luxuriously wide footprint. The Ultra 2, in fact, gives riders a couple extra inches in width, although its deck is also a couple inches shorter. But it loses no space to a removable battery.

Dualtron Storm | Credit: Richard S. / RG

One downside of the Ultra 2 is its single stem clamp, which leads us to suspect a little more stem wobble and creak than the Storm – a definite shortcoming, although it’s not a safety issue and hardly a dealbreaker for this electric scooter, which still ranks as one of the more beloved in the extensive Dualtron line.

Both electric scooters have a slanted rear footrest that drops when you hit the throttle, a slightly unnerving feeling that takes some getting used to. Riders and reviewers have had some minor gripes about these design issues, but they haven’t dampened the love for either the Storm or the Ultra 2.

Read our full review of the Dualtron Storm

Dualtron Storm Pros + Cons

The Minimotors Dualtron Storm is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.


  • FAST. Until the arrival of the new, even faster, Storm Limited, the Dualtron Storm was the third fastest scooter we’d ever tested.
  • Long range. The Storm tested at a range of 43.6 miles. With its removable battery, that’s potentially over 80 miles of range if you own a spare! No wonder it’s a favorite of delivery drivers.
  • Huge comfortable deck. With over a foot of width and nearly two feet in length, the Storm can fit every sized rider with relative ease, although some of that precious real estate is taken up by the removable battery handle and odd rear fender angle.
  • Rugged build quality. The Storm is built like a tank – an incredibly fast tank.
  • So much swag! Lights everywhere – on the stem, on the swingarms, projecting on the ground…. (Could be a con if standing out isn’t your thing)


  • Expensive. There’s no getting around the fact that $4,500 is a lot of money to pay for an electric scooter. But it’s also true that the Storm competes easily with other scooters in this price class.
  • Heavy. High speed, long range, and extreme durability come at a weight cost, and at 102 pounds there’s no way the Storm can be considered portable.
  • Abrupt throttle. RG recommends setting the Storm on its next-to-lowest throttle setting for smoother acceleration.
  • Creaky stem.

Dualtron Ultra 2 Pros + Cons

The Minimotors Dualtron ULTRA II is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.


  • Less expensive than the Storm. $500 less expensive.
  • Fast(er?) Is the Ultra 2 faster than the Storm? RG can neither confirm nor deny this, but we have our suspicions. In any case, the Ultra 2 is likely one of the fastest electric scooters you can buy, now that it’s tuned up from the original Ultra to match the Storm’s 6640W of dual motor power.
  • Light(er) This one’s a fact: The Ultra 2 is 13 pounds lighter than the Storm, a spec that might not translate to increased speed over the Storm but certainly makes the Ultra 2 more portable. Is it light, at 88 pounds? No, but by comparison with other scooters in this elite class, it’s relatively trim.
  • Exceptionally rugged build quality An evident plus for a high speed, off-road electric scooter.
  • Plenty of deck and fender clearance and coverage. Whether you’re skittering over gravel or crunching over leaves, you won’t get debris caught in the front wheel, or get mud shot at you from behind.


  • Stem creak. A longstanding complaint with Dualtron electric scooters.
  • Throttle fatigue. Trigger throttles are not ideal for the long distances the Ultra 2 can cover


There’s no need to declare a winner. Both of these electric scooters excel at what they do, whether that’s tackling an urban environment or any kind of off-road riding possible on an electric scooter with 11-inch tires. Can’t by ’em both? Let’s do a quick final summary of each one below.

Dualtron Storm

Dualtron Storm | Credit: Richard S. / RG

Naming an electric scooter after a force of nature could be seen as overreach, but for a small electric vehicle, the Storm really is sublimely powerful, with its combined 6640W and massive, 72V battery.

Unlike bad weather, the Storm is also supremely comfortable, with a tunable suspension that allows you to customize the scooter’s responsiveness to the road, and a huge, foot-wide deck that also serves as a dock for the scooter’s swappable battery, a feature that potentially doubles the Storm’s over 40 miles of range.

At 101 lb, it’s hardly portable, but, on the other hand, the Storm can easily carry up to 330 lb of rider and cargo. Its 11 x 4 inch tubeless tires will not be daunted by potholes or curbs, resisting flats while they absorb every bump in the road. This is an all-city monster that can keep up with the fastest traffic on urban roads.

Dualtron Ultra 2

Dualtron Ultra 2 | Credit: MiniMotors

Nearly all the praise heaped on the Dualtron Storm likely also applies to the Ultra 2, although rG has yet to get one on the track. In its upgrade from the Ultra to the Ultra 2, Minimotors gave the new iteration 1000 more watts of power, and possibly just as much speed (maybe more?) as the Storm.

There are some significant differences, especially when it comes to the two scooters’ weight. The Ultra 2’s 88 pounds compares very favorably with the Storm’s hulking 101 lbs, making it far easier to move from place to place in back of a 4WD vehicle, for example.

Why buy the Storm over the Ultra 2? The swappable battery is a big part of the Storm’s appeal. As we’ve mentioned, it’s a cumbersome and pricey way to get more range, but if you’ve always got a battery charging, you never have to wait to leave the house.

The Ultra 2, on the other hand, might get up to 10% more range than the Storm’s single battery because of its 35Ah next to the Storm’s 32.5Ah. Ultimately, the Ultra 2 will appeal to riders more interested in off-the-beaten-path adventures than racing through the city. With its off-road tires and high clearances, it takes the power and intensity of the Storm into wilder terrain.

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